Connor Smolensky of Cox Media on the Shift to Programmatic TV Advertising | Rise Grind Repeat 108

programmatic tv advertising

Overview: Connor Smolensky of Cox Media is excited about the future of TV advertising. As technology evolves, traditional television advertising is making a big shift to programmatic TV advertising. By maximizing budgets through customized targeting, programmatic TV advertising is making television ad budgets stretch much further. ______ Rise Grind Repeat Podcast powered by EIC Agency […]

Christina knows sometimes, even U.S. service members could use some military aid. | RGR 107

Christina Erlandson, Military Aid

Overview: Most of us think “military aid” is something the U.S. provides to other nations, and don’t realize that our own troops and their families are often hurting financially. Military pay rates are low. Many young, newly enlisted families qualify as “the working poor.” Multiple deployments can mean frequent relocation, leaving a civilian spouse to […]

Jason Baker, CEO of Green Mountain Grills says, just because your definition of success is simple doesn’t mean it’s small or doesn’t matter | RGR 105

Jason Baker, Green Mountain Grills

Overview: The COVID pandemic hit Green Mountain Grills hard. Their top-quality wood pellet grills are the first choice of many competitive grillmasters, but competitions were on hold. When things finally started to open back up, “Shipping issues,” says Jason Baker of Green Mountain Grills. “Guess what — You’re not getting product!” Jason says it’s been […]