The Why of EIC Agency

I get messages in response to my videos asking why I’m doing nothing but talking about marketing at EIC Agency.

The reason is, it’s my passion. I love it. We can do more with marketing today than ever before, and the cost of entry is minimal compared to what it used to be. We can track how much you spend on a media campaign and the ROI you’re driving. There’s never been a better time to scale even a small business into a worldwide company.

As a business owner, you have goals; how you want to grow; what you want to do; who you want to reach. To do that, you need revenue to be able to invest in the areas you want to grow in. As your marketing effort grows it can take you to levels you only dreamed about. And all of this can be done just through through ads on Facebook and Google and Snapchat. It’s just a matter of what your customer really wants.

To me, it’s like a game. Through data, I can figure out what someone needs in order to convince them to make a purchase. If a potential customer doesn’t know who you are or what you’re about, we can use digital marketing to say, “Hey I’m brand XYZ and this is what I do.”

Once that customer knows who you are, we have to figure out what to provide them contentwise to
help them make the decision to buy. Is it pricing? Is it reviews? Is it just seeing the brand more often? Is it
showing them a solution they hadn’t even thought of? These are the things that are so fun to have meetings and conversations about and create strategy around, with the end game being, let’s all grow together and impact as many lives as possible.

So my “Why?” is, because of what I can do through marketing, I can have an impact in three ways.

First is for the EIC Agency consumer — you. There may be things that could change that your life that you don’t
even know about. By using digital communication we can show you solutions, services and products that ultimately give your company the growth and revenue that can bring you a better business — and a better quality of life.

Second, as a business owner, you want to give what you’re passionate about to your customers. But sometimes you find your results on a plateau and you can’t figure out how to grow. At EIC Agency we’ve helped generational entrepreneurs and business owners find that growth. So part of my “Why” is that I can impact lives and possibly change family trees by working together with business owners like you and figuring out the opportunities for communicating your brand better, driving your sales and increasing your revenue.

Third, as your company grows, you’re going to hire people. By helping your company grow EIC Agency creates an opportunity for other people to do what they love. The amazing thing about this digital age is, what used to cost millions of dollars for media production and the commitment of TV and radio placement contracts, we can now do with a hundred dollars; invest it in an audience, see if they’re responding to the message and engaging. If not let’s shut it off and redirect those dollars. Today, we can be methodical and strategic with your dollars and make them more efficient.

Of course, like you, I’m a business owner. So part of my “Why” is, as I help companies like yours grow, I can keep growing my business.
As revenue comes in, our name is getting out there more, and then I have the ability to help bring on new people of my own: videographers, copywriters, website builders. Helping you achieve your dreams allows me to share my passion with someone else. I see it as building strong communities of people like me, doing what they’re passionate about.


The path to all of my goals is bringing eyeballs to products and services like yours and getting people to buy.

That’s done through analytics and numbers and data and all the boring stuff most people don’t like to look at. But I love it. I love looking at a huge Excel file, figuring out where there are outliers, figuring out why those outliers are happening and what we can do to bring them in line; figuring out how to expand on good numbers and how we can continue to message that way or expand on that communication. Or on the other end, if a message isn’t doing that well, do we shut it off or do we figure out how to message a little bit differently?

That’s the beauty of digital marketing. It’s a continual puzzle we put together one piece at a time. And with patience and communication and partnership, it’s amazing what we can do. There are companies that are growing to billions of dollars in just a few years. What used to take 50 or 60 years now can be
done in a two-year time frame … IF the communication, the strategy and the execution are all there.

I’ve worked in a few different agencies where decisions were made based on the agency’s bottom line, not the clients’. That’s short-term thinking. I want to create partnerships.

Yes, there will be times when I make a lot less than I could have. But it’s going to help out my business — and your business — in general, and I’m sure people will appreciate that. If we can make that happen, if I can continue to provide more value, and EIC Agency will just keep growing. Then we can all grow together.

So what is my “Why?”

Impacting as many lives as possible, like yours. Getting your word, your brand, your passion out there. That’s why I’ve been posting so much about this. It’s why I quit my full-time job to do this. There’s so much opportunity out there, and so many dollars being wasted. You don’t need to throw more dollars into the equation. We just need to be more methodical and strategic with your dollars, so we can grow together.

And who doesn’t want growth?

It’s fun to be part of that. I’ve done that as part of another company, Now I want to take what I’ve learned and not be held back by someone else making decisions that aren’t going to make as much money as what I would recommend.

SO … It’s time to rock and roll and help your company grow.

And that is my “Why.”

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