7 Reasons You Need to Implement a Responsive Web Design

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For a business to thrive in today’s competitive world of innovation, it should be able to properly utilize effective online marketing strategies on the platforms it’s on. Having a mobile web interface that utilizes responsive web design principles is critical.  

Building an enticing, user-friendly, and functional online presence with the help of a digital marketing agency is an integral part of establishing a successful modern business. However, a website should not only ‘entice’ people; it should also cater to their needs as they experience a top-notch browsing experience. This is the reason why every online entrepreneur should consider having a responsive website design.


What Is a Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website design basically means that a website’s design offers a flexible and responsive layout based on screen size, orientation, and platform from the device it’s accessed on. As such, it should look great and work well on smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers. This type of web design is composed of integrated images, flexible layout and grids, and smart utilization of CSS media queries.

The primary purpose of a responsive design is to get rid of the unnecessary scrolling, resizing, panning, and zooming while within the site’s pages.

Why Choose a Responsive Website Design?

Every business owner aims to acquire profit from the services or products they offer. However, with a poorly-functioning website, their company’s digital presence may be weak, meaning results will be challenging to achieve.

Listed below are the reasons why business owners should prefer to have a website design that is both enticing and responsive:

#1 It can attract a wider audience

A responsive web design allows users to access the website from different types of devices. It can also enhance user experience because of the easy loading of images and proper resolution. Aside from that, a professional-looking website will help convince the audience that the company is highly reliable.

responsive web design

#2 It can help improve SEO

Improved online visibility—that’s what every online business aims to accomplish. That can only be possible if a company’s digital marketing strategies can help drive traffic to the site. Since Google is now very particular in improving search results for mobile-responsive websites, business owners should also adhere to updated SEO guidelines. 

If their websites can’t load on mobile phones and other devices, then it will be difficult for them to improve their search engine rankings.

#3 It decreases bounce rates

A website user does not want to spend an excessive amount of time waiting for a web page to load, nor would they want to keep on scrolling and zooming just to realize that the site is not compatible with the device they’re using. They will always expect a fast and convenient browsing experience. Without a clear call-to-action, fast loading speeds, and ease of navigation, they will leave the site—leading to higher bounce rates.

#4 It helps improve conversion rates

A responsive web design can certainly offer a high-end user experience to the target audience. Not only it will attract more customers, but it will also increase potential leads and sales. They won’t need to check the competitors because they’re already satisfied with your responsive website.

As any digital marketing agency worth their salt would tell you, online advertising is more than having a website. That’s why you should choose responsive. A site like this provides social media buttons that can make for easy sharing on various platforms. Furthermore, it can also help in building quality backlinks as part of SEO efforts.

#6 It is cost-effective

It is hard and costly to maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile audiences. But with a responsive design, it will be easier and cost-effective to pay for a single website design to cater to users on all devices.

#7 It offers flexibility

A website with a responsive web design offers an easy way of making tweaks and changes in design and functionality. There’s no need to worry about the hassles of complex coding and editing since a responsive website design is easier to manage.

Final Thoughts

A beautiful and responsive website makes for a good customer experience—which is a basic requirement to having a good business website. However, it doesn’t end there! Responsive web design should offer an impeccable enticing design and features for it to really entice your audience to stay around. Every business owner should consider having a responsive website design to promote their products and services.

If you want to create a stunning and responsive website, then you should get in touch with a dedicated digital marketing agency. At EIC Agency, we pride ourselves on a well-rounded digital marketing approach that starts with a great custom website design, but goes much further with advertising, SEO, and even content production services. Get in touch today to enhance your business’s online presence!

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