Let’s Taco bout Marketing with Melissa Anaya of Eat Drink AZ | Rise Grind Repeat 034

In the 34th installment of Rise Grind Repeat, we catch up with returning guest Melissa Anaya, creator of Eat Drink AZ and owner of Jamm7 Media.

This time we talk about how her businesses are doing, what trends she sees in the restaurant marketing space and what other tools that she can use to further her business. We also touch on the touchy subject of bot usage!

It was so much fun catching up and seeing all the progress she’s achieved in such a short amount of time!

So let’s jump right in and see what’s going on with Melissa and Eat Drink AZ.

Make sure to check out Melissa’s Instagram at @EatDrinkAZ https://www.eatdrinkaz.com

00:00:58 Hi. I would love to hear an update of what all, even up to I’ve been, we’ve been seeing your videos quite a bit. The videos have been getting better. They’ve been getting more abundant and uh, yeah, just what of all you’ve been up to. I mean it’s, it’s explain it all. Yeah.

00:01:13 Thank you. Thank you Dustin for having me. This is super awesome to come back. Um, my favorite word right now is game changer. Like I even think if you look back at like the first podcast, how long ago was that now, man, eight months. Almost a year. Cause we haven’t been in here for a year yet. So I’d say about seven months.

00:01:35 Wow. Yeah. Like someone’s just changed since then. I feel like it’s been longer. Yeah, it’s crazy how you thing time goes by and when you look back you’re like, it hasn’t been that long and the amount of stuff you actually accomplish in that time. So one of my favorite things is when you actually shared the podcast a couple of weeks ago and I loved looking at just the dynamic of how much I’ve even changed. So I would have to say, and I have to say this first, I quit drinking like four months ago and even though I’m a foodie and everyone and I go out and I sampling, I’m actually not drinking the drinks, but it has been a game changer for my business. So I have to just start off by saying that. And it’s been huge. Um, so I kept going out and I kept saying time equals money.

00:02:24 Money equals time. And I was like, my business is great. I have, you know, have great cashflow. I could live this life forever and people will be like, you made it, you did good, you started your own company. And I kinda could’ve just floated along that way for a little bit. And then, but I was like, God, I feel like something’s missing and there could be so much more if I just try this. I said, just give it a try. And I wasn’t like crazy like drinker. I’d have my glass of wine on Wednesday. I would go out Friday, Saturday, go out with my girls. But it was those hours that were accumulating and it was that time and it was that money. And I go try it on for size. I go, what’s it going to hurt? I go, your business and your all of this takes time. I said, alcohol will always be there. It will always produce the same result and it’s always more than happy to take your money. I go, so just try it for a little bit. First three weeks I was kind of bored of actually went to some like food samplings cause I get invited to these restaurants and no one knew if he didn’t say any if you don’t say anything. And I was like, and it was spring training.

00:03:31 Yeah, yeah. Like the week of the open and if you know me, I’m a big open person, like lovely open. So

00:03:43 I tried it on and three weeks and then the first thing I noticed I was like, oh what am I going to do? I guess I’ll hit the gym.

00:03:51 I guess I’ll go to the gyms, the cruiser. It’s like man, I’m like, what? So I joined the gym,

00:03:58 I went to spin, started doing spins, started training, training with fight right there. Still my client fight ready. I was like, Hey, I know you guys are always pushing for me to come in so I might as well do it. So started training with Anthony over at fight ready and then I was like, oh, how’s like wow, the scale hasn’t moved in four years. I was like, it’s moving. That was the first thing to come. And then I’ll, yeah. And I was like, wow. I was like, okay, well my weight’s coming off. I’m looking good. Then my skin changed like crazy, like touched my skin and my, my eyes like one 80 like four years off. I swear to God like crazy. And then the next thing was money. Money was a big thing, you know. And as a Foodie I was a big spender.

00:04:42 I wasn’t there for happy hour. I didn’t care about the happy hour is there to try every amazing dish with every amazing 18 to $17 cocktail. So my bills were not like $20 at happy hour. They, I was leaving with like $80 bills cause I would want, you know, three $12 expensive, 12 to $17 cocktails that some of these places add up. So then the money came and then I hired another employee and then I hired a video crew and then I bought my equipment and it’s just like, I was like, and then all of a sudden I landed a really big account, so excited. Signed to Arizona restaurant week, did their fall, sorry, did their spring session. And then I landed another big account and I was like, I would’ve never been able to do this. I woulda ran out of energy. I would have not had time for my kids, my partner, myself, and it just, it all just started flooding in and I was like, Holy Shit, this is exactly what was missing in my life and Shit is just flying. Like business is just booming.

00:05:44 It’s crazy. I mean like you hit on a couple of good points. One is just the financial aspect. It’s like it adds up and then it’s like, oh, what’s only $60 here, $80 there. But then it’s like, Whoa, look back at last quarter and it’s like a couple of thousand dollars

00:05:58 I could’ve done. I could’ve bought this, I could’ve done that. I could’ve invested in Facebook or whatever it is. There’s a lot that could’ve been done. And to your point, it’s like you look back and are you just like, I am so happy I drank those three cocktail like two months later. Like if you were to not have done it, it’s not like you’re going to look back and go, oh, I’m so mad I didn’t go. I didn’t drink that one, drink that one time. And, and even then it’s like, I mean I’ve run into it where I’ve just started working on the weekends. I used to be every weekend, just go hard, party hard. And then it’s like outside of just the cost and all that, you mentioned the time, not sort of the time is being taken while doing it, but after the fact when you’re just like, all right, I’m just gonna sit on the couch and not get anything done.

00:06:36 You got ahead of it, you got all that stuff that, that prevents you from doing things. And so even outside of the, the time and energy you’re spending the day of that after the fact and there’s just opportunity cause there’s so much opportunity that’s almost lost. There’s opportunity that that could have been had. I mean it’s, it’s, someone could say, well, you gotta have a life and there’s a lot of different things. But I think there’s a lot to be said where, hey, just sacrifice for a year or two, maybe three, then you’re going to have three, four X.

00:07:06 Yeah. 45, 50 years after that. Yeah. And that was the other thing. And I’m like, I’ve, I’ve been to every bar and brewery and nightclub from here to Vegas. And I was like, I’ve already experienced that. I’m not missing out on anything. And I was like, but if I look back and I go and I’m in the same place and I would have never known, I was like, how can I live with that? So I tried it on and it just, one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Yeah. It’s cool to, super exciting.

00:07:34 So how did you explain the new account that you got? What,

00:07:37 Oh gosh. So, um, Arizona restaurant week was big. They’re opening a lot of doors. Obviously they are the organization here in the valley. They put on the foodist awards, they do all kinds of amazing things. Um, and then right after that I landed. Um, and it’s a pretty detailed account, but we stood grain and bubble room, which if you’re from Arizona, you know, that’s the old Martini ranch and, and Shaker room back in my heyday. Right. Have you been there? I mean not, yeah, so wasted grain. So yeah, and they are very, they are very detailed account. Um, and then I landed the sips here in the valley and just, yeah, just stuff has just been attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking on. So, and then I launched of course from the last time we talked eat, drink ac. How’s that been going? Oh my God. Well, you guys know this video video just is king.

00:08:33 So please explain one why you invested into a video crew, equipment, all that. Like, obviously you’re going to be investing into it. It’s going to drive a return. It might not be right away, but what, what are some of the things that have come, what about the opportunities that have come since tripling down on, on just putting video up?

00:08:50 Yeah, I’ll kind of run you through all of that. So as a social media marketer and working with these and also being a Foodie, I kind of looked at like all of the foodies and I looked at all of the companies and I just found all the gaps is what I did. And so I go, okay, I go, well what are they doing that I’m not doing? And I go, okay, video videos came, I go, so bank off of that I go, okay so have your partner help you. Which is also my boyfriend gym. I go cause he’s on TV and radio and all that. I go have him help you with having great camera presence. You can learn, you can, you know, get, get your videos out there. Just do it. You don’t, they don’t have to be perfect right now. So I did videos and then of course along with that I ran like a digital campaign along with them.

00:09:34 And then from that versus me posting and posting and posting, even if I had a post attached to an ad, it just wasn’t working. That well. Wasn’t not getting the reach that you wanted. And I, I’m asking this because everyone is so in love with, I want to grow organically, but if you people say I want to grow organically but I also want to scale and you can’t really have both without the ad side of it. And so can you explain the difference between the benefits that you’ve seen between doubling down on on the ads and not just posting organic? Yes, absolutely. I always tell my clients 3% of your audience, that’s it. That’s seeing those organic posts. It’s nothing. And they’re like well post everyday posts everyday. Well you don’t have to post every day if you’re running a really successful ad with great content.

00:10:22 It’s like it’s being put out there eight times a day. I go, you can then put your one piece of content that’s amazing organically. So that’s all that I did is that I created this like amazing, got the video done right cause video are already trumps. So did this video on the front end so organically and then attached ads to it. There’s some other things that we did. We have a Bot that we attached to it, but added the ads in the background and we just targeted, I just target different audiences and I started my Facebook page and everyone’s like, your Facebook page doesn’t grow. It’s so hard now. In three weeks I was at 2000 excuses. That is so awesome. And the only reason why it’s at 2000 now is just because I haven’t put any more ad spend to it currently at this moment, but in three weeks I went up to 2000 plus how much people, how many people you can reach, how much you can grow with just so little money in throwing it and it’s like, ah, this is why.

00:11:20 Like I mean I said my whole background, I had originally started with like the Google and all that stuff and then there’s just, the digital space is so cheap compared to the traditional space and part. I mean it’s just the cost of like the cost per eyeballs is how I like to equate it. The cost to get to eyes on your piece of content. It’s just a lot cheaper and it’s, it’s, you can track it and it’s, I think there’s just so much white space there. Absolutely. And I’m addicted to that part. I’m addicted to because I was looking at all these influencers and I’ve worked with some of them and I’m like, okay, they’re selling these packages, they’re selling them organically, right? And they’re selling newsletters and I just, I’m not a big fan of newsletters at all. So, you know, and I go, okay, I go, so what’s the difference?

00:12:03 What is, what is my agency already do? Well, we do mobile blasts, we do, we integrated the BOT system, which we can get into that later. And I go, okay, so rap co create an influence around who you are. I go, these videos will push you out there with their already people are already hitting me up without even trying these restaurants, right. For each ring. Casey. Now, once I build my following, but have all the tracking analytics to it, because that’s what I’m trained to do right now, I’m going to sell them an influential package with real data. And along with that, why don’t you jump on board with our agency as well. You want to buy my influence, but as well we can run the same successful campaign for your brand as well. So that’s all I did. And so that’s what I’m building now with the drink. Casey,

00:12:52 love it. I do want to get in the box and see how you guys are using them. I do. Um, before that, how so you have, yeah, you’re, you’re putting together an awesome strategy. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s incredible to hear the growth, especially after just, I mean, I wouldn’t say a little bit of effort, but I feel you’re just dabbling. I like, it sounds like you’re going to be even tripling down even more as you move forward and that’s exciting to hear. How are you going to do that? How usually the biggest struggle is, well, what content do I put? Like, yeah, you see the results, but then it’s like, okay, cool, we’ve done that. Now what, are you struggling with that at all or do you already have a content plan?

00:13:27 Not at all. I totally have a content.

00:13:29 How did you come up with that? So,

00:13:32 um, s I think even when you hear like the first podcast, he was kind of just, so the videos that you see right now that are out there based on the overall concept of the restaurant, they have some food, they have some drink, they have, you know, a little bit of the restaurants and beauty shots, all of that. And I go, okay, those are great and they’re awesome. But those are for purely practice right now. I’m not using those for anything, but just pushing them out and pure practice. So eat, drink AAC. Now going back to working with restaurants, my restaurant owners hate Yelp. Like anything

00:14:02 he restaurant owner. I knew these guys can attest. I think there’s probably been 30% who would come in here that anytime Yelp is brought up, there’s never like, I love it.

00:14:17 Um, you know, they just, the, they get beat up on there. It’s usually negative reviews. Even the Google is much better. It’s even if you look at someone, my restaurant clients, their Yelp reviews to their, to their Google, it’s just the Google is different there. They’re always like a,

00:14:34 is it a different audience that’s, that’s leaving reviews on like, I mean I noticed that too, but I can’t, I don’t know the why. I don’t,

00:14:42 I actually do not know why on that, on that at all. But so Google and Yelp are based on the overall concept, right? So on this is, and so being a Foodie then working with the restaurant owners, they’re always like, well we specialize in this and we specialize in that. And I’m like, okay, well we can push ads out, we can do all these things. So I always had that in the back of my mind with eat, drink, Gacy. And then one day I was talking with my partner Jim and I go, you know, I go, there’s nothing that if I were searching for a specific item that I can find. So if you have, say the mission in Old Town Scottsdale that specializes in cornea Saba like Tacos, I’m not going to be able to find that. It’s going to be based on the overall concept.

00:15:21 So eat, drink AAC is changing in December and then changing again in the following year for 2020. So what we’re going to be able to do is we’re taking to restaurants. I do all the research, I find their top item that they specialize in. It could be strawberry pancakes, it can be, uh, Mohito. It can be whatever it is. You’ll eventually be able to go to the website and search whatever you want. And versus me being paid to say that. It’s great. Cause that was my other big issue with, with things that I’ve seen online is that they’re like, this is great, this is great. And I’m like, well is it really that great? And Jim actually brought that up to me. I had went to a tasting, he was like, how is the food? And I was like, it was horrible. And he was like, well why’d you put it was good? And I was like, I don’t know.

00:16:10 You know what I mean? You know? And he goes, you’re going to get discredited out there. And I, and I go, yeah, I go, I think you’re right. So I took that flaw in the system and I go, so now I’m going to do the research, find the top place for that specific item, same fun videos that you see me do and I’m just going to tell you the differences based on your Palette. So, hey you guys, I’m here at the mission. If you love smokey and Mola, you’re definitely gonna want to come here and check it out. If you love, say Ancilla is you like Green Chili or like whatever it is, you’re definitely going to want to come there so the user can pick which place they want to go to. Now based on their Palette.

00:16:45 I love that because that’s huge cause I mean if you’re to say this isn’t good, it might be great to the six other people. And so I, I think good and bad is, is could be subjective. And so I think just saying, hey, this could be good if you like, Dah, Dah, Dah. I think then because I feel people might be afraid to bring you on because they don’t want a negative review, but and so you’re avoiding that by just saying, if you, if you like these things, you would like this and you might not like it, but you’re not giving that opinion. You’re just

00:17:17 genius. Yeah. So you’ll eventually be able to, once I build up the entire media library, you’ll be able to go to Adrian Gazey, type in any item that you want and find the under 62nd video to it. I’m building my youtube. I have a BOT system on my website. I have a BOT system on my Facebook. I’m running ads. I have, I have a text blast system. So all of these things, so then I’m able to distribute it. When someone jumps on board with me,

00:17:41 literally that sentence you just said, there’s like 17 bullets. I’m like, okay, I want to know more about that. That, that, that the bots. What, what are you guys with that and what

00:17:50 made you start? Because there is such a negative connotation around them. Everyone hates them, they’re dumb, Dah, Dah, Dah. But I think it’s just like every other tool. If you use it right, it can be done. It can be done well, yes. Oh my gosh. So we’re doing this. If you saw any Arizona restaurant week ads and you saw the Bot out there and any of our ads, they had more engagement than ever before. We collected so many emails all because of the system. So it’s actually not even, it’s owned by many chat. So many chat has this spot, right? And you added onto Facebook and what it does is, is as soon as the user engages or messages on Facebook, it pretty much pools their Facebook user Id. Now they have the option to opt out. So some people are like, oh, I don’t like that.

00:18:37 I don’t want to be taken my, you know, screenshot of myself. It says you can unsubscribe. Very clear. Right? So we attach these ads, we do giveaways, right? So most of the time there’s a good way. Sometimes there’s not. We push these ads out, they engage in the Bot, which opps them into our system. Now when ever we want to blast these people, it’s a 95% rate open rate. We have never had less than 92% rate open rates. So we’re getting rid of newsletters. People live on social media. They’re not always checking their email. It could even be a junk email that they gave you, their messages and even getting to them people actually do. And my business email, I’m never going to give that out. That’s afforded for an emails. So here’s this and you know. Yeah. Yeah. So going back to your statement about I hate newsletters, is that why? Um, Yep. The rate open rate. I’ve never mall my clients whenever they show me 21.

00:19:41 The open rates for, I mean, I would love to hear up and right. Send your text message as well. I mean, I’m sure it’s all the same. So we have this BOT system, right? So, and Arizona restaurant week, they, they use their newsletter for other things and they, our clients can ask for whatever they want with it. Right. So, but some of my other clients, they want numbers like with wasted grain. So we’re doing this VIP giveaway. We have this ad going out to everyone, right? People are opting in, we’re collecting all this information and now we’re like, hey, by the way, we want to offer you something else. What’s your phone number? Automatically uploads it into an excel cause what you don’t realize is that you’ve already given Facebook and Instagram your number. So they’re just tapping it and agreeing it’s the user doesn’t even have to do anything extra.

00:20:24 So now we’re taking their email, I hand my client in excel list at the end of the month with a bunch of numbers and they can do whatever they want and guess where they live on their phones and social media. We’re getting rid of all other elements. So that’s pretty much what we’re doing and no one’s doing it in the restaurant industry. No one is. So that’s how we’re launching all of our ads right now. That’s awesome. When it comes to the restaurant industry, what are others doing? Are others using social quite a bit? What other channels? What are the tactics? What are, cause it sounds like you’re doing something a lot different than most people. Yeah. They’re having their bartender posts.

00:20:56 Yeah. I mean my friends that are bars, like I said all the time,

00:21:01 you know, it’s, when I talk to owners it’s, and I meet with restaurant owners, it’s crazy and I think we touched on this last time is they have their websites up to par now. When you remember when back in like 2000 in the dot commerce and that era, people had, it took them forever to get websites. Now it’s like I jumped on board and everyone has a great website now I feel like I’m repeating that by like seven, six, seven years and no one has their Facebook and their Instagram on point. So even getting that on brand and getting, creating a brand identity with them is a win in itself of having not having someone posts for them or their manager throw up something. So we come on board, we do all these things and we’re finding out that that’s, they love that alone. Right. And then you add on the add aspect and they’re blown away because they never realized that they go hand in hand. They’re all hitting that boost button thinking that they’re, they’re attracting and hitting it on Instagram too and all that. Yo Man,

00:22:07 like a hundred bucks like lack if you had a look at and you know,

00:22:12 you know and make yeah. And where, what, what was your return and you know, all these things. So I find that most restaurant owners do yell. They all try to yell up and then they say that they hate it. Um, none of them, I’ve never seen anyone do Google. Um, they have this stigma that it’s very expensive. So not a lot of them are doing Google. And then I would say next is they’re just posting organically and there’s really is no synergy to it at all. It’s funny because we’ve actually recently had, I know one, I think maybe two, two people were recently have come in and it’s, it’s here that the website is awesome, but we don’t feel that out on social. And I think you just mentioned a great point. More and more, it’s easier to come up with a good website. Now.

00:22:56 There’s so many tools to quickly do it. You don’t need the developers. I mean to do a custom super custom site and if you choose this and automatically updates and all that stuff, I mean, yeah, you might need a developer and some code or whatever. But I think for the most part it’s super cost effective now to build a decent looking website. And so now the issue is the social and how are you reaching people and all that. And I think, I think the value you’re bringing is huge because a lot of, I mean I, it’s funny whenever a certain gauging like with you more,

00:23:25 more restaurant advertising ads, these hit. So I started heading, are you a Rashawn learner with four plus? I mean it’s not from you, but yeah, I totally don’t. You tell your mom. Yeah.

00:23:36 And one of the, the biggest disconnection I could never understand is that I walk into these restaurants and the building matches and the sign matches and the napkins matching the menu matches and the food matches in the cocktails match. And then I look at their brand and I’m like, what is this? Who created this for you in like who knows where it and I never understand that everything about their concept is like planned out to a tee. The ingredients and the cocktails and our weight stuffs outfit and then you get to their brand and it’s just like [inaudible] how the whole world sees you.

00:24:10 Exactly. The thing that is going to feel excited to come in and enjoy all the time you took to map everything out and how the Napkins and all that match. And so it’s, it’s, yeah, it’s amazing how just, I think it just more tangible like Napkins and peep. You can see that where from a digital it’s, it’s, I think it’s just a lot of people think it’s fake or not so much fake but it’s not as important. It’s whatever it may be. How do you go about helping a brand find that, that brand identity on, on social? Cause I think, I mean just brands in general have a difficult time, let alone, I mean agencies have a hard time figuring that out as well. So, I mean, how do you go about that?

00:24:49 You know, with the restaurants, I have found that it’s a little bit easier because they’re so in sync with their, with their concept. So their logo usually matches. So we’re pulling their logo, we’re pulling all the elements, usually like a restaurant, we’ll have, you know, steel and brick and all these things that match. So we pull all of those, we pull them like onto a grid and we pull their items and we layer it and we pick out different areas of their restaurant. And they’ll tell us like, yeah, this one works, this one doesn’t. We see our brand like this. So we’ll lay out like a nine grid on an Instagram. So like three rows of three to have them see what it could look like to their, to their user or their viewer. And then we pull in like their slogan, do they want it fun? Do they want it more sleek? Do they want it elegant? Are they allowed brand? Are they, so then we, are they family style? Are they humbled? So then we pull all those elements and we just duplicate that onto social media is pretty much what we do. Nice.

00:25:52 Yeah, I love it. I, I think, uh, just a lot of people struggle with the brand. It’s funny, it’s like people are quick to s like notice others and all that, but whenever those questions are asked to a business, it’s tough to, to answer. I mean, even when we’re doing for us it’s like we help you with marketing, but all of a sudden we come to our son’s like, oh man, it’s weird. Whenever it’s you. So it’s, it’s, it’s great that you’re helping cause I think that that’s that right there, that cohesiveness cross channel in, in the location, but also how you feel on a social level. I think that helps drive those people in. Um, yeah.

00:26:24 What have you found that works? Like when you guys jump on board or you work with clients, like the branding, is that one of the biggest elements that you find that’s usually missing?

00:26:32 Yeah, it’s, it’s the messaging across channel. What you’re saying on Facebook is different. What you’re saying here, what you look like. And it’s just taking, taking the, the nuances of each of the little platforms and then how can we fit your brand.

00:26:43 And it’s, it’s really where I think the missing piece, and actually now that I’m speaking through this, I think the missing piece is really identifying the different audiences. I think a lot of people try and just say one thing to everyone rather than, hey, we might have an older demographic on Facebook, what are we gonna say to them as opposed to Instagram as opposed to here and there. And really it’s, it’s, it’s all the same message. It’s just how you say it might be a little bit differently or the picture you post might be a little bit different. But typically it’s, it’s, everyone’s trying to do post the same picture and message across everywhere. And I think that’s where the missing pieces, I’m so glad that you said this because this is literally what we run with ads. So when we first jump on board with a client, they’re like, we want to blast our hamburger special.

00:27:24 Awesome. Okay. They’re like, we blasted it before and you know, whatever their reasons were on it, you’re going to go, cool. I go, well, you’re hitting vegans, probably he will not hate me. You’re hitting like, you know, fitness models. I go, you’re wasting your ad spend. So when we launch an ad and they’re like, well, why can’t our budget, you know, we want to hit everything I go, it is so specific. I go, so gimme your cheeseburger, right? We’re going to send this specific cheeseburger, right? And we have to figure out your audience of who’s clicking on this. So, and once we do that, we can then take, if it’s men 45 to 55 alter that ad to sue an older man that would actually click on the ad and make it even more specific so that you have a low class cost per click and it’s a success.

00:28:14 It’s a successful ad campaign. So your cheeseburger, we can launch to men that like motor sports and men that like, you know, uh, I don’t know, uh, something else that’s, you know, whatever the cardinal [inaudible] I go, you cannot blast this to everyone. I go so that when you’re ready next year it takes Redo a lot of data and I don’t think people understand that. So when you’re ready next year to launch your, you know, meet loving cheeseburger, we now have ran so many ads. We know exactly who your target is and there’s no more guessing. It’s all learning. Yeah. Real quick, what you just said about you can be an auto lover, cardinals lover. So like what you just said, how it’s the same demographic, same age range, just maybe slightly different interests. That’s what we’re trying to do with that is with one video you can promote that cheeseburger now also than we can do 40 different videos with the background, maybe being at an Arizona cardinals stadium, one having cars in the background and now that’s how we can take that piece of creative and then change the background based off of all these little interests that you’re finding.

00:29:15 And that’s where I think the power and all of these platforms are. We’re past the point where you can just say your message to anyone and everyone. You have to have a more, you have to have a conversation. And I think that’s where a lot of things are lost is a lot of people are talking at people rather than trying to have a conversation with someone. And I think, so going back to what I think is missing, what you’re saying across channels is all the same thing, but also then it’s, what are you saying to someone who’s never seen your brand as opposed to someone that likes every single one of posts as opposed to

00:29:42 someone that’s seen the deal as a, like there’s all these different actions that you can segment your audiences and when you know more about them, have they been to the website now? Well we needed to get them there so they can see what all you can do if they have been and they haven’t done this action, what can we say to get them to do? And it’s just literally one big spider web and it’s just one big, it’s having conversations at scale and all ideas throw a bit of money and you can force your way into there. And now it’s a matter of are you, are you forcing your way in or are you kind of gradually coming in and and starting a conversation? I think too many people are just walking up a great exit. I guess analogy that I can, I can put towards it as like someone’s walking up to a bar and said, hey, go out with me. Blah Blah. You’re not giving anyone the reason why you’re not introducing yourself. You’re not even like, you’re not doing any of those things before.

00:30:25 Let a butter a exactly. Exactly. I mean the booty terms, you got to butter these people out. Exactly.

00:30:33 The missing huge missing piece. I know why I get pushed back to you. Do you ever get pushback on why you shouldn’t create all these little audiences and all that? Is it typically, well that’s going to take too much time and it costs too much to come. The creative and

00:30:48 no, they usually let me go ham on stuff. I’ve never had anyone say we don’t think this is, if anything they switch up the campaigns too much and don’t let them ride for too long. So I’ve been a little bit more stern like, Hey, if you guys launched this, you can’t say that it’s unsuccessful in in four weeks. So that’s probably been my biggest thing with my clients is like, hey Yo, we’re gonna run this, you know, happy hour anytime. Like what we’re doing with sip right now, they can validate it whenever they want with the, with the BOT and the ad, it’s not three weeks isn’t gonna do it justice. We need to run this all summer long. I like 90 day campaigns. Those are always my favorite. So the longevity, the analytics come along with it. We can also start to see the movement in there because they just want to see that pos system.

00:31:40 They just want e like I even had, when I sat with sip, he was like, you know, the engagement is great and the likes are great. He goes, but I want butts in seats. I was like, perfect, let’s do it. But they have to trust me. You know, they hired, they hired you for a reason. They can’t do it. And that’s what I said. I go, you need to be focusing on food. You need to be focusing on management, social. If you are a social media agency or an ad agency, you would be one. You wouldn’t be sitting here with me right now. Yeah. You know, and they all try to do it themselves. And that I never understood. I never understand that if I’m not a pro at something, trust me, I have, I will hire that person. I am a pro at like a certain certain few things and the rest I’m hiring them.

00:32:26 Well you understand the value of time and that that I think is most, you’ll try to do it themselves saying, oh, I’m going to save money. Well sure you’re going to say fine. Like you’re not going to hand over as much money. But the cost of of time is where it’s at. Where go with an agency might be able to see success in three months. Whereas if you’re doing yourself, it’s going to take you two years to learn how much are you willing to pay, how much is a year and a half worth to you? And that’s that. I think that’s more of a psychological thing, like, yeah, I think that’s, that’s,

00:32:55 I’m just getting to, I think that point in my business too, where I’m not afraid to let go of my money. I think, and maybe because I’ve thrown it away

00:33:06 okay.

00:33:06 For so long, you know, I, I’ve just, you know, I’ve never reinvested that way. Other things I have. And so now that I’m at that point, it’s almost like I want to give it away. I’m like, who can I invest in right now that’s gonna get me to that next, it’s almost like the stock market. Like I’m playing with people.

00:33:24 I see it all the time. It’s just like,

00:33:26 to me it is so exciting when it’s, whether it’s time or money, if you invest into a particular thing and then all of a sudden it’s not going to be successful overnight, but if you just keep at it, keep at it, all of a sudden, three months later you look back and go, wow, look at what, look at what’s happened. And it’s like, and then all it is, it just gets bigger. It’s like, okay, like at first memory was so excited to buy like a $50 like w pardon? It was, it was awesome. But then that $50 part led to something that then drove maybe a thousand dollars in revenue. And then once you start investing and seeing the ROI from it, it gets exciting. Cause then it’s my big like where I’m getting excited. Like, I mean we’ve been growing a little bit and we’re talking about, you know, hiring and all that.

00:34:03 And it’s like I was talking with my wife and I’m like, I don’t even care about like the growth part. What I’m excited about is that we had the opportunity to invest in to someone else that who knows they might be at a job that they absolutely hate and this could be the thing that actually changed their life and brings them happiness. Like it is so cool. That weird grinding every single day, making things happen to where we’re about to have the opportunity to bless someone else. And to me that’s exciting. It’s in community community. I mean it’s, it’s, I dunno, it’s just, it’s fun to watch.

00:34:31 I watch you, I watch you online. I mean even from like our first, you guys have already moved offices. You went from like one office to like having like four rooms over here. That’s huge. That’s growth, you know. And so I have to ask you this question and this is a question and I don’t know if I hear it a lot and I’ve been struggling with this question with work and getting to the next level. So you’re grinding, you’re grinding, you’re grounding, right? My mind hurts sometimes my brain hurts from staring at a computer. I feel drained. I feel like I can’t give any more when I get home, you know, to my partner or my kids for, or your wife or you know, whatever it is. How are you creating with, with growing, cause I know that you have vision with what you’re doing. Where is your balance and how are you creating that? And give me like your, yeah, give me that part of it.

00:35:24 Right now it’s just over communicating. Um, I mean the, the time with the wife is very limited. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s setting up, it’s not wasting any time. It’s not sitting. It’s knowing what we’re gonna do on a Saturday before the Saturday there. And like, it’s just communicating more in plant planning things out for like just forcing things in emotion really. But at the same time, we’ve also, I mean, just kind of have a compromise that like, hey, we’re this thing that’s going on now. It’s, it’s, I want to try and just grind for a couple of year, three years. I’m going to be sacrificing family time, all of this. But just know that it’s to create something better for a longer life. And I mean it’s 15, 16 hours a day. I mean, I’m usually up at like four in the morning. I get here like five and here until five or six.

00:36:08 And then I’ll have dinner with the wife and then she goes to bed at eight and then grind or working for me to 10. And it’s just, it’s a lot of hours. There is no balance right now. Um, I mean, I don’t go out at all. It’s, it’s, I’m on computer a lot. It’s, but the mental part isn’t there. I don’t know, like in terms of, I don’t, Dunno, I just don’t, I haven’t gotten, I’ll get frustrated just when I bite off more than I can chew sometimes and there’s too many moving parts or just just day to day frustration that is always going to be there. But at the same time there, there really hasn’t been a point where I’ve been like, man, I just, I can’t do this. I like, yeah, I think at the beginning when I was about to get married, I think that was the closest that came to it. But that was working full time and then trying to grow this while having a full time employee while trying to get married. And that was probably the closest I came to like, man, I think I’m having a heart attack right now.

00:36:57 Yeah, no, I was just telling my partner that the other day I feel hung over. I go, I haven’t even drank and I wake up like hung over. My eyes are dark, like you haven’t slept my, I look like shit. Like it looks like I went out and partied. I feel and I then I asked myself like, I don’t know how I would have been able to do this if I was going out right now with how much I’m hustling and I go, I just want to talk to like that person that, that that’s made it and go, this is like, this is going to last like four years. And then you’ll know like when you get to that next point cause you’re going to hire and you’re going to place all these systems and you know, like that mentor that’s going to be like, just hold on, you’re going to want to die and it’s going to be a while, but you will get there. You know, like that, that feeling that you have. Do you ever like just, you know,

00:37:49 yeah, no, I mean that, that light at the end of the tunnel basically, it’s like I’m doing this and put my blinders down. Like just doing it, knowing that in two or three years that town will be there. And yeah, I mean that’s, that, that basically the compromise came to was that that’s what’s gonna happen. I have a funny feeling that once we get there, I don’t know, this to me is addicting. Like I just, I love this and I feel like I, I don’t think I’ll ever be at a point anytime soon where I’ll be like, all right, we have everything in place. I can take a step back. I’m just, I don’t know, I just, it’s, yeah, it’s, yeah, cause I mean, yeah, I just love doing, I dunno, I growing up even playing baseball, it’s like I was up at five in the morning till practice at 7:00 PM get home, do homework up until 10.

00:38:31 Like I feel like just, that’s fine. We actually just had this conversation with my wife. She goes, are you always going to be just doing this? And I was like, I mean, I don’t think about it. I’ve always have been like, I mean through, yeah, through Ebay. I mean, even my freshman year of college, uh, during baseball season I made the decision to take 19 credit hours while playing baseball. Like, and that, that was, I dunno, I, I think I’m addicted to just throwing myself into a fire. And just we’re going to get through it and it’s going to be fun when we do. But no, I love it. Yeah. But right now it’s just the compromise over communicating and just, we do say like she has weekends off. So it’s like lately just Saturdays have been been off work a little bit over the weekends, but the last like four or five weeks of just not so much. It’s killing. It’s killing me a little bit. But uh, yeah, it’s, it’s tough. I don’t know if that answered your question yet.

00:39:21 You know what it does, it answers it very well. And I think the reason why I’m so intrigued with this too as well is that I’ve had my company for four years, but I’ve always been coasting, you know, like it was always mediocre and it was always, so this realm on a very honest level is very new to me and I don’t want it to, I love it. I love every part of it. And I love the grind and I love everything and I’m, I’m into like, you know, being mentored and having coaches and doing all these things right now and what’s going to help me and what’s going to help me grow and you know, if I hire this person is this gonna you know, like yeah, it’s such a gamble and that’s kind of like what I’m playing with right now.

00:39:58 Yeah. Are you nervous about, no. Okay.

00:40:01 No, I’m not nervous with anything. I don’t think I’ve ever been nervous with my choices. Um, I’m a very trusting person so I kinda just, I go with it. I don’t really look back. I think that I’ve, I feel like I’ve always mastered that part. Not Afraid, never afraid.

00:40:20 I, I, yeah. And I think that’s, that’s the only thing that gets us through things quicker. Yeah. I think I’m the same way where it’s, it’s decision when it’s done, we’re moving on. If, if it’s the wrong decision, something will come up. But then now we make a new decision and like when we have new, don’t dwell on the past. Cause that just takes time. I mean, if you were to sit there and dwell on the past, if you added up how much time is spent just gone, hmm. I wonder if that was right when you’ll never know. So why even waste the time there when it’s like, hey, let’s have a quick five minute meeting instead of think about Duh, Duh, and how can we now solve this problem? And it’s just, yeah, I dunno. I it as I’ve been talking to more and more businesses, it fascinates me to see how people spend their time and money and it’s, yeah. It’s just where do you invest it and it’s, it looks like you’re investing in the right places, which is probably why you’re, you’re seeing that.

00:41:00 Yeah. What have you seen, what, what’s the common denominator since you have a podcast and you’re talking, talking all these business owners, what would you say is the common denominator that they’re spending on

00:41:12 spending too much time trying to achieve perfection before getting into market? Um, I think, yes. Huge. Yeah. I think, I mean, even some of our first podcasts who like, oh, I want to release that, blah, blah, blah. But some of those first ones lead to opportunities that got us to hit. And it’s, it’s especially the corporate level, I mean nothing now, but in previous agencies and stuff like it’s, it’s, it takes four weeks to make a decision. It’s like by the time the decision is made, the opportunity is gone. And even then it’s, it’s, there’ve been times where we go back and forth on creative and it’s like, man, the amount of time we took to get this perfect, how much more revenue did these changes drive as opposed to maybe let’s take that time and energy and just make another video. I think there’s more ROI and being a little less polished, a little less produced. Um, I know dre from a creative standpoint, doesn’t like hearing that

00:42:00 for the traders don’t. Most traders don’t like your next, that’s, I mean that’s, that’s,

00:42:06 that’s their lie. I mean, making things look beautiful. Exactly. And so when you’re trying to do that, that extra week of back and forth and all that could have been spent making another one and that other one that got made. It might be the thing that someone saw them that someone could be the thing that makes that opportunity

00:42:22 great. Even like when I shot my first video, I didn’t script it. We went out,

00:42:27 that’s the bad gun running again for eight hours. The restaurant owner was like, do you fish longer?

00:42:35 I had no idea even what I was gonna say, what even I just Kinda, I knew that I was doing these videos and they were for Prac and I went out there with that mindset. I’m like, these are for practice. Push them. And every restaurant owner loves videos.

00:42:49 Yeah,

00:42:53 a free video. Whenever that’s part of my market, everyone’s like, well how much are you charging for these now? Like I’ve seen them, they look great and I’m like, I’m not. I go, that is part of my marketing budget. They’re like, you’re not charging for these. I go and I, they go and you’re paying for ads and I’m paying for a video crew. I go, no, I go, every company has a marketing budget. That’s my marketing budget. There is a greater plan involved in what I’m doing.

00:43:16 So you just bring up a good point. How are people spending the marketing budgets? I s I mean hat newspaper. I mean it’s just, yeah, just fascinating to see where people like you’re doing it on creating videos to highlight another business. So many people would say that doesn’t make sense. Why would you do that? But you have a greater vision. He know that creating win-win wins situations is going to get more yeses, more yeses you get, it’s that opportunity to an income.

00:43:39 And video is king, so it’ll, it’ll go very fast. And, and in the world of food, it doesn’t really exist on youtube. So I t you know, we’re launching our whole series on youtube with you guys, which is really exciting.

00:43:52 Love it. Love it. So

00:43:56 have you done anything outside of the social realm for businesses and where I’m going? I know you mentioned that Google is expensive and all that. Have you tried other technologies, anything like that? And I only asked because we’ve recently come in contact with a vendor that can do what’s called connected TV over the top where basically you can target people that are foodies, you’ll at frequent restaurants and serve them commercial ads on Hulu while they’re watching TV. But even more so you could tell when that person actually comes into a location. So basically your restaurant owners, what you could do is the videos that you’re doing show it on TV and then those, when they come in with their device that cause it, uh, the TV ad shows up and hits their, their Wifi or their, their home, all the devices on that Wifi get pinged. You go into the restaurant, you’re on your phone, that the device id is seen in there and you can actually track, hey, you had 400 people come in from this TV spot. Have you ever tried anything like that at all?

00:44:52 No, but I’m about to, I am open for anything digital and actually create, we had just implemented many chat about five months ago now. We didn’t even have it. We were successful already with our ads and we met with um, someone that we know at sip and he was like, Hey, I went implemented it within seven days. So I’m just, I’m, yeah, I’m that person. If I see something, yeah, if I see something you tell me about it and it sparks an interest, I’ll be like, let’s do it. Let’s try it on for size. Anything because I’m not stopping. We just, we just followed our lane with social media where we found that foodies are for our restaurants, but this is the very beginning stages of our agency. We want to have so many different things. This is what’s getting us through right now. This is what’s selling our packages. This is what we know. But I’m wanting to hire people that specialize in certain things, softwares, all of that, and just grow that side. So yes, I’m open to it

00:45:56 going on just in, we’re going to start like just promoting it. And really going after this brick and mortar play. A lot of the auto dealers I think is where we’re going to start focusing on cause it’s like, and even then, so the, from a targeting perspective you could even geo-fence, so wasted grain, you could target all the other bars that are in that Scottsdale area. Anyone that goes into them, you can now hit them with that. So you can basically target anyone that goes into your competitors restaurant or bar and just will not. So you could even do it on, on mobile device. So TV is part of the devices that you can add. The other part is is mobile. And so like if they’re sitting there or they go into a bar, like whatever it is, the restaurant, like we just get the address and you can do a little fence around it and it’s, it’s a new technology, but I think it’s super powerful where it’s been around for a little bit.

00:46:45 Part of it was you can only target the people that are in there. But where the new version, I guess 2.0 is, is you can target people that have been in there in the last 30 days and then you could even say people that have been here three plus times in the last, you get target people that go here between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM you know, they’re hardy in whatever. Then you can start talking about the specials that you have. You know, that, that you can figure out what to say to people when, you know, when they’re going to place and stuff like that. And it’s, it’s, I, we’ve been wanting tested. I mean we’ve, yeah, we, we haven’t tested it yet. Um,

00:47:18 yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it. I’m totally game. I think too, as like a marketer, you’re always looking for that next thing that you want to start at the beginning with that and next Instagram, that next Facebook, the next youtube, whatever it is. You’re like, you want to jump on board and you want to try it, you know?

00:47:35 So going back to where are people spending money and everything like that, there’s so much spent on traditional TV where this connected, connected TV has been around for four years. The, the differences four years ago I remember I, I was super excited. I was like, wait, you can not just target a whole zip code, but you can just target people that are in market for a vehicle and then show them a car ad, like individual TVs. But the minimum is where you had to come in with 150,000 a month. And it’s just now gone to the point where it’s, it’s a lot lower, I think like 500 a thousand dollars a month. So just the barrier to entry is going a lot lower, which makes it, but there’s very few people in the Ott space and I think it’s a huge white space right now.

00:48:15 We’re gonna start promoting our podcasts and that’s gonna be part of it as well as targeting Cmos, a just marketing decision makers on TV. And so same with, uh, it’s crazy what technology is doing. We’re actually, we just got a billboard as well, but, and I typically, I hate them. I’m not for them only because it’s from, we’ve done it for a few people and it’s, you spend 4,000 on the creative sometimes and then you can’t switch it at all. It’s other four weeks. I mean, the price of that we got, it was 3000 a weeks. I mean 12,000 a month to be, yeah, on the 10. Well, okay, so that’s how it typically goes. But what we’ve found is there’s this new platform where you can buy it programmatically. So we’re literally only showing our ad like from the Iowa two key areas. So along the 10 and along the 17, um, we’re showing it in the morning going towards downtown.

00:49:05 And then, so it’s basically during rush hour and then it turns off and then comes back on in the afternoon as people are heading out. And so that’s where we’re going to start promoting the podcast. I mean, I, it’s funny, I’ve actually had two, two or three people reach out, hey, are you guys doing billboards? And I was like, yeah, that’s awesome. You guys actually saw it. And so yeah, people that I haven’t talked to in so long and I’m like, okay, well I don’t think I’ve, I’ve always, not always, but I’ve said for a while that I don’t think billboards work, but it’s more of the ROI isn’t there, where I think something like this where you can say, hey, during these hours, let’s have this message. Or I think having more of a conversation and using the data that I think is where there could be.

00:49:43 Okay, so I got to give you something that my, my boyfriend, so he’s in radio, we have bumped heads forever, liquids, and I think we touched topic on this a little bit. And like mass media publications, like all these things. And he goes, you have to look at it very differently. He goes, he goes, there’s a reason why the big companies do it. And he goes, I know you love your ads and being able to track everything. He goes, but when you have a big budget to them, it’s top of mind awareness. And I love that word, top of mind awareness. So when they’re seeing you, they’re just the first thing or you know, driving by or whatever it is. And if you have extra money to do those things. Sure, absolutely. I’m not against that at all. Like I did. Um, I do a few trades and I did one with joy ride this cool little, they’re the car company in Old Town Scottsdale.

00:50:29 Yeah. So it was a no brainer for me. They’re going to put my face on all their golf cards and I, and I’m like, it’ll be easy for someone to be like, I saw you riding drunk on the back of the ball for, you know, what, I’ll be like bourbon and it’s going to be me like eating food with like, you know, the website and I, but me, my, you know, analytical data side, I’m going to wrap something, some sort of giveaway like around two it for the summer that we’re, we’re launching it, but, and I’m all about, you know, just impressions and people see me when it’s top of mind awareness, you know, in a very foodie, you know, strict area. So I love that stuff.

00:51:05 Yeah. And usually those traditional or offline channels. I mean most most people I guess in the digital side steer away from them. I, there’s a lot of, I guess this channel works, this one doesn’t, it’s all about how you use it. And I think, I think it all works it and it’s all about the ROI and that’s usually where the downfall is as well. I’ve got to spend at the end of the day, $20,000 a month on this billboard where, how, how am I going to get it? And to your point, the tracking part, but there are some clever ways that you can do it. Like for example, we’ve just been looking at how many people in these zip codes are starting to search for our brand. And we can see organic searches going up in these areas where you have the billboards and stuff like that. And so it’s, we’re not gonna have a one to one comparison, but what we have are, are like basically just comparisons, showing correlations, correlation showing.

00:51:55 When we did this or I’m spending money here, all of a sudden we started seeing people search for our brand more. That’s, we’re not going to say it like that did it. But I mean come on, the data’s there like it’s Testa. Exactly. Exactly. So it’s, it’s, it’s funny cause yeah, you have a lot of people asking, well what channels work and don’t work. I think they all work. It’s a matter of how you use them. But what I think needs to be done is how are you measuring it? And that’s that I think is where you have, again, the billboard. It’s funny because it’s like, as much as I’ve said stuff about it, whenever I, I mentioned it and when people said they were like, oh my gosh, on a billboard. So it’s like that power, the power top of mind and it is there. How much does it cost though? And that’s, that’s where my question is, how much does it cost now that they made it to where you can choose your budget. She’s, when you do it now it’s a little easier to step into Testa and all that. And I think, I think digital is going to amplify a lot of traditional mediums. For example, like the tr or Ott and connected TV.

00:52:49 I agree there because there was a separation for so long and there they’re going to try to synergize that and create how can they bank on us and vice versa.

00:52:58 Exactly. Yeah. Cause I think, I mean just showing up on TV, there’s so much power in that people just think you’re a huge brand when that happens. But it’s how much wasted dollars are there by reaching people that aren’t, don’t have businesses, aren’t marketing decision makers. But now that I know if I can spend money and I only reached those people, now it makes sense. Now you can create commercials that speak to those people and now you can get just a little bit more granular or personal in your messaging and that’s where the ROI starts coming from. And so, and even doing social

00:53:26 media, I mean you’re paying for impressions, you know, it’s the same thing. It’s all top of mind awareness with that. It’s just different if we’re opting for lead generation or anything else. Like with our BOT system and they’re wanting like, you know, the owner of sip said, you know, butts in seats, how do we were able to actually capitalize on that versus letting the impression go.

00:53:45 Yeah, and I, I mean I, you mentioned, I think on the last one that you guys basically just have in store coupons basically that people can scan. Right? And that’s how your yes, that’s huge.

00:53:57 It’s, it’s huge. So the same thing. And I, there’s this guy that I met like God now three years ago, his name is Dan Henry. He’s huge on social media. I don’t know if you’ve seen him, he’s a big funnel guy. Huge click funnel guy along with Billy Jean. I’m sure you’ve seen Billy. Yeah, I met Billy Jean. He’s, but yeah, I had drinks with them. He probably was in Phoenix and he posted up being I’m going to be at the JW Marriott and there if anyone wants to meet and there was only like a small group of 10 of us and we just got to pick his brain for like, yeah, it was really cool. So I’ve got to hang out with Billy Jean, but Dan Henry was at this convention that I went to and we got to hang out with him at the w and talk to him. And his big thing was, and I, same thing, like something just clicks with me.

00:54:42 I try it and I do it. He was like, you take the same mail flyers that worked successful for all these years and he goes, any, you just put it into a digital coupon? Same thing. And so anytime I meet with my clients, I go, you have to be able to, in order to opt them in and grabbed them, we’re still targeting. I go, you have to be able to be able to give them something. Same thing, a validation or a um, an offer. I go instead though, they’re now able to, because they lose that piece of paper, they’re able to bring it in on their mobile device where it lives and it’s in their messenger, you know? And who doesn’t open a Facebook message? Have you ever not opened a Facebook message? That’s why it’s 95% open rate. Even the click through when we, when we blast through and they want the user to go somewhere else that is at like a 30%. Yeah. So getting them to leave, is that a 30% as opposed to emails? I want 2% huge. It is, it’s amazing. I’m, I’m obsessed with it. I love it. I’m super excited about that part. Yeah. So I have grit when I go in and I, and I meet with these clients, they’re, they’re blown away. They love it.

00:55:55 Awesome. Um, are there any, I guess, big trends, anything that you would love to share? Cause I mean, you’re working with a lot of, a lot of restaurants who working with a lot of digital tools. Are there any tools, any trends, anything that you’re seeing that other restaurant owners could, could benefit from to start testing? Um, um, can you, can you dive into that a little bit more? I guess, I mean, anything from just even how, I guess, are there any different trends in getting people in butts and seats because that’s ultimately the biggest?

00:56:25 Yes. Cool question. I would say right now what’s worked? Oh, I hired an amazing girl. She’s killing it for our clients. She has a knack for, for food photos. She’s crushing it for everyone. And the big thing is questions. People are loving the food questions. We have a silly one right now and it did amazing organically. You guys are going to laugh. It’s a carrot and a celery and it says, are you team care or you are or are you team rancher or are you team blue cheese? And this trend literally went crazy all over air. People were like, if you eat blue cheese, you’re just a, so we’re doing all these questions with our, with our clients and are, are you team a girl or team? Crap us. So people are wanting to like, we’re n Facebook is loving the engagement. So if you can’t afford an agency or you’re doing your posts, these questions are blowing up. When you’re putting two items next to each other and asking people coke, Pepsi, they’re sharing it, they’re commenting and then organically you can invite them to your page. Does that answer your question? Like trends like that? Yeah.

00:57:37 Okay. So I love what you just said because there’s a, someone that we’d done a podcast with, he actually spoke here at a digital summit a couple months ago, I don’t know how long ago, but what you’re speaking to I think is, is super powerful because what you’re doing, people aren’t just answering the question. What you’re doing is creating a sense of being a part of something and you’re either part of here, you’re part of a team and you’re just creating a community on either end. And then people are answering me, they, they just see, oh their friends said this. Yeah. I think that’s so powerful and not cause I was gonna ask her, you’re doing questions that are yes or no, or is it

00:58:08 t team, we’re doing team and then on on stories we’re having them submit answers there and they are just there. People want to be involved right now that’s the trend. People want to answer and they want to be involved. They no longer you can do the traditional like, hey, come in for your blah blah blah blah blah. And of course we always put those out. But anytime you ask anyone a question they, because you know why? Because people love to be right and not wrong

00:58:35 in the digital world. People are just so disconnected or feel disconnected that if you invite them to be part of something, there’s so much opportunity there. Are you guys doing anything with the questions on like highlighting people or even just helping restructure process or anything like that based off of questions.

00:58:52 Yeah, people love, um, we find that the brands that we share the stories with, so for like Ige stories, we noticed that once people see that they, and if you have like a decent number for your restaurant, most of them do. Those people want to do the same. So they’re going in and they’re remembering your story. So they’re sharing it so that they can be on your story. So we’re getting them to share versus them just forgetting about us and going in and snapping a photo. Or maybe they forget, they’re like, they remember our brand cause they love our brand and they’re involved in the brand and they’re like, I’m going to share my tacos. I’m going to share my Margarita because they know that we share it. So community is big right now with Instagram and social media and Facebook. The other big thing is we’re putting people in our, in all of our ads, whether it’s crazy, but it’s a trend right now. Hans faded backgrounds of people that, pictures of just items with like a traditional beer in the background or whatever. It’s kind of like they’re like there, we were born at the commercial ads, now we’re getting bored of the traditional your restaurants in the background. Now people are liking like fun colors and bright foods and people in the background and people laughing. Like they’re just, they’re into this fun, everything’s fun right now with my brands.

01:00:06 And Are you even, sorry, you testing it at all, changing the images based off of like the interests of like the background that you use?

01:00:14 Uh, yes. Yes. So obviously what we’re able to tell when we go through at the end of the month on what worked well and what didn’t. So then we, we pull those and then we’ll run that cause at the, we go in and we shoot brand new at the first of every month. So that’s something that’s really awesome that our clients love. It’s not repetitive, it’s not the same stuff. Even if they’re out of state, we have an out of state client, we will, we hire some, we go to get their, their items fresh beginning of every month based on what worked well with the previous month.

01:00:41 Love it. That’s, that’s, yeah, the exact model that we’re, we’re going after, um, just basically need to be doing fresh content every month.

01:00:48 But that’s our minds. We’re testing all that’s, you know, the clients. Yeah. They, they’re, they love it. But what they don’t realize is that we’re testing to produce successful numbers. That’s all right.

01:00:58 Do you show them the numbers to say, Hey, this is why we want to do and how much do people just love that?

01:01:03 Like, you know,

01:01:09 data and it’s like just the whole thought process on why we’re making the recommendations.

01:01:14 Yeah. I have my clients that absolutely love it and I have my clients that it’s, I think it’s a little bit, it’s a little bit too much and it’s very hard for them to understand, but because they’ll stay with me for so long, they start to understand it more as time goes by and they start to get it. So I think, I think that that’s probably why they end up loving it is understanding it. But it’s still, it’s, it’s a tough world I think. And I, and I think when we speak or we meet with clients, I even had like someone say that, they’re like, you got to figure out how to like dumb this down. And I was like, I go, I go, I know I go, I just start like geeking out. And I can usually connect with my client very, you know, cool. And be able to talk to them. I go, but sometimes I start getting too analytical with stuff and I have to remember

01:02:00 present the data. Is that all tables and numbers or is it like actual visualizations where you’re correlating like here’s your spin, here’s your, and that. And that’s

01:02:09 um, no, that the pitch is easy for me. The pitch is really easy for me. Um, I, I close very well on my pitch and I think it’s because I connect with my clients. It’s the aft, it’s the after reporting that’s a little bit tough for them because it’s like they understood the pitch, but the, all the different elements that go on, on the organic side, their competitors, the ads, the ad spend, what we tested, the engagement that they’re kind of like, whoa, okay. Like it looks great, but they don’t, are they?

01:02:40 Yeah. And then that after the fact, that data, how are you presenting that to them? Is that all big tables, that columns and all that? Or do you have like bar charts, stacked bar charts and all the pretty graphs and all that?

01:02:52 Um, so for all of our ads, even though we can pull all of the data and download it from ads manager, we actually upload it into Google sheets on the seat. We put the stuff, they understand who we targeted, they want to see who we targeted. And that’s huge for us. That’s the part we want them to understand of why it was successful. Because if we get a high CPC on it or the ad wasn’t successful, we want them to see that part as well. So who we targeted, the cost per click and where it went out to is what we show them. And then you can see after nine months the trends, because we’re sticking with them, they’re like, and then they start to get it, cause it’s like kind of like gambling, you know, they’re like, oh wait, but in May like that did so well and we were at 3% like I go, that was your hamburger won that one work. And they’re like, oh. And they have like this moment where they’re like, oh okay, I get it. And then they’ll say to me a month later, can we run that same one with that audience? I go, yeah, but we need something ooey and gooey and creamy like that one. So make sure you bust out this amazing looking cheeseburger. You know? So. So they start to understand it on that level. But yeah,

01:04:02 I think there might be some over tenure. I’d love to maybe set up some time if you ever have it. And we’d love to see your process on how you’re doing that because there’s just the reporting and presenting the data is something I’m huge on because it’s like someone can misinterpreted that. I think there’s so much missed opportunity in showing what’s been done and there, I mean there’s tools that I’m invested in that can pull in financial all 400 plus different data sources and then you can start building tons of visuals and all that. And uh, um, yeah, I would love to see it cause I think even just from a tie, I hear what you’re doing. I mean downloading and putting in sheets. And then are you presenting in sheets? Are you importing that into something like data studio or a visualization?

01:04:39 We, no, we built at the same time we upload it to the sheet we built at the same time we uploaded to the sheet because we didn’t used to do that and I wanted to put a gun to my mouth. So I was like, why? And then I just realized that you’ve got to do it at the same time. So build an ad, upload it, build an ad, upload it. So then it’s all done and we’re just adding it by the time the campaign, because we’re running people don’t understand too is we’re not running one ad campaign. Like if you look at any of my clients, there’s anywhere from six to 15 ads a month around. So I mean it gets really nitty gritty and I think that’s the part they don’t. And I’m like, you can have the organic side, right? But I’m like, and I always tell them, I go your bread, I go, your, your moneymaker is in the ads.

01:05:24 And every one of my clients eventually sees that we don’t even have them. Most of them don’t want to pay for posts everyday. We have a few clients. It gets pricey to do a post with us every single day. Exactly. I go, but with your running ads and that’s where your moneymaker is. I go, let’s get, I start everyone with three posts a week and I go and then we, we run your ad campaigns. And it’s just like flowing 24, seven is what we do. And then they start to understand that process that they don’t need it

01:05:52 focused organically. If you want to sustain run ads, if you want to grow, I mean that’s, that’s, that’s how I, that’s the easiest way we’re trying to explain it. Um, so as we kind of wrap up, we’d love to hear kind of what your, you’re trying to focus on before we get there, just real quick, let’s set up some love to set up some time cause I think just some of these reporting tools that like we’re about to test, I can bring in and like it won’t cost you anything but can show you what it can do. But I think uh, um, honestly it would free up probably at hours of your time a month. Just come back cause it’s a real time dashboard so we can set it up and all you do is just the dates and it spits it out. You can download it, you can send it out.

01:06:28 I don’t know if he had insights like, hey we did this and that, but from a pure data standpoint, we can set up a whole template on here’s all the posts that happen here. Like whatever it is that the client likes seeing. We can set all that up and then it’s automated. Literally a click of the button and it’s downloaded and then you don’t have to export. You don’t have to go up to sheets. Oh Man, I forgot to take this column out, move this and it just so you minimize errors. You, it’s just more efficient and I think, and then if you take cut that time out, it allows you to bring on two or three more clients maybe. You know what I mean?

01:06:57 Back to just, just a simple business. You solve a problem for someone in there and you solve, you know, like that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m like, you’re solving a problem for me. I want it like sign me up.

01:07:07 Well, let’s definitely set up some time, some time. Cause this to me, this is

01:07:12 the analytics is everything. Cause you do, you take so long to pitch it, you get the buy in, you get all that, you execute now it’s like here’s your chance to show that all that hard work was worth it. And if you can’t, not that you can, but it’s hard to show data. People aren’t good with numbers and data and all that. So it’s such a hard thing and it can be the difference between having a client for four months and having them for three years. Like that’s, that’s a huge difference. And if you’re just showing the value that you’re bringing, so yeah, I would love to cause then it, I mean we could do some recording cause we want to push that as well. Just the analytical side. And so we, if you’re up for, we can chat through it later. But uh, yeah. Yeah.

01:07:50 Cool. I’m excited. I love that. I love the game part. It

01:07:54 yes. Yes. And you guys get insights and recommendations and all that. Yeah. Foodie. But make no mistake that I’m going to add a fee.

01:08:03 Love it. So as we’re going to wrap up, I would love to hear just over the next two months, what are the things that you’re really, really hyper focused on that you know is going to get you to the next01:08:11 video video, video, video. I can’t preach enough. Um, I’m going to start pushing out. Right now I’m only doing about one V. I was was doing only about one video per five weeks if that were cranking up to two starting next month and then we’re cranking up to four starting in September. So we’re pushing all of that out, duplicating our numbers on eat, drink, AAC, getting the youtube launched with you guys. Website is in the mix and just creating that whole entire system in order to sell an actual influencer package that’s, that has real data behind it, love it. Watching the videos, they’re going to be a huge success. The time that you’re putting into it, I think it’s going to be Super ROI positive. And then you just brought up a good point as you do the the influencer packages. If we can figure out the, the data part of it and then it’s, you can get that data quicker and that’s what’s going to be people not so much. I have this many followers. It’s, I had this many people and seven people actually engage with our posts. That’s what’s going to sell and get, get the larger ticket clients and all that. So awesome. Cool. Awesome. Well, I appreciate your time. This is awesome. I can’t remember the next one. There’s going to appreciate it. It was awesome.

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