4 Reasons Why Podcasts Are The Future

why podcasts are the future

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Video may have killed the radio star, there’s a new contender on the block that just might dethrone the mega-popular medium. Lets talk about why podcasts are the future.

Enter podcasts, a genre that is certainly enjoying its popularity this year. Even though it actually predates the Internet, as it was created back in the ‘80s and initially called ‘audio blogging’, it experienced a surge in listenership over the last few years. But what makes podcasts so popular, and why does everyone love it so much?

Here are four reasons why podcasts are the future:

There’s One for Everyone

There are plenty of people out there with interests so niche that it’s difficult to find new and captivating content. However, thanks to the flexibility of the podcasting format, it’s now incredibly easy to dedicate a podcast entirely to a topic or interest. You can find a podcast about virtually anything from fountain pens, dinosaurs, to a one that’s dedicated to the history of idioms. 

Podcasts are so numerous that listeners have an incredible variety of content to choose from. Yet another reason why podcasts are the future.

New episodes are usually uploaded on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis, which keeps people engaged for a very long time. 

why podcasts are the future

It’s a Different Way to Consume Content

While there are natural bookworms out there or people who love to consume videos and movies, there are people who simply prefer to intake information only through their ears. Some people don’t have the attention span to sit through a sixteen-minute video or a two-hour movie, and other people can’t help but glaze over long-form articles or books, either. Podcasts offer a happy medium between the two by providing information in an easily digestible manner.

Another great thing about podcasts is that it doesn’t require a whole system in order for you to listen. No bedside lamp or bookstand, no television or elaborate movie setup needed for you to enjoy your podcast. All you need to do is plug in your earphones or turn on your speakers. In fact, some people listen to podcasts to lull them to sleep!

It Allows You to Multitask

Podcasts are extremely popular this year because it’s an activity that can be done in the background while you focus on other tasks. Most people are getting busier and busier trying to balance both work and their personal lives, which makes podcasts a welcome addition to their routine. Podcasts are a great way to make chores more bearable, for example, especially if they’re repetitive tasks. Plenty of people listen to podcasts while exercising, which makes a jog through the neighborhood much more interesting. It also makes commutes particularly more enjoyable, especially if you have to sit through a lot of traffic. 

Depending on your job, you can even listen to podcasts at work. If you listen to a podcast that’s related to your industry, you’ll be learning valuable information while being productive at work!

You Can Make Money Out of a Hobby

Podcasts are one of the most accessible ways to consume content, as the majority of them are free for subscribers. They’re also produced by people who have a genuine love for the topic and aren’t exactly expecting to make a killing out of it. However, creators have to make a living, especially when offsetting equipment costs and production time. To sustain production, they take on sponsors and do quick ad reads.

While the thought of ads makes most consumers groan, the unique thing about podcast ads is that they’re specifically tailored for the audience. If you’re listening to a true-crime podcast and just listened to an episode about a series of grisly break-ins, you’ll probably be worrying about fortifying your home. Before you know it, an ad about home security pops up towards the end of the episode. 

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you’ll always be listening to ads that are relevant to your interests. If you’re interested in creating a podcast, there are plenty of ways to monetize it—giving you the resources needed to fund your passion project. With so many businesses realizing the value of podcast advertising, there is a very compelling argument why podcasts are the future: The money is there!


This flexible, auditory medium is definitely enjoying its time in the limelight for 2020, but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Podcasts are an incredible resource on topics of all kinds that range from hobbies, niche interests, to self-improvement that truly add value to the lives of its listeners. Why podcasts are the future? The stats speak for themselves.

In fact, its listenership continues to grow each and every year—making it clear that people love learning from each other and listening to what others have to say.

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