5 Amazing Video Content Ideas For Businesses That Want A ROI

Video Content Ideas For Businesses

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Finding video content ideas for businesses can be difficult. While the internet may be full of ideas, few of these ideas are appropriate or feasible for businesses when it comes to getting a return on investment or ROI. Yes, videos are an investment even if you aren’t hiring a company like EIC Agency to produce one for you. On top of creativity, videos take time and resources.

Here Are 5 Amazing Video Content Ideas For Businesses

  1. Video Business Card: Simply put, the video business card shares basic information about your biz. This type of video cuts the fluff and answers the five most important questions your customers will ask: who, what, when, where, and why. You may be surprised to know that many businesses fail to answer some if not all of the five W’s.
  2. Product Tutorial: The product tutorial gives basic information about your company’s product. Honestly, who knows your company’s product better than you? Yes, you could shell out some cash searching for an influencer to review or use your product. But good influencers can be hard to find especially in niche industries like construction or accounting. Some great video content ideas for businesses that offer services rather than products is performing a tutorial on the service itself. This type of video tutorial gives your business the chance to premiere not only your company’s resources but workmanship as well. Potential customers love these types of videos because it shows passion, transparency, and expertise.
  3. Solve a Problem: This type of video let’s you show how your business is a problem solver! Beginning with the customer in mind, think of a problem they may face. You may even recall a specific customer story. Then, tell the story about how you solved the problem. Easy!
  4. Behind The Scenes: Customers in today’s world value transparency and honesty from business owners. This means businesses should be pulling aside the curtain and allowing customers to see behind the scenes. Who works there? What does the business look like? Who is the leadership? While this may be an intimidating video content idea for businesses, it’s actually pretty important. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer and previous editions, businesses are more trusted than non-government organizations, government agencies, and even the media. This may be because people feel businesses are more likely to hear and respond to their needs and make changes.
  5. Podcast: Now hear us out! Yes, podcasts are usually an audio only kind of deal. But, recording your podcast on video is just *chef’s kiss* smart. In general, podcasts give your business the opportunity to share information with customers in a casual conversation. Recording a video of the podcast allows businesses to distribute the content in a variety of ways.

Now, you can see how video content ideas for businesses can follow a format while continuing to share fresh information. But ye be warned: anyone can use these video content ideas for businesses. Yet, few have the ability to execute the ideas properly so that there is a ROI.

How To Ensure Your Video Content Gets A ROI

It’s important to pinpoint what your intention for making a video is about. Are you attempting to attract business? Or, is this video meant to be for internal purposes? To keep things simple, try starting with one goal. It is a major faux-pas in the marketing world for a business to attempt to please all its needs in a single video. For instance, would a video intended for the fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks be the same as a video made for the players?

6 Important Questions To Understand Your Viewer’s Needs

If you aren’t putting the viewer’s needs first, you can make a million videos and never see a ROI. It is important to understand who your viewers are and how they think. Customers expect information now about your company. They’re not going to be looking at your video for long. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’re gone. Some basic questions you should be asking about your customers are:

  1. Do your customers prefer to receive their information?
  2. Where does your customer base watch videos? 
  3. Where do you plan to post your videos?
  4. What type of information does your customer need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision? Answer the 5 w’s.
  5. How long do you think your customer will watch a video for?
  6. What is your goal?

Video Quality

Yes, video production is a larger investment than copy-writing or graphic design services. Still, no matter the audience, a well produced video appeals to everyone. This means your video should not only look great but sound great. Too often, companies will create videos with bad lighting and unintelligible audio. Unaware that quality matters, companies distribute these types of videos to consumers. Then, they wonder why their investment of time and money hasn’t returned.

A high-quality video doesn’t distract potential customers from the company’s intended message. Instead of hoping someone will interact with your content, have your content interact with your customer. Imagine a video, giving your customers the help they’re looking for in a way that is understandable. Your brand will be front-of-mind because you gave them first-hand access to a professional and articulated video. Stand out from the competition by making your business more personable.

Still not convinced what a great video can do for your business? Let us show you the numbers. We can prove to you how video will increase engagement and length of stay on your site. And if you’re ready, we can help you add video to your digital marketing strategy. Don’t just use our video content ideas for businesses hoping to get back an ROI, set up a video call with us today!

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