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You hear the word “podcast” all the time these days, and many people aren’t sure what it means. The best way to think of it is: your favorite radio programs (usually talk radio) … on demand.

Not a talk radio fan? You would be if you could find a show that tells you exactly what you want to know — to do the things you want to do, to help you get the most out of life, and (best of all) to improve your business

You’ve looked for books, magazine articles and online resources that will do those things for you, right? Well, that’s what a podcast is, but even better. It’s only the content you want and need, consumed with your ears.

why IS
PODCAST production

As huge as the internet is, there are only three kinds of content on it:

  • written word,
  • video,
  • and voice.

Those are the same three forms of distribution we’ve had for decades (and in the case of the written word, millennia).

There have been revolutions in content delivery along the way: the printing press for text; film and television for video; recordings and radio for voice. The latest great revolution, the internet, put all of three of these literally in the palm of your hand.

But as a way of distributing content you need, those three aren’t created equal. Text and video are great when you can sit down and use them. But you can’t access them when you’re jogging, shopping, working in the yard or driving. (Please — not when you’re driving!) But voice? Yes, you can, anytime you want, anywhere you are.

For your business, a podcast lets you get your brand and your message in front of someone no matter what they’re doing. That’s why the number of podcasts available has increased astronomically. They give people access to content that lets them do something productive, something that improves their business or their lives, without getting in the way of either.

Why is that important? Because it increases brand awareness. Potential customers will come to you for information. They’ll learn things from you. They’ll keep coming back for more. Then, when they’re ready to make a purchase of something you offer, they’ll remember your business. And you’ll have a sale.


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If you know what you want to say to potential customers, we’ll handle the content creation, production and distribution.

We’ll work with you to strategize a calendar of what you want to offer and when. (It doesn’t have to be much at first.)

We’ll use top-shelf equipment to record your podcasts, and then you’ll start reaching potential customers with them.

We’ll guide you through the steps from idea to iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher … all the most popular platforms.

After you start building an audience — and yes, it will happen — we’ll use analytics to guide your next steps with content. We’ll be able to tell you what you should talk about next because we can determine what your customers are looking for.

But what if you don’t know what to say? What if you don’t have any idea how to prepare before you get in front of the mic?

We can help with that, too.

The fact is, creating a podcast is easy. That’s why so many businesses are doing it. But not all of those businesses are good at it. We can help you be good at it. You’ll be offering content your potential customers want to hear, that they’ll come looking for, and that will keep them coming back.