How Video Advertising Distribution Works

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We’ll be honest, distributing a video today doesn’t require a lot of money. That’s one of the gifts of the internet. You can put together a digital marketing strategy without video advertising distribution. And as long as we’re being honest, you can actually create video content for your business using only your phone. Still, unless your video goes viral your content may never reach its audience without a good video advertising distribution plan.

Your content distribution efforts may still be deemed ineffective without viewers and a video advertising distribution plan.

But even if you’re really, really good with the camera and editing, your efforts may still be deemed ineffective — or at least, not as effective as it could be — as it would be if you had some plans for video advertising distribution.

Why Video Ads?

So as long as you’ve decided to invest in an ad, what’s one way you can improve the odds that your ad is the one they click? The answer is video.

Can you recall the last ad you saw using text and image? Do you remember what stood out? Because there aren’t many memorable ads that are standard text and image. It’s really hard — or really expensive, if you hire the experts — to come up with an irresistible image ad.

But a video ad is much more likely to get the clicks you want. A 2018 study by Hubspot found that video ads on Facebook got 20 percent more clicks than image ads for the same thing.


  • Watching a video is entertaining, like watching TV.
  • People assume a video is more likely to be worth their time than reading something, and …
  • Watching is less work than reading.

There are probably lots more reasons, but they don’t matter to you as much as those three, and here’s why: They assume three things about your potential customer:

  1. They like to be entertained.
  2. They’re looking for information that’s worth their time.
  3. They want that information in an easy-to-use format they don’t have to work too hard for.

The secret to great paid digital ads is to check all of those boxes.

Let’s say you’re a plumber. You create a video called, “OMG! What’s that sound in my bathroom pipes?!” You turn that video into an ad, then pay for the ad on Facebook, Instagram, all those places. Someone who has searched for an answer to “What’s that sound in my bathroom pipes” is going to see your ad — your video ad, not just text and picture — and they’ll click on it first to get the answer they were looking for.

Go back up a few lines and start checking boxes.

Bottom line: Video ads that answer the questions people are asking are much more likely to attract impressions than image ads. They get your brand out there. They build your credibility. And they make the best use of your advertising investment.

Of course, good video can be hard to do, if you’ve never done it. We’ll be happy to help. And you might be surprised at how reasonable the rates can be.

But we’re sure you’ll be surprised by the results you’ll see.

Free Distribution V.s. Video Advertising Distribution

(One last “let’s be honest about this”: This blog post isn’t about what EIC Agency can do for you, but there’s a reason why our name stands for “Every Impression Counts.” If you’re relying on only what you can get for free for your digital marketing, that constant background sound you’re hearing is lots of mouses clicking on links other than yours.)

So here it is, straight up: A digital marketing strategy that gets the results you hope for is going to cost you something. The secret to a great video advertising distribution strategy. There are lots and lots of businesses just like yours shoveling money into paid ads as fast as they can, convinced it’s going to have a big impact on their bottom line, and it’s just not. Because it’s just as easy for a user to click past an ad as it is a generic link in a search result. Video Advertising Distribution is more than just throwing money at distributors and hoping your customer base finds it. If you’re going to invest your time and money into a video, make sure your content has a great video advertising distribution plan. As an experienced digital marketing agency, EIC Agency has not only the tools but the experience to make sure your video reaches the right people.

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