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Anything you do to improve your digital marketing will be more effective if you have a strategy behind it. Thinking, methodology, analysis — they are what make your marketing efforts work their best. The way we feel about it, there’s really no point in running any kind of marketing effort if there’s no goal and no plan.

You have so many powerful options when it comes to marketing your business online, it’s easy to get caught up in one component or another, spending your time and money zoomed in on area, rather than seeing the whole operation as a unified effort made up of all those components. 

The fact is, that’s the mistake most businesses like yours make. They may look at one area at a time, be excited that they’re getting some results there, but not realize that those results could be better, and could improve results in other areas, if they would only see their marketing plan as a strategic whole.

A digital marketing strategy is identifying where your efforts are focused and determining if they’re effective, then stepping back and seeing how they fit together. If they’re not fitting as well as they could, your strategy tells you where to reallocate resources to create the unified plan that gets you the results you want.

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is important?

Have you ever been on a shopping site that has a zoom window with their product pictures? Click on it and you can get up close to any part of whatever it is you’re thinking of buying. What you see in that window may look great. But unless you zoom out and see the effect of the whole product, you might end up buying something you don’t like very much.

Zooming out is the strategy. If zooming in on individual areas is seeing what you’re doing, zooming back out shows you why you’re doing it. Let’s say you’re putting 80 percent of your marketing budget into sales messaging and 20 percent into brand awareness. Is that distribution driving sales? What if you were to put more into brand awareness? Would that get people to click on your link in their search results page? Would it drive more sales than the 80/20 split?

Here’s another way to look at it: Strategy is the blueprint for the marketing effort you want to build. If you don’t have a blueprint, you can’t compare what comes next to where you’ve been. 

You can’t look at where you are, compare that to where you were six months ago, and let that guide where you want to be in a year. Strategy isn’t just about improving. It’s about using the improvements to help you keep improving.

And it doesn’t stop. Or it shouldn’t. Everything you’re doing: posting on your site or on social; producing media content to gain organic visibility through SEO; all these tactics need a why. If there isn’t a why, you’re just throwing things out there, not trying to methodically increase performance.


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There are three secrets about us in this column. We’re sharing them with you so you can get to know us. Ready?

Secret No. 1:

We don’t need a strategy to build your brand and improve your sales. We know enough about paid media and social media, SEO and organic search, blog posting, podcasting and video that, if we helped you in only one of those areas, we would improve your sales.

But we don’t want to just build your brand and improve your sales. We want to launch your brand and explode your sales. And for that, we need strategy: auditing what you’re doing and how much it costs you; what you’re saying to your audience about your brand and how. We look at data you have and extract fresh data, and use them to create a blueprint. It has three sections: short-, medium- and long-term strategy. 

Each section draws on what we know and what we can advise you to do from all the other menus on this website, each step tailored to your business and your goals. And each of them created so we can throw them away as soon as possible.
Because …

Secret No. 2:

Strategy isn’t what we use to determine where your marketing efforts have been, or even where they are now. That’s what analytics are for. Strategy is for determining where you want your efforts to be. Nobody draws up a blueprint for a house just so they can be building a house. They create a blueprint so they can get to the finished product; so they can get past the building stage and on to their final goal. Which you never will. We won’t let you. Because here’s …

Secret No. 3:

Every time our strategy looks like it’s getting your business near your goal … we move the goal. Our strategy for you is like a blueprint we never let the ink get dry on. Every marketing success your business enjoys makes more marketing successes possible. And that means it’s time to redraw the strategy.