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Multiply your organic traffic with our proven SEO strategy. We leverage keywords, content, and backlinks to boost your search rankings.

Get More Organic Traffic & Leads

Our SEO process starts long before copywriting or meta descriptions. Our SEO process is deliberate and tied to data driven decisions. We focus on understanding what your ideal customer is searching for on search engines and what queries your competitors are ranking for. We hunt for the white space where our clients content can stand out in ranking and become revenue producing.

What worked last year is already stale. We stay on the cutting edge of what strategies are effective and which strategies aren’t. We also provide real time analytics to prove to our clients that the work we are doing is making a difference. Discovering new ways to maximize your SEO exposure without losing your brand’s identity is our main priority.

Our Process

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Discovery Conversation
What keyword(s) are relevant to your offering(s)? Who is your ideal customer? What are the key differentiations between you and your competitors? How will we define success?
Setup/Audit Google Analytics

We want to ensure that reporting is properly configured and settings are correct. A sitemap will be created in this step.

Configure Live Reporting

In order to benchmark results we must first measure them in a way that makes sense. By configuring this dashboard that updates every 10 seconds we can monitor the performance of specific keywords, keywords close to page one and keywords dropping off of page 1.

Keyword Research

We identify the search volume and ranking difficulty around relevant search terms to your business. We then identify the white space where your business can break onto Page 1 of Google search results.

Optimize On Page SEO

Using our keyword research we audit websites searching for ways to enhance current settings, page titles, coded keywords, meta descriptions, image alt text, and more to enhance visibility for the most relevant intent based keywords.

Create More SEO Optimized Content

The work does not stop once the on page SEO is improved. Using our focus keywords we write optimized long form blog content around specific long tail keywords to enhance domain authority and begin to rank for new keywords.

Monthly Check In

Although our clients can check their SEO reporting at any time, our clients also meet with their dedicated account manager each month to check in on performance, offer ideas, and ask questions so that we are always aligned.

SEO Packages Include

All of our clients get access to a real time reporting dashboard like this one that updates every 10 seconds so that they have the most up to date information. Additionally your success manager will meet with you each month to discuss ideas about campaign performance, ideas and solutions.

Our process starts by analyzing your current domain as well as competitors domains in order to get a clear picture of the areas of opportunity around your product or service. From there our team researches and sources relevant keywords with not only volume but also a realistic opportunity for your brand to rank on page 1 for those specific terms.

We do! Our professional copywriters craft many keyword and brand voice optimized 1000 word blog posts each month. Our blogs include optimizations and attention in the following areas: Focus keywords, meta description, H1s, H2s, schema, media rich content, image alt text, semantic readability and more.

We start audits by first examining your current website and uncovering SEO issues such as missing focus keywords or schema. Next we measure domain authority and site speed compared to competitors. Finally we examine current keyword rankings in order to devise a strategy on where the lowest hanging fruit are located in terms of generating web traffic from high volume page 1 rankings.

Speed of rank is contingent on how competitive a keyword(s) is. The more publishers trying to rank on page 1, the longer it takes to rank. When competing for page 1 results with the likes of Hubspot, Forbes or the Washington Post it can be unrealistic for your brand to overtake those publishers. We specialize in finding long tail hidden gems where clients can find their way to page 1 quicker and establish their domain authority on the backs of many lower volume page 1 results rather than expending all energy and resources to catch up to Fortune 500 companies.