Lacy wanted to be wild, happy and free so she started Wildjoy | RGR 110


The Wildjoy story began in Lacy’s college bedroom dreaming about how to make life more fun. Like most seniors, Lacy was planning to pursue a full-time corporate role after she graduated, yet her passions couldn’t have been farther from corporate life. Lacy was knee deep in her entrepreneurship major trying to come up with a company that she actually loved and could pursue instead of a corporate job.

The name ‘Wildjoy’ came from the feeling of being wild and free and paired it with the german translation of my favorite song, Jubel by Klingande, meaning joy. If you put it together, wild-joy!!! In March before graduation, I called my full-time offer and decided to go all in on the baby version of WILDJOY.


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Lacy Cain, Wildjoy

| Rise Grind Repeat 110 |

On today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, we talked to Lacey from wild joy. We discussed how she took her businesses TikTok following from zero to 200,000 in the year and a half. Let’s dive right in. Lacey, thank you so much for joining another episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, pumped to have you on I think what you’re doing is super awesome. It was cool, we got connected, I mean, really just reaching out to leverage your audience to get one of our clients out there. So as a unique way on how we connected but before we dive into the app, and what you’re doing to love, just kind of introduce yourself to the audience a little bit about yourself. Of course, well

doesn’t thank you so much for having me. I’m Lacey cane, and I’m the founder of wild joy. It’s my startup company that I launched right out of college. I actually built it in my senior year through this entrepreneurship program. Yeah, you have a I like, that’s the only reason Well, not the only reason but I grew up in Tucson. That’s the reason I chose to stay in Tucson is because they have this amazing top five in the nation entrepreneurship program and stuff. So I went into my senior year and I had a full time offer to do like us investment sales job in Dallas, Texas, right? So I had a backup plan, you know, like I was the safe move, go get a job Oh, go live the luxurious life, safety, whatever. That was my head at least. So during senior year and stuff, I was just trying to figure out like, what is the company around my passions, like what is a problem I want to solve and for me, love adventure, love exploring love going on unique dates, love, all that kind of stuff. But I also struggled with anxiety, depression heavily, especially the summer before my senior year, I moved to Sacramento and I knew no one. I had a job. They all spoke German and stuff. And it was really, really tough. But like so I really wanted to create something that would help other people like find meaningful things to do with their time to meet people in the community and to find their wild joy. So I was trying to capture essentially the essence of what it meant to be like wild and free. Yeah, so it kind of like played with some words. And by March, I was listening to my favorite song jubile, which happens to translate to joy in German, which seemed to me full circle was my summary. You know, the German wonderful people I got to work with at Siemens. And then so basically, I looked at the domain 40 540 $400 there’s so much money at the time. Yeah. So I split it up into a 12 month payment or whatever. And so I did it. And then I called Oh, you got it. Yeah, I bought it. It was the biggest like leap of faith in my life. And then I called the full time offer. And I said, unfortunately, I’m not moving to Texas anymore. So basically, I had two months to scrape it together from March to May until I moved to Scottsdale where I decided to live and stuff and I got a serving job to make everything work took me like probably 10 months of hardcore failing. You know, I start posting on Tick Tock in January 2020. That’s when my company wild right really became what it actually is now, which is a brand that’s empowering locals and visitors to do more in Arizona through our recommendations.

That’s that is awesome. So I mean, we’d love to kind of get a glimpse as to what does these experiences look like? So if someone were to get in what what what is it that you’re asking to get those recommendations and all that how does the right function?

Well, our team and stuff we’re scouting out it could be a coffee shop, it could be a hike it could be a mural it could be literally anything that’s just something to go find your wild refill like a kid on the scenic driving it to see like in Mason stuff like we get to see the patchy junction Salt River mountains like oh my gosh, how beautiful are those like, things like that? So we’re basically scouting all the time. And now we have a huge audience of like 230,000 people. Wow. So we get lots and lots of people sending stuff into and stuff. So we share it through our social media. So Tick tock, Instagram and Pinterest, which is our largest amount of following is like the 230 come from that. But then we also partner with small businesses across the state to do these pop up events. Like recently we partnered with candle chemistry in Scottsdale, yeah, to do this thing called candle chemistry after dark. So we rented out the place for two nights on a weekend. And we had like a Jacuzzi board thing. That’s cool. We can candle Yeah, it was so fun. Yeah, we did like 30 $300 in sales that night. Wow. And 60 people came from all over the state. And I realized like this is extraordinary. So yeah, we have lots of events coming up. And then like the third way to function is through our app itself. So our app was created, actually from an audience member that found us on tik tok. Hmm, it’s the craziest story. Isn’t that great? Yeah, it’s insane. So he sent me a Facebook message and I was still in my serving job. So I got home at nine o’clock at night. I was exhausted. I checked my Facebook, of course. Yeah. Robert Johnson has said to me, hey, so I kind of made an app because I love everything you present. And I’m tired of having to just manually write things, my notes. So basically, I made this and if you’re interested in working together, we could launch it. I was like, me Yeah. Was there any doubt of I know he was he’s an amazing person. He was developing an apple at the time. So he’s very, very well. I knew it was the right fit. Honestly, everything with wild Joy has come from our audience themselves. Like, my my work has just begun. And it’s people are just coming out of the woodwork with providing solutions to make our audience essentially have a better experience. So our app is free. It’s only for iOS devices. That means like iPhone only doesn’t doesn’t work with Android right

now. And what

why? Because it’s really interesting. Apps only work in like they work in different lenses. like Apple was one language, and then Android is completely different one. So if someone like Robert, who developed the app for me, he’s purely apple.

That That is true. And then it’s also double the word. It’s not like you just make one.

That is. Exactly. Thank you. That is like the other problem. Yeah. If we have an amazing, beautiful experience on Apple, but we’re not able to have that exact same beautiful experience on Android, suddenly, you have a direct comparison. And it’s like fighting constantly in what you said, double publishing every time. So we’re looking into like solutions. There’s something called flutter out there. Okay, at some of our audience, people have just been dming. us and so I’m really looking into trying to find a solution for our audience.

Was the route to go Apple was because Robert basically,

it was because he’d built the party, like I didn’t go I didn’t have the money. So

it was a way to present something

really, really insane. He’s, he’s he’s one of the reasons why I think I am where I am today, because it’s given wild joy, the ability to take an influencer kind of feeling from like just posting and influence people to do yeah, to giving them a tool utility suddenly to say, hey, when you’re traveling here, don’t worry, we got you. Here’s 10 different ways. And so we work with the businesses themselves, and they see about three to four, four, like times return.

It’s insane. I love they just said that. I’m huge on analytics numbers. And everything that we do is focused on how can we drive a higher return on investment? So how do you go about finding that?

It started off because I got laid off by that serving job. So I was working. I was working a serving job and like doing wild joy all day and stuff. Yeah. And then serving job COVID hit, lost the job restaurant shut down. Suddenly, I was left to rely on my audience, which is what I have been working so hard on tik tok, I think had 50,000 people at the time. And so I was like, okay, like, how can I do this? So I knew I had the value because I brought 1000s of people to go do and spend money in cities. So Tempe tourism, they’re like, every single city essentially has a tourism agency. Sometimes they have a couple, but it’s all like fed through bed taxes, which is like people coming to spend the night in hotels and stuff. So we pitch to Tempe tourism. We’re like, Hey, we could create eight Tick Tock videos for you in a blog post. And we guarantee you at least 300,000 people are going to see this campaign. Wow. At like a $4,000 investment. Yeah, like if you looked at that, from a Facebook ad perspective, it’s it’s much cheaper, and you’re going to actually engage audience. So we like crushed it last summer. We did like 800,000 impressions. Wow, that was 500,000 more than we predicted. So we crushed it, right. So this summer, we just wrapped up another campaign with them. Six videos this time, 1 million. Wow. We just wrapped up Mesa like literally two days ago, 2 million. That is huge. So it is here that many people are like identifying a lot of things to do in one city. And therefore they’re going they’re spending the night they’re making a day trip out of it. And that’s what we do best. We’re driving people to go experience their lives. But I mean, the like the I guess the get back is the businesses are benefiting. Cities are benefiting bed tax is going up.

You’re making the world a more cohesive place, you’re giving opportunities to businesses that might not get in front of the people of your audience to give your audience a new thing to do, which I mean, right now everyone’s looking to get out and about and look for new things to do. And it’s such a great ecosystem that you’ve created, especially I mean, COVID is unfortunate, but it’s probably expeditor really propelled the app

I don’t want to say I’m thankful for it. But honestly, you I feel as though like God the universe, everything was propelling me to that point of like, I had no other option but to make it work and from there I just dug in and it’s the power of when you put your mind to something you really can’t do anything like I when I graduated college I had a degree in accounting and entrepreneurship never in my life had become an influencer never in my life I made a video all these things were like barriers and I just had the mindset of I will do whatever it takes because I believe in this mission so much so now July 2021 sitting here and like being like yeah, it’s working.

Thank God it’s awesome, right? Yeah,

it feels amazing. And I love reading like the DMS from people like that have just had like a different life experience after going through the wild joy kind of like yeah feeling I guess you know,

and before I want to get to the mental part the I love that that aspect of things but going back to the ROI so i think you know, he said Tempe tourism on on impressions and the visibility. I know they love that they’re huge on numbers. But you mentioning drive typically three to 4x ROI for businesses so how how did you get to where you can actually track that and present that to businesses?

So it’s kind of like a I basically I’m pretty graphic designer so I make a bunch of case studies and stuff so we that first summer with Tempe tourism. I was in the mindset of like, Okay, I’m trying to get as much data and prove that this works. But yeah, approach all the other cities which I have now and stuff so like mochi, fresh word of mouth, grill, boats of America rentals, those are all like the key businesses. We touched on that first Tempe tourism Yeah, so like that. Swan boats. That’s boba and that’s like, barbecue food. Yeah. And so I identified like, I didn’t charge in these businesses anything I’m more just like presented like, Hey, I’m working with Tempe tourism. Just you know, I put this video out there. You know, the next day they’re slammed. They’re, they’re like who’s did this and I call them in But I’m like, Hey, I’m lazy with wild joy. Like, I would love to talk with you in a month and stuff and just hear a wind. So people are able to look at the revenue overall. And then just like see, yeah, yeah, like candle chemistry last August 2020, they were a new business that launched beginning of COVID really hard time to launch, like, no one could come in and build candles, right? So they came to me with like, a pretty dire situation like, Hey, we need people now. I was in love with the experience so much fun. We did two videos, it had 600,000 impressions, right? They saw an overnight, huge increase in people and stuff. 600% difference between August and September. And we did that now we have like more of a long lasting relationship with them, where every few months and stuff, we’ll make another video drive more people in and then and then that’s why we chose them to do like our candle chemistry after dark event. So thinking of like the power and they’re launching two to three more locations. They’re being built right now. So like, it’s cool. That’s awesome. Have

you always been been? I guess the go getter type? I mean, oh, tenacious. I mean, even the fact of working with temping tourism and even taken Where are these businesses are going to be impacted? I mean, so many people would have relied on, hey, temporary tourism, can you let us know? And it’s like, well, there I mean, so the the you take an extra time to reach out and work with the businesses? One, I’m sure that that helped build relationships that are probably still, you know, ROI positive for both parties. You definitely. And so I mean, have you always had that, like, Well, let me figure out how to get the information the quickest or Yeah, how do I get what I need to make better decisions quicker.

I mean, I’m the oldest of six kids. My both of my parents are super hard workers go getters themselves. So I mean, my whole life that was like having them as my examples. My dad’s a small business owner, he kills it my mom, six kids runs, like Shakespeare festivals, all this stuff. So my whole life I had this dream of like, I’m going to be the president united states, I’m gonna do whatever so I always had these ideas of like, I want to make massive change in this world. And the go getter aspect has like just been in my blood, like I love creating what’s possible, what’s not possible making it happen. So I was the first female like, student body president in my high school. It’s cool. Um, and so part of like, that whole thing is like, I wanted to make prom cheaper. So I found like, a new way to work the system whenever to make it like we fundraised. I woke up every Thursday at like, 6am to make shakes. people bought the shakes, I was Adrian, the price point way down some more who would go to prom, things like that. Like I was so cool. Yeah, I really love it. And then I went to like work in the restaurant life is when I kind of realized like, I’m really good at figuring out systems and figuring way to be competitive. So like I worked at this restaurant called north is in Tucson. And like the way that they currently we’re seeing the restaurant. Like what like maybe it was like 500 people were able to get in a night when I was the head hostess, maybe 809 100 people. Wow. So that’s

the number that restaurants

crazy. And I started talking, because I like I like proving that I’m successful, whatever. So that kind of stuff. I took it to my boss, I was making $13 an hour I said, Hey, just you know, when I’m part of this, your restaurant is doubling the revenue for the night. I want $19 an hour. I got it by $19 an

hour paid hostess and those 15 was 2015. And see I mean, when you have the data, how much easier to ask as opposed to Well, I’ve been paid this for a while. And I want 19 I mean, thanks everyone that saying yes, their own financials, they want to know that. Well, is that revenue growing? Are we making more where we can pay you more? And yeah, I mean, you just teed it right up, and

it’s so fun. Like I asked for 25 Yeah, seriously, but I mean, I felt like I was on top of the world. 17 Yeah, I was just like, racks on racks on racks. Like I could take my siblings out to go Starbucks get pumpkin iced coffees, you know, that whole thing and then stuff. So when I was like really trying to get into business, what I really did not want to do was the investment job because I did not want to sell something it is not crazy about Yeah, and I actually believe cause like, real change. And that’s why for me while joy is such an easy like fit for my life. And my lifestyle is that like we’re creating so many different consumer products. Like we’re working on these things called guides, which are like downloadable two page PDFs for you to take on like the craziest adventures recommend. It’s cool, cuz you know, a lot of times you run out of service. Yeah. The trails Look, they’re confusing. You don’t know where to go. Like, that’s what we do. We gray and we make these videos and stuff. People would love to have a downloadable versions, we’re having that launching soon. They’re having like the joy club launching soon, which is like a paid subscription, where our members and stuff can pay to be part of like our limited edition events that pop up everywhere. He’s just problem


Yeah, so we’re just coming up with stuff. So I’m actually going to come like a more of a personal project. I’m speaking at the Arizona Governor’s for tourism conference on August 3. So I was a huge honor. I was asked to speak about video and tic toc content expert to educate all of like the city, all the states, major cities, attractions, hotels, everyone, right? Oh,

yeah, that’s cool. Yeah.

So I’m like, so freaking pumped about that stuff. So that’s going to be an incredible opportunity. And I know after that experience, I’m going to have so many more like leads essentially. Yeah.

So one thing that that comes out, I think people don’t understand how much time it takes to do things building websites, building apps, making a tick tock I think everyone wants the hundreds of 1000s of followers but would love to kind of share the audiences small business owners entrepreneurs, what are some tactics Things that you did that directly correlated with your social media growth.

Well, one thing is exciting. I’m after the conferences stuff. I’m launching my video one on one Crash Course for all small business owners to learn how I do, what I do and how to see that kind of results for yourself. So if people are interested, they can take my course after this perfect but the best way to get started on social media and to actually kill it, one of the reasons why I struggled so hard for 10 months to begin with is that I was trying to be was already out there. I was making Instagram graphics that were similar to what was already out there. Yeah, I didn’t want to start exploding until I started just doing what I thought was cool.

What funny No,

no, we’re It’s so weird and stuff. So all the followers did not come until I 100% started being authentic to myself. And you have to have that consistency, people are buying into a story. So like, even if you are a candle company, you can still talk about the reasons and the feelings that you can connect and all the experiences you can have for this game. Like it doesn’t matter. You can share your unique story on social media and that is what will take off. So like video content is for sure what all small business owners should be prioritizing. Agreed. Yeah. And what you can literally do is just like pick up your phone, your smartphone works. Yeah. major Hollywood movies are being made on phones. Now. It’s totally known Carolyn, that no one cares. It’s amazing. This, this phone can do everything. Yeah, pick up your phone, just start recording a bunch of things like and then essentially you can edit them all to be like really, really short and stuff and start posting tech dogs. Nothing’s going to work in the beginning. It’s going to fail. Nothing was going to be like no one will come but you trying and being your authentic self, you will figure it out.

So you love I love it. I think authenticity is what humanizes the brand. And that’s what builds the relationship. And that’s what builds brand ambassadors, you you obviously saw the difference of not authentic to authentic what was the thing? Is it just being more vulnerable telling telling how you messed up on things or what like what like this?

If we went to a wild boys like Instagram right now, like I have a post up like we’re an adventure experience brand. Yeah. Last week, I saw the need through an Instagram story we shared about places for people find therapy. Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I never would have known that I could do. In the beginning. I was so focused. In the beginning, I just launched a booking platform. It was like I had eight hosts that had unique experiences around the state like Curtis. He was like the Salt River paddleboard guy. Yeah, I tried super hard, but there was no audience and stuff. So like when he started actually creating resources, or people that people actually use and stuff, that’s when you’re changing how people see you. Yeah, and you can get people to use like your resources. They’re not only going to, like remember you for that, but they’re going to consistently keep thinking about you every time you do that.

Yeah, I 100% It’s funny, because there’s a there’s a story, I can’t it’s like in the 20s or 30s. But basically it was a tire company and and they were saying that their sales were declining. And so what they did is created a things to do resources thing, but they would send it to people and the thing is to do would be 40 miles away, they get excited they drive there were in turn the tires more. So it goes to just show that’s great. You don’t you don’t sell just give value, give and reverse engineer and be a problem solver. Don’t just try and sell the tires, give them something to do to get them to drive, which then is going to put wear and tear and drive revenue. And I think it’s that that thinking 10 steps ahead are outside the box, which is a talent that you obviously have. Yeah,

it’s definitely one of my strong suits things I’m definitely like not the best at though, are like organizational skills. And sometimes I take on too many ideas and projects at once even within my own business and stuff. So something I’m really working on is like refining what I’m doing and do it absolutely 1,000% and make sure every detail is correct. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made and while joy is like the first summer I launched the company it was 2019 Gosh, put the website up I think I maybe put 60% effort Yeah, cuz I know now that I was not putting in the effort. Yeah, I value I have leveled up like significantly since to be in the business. It’s made me way tougher and stuff in the very beginning. Put this website up half the work, have the links did not work. It actually crashed on the launch day. For two days. I was literally crying on the floor like, like an idiot. Yes, I just graduated college. I told everyone in their mothers, I’m watching this company while joy and they get to it and it doesn’t even work. And I have no idea how to fix it. Because I’m one person. I don’t have a tech person. Yeah. So like, the failing aspect has come in taught me so many lessons like check your work, do it 100% or don’t put it out at all. And that’s why I haven’t put out a galaxy app because I can’t Yeah, I can’t do a percent.

Yeah, again. I mean, you might do it. It’s 80% hearing it that negative feedback. Now listen, you lost all those Android users. I mean, so

people have a bad taste their mouth on my company, which is just a tool it’s trying to push here. I’m building all the technology people don’t even know what’s coming yet. Like, where do we just get in the audience hype? Yeah, and then we’re gonna expand our real estate, dogs and then we’re gonna expand our nationally now while joy I’m determined to make this like one of the biggest, most meaningful companies doing real stuff. So one of the biggest things that I do and I pledge my company continuing doing is like about 10% honestly, the revenue that comes in, we give directly back to like nonprofits that work. in the community, so the latest was February we did like $1,000 to, like 10 different businesses or whatever. And it was not businesses nonprofits. Yes. Yeah, they’re the same but different. Yeah. And so one of the one of those foundations was Arizona Cancer Foundation. And it’s run by Christie furnari. That’s her name. And she lost her daughter. And she came to my Kindle chemistry after dark event. And she bought a ticket, her her son came and stuff, and she was like, Hey, I just want you to know that like, $100, you guys donated? Like, that means the world and stuff, and stuff. So I kind of have like, a good does that feel it feels like, that’s the reason I want to make money is like, I want to, I want to feel what fuels me, like my community giving back and stuff. So like, I hope to launch after this Wild Hope Foundation, which is like a nonprofit, giving people abilities have hope, through the resources, whatever. So that’s my long game that’s selling my company, maybe eventually, I’m not sure maybe putting it public, maybe keeping it private forever. I don’t know,

I have no doubt that you’re gonna figure it out. And it’s gonna be a great decision. But I love the your perspective on money. I mean, it’s, a lot of people think it’s the end result, it’s not, it’s the tool to get you to the end result. I mean, if you have more of it, you can then bless so many more people, whether it be the finances, or creating organizations that Whoa, I mean, there’s so much that you can do with right, and it’s, it’s awesome that you’re not going after the money just so that you can get rich and buy lambos It’s so that you can impact so many more people.

No, I came from very, very humble beginnings. Like my, I remember, like growing up as, like, we I wanted to go to this, like forest home camp and stuff in summer was like $400. And I remember like my parents, they sacrifice like all summer to get me to go and stuff. And so they they’re much more successful now. And to be able to see them kind of coming from that to like, this is like it’s very, it’s not. For me, it’s about the impact. And obviously, you have to pay your bills and things like that. But I just I just dream, a really big dream of a connected community. And it’s starting here in Arizona, and I’m just super thankful, honestly, like, this is a dream. I’m 24. And all of this is working.

And during a global pandemic, I mean, not funded, yeah, that I don’t

have any investors or any money in it so far. And like, that’s

the way to do it. You’re not, you don’t have to appease investors and all that you can just do whatever you want and run with it,

which is something I would suggest to most small business owners, especially if you haven’t, you have dreams to evolve whatsoever. I was literally like on the track. Do you have investors probably six to 10 months into this like, really? Yeah, cuz that’s what I teach entrepreneurship school is like, you get investors all this stuff. This is why I think it’s wrong is that you don’t have the flexibility of changing what you’re doing. Nothing was working the first year if I had signed something i was i was declaring that I was going to be on this path.

Yeah, yeah.

Because I waited and stuff, I had the flexibility to start posting on Tick Tock who no one thought was a real thing. And even Trump in the entire, like government to shut it down. Like all these things, I kept believing like, No, I’m gonna keep making videos, and I swear this is going to result in something, you know, everyone was like, you’ll make 20 bucks on an ad. No, I won’t. I’ll make $15,000 from like five videos, you know? Yeah. So I have these dreams, and I’m making it happen through whatever it takes.

That’s, and that’s what it’s about. I mean, it’s so many people are I needed this quick. I need investors. But it’s, it’s, it’s amazing how quickly you’re handcuffed to appeasing them, rather than making the decision that’s going to make the business grow. Because more times than not, if you’re passionate about it, you’re gonna sink some money into it. It’s not going to be profitable for a year or two. But someone that’s investing goes, No, I

mean, I lost money, for sure. I think I spent so before I met Robert, my developer who made the app and stuff, I was really trying like my best like DIY 5000 or so dollars was spent with this developer on Upwork, which is one of those like, third party things that connect you, you know, with amazing developers in India and things like that. Unfortunately, for me to not work out developer I had never actually had anything. So this is a warning to ultimate as small business owners and they’re not giving you regular progress results. They’re scamming you. Yep, took me four to five months to finally have the Kahunas to actually fire him. I felt bad. Like, it only happened only happened because I lost my job for COVID I was such a winner. I was like, I was just believing in this guy’s when he was telling me so much and stuff, but I lost $5,000 literally for nothing. Yeah, because I was trying to keep this guy that I didn’t even know happy.

Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, the psychological warfare that literally businesses put on owners and all that I mean, it’s a lot I mean, you’re literally waking up every day to constantly This is wrong. That’s wrong getting I mean, there’s there’s, it is tough, you got to be mentally tough, and I’m huge on really just the mental side of things just in life in general. Sounds like you’re you’re very mentally strong there. But it sounds like you had a little little spurt, like you said of anxiety, depression, all that not a little spurt. Well, I laid it three years. Really? Yeah. I’d love to hear just kind of the evolution of the mindset how businesses changed it and how you become mentally stronger.

Yeah, so I was in a like a seven year long relationship from like age 12 to 19 I think there was a lot of like I wasn’t myself honestly. Yeah, so when I broke up with him I felt this insane like he wouldn’t let me travel that kind of thing. So when I did that I booked a trip to Barcelona for three months for the summer whenever it was and I didn’t know anyone there once again I just want to experience right it was like it was the I threw up in the air in the airport before I left it Allah La x. I was so anxious like that was my first kind of like slipping up like, this is what anxiety like I said I was crying. The whole time I’m there and stuff. I’m like battling with what I realized that was anxiety. I thought it was just panic attacks. I was like, What is wrong with me I’m trying to have a good time, came home and stuff and got a therapist started working through things anxiety for sure. really wasn’t nice depressed yet honestly. Then I moved to Sacramento for that internship. The internship was not aligned with what I actually wanted to do and the tasks it just everything wasn’t working and so I fell into depression like I suicidal honestly, ideation I called my friend who had struggled with that and she kind of talked me down from that one night I’ll never forget that she saved my life. And there was this like, I remember two months maybe into my stay in Sacramento, I 60 days maybe just like pure torture to yourself just laying in bed being home from work, not knowing what to do. You don’t know who you want to go with. I went to Yosemite for one day. And I honestly think it awoken me I have a I have a picture frame next to my desk. It’s me underneath this waterfall and I remember forget the way that the mist felt in my face that day and the way I felt alive and that I was blessed to be alive and I suddenly thought life was worth living. Yeah, because it was worth it like oh my god this is insane. Like I’m standing with his like mist and stuff and stuff so that kind of feeling is what kind of got me on like okay, let’s see if you the rest of the summer what I did is I planned so many weekend trips like I went to Lassen Volcanic National Forest, I got Lyme disease. I got a really literally literally Yeah, but I just like started exploring and I realized like, okay, Lacey, if you plan your weekends full of fun stuff to do, you won’t be as miserable. Yeah, he literally I don’t know why it took me that long to figure that out. But like, once I realized that I was like, Okay, I at least have something to look forward to. So suddenly, my summer kind of shifted, I suddenly made some friends at work. We got to know these like awesome German people like Francesca and Daria, you’re listening. Hi. And so I had an opportunity to kind of have like, a mental shift. And I realized that like, my life is so worth living, but I have to make it worth living. If I do what they tell me and sit in a desk all day. Like I can’t do it. Yeah. So instead of waiting there waiting for someone to fix it. Create your life. So I kind of like had that mentality and then I had to create a business. Alright, well, I mean, I do this and no one else does it. Everyone’s always asking me for data ideas. I know I know everything in Arizona. Okay, what have I put all these things together? Oh, my

gosh. Wow. Got a business. Yeah. Yeah, that’s amazing. I always love hearing when a business or an idea is created because of just some craziness that happened. I mean, craziness, again, on the brink of of taking your life and stuff like that. I mean, that is craziness. And just experiencing Wow, this getting out just changed everything, literally. And how much did it just change your day to day in terms of communicating with friends, family and all that after that mindset shift of now you’re a bit more positive. I mean,

that’s what joy does to you. Joy moves you it is a shifting thing. Happiness is something we’re taught to chase. But unfortunately, happiness is not a destination. It’s just something that you’re thinking all the time whether the process is actionable, though, and that is what I’m trying to achieve with my business. I’m trying to give people actionable ways to improve their life, whether that is going to a coffee shop, whether that’s trying to use speakeasy, whether that’s checking on Sunset spa, it’s like, do whatever it takes to make your life extraordinary. You do not need to go to Europe, because after that trip, I think I had spent all my serving money, I’d saved up my Barcelona trip. And I was like, Okay, well, I can’t afford to go to Europe anytime soon. So I guess I got to make Arizona exciting. Yeah, that’s when I started more exploring Arizona. And but then there’s way more people like me out there, but just don’t have the resources. So I became the resource. And now it’s working.

Yeah, no, I absolutely love it. Because I’m a huge believer that no matter what life throws at you, you decide if it’s good or bad. I mean, it’s it’s you can have sex, you can go to Europe, but there’s so many cool things in Arizona, just even in this in Tempe, the city that you’re in. Oh, yeah. If you were to just change your mindset not dwell on how negative is that not to have this and think of how positive is to that all this cool stuff is in your backyard? I mean, just that simple. The way you approach the next step, I mean, changes so much. That’s, that’s amazing that you’re offering that opportunity.

Yeah, if you’re not willing to make yourself the main character of your life, then no one else is going to do it for you. Yeah. So it’s, it’s very, very cool. And I’m very proud of what I do. And I work my butt off. I mean, I wake up every single day I get started, and I don’t go to bed probably till midnight working on this stuff, and it’s my choice. I love what I do. I have days like yesterday, honestly was a day where I’d take a nap. And I was just overwhelmed. So many things coming up so many projects. I’m working on so many things and stuff and so I’m learning to take time, you know, back. It’s really hard for me though, so any small business owners out there, you’re awesome. You were you wear so

many hats. How do you deal with time management? Because I mean, that’s that’s something everyone deals with. everyone complains, made some hires,

which has been amazing. I hired some contractors. So I’m at the point of hire employees yet like hoping any day, but I hired Alex, who’s my assistant now. And she’s like an organizational queen. So as I said earlier, like you should hire weaknesses, for sure. Yeah. So hire dot, I hired my boyfriend who I’ve been with, he literally met me like, I gave my business card of wild joy. Not only that, I literally met him. He was working at Starbucks, and I’m first going to Scottsdale and I sold my business card. And so he took me on a date. And so he’s living everything. So he’s an audio engineer. So he’s actually been helping me my videos and stuff. Really? Yeah, he’s amazing.

love to talk to him.

Yeah, and amazing. And then Robert, obviously didn’t have a developer. And now I have Jillian who’s working with me now on new sales stuff. Like they’re all coming from my community. I’m not really seeking them out. They’re all coming to me, which is amazing. And I’m just praying that I can hire like an operations manager very soon. Yeah. Someone that runs all the backend like the emails, everything. Yeah,

it’ll happen because I mean, you’re you’re a go getter. You’re a problem solver. But just the the passion rady radiates from you. I mean, that’s why you got someone that built an app before they even talked to you. I mean, it’s he’s doing a lot, right. He’s one of the things that lead to those one of a kinds to be attracted to you. And that’s the thing that’s amazing. I mean, you’re you’re, you’re crushing it, you’re, you’re just doing great and I wouldn’t

be anything without the people in the community, though, to be honest. Like I everywhere I go in public people like say hi and stuff. And I’m like, yep, this is why you were the reason I keep going and I make tic tocs. And I get hate online and and how do you deal with that, um, through mental toughness, it is something you have to learn I generated now over 100 some million views on our channel. And that means that probably for 1% of people are gonna have some negative say at least so of that. My favorite Oh my God, my favorite compliment I got was my neck looks so stretched out because I was I was a cliff jumping video, and they’re like, this is why you look like a giraffe. And I was like, dude, you nailed it. You nailed it. But like all that kind of comes through my boyfriend. He’s so mentally tough. And he’s, he’s he’s a jokester. He’s 29. So he’s older than me and stuff. And he gives, he just helps me understand it. It’s their problem. They’re saying mean stuff. It’s not you Lacey, you’re doing a great job and stuff. So when that happens, I turn my phone off and take some time for myself.

But the fact that they’ve seen enough content that there’s a commonality of the whole, like, you got nothing better to do like, wow. Exactly, exactly. I mean, it’s not the first time I’ve seen that photos, they’ve been consuming and it’s you’re doing. I mean, it’s Yeah, it’s tough not to let it get you down. Because I mean, it’s never fun to hear negative things.

It’s not but I just keep focused on the positive and nothing they do is gonna stop me determined about that. I’ve proven everyone wrong so far, like, I’m very first started this everyone was like, You should go take that job. Yeah, you should go get some money. And then you could launch the company a couple years after, you know, you save some money up and you have some more stability


that was an option. No, no, no, that was an option. Be conservative. Go Go get the six figure sales job. I’m a go getter. I know, I would crush it. decimate the sales numbers. I would get my commission. That’d be really fun for me, but very short living fun. Yeah. Because all of this stuff I do for them never, never is my thing.

Yeah. It’s all for selling someone’s

investments. Yeah. You think I’m actually the person that’s doing the investments? No. So how do I actually know what I’m doing? So being able to be like the beginning the start and the finish of like a product that’s benefiting hundreds of 1000s of people? 85% year in Arizona, that’s amazing. So that’s benefit your community. So it’s such an honor to speak at the governor’s conference next week and stuff and kind of like, have that authority given to me? Because so far I have not had a major press like thing happen. Yeah. So I’m, like, churning in. Like, I’m like Forbes, let’s go. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s talk business. I’m great. something really cool. Here. You talk someone in PR. Yes. I’m working on my PR actually just bought a course from Really? Yeah, super cool. I bought a little course from one of my favorite people. Her name is Tori Dunlap she runs like, Financial Empowerment community called her first 100k which is empowering you to like save your first 100,000 in like your investments. Yes, that what you can actually do stuff.

Yeah, and yeah, have the capital go do the things that are gonna make you happy.

Yeah, stuff. So I’m a big believer in investing in people who know way more than you do. And trusting them because nowadays, you can learn anything on Google and YouTube and stuff, but sometimes it really is worth it to pay for the lawyer data thing. Yeah,

yep. 100% you got a lot going on. You’re doing a lot. I can’t wait to see the growth. What are you really working on? What are you trying to accomplish? Personally, but also for the business in the next three to six months.

Personally, I’m trying to become a better manager leader. Like it is so hard for me still, like I thought it’d be easy at some point to like be able to like delegate tell, like not only assign people things to do but like communicate it so well. You don’t have to have any follow up almost, I thought I was good at this. I was the first student body president. I was. I was served in my sorority you know, all these things. And then like I’m here in my business and stuff and I have right now I’m so blessed. I have 10 interns. Amazing with that. This is my third summer of interns. Yeah, so 10 interns and with that, that’s a lot of communication stuff. So I’m personally working on being not having anxiety. Based on management. Yeah, that is where my anxiety really creeps in. For the business. We have so many products launching, but like on the business under things we like right now we are only currently I have contracts with like three or four cities. Yeah, that’s good. About to like 25 to 30 Wow. So literally the last like three weeks, I’ve luckily one of my interns, Jillian, she’s one of those cool people that have about like 15 years of sales experience and I don’t know how she’s she’s teaching me way more and stuff, but like, through her and stuff, encouraging me to do this, like send the email call the person do the my business might actually hit the 6k Mark susumi six figure mark this year, which Wow. Which is my goal, because I can hire people that’s that

that it’s gonna happen you’re doing is you’re doing the thing. It’s gonna happen. Yeah, that’s how you get someone with 15 years of sales experience to be an intern because you’re just doing the right thing.

It’s It’s literally insane. But I appreciate you having me and hearing everything about wild joy. And we’re going to be launching a podcast of our own in the whenever I have time.

If you can figure out a way more,

maybe you have to come in my podcasts. It’s talking about the greatest adventures over a campfire setting. That’d be wild joy campfire chats

that I mean, fireside chat, I mean that yeah, that’s no fire.

But the fun thing is, you know, you talk about over a campfire. So Oh, yeah. So yeah, I’m super excited. We have so many products and stuff. But I got to take it one step at a time.

Yeah. Was there anything that we left out that you’re really wanting to tell the world just that

I started off with? Nothing, and I’ve done this and you can, you can, you will, if you put your heart to it

absolutely. couldn’t have said it better. And I mean, knowing we’re big on search and stuff like that people are continually looking for things to do outdoor things to do. So I mean, yeah, if you’re listening and looking for something to do get out there, go check out while join me,

check out wild joy. And if, if anyone like I’m not trying to sell it, but like, I do have a ton of knowledge about video stuff. And if people are looking to like, get help with it, like I’m here as a resource, like I love helping people in the community, so feel free to reach out via my email. Lisa Wilder comm check out wild, calm,

awesome. Do you have a link for the video,

it’s going to be launching on August 3, a couple weeks and stuff. So just head to wild Joy’s page and stuff. We’re gonna be talking about it, but it’s going to be incredible. Like I’ve poured every single thing I’ve learned and it’s been so much stuff, but the video course with like, downloadable stuff of how you do everything. And I’m just super, super grateful to be launching something that’s actually benefiting small businesses, because that’s like, one of the things I love doing is that people like myself that are building things.

That’s amazing. That’s what it’s all about. Just keep keep building, but share that link once you go live. So this will come out probably after that. So we’ll include in the show notes perfect. And

I’ll give you guys a code or something so you can put in a thing for like a discount or something cool. Of course, that’d be fun. That would be awesome. Do it.

Thank you so much for coming in. I so so thank you so much. I love what you’re doing. I mean you’re gonna absolutely explode so it’s gonna be fun watching the growth and excited to to help have your help working with one of our clients as well. Yes, they’re so cold. Yeah. Love it. Thank you so much.

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