Don’t buy bells and whistles if all you really need is a bell.| RGR 081

Jason Turnquist of Fyresite joins us for Episode 81 of RGR

Overview: Jason Turnquist and his partner started their web development company in 2009, building WordPress sites from a college dorm room. Today, Fyresite’s team of more than 20 specialists serves high-profile clients in Arizona with comprehensive app and web development. So what’s Jason’s best advice for your digital marketing? Don’t buy what you don’t need. […]

Everyone makes mistakes. Devin Butler wants you to learn from theirs.| RGR 079

Entrepreneur Devin Butler talks about entrepreneurship in Arizona

Overview: Devin Butler knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He just didn’t know in what. A few business ideas, he admits, “did not pan out,” but that gave him another: Since no one knows more about learning from ideas that didn’t make it than other entrepreneurs, help them learn from each other. That was […]