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Stephanie Liu is an ad agency veteran; an expert in PPC, SEO and social. When she went independent to be able to spend more time with her daughter, she started using live streaming to give potential clients a look inside her thought process before they signed a contract.

That’s when she learned how much she could do to help them — by focusing their own efforts on live streaming.

Lights, Camera, Live was born. LCL empowers small business owners to step into the spotlight by teaching them strategies to reach new heights. So who says you should listen to Stephanie? Forbes, PR Daily, Forrester, Gartner, 1to1 Media … and of course, us.


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| Rise Grind Repeat 063 |

On today’s episode of Rise Grind Repeat we talked to Stephanie from Lights Camera live, she runs her own marketing agency and has found the secret recipe to go on live. dive right in.

All right, Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us on another episode of Rise Grind Repeat I’m excited for this only because, you know words the a little bit over back in March but I mean, been following you ever since and just everything you’re doing just the content production, how much you’re helping people. I mean, it’s, it’s just, it’s awesome. And it’s inspiring and I would love to just get to get to know more about what got you here kind of why you’re so big on content production and and just kind of pick your brain a little bit on the live side and really how much it’s helped you and how it could help other businesses.

Before we dive in, I mean, how are you how, how’s everything going, you know, the craziness that’s going on?

mean, how do you handle it? Oh my gosh, it’s like how honest should I be? pc? Should I be cuz? Cuz you really know the Me, me. Me that’s not on stage. I mean, honestly, I’m like,

I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job as far as being superintendent, Superintendent of the new homeschool on my blog. Right. So I’m homeschooling my daughter, I still have clients which I am so blessed to still have that. Right? Because video is still one of those things that’s not going to go away like the importance of video and social media right now is here to stay. So I’ve been very fortunate. In that sense. I’d say the only thing that’s probably driving me nuts as an extrovert person is like wanting to hang out with friends. You know, someone had posted on Facebook today and said, What’s a word that you haven’t heard? Since COVID happened? And I was like, Oh, I know. Group hug. No one says that anymore. Right?

Group hug spa day, girls night like all that fun stuff. All the fun stuff. I’m holding it. I’m trying to hold it as much as possible

has been how’s homeschool been? It’s good. It’s good. I’m getting used to being called mommy teacher. And

I mean my house is pretty much covered with like crayons, glitter chalk, whatever it is. This one time I actually showed up to a client meeting not knowing that I still had face paint on right. So I mean it is what it is. It’s been kind of the fun part of this I mean, obviously doing more meetings virtual like this just getting to know clients, families, co workers families a bit more the the screaming kids and it just Yeah, kind of helps us see the other side of the personal side a little bit more. But there’s there’s some crazy crazy households that’s for sure. For sure. Yeah, my house hold because my daughter likes to do these like summer

Virtual summer camps. Oh, she is the girl doesn’t that’s like mom screen. You know. So right now she’s in frozen summer camp. And so we have like this green screen where it looks like she’s in. El says ice castle and then she wanted face paint to be all off. It’s a whole thing. It’s a production because she knows mommy’s Mommy, I would expect nothing. I would expect nothing less than required. I was like, I was like, I have an extra Blue Yeti, my lights going like what do you want to do? It’s a whole thing. Awesome. And really before kind of getting more of your background. I mean, you mentioned a lot social media, you got clients, I’d love to let the audience kind of understand more of what it is that you do in your day to day. Yeah, absolutely. So to start off, like I’m an ad agency veteran, my background is in PPC, SEO and social media that’s that’s like that and i i background is literally PPC. That’s what I started in eight years ago.

Man, you give me like an Excel spreadsheet, I will pivot the heck out of that thing. You know, I’m all about data and numbers. And so that’s, that’s where I come from. And the reason why I shifted over into live streaming was mostly because when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to choose a path of Okay, do I still do agency life where I could be working 50 plus hours a week? Or, because I’ve done this for Nike so far, and Clinique I sure as hell can do it for myself, go down my own path. And so I went down my own path. And you probably experienced this too, when you started your own venture, but like everyone was calling themselves a strategist. And I was like, What? No, no, no, that’s all right. All right. So then, you know, instead of just telling people what I did, you know, not just talk the talk, I wanted to walk the walk. And I think livestream is really the best way to give people a glimpse into my thought process, the framework of how to onboard clients and that’s what they really appreciated.

Because you could kind of see what it is to to work with me before actually signing a contract right?

And then ever since then just live streaming took off then then then I became known for that which is crazy because I was never like a broadcast major or anything like even meeting you guys at Social Media Marketing roadie had all your gear.

I don’t even know how to use it for like this one setting, you know, and then Drake comes by like his gimbal. And I was a robot basically.

Pretty much. So I mean, what how, what, at what point did you get into live? I mean, I I’m super bullish on it. We started going live with something and I think there’s tons of opportunity. I mean, the platforms are pushing it quite a bit. But I mean, outside of giving people a glimpse into kind of your mindset. I mean, was that the only reason why you started going live more Were there other

I think it was more I wanted to go live to separate myself from the sea of sameness.

Because everyone just wanted you to fill out a form or download a lead magnet. And to be honest with you, I I could also be a lazy marketer. I’m like, No, no, let me just show you.

Let me just show you. What I found was that like, as soon as I was done with the live stream, Dustin, like all of a sudden my inbox with boom, new lead, I know what it is that you’re capable of doing. I like your production. I would like to work with you. What are the next steps I didn’t have to do anything is like let me give you a webinar and retarget you via ads and all that other stuff. It was I like what you deliver. I want to work with you and let’s move from there. And knowing how many different platforms there are with social media, right, you could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, all that other stuff. I just had to go live twice a month, and that was it. And I could, you know, play hopscotch. You know, get down and dirty with like glitter and glue and construction paper and all this other stuff, but still have clients

No, I love it. And I mean, that’s, that’s why we got started. I mean, we started this business two years ago. That’s why we started a podcast was it’s like, everyone has the lead magnets, this PDF and that and it’s like, well, why not talk about what’s in your brain and actually articulate what you can do. And it’s amazing what what opportunity is brought in terms of just, I mean, even clients, but just the networking that it’s brought on, and I’m just I’m huge on it as well. And it’s cool to see. And it’s funny that you mentioned that, you know, your background as a PPC and marketing because I mean, even working with you that I thought your whole thing was live stuff. And so have you fallen into that where people are reaching out to get help with taking them live or? Oh, yeah, yeah, um, a lot of people reach out and ask, Hey, Stephanie, how to live revamp my show, so that it actually has a flow to it. How do you do your graphics, all of that stuff, and I had done like a group coaching program, which was really fun to see

Because I would get clients that are like no, I’m super shy I don’t want to be on camera. And then now they’re all like put me on camera right? And they show up to virtual panels now and they have like the best set they’re like the beyond say of the panel and I’m like yes girl Yes. Um, so you know, I’m helping clients launch their own live shows because honestly doesn’t it’s it gets you on the fascination fast track to be on a first name basis with key decision makers, right? Someone could be hanging out on your site, reading blogs all day long, but I I feel like the second they see you on camera. The second you answer their question in a live stream, blue, happy brain chemicals. They’re all about you. They’re already crushing about you. They’re like, Hey, where else can I find us? I’m gonna hit him up on Instagram and find him on Twitter. I think they want to get to know you a lot better. And I feel like live streaming offers so many more opportunities. No, and I agree. I mean, it’s funny like right before

This probably an hour ago, we were talking about, we’re working on a proposal. And I mean, we have some videos in there and stuff like that. But I’m like, I want to do the proposal. It looks good from a design perspective, but from what he’s saying, but even then I’m like, What if we just started doing these, like literally like a 10 minute walk through, like the office and use visuals and did a video proposal, I mean, how many people are doing that, and even outside of just being different, there’s so much opportunity and really showing your personality and building that relationship, which you can’t do through just a proposal that’s all text based or images and whatnot. And I mean, even outside of just getting free eyeballs, because the social media platforms are pushing it so much. It’s like there’s so much power in that building relationship. And, and really, I mean, especially now COVID going on the power of humanizing your brand, and I think that’s what it kind of does, is it it makes your brand relatable. It’s not so much a company it’s the people behind the company and that’s, that’s what to me, I think people love love buying.

I love that yeah, it’s it’s so good.

Because even now, it’s so much more about your relationships and who you’re going to be doing business with. It’s not always about who has the best prices. You know, I’ve worked with clients now that are trying to move their IRL events to URL events, you know.


you know, it’s kind of like a California gold rush back in the day like, which is the best virtual platforms, and some of them are getting swindled. And the best way to avoid those traps right now is to leverage your relationships as them what resources have you used? Can you recommend this platform, all that stuff? Because no one wants to put on a crappy online event, especially when there’s so many different platforms that are available. And so if you have if you know, then they’re going to reach out to you. Absolutely. Have you had an uptick in people reaching out to help out with virtual events. It’s like, Hey, I see you online.

How can I turn this into? Cuz I know you do a lot with the cam and stuff like that. I mean, has there been an uptick in that? And are you pursuing it? If so, or kind of what does that look like? It’s so it’s so funny because back in late 2019, I had made this prediction that live video producer, remotely producing someone else’s show was going to be a thing. This was last year. Right. And I had taught it over when I was over at ndmc, Missouri, St. Louis, and people rally. I don’t know if people would be really interested in that. And now it’s a thing. It’s it’s a thing I have companies calling and saying we have an annual shareholder meeting that’s coming up. We don’t want to do a regular zoom. We want to do like a countdown testimonials. We want it to be a production. And he can allows me to do that because I could switch up the different scenes. I could bring in different people. You could broadcast to different platforms, but yeah, it’s not just

Just about live streaming on Facebook, YouTube or whatever. But now I see it being integrated into these virtual conferencing platforms like you could use a virtual camera like a cam and plug it into a zoom or plug it into a Google Hangout or your Citrix and all that other stuff. And it’s the baddest thing. It’s like, it’s so cool. Like, their, their attendees are like, How the hell did you do that? Like, all of a sudden, you’re like David Copperfield. And you’re like, yes, no, like, bring on the wind machine. This is everything. No, I think it’s opened up so many opportunities. I mean, we’re, we’re working on something where I mean, obviously, video is a big part of what we do, where it’s, it’s always been like, well, we can’t really help people from out of state. I mean, you can but there’s also costs involved, I mean, flying and all that type of stuff, where it’s like me with the cam and everything. It’s going on where we’re working on some type of package we’re offering where it’s like, we could help produce something for someone, all they have to do is have a camera, give instructions on how to do it, but it’s like we can do more talking

stuff I mean all the way from here and then what the graphics and everything can do some post production on it but it’s like you can make something look really good and be states away and I think it’s it’s it’s only gonna open up so many more opportunities as we move forward I mean it’s a it really is amazing it’s something that I’ve done now as like live video producer and some people are they only know one platform right there like they only know v mix Wirecast or stream yard or E cam but I think if you are a strategist in the sense that you know all the different platforms, there’s man you’re unstoppable at that point plus you also not not only do you like the video production of it, you know how to keep an audience engaged from A to Zed and you know, what are the prerequisites or the limitations of every single platform? That’s what I think is the difference that makes the difference? Because some people I’m like, totally geeking out with you know, is that you know, some people there you know, you’ll find people on Fiverr

that call themselves live video producers when in actuality there seems switchers, they’re just switching, like, oh, you’re the spotlight, and you’re the spotlight. And they’re like, No, you need like a producer to do the graphics, the overlays, how it’s going to, like, all funnel fall together to make a really cool production. Yeah, no, it’s a tell gonna nerd out quite a bit. I see your point. It’s like, going back to PPC stuff. If If you know, I mean, I know people that are good at one platform when there’s just google ads or just Facebook, but if you know, if you know all of them, it’s like you can take a prop basically, you can take what someone’s trying to accomplish and reverse engineer. All right, well, this platform has this type of targeting this can do this, this can’t do that. And so you can kind of put together a paid media strategy that’s different channels based off of what their goals are that help them get get there and accomplish that. Exactly. Creativity. I feel like is the most valued trait these days is, I know PPC or I know either

But how can I shift that laterally into a different industry and still make it work and wow that audience and you know, just keep experimenting I would say don’t limit yourself abt that’s all we’re all about. Always be testing.

Always be testing. So, I mean, I was like wait is that a new EDM artists?

Nope. Always be destined is our slogan.

So I mean, obviously doing a lot with video and social and everything right now but kinda would love to hear how it all got started. I mean, you mentioned pretty big brands helping out on the PPC side. When did you get into marketing or digital marketing and what kinda got you started? This is like the way back

like the Wayback Machine.

The first social media agency that I worked out, man, it was probably like two, I’d say 2006 because Facebook back then was still only college campus. actually said that

But I had worked at a social media agency that specialized in giveaways and it was all about UGC content. And so we would work with your L’Oreal’s, your Samsung Smashbox. Nike support Clinique, where we would say here are brand assets. You love our brand, make a new slogan for us. And whichever one gets like the best votes, you will win a new wardrobe or whatever. Yeah, that was very experimental back in the day, because you would have these creative directors and they’re like, Oh, my good. They know nothing about branding guidelines, you know, like you would see like their heads explode. And even then we would say, you know, that’s what social media is you can’t limit your content creators because if they have a vision of how they want it to be, then they’re going to give it a shot. And so back then, when we’re doing these, these online sweepstakes stuff and UGC content, it was always experimental budget meaning

PR, PPC and SEO always had a huge bulk of the budget and you know this, right. And social media was such a small portion of the budget that eventually when the market crashed, right, the whole housing stuff had happened. The agency got axed. It just, we lost clients and all that stuff. And so that’s when I made that decision, like go grow, which I do now. And knowing that PPC is like here to stay, right? digital marketing and the evolution of what it was going to be I was like, okay, that’s what I’m going to go for because it’s a stable career, and I’ll learn so much. And that’s when I worked at KU barrio, which was like the largest private search marketing agency in the US. That’s when I got to work with oh my gosh, Research In Motion the makers of Blackberry. Oh, wait. Yeah, so I had managed EMEA and APAC which is like Asian countries and the UK.

whatnot. And it was interesting because even back then I remember doing

competitive market research about what’s trending in the mobile telecom industry. And then all of a sudden Apple rolls out the iPhone. And I’m like, Hey, you guys should pay attention to this. No, no, we’re Blackberry. We have a keyboard. Oh, God.


So that was PPC. And then during that time, right, so Apple has the iPhone, and all of a sudden, you’re seeing like, Facebook opening up and you’re seeing other channels happening, and social media was no longer an experimental thing. And so I shifted over into a creative agency, which was really fun. Because now I was sitting with the PR team, the creative team, the digital team, and social media. And whenever we pitched a client, we would all sit together, kind of like Lord of the Rings where you have like, like the hobbits and the elves and you’re like, everyone has their say,

about what happens to this ring and house, it’s going to get to motor, like, how is this client project going to come together? What’s your fellowship of this creative project? And I think that was like a really fun experience. Because we would talk about campaigns from different angles, like how would you repurpose this content for a 15 second television commercial? How are you gonna play this? for an audience that’s going to listen to it in traffic, or on a podcast or whatever? and social was a part of it. That was fun. And that was probably the last agency that I worked with before launching my own stuff. No, I love it. And I mean it. doing a lot of creative stuff. Now you’ve done creative stuff in the past. And what what I love to ask is, I mean, you mentioned you got to give creators the freedom to kind of create, you also have the branding directors. Yeah, there’s always that clash. I mean, how have you seen it approach or how have you approached it to try and I guess, give the creatives their freedom to create but also keep it

Brand eggs. I mean, that’s something that that, you know,

people struggle struggle with a lot. And it’s it to me, I was approached with like, Well, you know, we have we have data. So why don’t we do an A B test and really see what works. And then as you get the data, and then you build that trust, especially early on, it’s like, I don’t like that idea. Well, why don’t we try it and see what it looks like? And once we have the data back, if it’s, if it’s clearly a winner, you kind of win more trust. But I mean, I’d love to hear kind of your thoughts on how. Yeah, I think from a social perspective, whenever we worked with influencers on a specific client project, we would bump heads with a creative director a lot.

Because the great objector had their specific styling guidelines on how things were supposed to be positioned, and, and whatnot, or how things should be phrased. But more often than not, the creative director doesn’t know the platform where the content is being published to. Right. Like, I wouldn’t go on Facebook and put 30 hashtags in a post. It doesn’t matter.

You know, like just No, you know, you could do that on like Instagram, right? You’d have like your underlining and your 30, hashtags, whatever. But would you do that on Twitter? No. You still go to like your delegate of social media, you would say, Would this fly would this work? In most cases, when we’re working with influencers, we would brief them on branding guidelines, but they know their audiences, creators will know like, well, it’s not going to just be one talking head the entire time, I have to switch scenes, I have to do something to keep to keep the audience engaged because they know how to tell the story to their audience, not you creative director because, you know, in most cases, the creative director knows how to tell a story for television for commercials for that type of medium, but not from the content creators perspective, not from how they’re going to use it in a Facebook group or an Instagram Live or any of that stuff. So I think there kind of has to be like a melding of the minds and a compromise.

Yeah, no, I agree. I think he’s just more more conversation. But I’m just a huge proponent of just figuring out how not going over the lines, but how close we can get to those lines and let the data speak for it. And we’ll, we’ll see. You know, what’s the clear winner? Yeah, it was. Do you Are you a fan of Dave Chappelle by any chance? Yeah. Okay.

Why do you do you remember? Um, do you remember the segment that he did about Rick James? Uh huh. And then Charlie Murphy’s talking about how like Rick James was a habitual line stepper. That’s,

that’s, I felt like the creative directors like, social media is a habitual.

And I was like, you know,

sometimes you gotta go over the line a little bit. But yeah, I would say my creative directors sent me that GIF. 1000 times you are habitual line stepper. These are the branding guidelines. No, no, it’s okay. Winds are there to push


So I mean, you, you worked with big brands were two different agencies. And then that kind of led you to start your own thing. I mean, what was? What was it that got you excited? I know. I mean, you had you had a little one on the way. But I mean, what was that whole process? Like? I mean, was it? Did it start as a side hustle and then turn into a main thing? Or was it like, Hey, we’re jumping off a cliff, let’s go.

I would say when you’re working at a at an agency, because the turnover rate is so high. It was standard for us to always have our side hustles and usually our side hustles were so small that it never really conflicted with a major agencies clients. Right. And so I had that body of work on the side. And I think what was really like, Oh, hey, we’re totally going to do this is when a client reached out and this client was a major biopharmaceutical company in New York.

This covers my holiday

Your salary this one good

anything even then I was freaking out desk is like this is $100 an hour. Oh my god that is so cute.

Isn’t it funny to look back and look at some of those numbers thinking back then I was like, oh my I’m gonna retire or not I know, I was like, I got the email a student from my desk might all have, you know,

I like not, not you. Or you, you know, but like, that’s how I felt. And so sign that contract and it was great. It was good. And I think because when you do good work, people still want to work with you. And so they’ll find you when you’re moving different agencies. It’s just that’s the typical mindset, right? It’s like Dustin now he left you he broke up. Okay, cool. Where’s he now because I want to work with him. And that was kind of the same thing that happened. His clients were now looking for me they’re like, Hey, we’re Steph. And what made it so easy for them to find who is because when you live

stream, boom, you’re at the very top of the newsfeed. Anyone that was like friends with you, or were fans of your Facebook page, they get a notification. They’re like, hey, what is Dustin up to? And that’s what I mean by like live streaming makes you top of mind and tip of tongue. Because even if they don’t need your services right then and there, they know in the back of their mind, hey, there’s this girl who does live sharing, and it’s sick. So if I ever need to bring some on, let’s contact her.

I couldn’t agree more. I mean, it’s that Top of Mind awareness that I mean, even outside of live streaming, just to me when it gets to PPC stuff, I think is is often overlooked. I mean, in terms of just looking at frequency. I mean, it talked a lot of people on like with Facebook ads, it’s like as soon as frequency starts reaching up, they’re climbing up there to like, six, seven. It’s like oh my god, they’re seen as too much but it’s like none. You need 1516 touch points before evil if anyone even decides to make a decision and you need that frequency, whether it’s an ad or or live streaming,

It’s one of those things where it’s like, you don’t have to go live every single day. You know, I tell clients, you could go live for 3040 minutes. I bet you, you could get so many one minute videos just from that one interview. So there’s your one minute videos, there’s your blog posts, and then you repurpose it because you probably did something hilarious that you could turn into a gift, you know, and then like, that becomes a thing. There’s just so much that you can do that’s I mean, that’s the podcast started trying to one just help with that, that thought leadership, I guess, but it was also to help people but then we quickly started realizing like, Hey, we’re doing an hour thing on just PPC stuff. And as we’re listening to it, it’s like clip clip clip clip clip, and it’s just like, wow, in a one hour span. Now we have 13 clips plus a full hour episode. Now we can use these clips to use in our email marketing now and create a blog off of them and it’s just like, it’s amazing how much content you can produce off of doing something for an hour and it’s not

Not too hard to do, especially if you love it and know it. Exactly. I find even when speaking to other content creators, we know how to speak in sound bites.


this is gonna be good. Okay, I’m gonna rant for a good minute because this is totally gonna work.

Yeah, it’s just the video, I believe in a video for a strategy. I find that if you let someone speak their mind answer the top 10 frequently asked questions about their business product or service. That’s 10 one minute videos, right? They’re done. You know. And if you have something like let’s say agorapulse you could schedule out that content where let’s say that one live video you have 10 one minute video clips for the next 10 weeks you’re covered for that Monday. Do another live video. Now your Tuesday’s covered for the next 10 weeks. And then you could shuffle it like a deck of cards. And now you’re rotating content people are like man Dustin is everywhere. crushing it, you know you you easily hit those 15

10 points, just like that. Yep. No, I mean, I couldn’t agree more. And kind of, you know, everything going on with COVID. I mean, you’re you have an agency, you’re doing a lot with, you know, clients, digital marketing. What are some trends that you you’re seeing in on the digital space? I mean, at first, when everything happened, it’s just like, Alright, we’re, a lot of people were pausing. A lot of people were cutting budgets, but then after about a week or two is like, Alright, well, this is gonna be here, we still have to do business, we still have to do stuff. And all of a sudden, a huge like, wave of, of questions. Opportunities came in on the digital side. So how can we actually reach our customers still without physically being there? And so it’s like, there’s definitely an influx there. But I mean, what, what are you say? Is there anything that you’re kind of seeing in terms of trends? I’m definitely seeing an uptick in PPC. You know, because people are searching for information. They want to find it. I definitely see live streaming and the video first strategy

Becoming more prominent now, more people are even hiring PR agencies or even myself for media training. And I think that’s also kinda like a clear differentiator between, like, who’s just starting out with live video production? Because they’ll call it as like how to be confident on camera. It’s like, no, no PR agent, like no SEO is going to search. How do I become confident? Like the phrase for that, ladies and gentlemen, is called media training. And when you know that, then you could price your services accordingly. Right. And so I those are the things that I see coming up a lot. I have a lot of people now asking about tools and software that they can use to repurpose content because now they’re seeing it. We don’t have a lot of time on our hands. So if you could take that one minute, or that one, live video and chop it up in as many ways as possible, then that’s awesome. They’re, they’re all about that. Yeah, I mean, what are some of those tools that you’re recommending or saying right now?

Use headliner for the audio grams, meaning it’s like the easiest thing to do for me. I use to transcribe my live videos into blog posts. otter is like, doesn’t agree. Oh my gosh, it’s the best thing. I love how it even recognizes my voice. I’m like, Oh my god, you knew me. Everyone ever is getting pumped because it’s Yeah, we went from like rev to was the last one. I mean, me. And then and yeah, is sick. I love it. I’m one of those people where I love video. I love to watch video when I have the time, but sometimes, you know, like, even with Social Media Marketing World, right? They’re like 40 minute presentations and the freaking replays don’t have like a playback speed, right? So I’m like, just give me Just give me the audio. And I put it into otter, because you get like 6000 minutes for like, what? 10 bucks. Yeah, it’s nothing and so then I just get the transcript and I figure out Okay, there you got to the

Key Points Thank you. And then I can move on to the next one. So like my go to repurposing tools would obviously be like

headliner for the audio Graham’s easel for creating the graphics. That’s my go to. I have a VA in the Philippines who helps me takes those transcripts, put them as like captions into the videos and then turns them into blog posts. That’s amazing. giffy the app I use that to create gifts out of like the hilarious intros and outros that we do. That’s always fun.

But yeah, those are like my main tools. I’m probably in them like, every day easel for sure. Every single day. Yeah, yeah. No, I think everyone’s looking for all those little tools and I think just apps in general, I think are gonna gonna be huge. I mean, just in the future, people are looking to get more efficient, especially as they’re trying to make dollars go further and, and now, it’s even one of those things where I’m finding parents have

Bored teenagers high school that are looking for something to do and, you know, you teach them how to repurpose content, set them up on Fiverr or whatever. They’re now a freelancer that’s,

that’s helping, you know, bring money into the household. I just feel like you me content creators video. There’s so much innovation and a lot of things that we can play around with right now. Oh, 100% Yeah, yeah, I totally agree. And I mean, with video, you keep mentioning a video first approach. I mean, does that mean are you using it video first, and ads? Just everything you lead with this video are everything I lead with is for sure video. I mean, you put me in front of like a Google Doc with like a blinking cursor. And I’m like, error malfunction, you know, like, but you asked me a question, then I could answer it for you as if I was talking to a friend. And then I could polish it up and drop in the SEO keywords and all that other fancy stuff, but like if I do

Just know off the top of my head, I will start there. Because if you put me again, like, here, you now have to write a newsletter I’m like,

Alright, so I usually do video first, even with clients. We’ll do the 10 by 10 formula, which is what are your top 10 frequently asked questions about your business, your product or your service. And then you’ll write down the top 10 should ask questions, questions that people shouldn’t be asking that they don’t know. Because they’re not the expert. You are right.

Mm hmm. And they’re like, Oh, snap.

Yeah, exactly. They’re like,

you’re like, of course, of course, you didn’t know because I am the master. And so when you create that content, now you have those 10 one minute videos, even those even just like answering that one question could be in and of itself, its own live video that you can expand upon that turns into like, a blog post, but I always do the 10 by 10 with clients because then because then you start to see them like Oh, that’s interesting. It just

It just gets that creativity out of them a lot faster. And then once they create that content, they’ll see the questions that come up like, Oh, can you expand on this? And then that becomes its own 10 by 10. Yep. No, I love it. And the reason why I ask is whenever we’re running ads and stuff, I mean, ours is a really a video first approach in the mean time about SEO with with videos. I mean, even outside of that with Google and custom intent audiences and stuff. I mean, knowing what people are searching for on YouTube, you can then run that like one bid. How is live video great, cool, you do that and now you can target people if they’re searching for it and run it as a pre roll and then retarget them with banners and search and all that but I mean, the the the cost of actually reaching people on YouTube is so inexpensive for what you can communicate and how much attention you can get. And it’s to me it’s like everything we do from a prospecting perspective is all all video because you can build a relationship and communicate so much more. And then you have the ability to retarget them.

through, you know, other channels and stuff and so we’re very bullish on the video. The video. Yeah, no, I love it. I love it. It’s one of those like, it’s Dustin again, Justin.

I think he’s pouring me. Yeah, I mean, it works. I mean, that’s why you see it when you go on Amazon and if you didn’t complete your purchase, it’s like KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK mean complete your purchase. Here’s a 15% off coupon. I was like, that’s exactly what I was waiting for.

The buyer Right. I mean, Nordstrom does a Neiman Marcus. It’s it works. Yeah, no, I totally agree. I mean, do you think

those ads get because I mean, I don’t see too. I don’t see too many smaller brands doing YouTube ads. And I mean, it’s usually the Monday calm and and oh my god, I can’t follow you to Uh huh.

A day. I probably shouldn’t be watching them any videos a day, but yeah.

But I mean, do you think it could get overused or it’s anywhere

near that or there’s more opportunity for the smaller brands when it comes to even YouTube marketing. I definitely think it’s an opportunity for the smaller brands. It’s just something that they don’t hear that very often. Because I mean, you were there at Social Media Marketing World, and most people that attend that conference only know social media. And it’s not that very often that a small company has their eyes on what PPC or SEO is or use. Usually, I only have budget for marketing as a bucket. So I’m going to try to hire someone that knows kind of a little bit of everything, but not a lot of it. Right. That’s where you and I are kind of spoiled because we know what we know and what’s possible. So I think when the smaller companies start to realize the power of retargeting, and their pre roll, and all of that stuff, they’re like, Oh, hold up, I could get this many impressions and not have to pay anything because they click on it. They it’s cool. Like, why have I never heard of this before? Uh huh. I my biggest thing is like, I mean with the pre roll

You got, you have the chance to skip it in five seconds. If someone does you’re not charged anything, the only time you’re charged if someone watches 30 seconds or more I know they’re, they’re gonna lower that to 15 here and pretty soon, but I mean it just in terms of, of how

how much it cost to get a 32nd video view I think is absolutely insane, especially when you give someone the opportunity to skip it. It’s a it blows my mind. I mean, with that being said, I feel like social and Facebook and Instagram has had such a huge push that so many people focus on that, that they’re like Google is a huge missed opportunity.

Yeah, but it missed missed opportunity, because so many people are trying to jump on this. Everyone needs to be on social. I feel like that’s what so many businesses are trying to do. I mean, there’s so much opportunity on Google side that yeah, I mean, it kind of like reminds me of back in the day, like when I was in high school and it was like it was recruitment day. Hey, you have like these little booths Where’s like come join the army No, or join the Navy and blah blah blah. If you imagine it now it’s like in the world of

Digital Marketing. There are so many rah rah rah cheerleaders for social media, because it’s fun, you know, and you could do this and I use it every day. So why not make that my career?

But, you know, you don’t really I mean, I mean, coming from the PPC sides, like, dude, we’re nerds.

Like, let me show you what I could do with this pivot table. You know, like, let me concatenate this for you. Like that was, like, super sexy to talk about, which is why I feel like Not a lot of people go down that path. Unless you worked at an agency unless a recruiter had picked you out specifically to tell you the benefits of like, just people just don’t know about it. You know, like, my husband’s been doing like PPC for like the last goodness gracious. Oh, it’s gonna be our 10 year anniversary. 10 years. You know, I’m never had any trouble finding a job. But in social media, it’s so competitive because you could find, you know, john smith on Fiverr who wants to do this and that and I think if you really want to be successful in digital marketing, and do social

Meaning it’s to your benefit to know how social works with PR how social works with PPC, how social works of SEO, but if you are only social, mm hmm, that’s where I’m like, you got all of your eggs in one basket. And again, that’s coming from experience, right? Having worked at an only social media agency, experimental budget, and then now being able to say, Okay, I know PPC, I could do this, and I could do that. You become like a Swiss Army knife and they’re like, holy snap like destiny.

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s where the power is. It’s like, I feel there’s so many people that are like, No, you need to do YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or this but I think where the power is, is how to use all of them together and create an omni channel approach type workshop.

Like what you’re trying to do, you know, or like,

yeah, hey, I kid you not we probably did like a pitch. Where else again, this is BR and this is

pops on the screen, but I mean, that’s what it is. I mean, how how well do you think companies are executing that are agencies are executing that omni channel approach? I mean, that’s, that’s main reason why I started this is I mean, I started I mean with Google A while back and then worked at agencies, but to me, I saw that’s where the opportunity was you had your departments but everyone kind of worked in solo or silos. Yeah. And it wasn’t I mean, Solo is a silo I guess. But

um, but there was none of that like crop. I get kind of like how you said, where you had the Lord of the Rings meeting where everyone talks about how they don’t let me be the only one talking about these nerdy references My God. Yeah, it was it’s the fellowship of the different marketing disciplines. And I think that’s where I was lucky to work in an agency like that, that respected that that respected everyone’s disciplines and we could air out our grievances of like, well, PR is not do PR is not using UTM parameters.

merde. Yeah.

Yeah, not a lot of people have that experience. Like I said, they it’s usually just one thing and they go down that route. But that’s an advantage for you and I is that you and I can sit down there and look at a project and see it from different perspectives and different lenses and say, Okay, if we want to do this, let’s do a phased approach, or let’s integrate it somehow. But we are creating opportunities, whereas someone just comes in, they’re like, well, I only know this, so just call me when you want to do that, right? Yeah. Yeah. To me, it’s, it’s fun, cuz you get to be creative. But sometimes the mind goes a little too much. Because it’s like, I feel like most of the time it’s, well, I need help with social media. It’s okay, well, we’ll do social media rather than it’s like, well, why do you think you need social media? What’s the problem? Or what are you trying to accomplish and then peeling back like, well, you think you need that that’s part of it. But what about these things? And, and I don’t know, do you ever get too bogged down and like how there’s just too many different options and opportunities that could could be done. I mean,

Do you ever deal with that?

It’s it’s one of those things where the client wants what the client wants, but you’re always going to try to give them the best advice as much as possible because you’re the consultant, right? And so I would never recommend something where I’m like, just do this, because that’s what I know. It’s more like, this is what’s best for you. And this is this is what I’m going to prescribe, basically. Right? And I think the best way to describe it to a client would be it’s like losing weight, right? I don’t know about you. But this whole stay at home thing is

reason why live video is only waist up.

But if I wanted to lose weight, right, it’s not like oh, let’s only lose arm fat and the jiggle, right? Like No.

You got to do like the whole thing you got to do like the burpees and the sprints and all of that to get the overarching result and I think that’s the best way to sell it to our client.

Like I know you want more mentions or sales and blah blah but you have to think about the whole workout plan right so here’s the Dustin workout plan for your get fit marketing whatever it is. But yeah, that usually works and then they realize like oh yeah, that’s a good analogy to compare it to it’s a

I can at least wait weight in one body part it’s all body parts work together. You can say and then you like anchor it you start playing like the Kanye West workout plan in the background.

Awesome. So I mean, it’s I love

you have so much more knowledge on digital marketing than I thought I said it’s everything that I thought was just the live streaming and E cam and it’s a it’s awesome to hear. I mean, knowing that what what are you trying to accomplish? What are your biggest goals? What’s on your radar like the next you know, six months? Oh, man, I mean, I’ll say this.

When it comes to like homeschooling man, I could only think

in like two weeks timeframe,

like what do I need to instacart now?

But from a business perspective, I would say things that are going to be piling up, I know for sure is going to be the live video production because nonprofits their fundraising season is usually like q4, right? And so they’re starting to like even now it’s like Christmas in July stuff that’s happening. So I definitely see the live video production that’s going to be ramping up. For me personally, what is around my corner is the fact that 360 marketing squad and Eric Bhutto were dropping our new book was the ultimate social media marketing guide. It’s published by entrepreneur press. I know crazy coming from the one that hates writing. I wrote a book.

Did you actually write it or did you like talk? transcribe it? Okay, so that’s hilarious because Mike Walton, who is the co author was like, Stephanie, we need to write your chapters. I think you just need to ask me

question and I will answer that’s how we wrote my chapters, he would ask me a question. And I knew, like the stats and the figures and all that other stuff, top of my head and then we made magic. And it worked. So did you really just do it on camera and run it through and then just kind of cleaned it up? I absolutely love that. That it just it works again.

limited on time, I knew it was gonna like you. It’s kind of like you’re a producer right? And you’re or you’re a director on set and you have to pull it out of your actor. That’s how you get it out of me. It’s asked me that question on video and boom, you got it. Okay. Now I love it and I love the link to to the book, we can definitely drop it in the show notes and stuff like that and I’d love to check it out. And as we kind of wrap it up, I mean, you you got knowledge and PPC you got knowledge and just marketing in general live streaming all that if you know if a brand is trying to figure out how, what do I do next? What’s your biggest piece of advice

For for someone I mean what where should businesses focus on right now if they don’t have a really robust you know marketing strategy right now honestly I think that 10 by 10 formula will work out for you or my

son was in my head again dammit

10 by 10 formula do that video you know when people see you on camera you know you know this already it’s like as soon as they see you they see your eyes they get those happy brain chemicals that dopamine the oxytocin that serotonin and they want to get to know you more. And then you start binge watching your stuff. You’re going to get more views while you snooze as they get to know you. And when they’re ready, they’re going to take that plunge but again, you could repurpose that content into blog posts into your newsletters, but it all becomes this cohesive package. I would say start doing that because a lot of people are just searching for answers and YouTube pops up. Just like that, you know, and it’s easy for people to do

share videos. You know, you could play back speed. I mean, sometimes I’m reading a blog post, I’m like, man, I hit that 12,000 1200 word limit whatever it is.

Give me a headline. Give me a bolt. Give me a quote something, huh? Give me an infographic. But videos are definitely shareable. No, I, I love it because it’s a I love the top 10 things because typically if that’s what you’re asked, that’s just what people are asking in that industry when they’re looking for your product or service. And to your point, people are probably going to Google or YouTube to search that stuff. So by answering those questions, boom, your video pops up. And I love the video form. Like what got us even more bullish on the podcast and stuff like that was the people we’re doing podcasts with, go search their name, and all sudden our podcast episodes show up before their website and I’m like, like within three, four weeks. I’m like, Whoa, there’s some. There’s some power here in the SEO side of producing video and I honestly think that’s where SEO is gonna go.

is more or less blotches on The Voice Search or because Google, they just started

allowing podcasts to be indexed. And so if you upload to Google podcasts, they basically transcribe it on the back end. And if someone searches your episode could show up because of the keywords and I’m like, Yeah, like literally the future of SEO, I think is podcasts and video and so I mean, we’ll see what happens. But anyway, yeah, I’m, I would even say from like a PPC perspective.

Like voice search is definitely a thing right now.

So phrasing your content as how do I bits, you know, not like, how to live streams? Like, how do I do this splitscreen live stream.

That’s what people ask me sometimes. I’m like, What are you trying to say right now? But I feel like those are gonna be some keyword phrases to look out for is just to help people conversationally, ask for certain things. Yeah, I mean, I know sort of wrapping up one quick last thing.

As you mentioned that I mean, the title is such a huge part of how that video ranks and stuff like that. I mean,

if you get some of that advice, do you ever get that pushback like, well, that title looks weird. I don’t want to do that. And I guess how do you how do you, because that’s how we kind of position ongoing content production is like, the segment of this video series will be like, the core keywords that we want to show up for, like, I want my branded name and all that. It’s like, well, the whole idea is to show up and I mean, do you Yeah, you know, to your point. There’s a lot of

data is powerful, you know? Yeah. And so you could split test headlines and see how that works. I mean, like, even with email, you could split test like your headlines to see what works and a B test do that. I mean, I’ve had like, collaborations on videos where like this one guy, but he just kept changing the headline.

Like, that didn’t work. Let’s try this one. Let’s try that one. And then finally he came to one that I was actually driving the views I was like, Dude, this not even what

We talked about,

you know, just keep testing. I mean, that’s all that you could really do. Everyone’s always testing on social media, whether they’re conscious or unconscious of it, you’re always going to be testing. And smart people like you and me, we’ll write down what those results are. And we’ll learn from it, whereas other ones will just try to remember intuitively, How the hell did I do that again?

I love it. All. 70 Thank you so much for joining today. I mean, it was great to nerd out together a bit and get to know more of the PPC side of Yeah. I mean, if someone wants to reach out work with you, maybe do a podcast. I mean, how can people find you? The best place would be to find me at Lights, Camera you’ll find my contact page there. So just hit me up. Let me know if it’s a podcast, video collaboration, whatever it is that you want to do. But if you really wanted to see where I geek out,

I laugh because I just bought a green screen shirt. Not as green screen

shirt man a shirt. So if you want to see like the ridiculousness that I do, then the social media strategist Facebook group is where I’m at. Gotcha. Um, definitely check that one out the green screen shirt. I mean, you talk about like the YouTube ads and try to get someone engaged for the first 30 seconds just imagine all the

can only imagine.

Well, thank you so much and appreciate the time.

Thank you.

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