What is
email marketing?

If you want to get your content in front of potential customers, email is a perfect solution. It can deliver your message directly into someone's inbox, and it doesn't cost a penny.

An email content strategy will let you set up different email campaigns. 

You’ll be able to send discount codes to people based what they were viewing on your website. Once you’ve engaged with them, you can stay in touch, letting them know when you’ve published content that will help them, such as a new podcast or video.

Why is
email marketing important?

One of the biggest goals of digital marketing in general is keeping your brand top-of-mind for viewers so that when they’re ready to make a purchase, they think of your business first. Email is perfect for that.

Data show us that email marketing is one of the top channels for creating engagement with your website, and it has a conversion rate — the sales it generates — that ranks just below organic traffic. (Organic traffic is what comes to a business when somebody searches for, say, “Best house painters in my area.”) Audiences coming to your site from an email you send tend to stay there longer and are more likely to purchase, so your ROI is much, much higher because … free. The only cost of an email is the time to produce it. So sending weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails keeps you engaged with potential customers till they’re ready to buy.

But there’s a catch:

People are protective of their inboxes, and they’re quick to click “Unsubscribe” on a message that doesn’t interest them. So you have to respect those inboxes. You need to consider every marketing email from your reader’s perspective. If your message doesn’t offer them something that provides value — a discount, a new product offer, a time-saver, a how-to — you shouldn’t send it. Not if you want to keep that customer on your list.

So an email marketing campaign includes not only a schedule for when you’re going to send, but what you’re going to do for customers with every message.


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The first step we can help you with is a professionally produced email template. That can be more complicated than you think. Different email clients display messages differently. We test them all to be sure your content looks and reads as professional and user-friendly as you expect.

Once we have your template set, we’ll talk to you about a drip campaign. 

That’s an automated series of emails directed at visitors to your site, and those who opt into your newsletter from your website or another message. 

Based on what they clicked on when they visited, we can target them with related content and special offers tailored to them.

Most importantly, we can help you with an overall messaging strategy. That can include what you say and how you say it, audience segmentation, and refining or redirecting a campaign based on the results you’re seeing.

An email marketing campaign is actually just the beginning of a cycle:
Message > increased engagement > data > more engagement > increased ROI > more and better campaigns > increased revenue.

Like we said, email marketing is easy. Doing it effectively and sustainably is where we can help.