Video Marketing 2021: 4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Campaign

video marketing 2021

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Digital marketing agencies have been saying it for years: you need to use video. In fact, we’ve written several articles on the various ways to use video in your blogs, Facebook ads, and email marketing, among others. The headline should read: Video Marketing 2021: Create more video!

Videos are versatile tools that you can use to sell your products and keep your audience engaged. Sadly, for every one good video on the internet, there are hundreds more cluttering up your target audience’s timelines. To avoid being tuned out by your target customers, you will need to step up your video production processes. 

Aside from producing high-quality content, it’s also crucial to avoid the common pitfalls that make a video marketing campaign fail. To help you out, here are four common mistakes you should avoid with your videos:

Not using royalty-free music

Upholding Intellectual property rights are very much a part of your responsibility as a business owner. After all, you wouldn’t want somebody else to be using your products with your permission in another video ad. 

Another reason to use royalty-free music is to avoid getting your video flagged by platforms for using copyrighted material. This means your video will go live without sound—or not even be published at all! Unless you have the hefty budget required to pay royalties to musical artists, it’s best to stick with royalty-free music and use proper attribution. 

Remember to check with the owner of the music piece you want to use before incorporating it into your video. More often than not, they will specify whether or not they allow their music to be used for commercial purposes. 

video marketing 2021

Making it too long

With the world absolutely teeming with content, it makes sense why people are much more likely to skip your video after the 2-minute mark. According to WyzOwl, it’s likely that the first five seconds are all that counts. This means that you have exactly five seconds to capture your audience’s attention before they move on!

As much as you can, keep your videos short and to the point. Depending on where you place your ads, they are very likely to be skipped regardless of what you do! For example, 65% of people have been shown to skip Youtube ads almost as soon as they can. The good news is, if you make your ad on Youtube shorter than 6 seconds, you have the option to use it as an unskippable ad!

Being inconsistent with branding

Your video is not only trying to sell your product or services, but it’s also there to reinforce your brand image. In many cases, branding your video properly contributes to your revenue because it lets people trace the content back to you. To make your video recognizable, ensure that you are using the same colors, fonts, logos, and graphic style as you do with all your ads.

Forgetting to include a call to action

Like every other form of content marketing, you need to make sure that your customers understand what you want them to do. All too often, video marketers make the mistake of introducing a great product without giving potential customers the means to act on their interest. 

To avoid making this mistake, provide detailed instructions at the end of your video in the form of directed links and engaging copy. The fact that they made it to the end of your video means that you’ve already piqued their interest. It would be a shame to waste the time and resources spent on video production and ad placement by leaving your customers hanging!


When used properly, video is among the most engaging forms of content that you can leverage for your digital marketing efforts. By avoiding these four common mistakes, you will be able to harness the full potential of your videos and start generating more revenue!

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