Even with the immense resources of the internet at your fingertips, there are still only three basic kinds of content available to viewers of a website: video, audio and the written word.

And all of those viewers have preferences. There’s been a lot of focus on video in the past couple of years, and it’s true that most people enjoy watching videos. 

But that doesn’t mean videos are always the best choice for getting your message out. Some topics need the richer, more efficient medium of a blog post. 

Of course, a video or a blog post isn’t going to reach someone while they’re driving or jogging, but an audio podcast can.

Ideally, you’re trying to build your brand using all three content types.

And again, thanks to the immense resources of the internet, there are many platforms for getting your message out there to wider and wider audiences.


Your content is about two things:
- giving potential customers what they’re looking for,
- convincing them your business is a better source of information, products and services than your competitors.

The first one of those is actually pretty easy to do. You probably have a good idea of most of the questions a customer would ask you. Put your answers in the form of, say, a blog post, and you can check that one off your list.

But that doesn’t solve the second item. Part of convincing a customer to choose you over a competitor is not only answering their questions with your content, but producing superior content, and then getting it in front of the people with the questions.

There are lots of great businesses out there who have lots of answers to customer questions. But unfortunately for many of them, the way they try to get that content across is so user-unfriendly, or just so bad, it can give viewers the impression that a perfectly reputable and successful company doesn’t know what it’s doing. So they click away. And they don’t come back.

There’s no way around it: 
If you want to increase your digital footprint and use it grow your business, you need good content. And you need to get it out through the right channels.


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You might be one of those business owners (and there are some) who just instinctively know what makes good content and what makes content bad. That’s not always easy to do, putting yourself in the head of a viewer you’ve never met. You might also be one of those lucky people who find they have a real gift for creating good content without any help. If you’re both of those, congratulations. You can stop reading.

Most business owners can’t always think like someone they’ve never met who might be looking for a business like yours. And most business owners don’t have the experience to create really outstanding video, audio or text content; nor do they have the time to learn how.

If that’s you, keep reading.
Because we can think like customers you’ve never met. And we can create outstanding content that’s going to reach those customers, using our expert audio and video producers and copywriters.

Once we have some of your content in place, we can use analytics to look at the data your content generates and tell you how you can optimize its impact. 

Over time, we’ll be able to tell you what content is working best, and help you create more content built around what works.

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