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A blog is written content on your site. Each individual piece is called a blog post. Think of them like news articles. They provide value for viewers of your site — and it’s important that they really do provide value.

If you’re asking someone to stay on your page long enough to read 250 – 500 words, you need to make it worth their while.

There are different types of written blog posts. You could provide a how-to that helps someone accomplish something within your field of expertise. (“How to install a garbage disposer.”) 

You might post a PR piece about something you or your company did for a charity or to help someone out. 

You could — if you’re very, very careful — post an opinion piece, but those are rarely worth the risk. 

Or you could just write something that helps your readers get to know you and your business better.

There are lots of things you can do with the written word on your site, but all of them should be used to get your thoughts and ideas, and valuable information, to your readers.


There are two agendas here:

  • one obvious,
  • one hidden,


The obvious reason to have a blog is because people want to educate themselves about topics that matter to them. 

To do this, they look for an expert. 

You want to be that expert; the one who gives them the exact answers they need to do something or know more. 

Think of it as taking the frequently asked questions in your industry and answering them in a friendly, helpful, easy-to-read form.


Now, here’s your hidden agenda: Blog posts are crucial for your SEO effort. That’s search engine optimization. Let’s say you pick one of those FAQs that someone might type into a Google search (“How do I unjam my garbage disposer?”) and write a post that answers that question really well. 

Your post could show show up near the top of that search results page. And if someone clicks on the link to your answer on your website … instant engagement. 

The more people who click through to your answers, the more weight Google gives your blog in search results. That’s SEO.



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Blogging is easy. Lots of people do it, and do it really badly. That’s because strategy is important. You should never write a blog post unless you have a purpose for it. How is it going to help your reader? How is it going to answer specific questions that people might ask in a search? How is it going to build your brand? How is it going to make your reader want to continue to engage with your company?

We’ll help you create a blog strategy based on what your potential audience is asking. 

We’ll identify common questions in your industry, ask you for some notes that provide the answers, then have an experienced copywriter produce the blog post.

That post will not only provide your answers to the questions, giving the reader the value they’re looking for; it will also be written with Google in mind to get this post and all your other posts to rank better in search results.

Successful marketing through your blog is all about strategy and content.