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You know what social media is, but maybe you only know it from personal use. Social media for your business starts the same way: It offers channels for you to keep in touch with your network using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. But when you add marketing into the equation, social can become much more strategic.

The reason is that your company’s social channels become additional ways for potential customers to connect with your business through organic search. (Organic is when people find your brand online through a resource you didn’t pay for, as opposed to paid media.)

Posting to social media in order to market your business has the same goal as any of your other marketing efforts: getting potential customers to connect with your website, where you may be able to convert visits to sales.

There are two features of social media that make it important to marketing your business.
1. It’s free. Free is good.
2. Your social media presence can help define your brand. Here’s something vitally important to remember: Your brand isn’t what your company is and what it does. It’s what people think your company is and does, and how they feel about it. That’s why you’ll never have complete control of your brand. But social media marketing is a chance for you to refine your brand in your own words.

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social media

Defining your brand means posting meaningful and, most importantly, useful content to your social media channels. If you’re giving viewers answers to their questions — not just yelling, “Buy from us!” — they respect and appreciate that. They see your business not as somebody who’s trying to sell them something, but as an information resource. That promotes trust and enhances your brand.

It also grows your audience. Useful content that gets clicks will move your site up in Google searches. And people who find your site useful will tell their networks. Social media exist because people love to share their opinions and views and their latest finds. You can ask your customers for testimonials and ratings to post on your site. Those are priceless for converting new visitors to customers.

So social media is more than a way to market your business. It’s a way to create community around your business. There’s no better brand than to have your company’s site be a place where people want to hang out, whether they’re buying or not. Because then, when they are ready to buy, your site will be their first stop.


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If you’ve read our other pages about services we offer, you know step 1 is usually benchmarking.

We need to identify your social media baseline. What are you currently doing? How often are you posting? Do you have a strategy? How do you decide what to post? Are you using hashtags? How do you choose them?

Once we know where you are, step 2 is seeing where you’ve been. We look at your data to determine how you’ve been growing, how people are engaging with your site, what they’re engaging with, and even when.

For step 3, with those data in one hand and your goals in the other, we blueprint a strategy. We establish a schedule you should follow for posting. We give you guidance on tailoring your posts to what your customers are looking for and what they like. Your social media relationship with your customers, with potential customers, and even with accidental visitors is like any other relationship: The more you know about someone, the more you’re both going to enjoy the conversation.

Step 4 is execution. We have your strategy. Now it’s time to start posting according to that strategy. 

Not comfortable posting on your own? We can coach you, or even post for you.


And step 5 — you can probably guess this by now — we measure; every month, compiling the statistics from your social media and your website. How much is your audience growing? Are they clicking through from your social media to your website? How much is your social media effort actually helping your business? And with what we learn from those five steps

Repeat from step 1, and let you see how an informed, marketing-oriented strategy on your social media platforms, separate from your homepage, will drive sales on your site