Just because your definition of success is simple doesn’t mean it’s small. Video production for small business is extremely valuable | RGR 104


Kyle Davidson’s “why” was shaped by his family. So when he started 12th Street Creative, his video production business, he says he knew, “My simplified ‘why’ was to work with just one business, one person, and help them realize what their story is and then tell it. If I can make a living doing that,” Kyle says, “that sounds like a pretty good life.” The best part, he says, is the rebound effect.

“Listening to people tell their stories, bringing it out of them a little bit, so then their story can change someone else.” For Kyle, that spells success, and he says that’s important. “Once you can define success, the journey to get there gets a whole lot easier.” Kyle’s gig supplying video production for small business provides huge value.


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Kyle Davidson; 12th Street Creative Video production for small business
Kyle Davidson, 12th Street Creative

| Rise Grind Repeat 104 |


Today’s episode of Rise Grind, Repeat, we talked to Kyle from 12 Street creative, we discuss his approach to content creation and the powers of community over competition. Let’s dive right in.


Kyle, thanks so much for joining another episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat. I’m, I’m excited for this because, you know, talking right before this, there’s, there’s so much that you’re doing that I absolutely love, you know, the grind that you’re putting into the day to day, the learning of how to grow a business. But before we get into there would love to just what’s your What’s your story? What, who are you? And what do you do, the best part of my story is kind of already happened. Um, I was 10. My, my brother and sister adopted from Ghana, Africa. So


as a 10 year old, I got to go to Ghana and see like a whole different like world, then I’d kind of seen here like 10 year old cow was like, Lord about like,


nice, still am trying to contextualize it because I kind of saw like a lot of like reality. On that side of the room. 10 year old car was like, man, I was worried about, like, what I was wearing to school that day. And like, like what we were having for lunch, like his tatertot day, like, you know, I was worried about all those little things that like 10 year old cow, you know, probably shouldn’t be worried about sixth grade. And, um, I got to go to God in 2010 and meet my brother for the first time and really realize the power of perspective.


And connection, I shared room, my brother for 10 years,


shared a room with a kid that was born another side of the planet, totally different background and, you know, experiences he had that I really couldn’t ever understand or


begin to even like, kind of like, really understand and learn the power of perspective and of storytelling and connection.


And I was in high school I took took a multimedia class because I had a look.


And I grew up playing soccer. I was on the varsity soccer team. But I was in this multimedia class. No my friends in high school like sophomore year working jobs like McDonald’s, in and out cafeteria cafeteria. I’m like, I don’t want to get a job like that. In my multimedia class, it was like a super big blessing because the teacher didn’t really like teach anything, kind of sat in the back of the classroom, Washington highlights all day. And I sat around in class for like an hour. And at first I like play on my phone, like whatever. Like she ran and I sat there and I’m like, Perry High School was like one of the most like, funded like, multimedia programs like in the state, probably. And so we had all this like legitimate, like production gear, in this whole studio. And I was sitting there one day, like, you know, he was watching NFL highlights in the back or whatever, and everybody’s screwing around. I’m like, man, like, I’m gonna see if I could do anything with this camera stuff and started stealing it on the weekends to go to go work on projects, and I sit in class and be like, Okay, I have an hour to find some work. And I go and I’d surf Craigslist trying to find $50 gigs. He’s I wanna, I don’t want to have to work at McDonald’s or now. Yeah, so just kind of running all over taking


$50 gigs and kind of scratching and clawing. My first ever like project was, um, I shot a wedding video for my uncle. He’s really mom’s cousin. I got a big family call everybody uncle, but uh, I traded him I shot him wedding video for him. And he built me a computer. He used to work in Intel access to computer parts and knew how to do it. So I walked away with you know, a project under my belt.


And my first project under my belt and computer I kind of worked in new editing. But yeah, new editing machine Money Making Machine I had to figure out like, how can I take this computer? I don’t have any camera gear, how can I take this computer and build out, like, start to like, take on more work and save up for camera equipment, because it’s expensive, getting into all this stuff, you know.




I think the coolest part about shooting that wedding video for him was like


it was it was like the first thing I’d ever done. Now it’s kind of messing around at this point, like just trying to make some money. And


it was cool. Because I’d invited I’d put like 40 or 50 or 60 hours into it, like a lot of love. And I was like the whole time I was like, Man, I’ve used all this equipment I stole from school didn’t really know how to use it at all. And I’m like, man, like, this could be so much better now. So disappointed with how it looked. And I was all nervous. And I was like, I’ll invite him over just to come watch it and just tell him like, Hey, I’m so sorry. I screwed up your video and I started playing it for him. And it was really cool because everything like I’d put all this time into making it and I was all nervous. I’m like they’re gonna hate this thing. And I saw him tearing up and like grilling each other the whole time. And I realized like, man, something I like worked so hard on like could actually make people like feel something. Yep. And that was the first time I like really had like connected with


I think people, I don’t know if they really felt like they connect in the same way. But it was like, it was really, really cool just to kind of see like how people would appreciate something that you make and put a lot of energy into. And that was the first time I was like, man like this is, this is kind of what I want to do. I want that feeling. Yeah. And it gives me goosebumps, like,


that’s awesome. I was going back to that first project on what started at all, and I mean, love kind of the lead into that where it’s $50 jobs here. I love the tenacity, being in class where it’s like, well,


why not just do something, and it’s led to you finding your passion? I mean, which is really cool. You know, it’s tough. It’s tough, especially early on. I mean, we’ve learned the hard way. I mean, you do the free jobs, do the cheap jobs, and it’s do anything you can just to get the job that first one that you did, obviously made them freely felt feel really well, there’s ever a time where it just took on a job did it and then you did have that negative feedback or not, not kind of that first look that you were looking for. Yeah, it was, um, there was, you know, I had one shoot I rolled up on and


I mean, I was just like a high school kid, like, I rolled up with an Arnold Palmer in my hand, because I was addicted to those in high school and the guy like, he saw me like, I was shooting something. I was like, putting a lot of heart into things. And he like, took the Arnold Palmer cat out of my hand and threw it in like, no way. Yeah, stuff like that. So it was like, yeah, obviously, I’ve like, you know, had to learn a lot and make a lot of mistakes. But I like now I seek that out a little bit. Because, like the mistakes you make, like, you have to make the mistakes in order to know what to avoid in the future and how to keep growing. And now I kind of seek those out a little bit listening to everything Gary says like tastes a lot of things experience a lot of things like, I feel like there’s no way if you’re really chasing what you love and doing, like doing everything you enjoy, there’s not really any way to like lose that really, like you can make the biggest mistake. And at the end of the day, it’s like just a learning experience and something to grow from. Exactly. And that’s all building a business is is I mean, it’s


haven’t haven’t that iron jaw that that. As long as you don’t get knocked out, you can stumble on to the next steps. But it’s that learning and after a while, you learn how to dodge and duck runs a dodge ball, Dodge duck die, yeah. But you learn how to kind of avoid those and get out of the way. But I mean, that’s part of the learning. And as you do those, then things become more profitable. You kind of see the time that goes into it, where I mean, early on, I thought it was four hours, he made the sweet commercial and all sudden, it’s like, wait, this took us 40 hours to do. And so learning that things could take longer, again just helps you be more mindful as you’re scoping things out, moving forward, who is they want to go after. And so without the learning, there’s never any growth, but you know, that growth is never, never fun to experience until you just, you know, having that perspective, knowing that it is going to happen, expect it and just enjoy it when it does come because you know that whenever you do get hit when you get held up that it’s just gonna be that much better, that much easier. As you move forward in what you’re doing.


It’s it’s, you know, what, what is one of the biggest learning things that you’ve had through this whole production process. And really a lot, a lot of people that are listening are small business owners, entrepreneurs, and I think a lot of people see the value in video don’t understand, you know, what it takes to make something great. So how do you go about, you know, your process with the prospects, the power of story isn’t really like, that’s, I really think like, I can go out and do like an okay, job. And sometimes, like, I’ve realized, like, really early on that, like, sometimes me getting work, like people just want to work with me, because they like enjoyed hearing a little bit about my story. And like, I’d really like seek through like, I love connecting with people. And I feel like I can relate to like, I love the corporate and the business space, because I’m talking with you and kind of learning everything that you’re going through as a business owner, like I can relate to it a little bit. But like, everybody’s got a different story, you know, and everybody’s dealt, I learned this from my brother, everybody’s dealt a different hand cards, you know, and it’s, it’s really cool to see people who have a pretty sweet handle cards actually like doing something. And


everybody’s hands The cards are different, like you can’t really like you know, say like oh, his are better his or worse. It’s just like where you are. And as entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re all starting at Part A, or like point A and trying to get to point B it’s


it’s, it’s cool to kind of hear like, all the routes and the stories and, and the just the hardships and the struggles that people are going through because it’s like, I mean, I hired my I tried to hire my first person to go out do some drone work for one of my clients and it was like the first I was all pumped. I’m like, oh man, it’s my first person I’m ever hiring like this will be great. He’ll go out there and do some work for me because I was busy. Shoot for someone else and first thing he does is like crashes like my $2,000 drone I just bought so it was like you know, learning learning mistakes like that. Like you know I can laugh about it now cuz I mean it was three weeks ago. It’s still got


like three


weeks ago like I’ve told you I’m like kind of early in my journey but


Like, kind of realizing, like, those are the things to kind of like, look forward to a little bit like, he called me and I was like, it’s okay man, like, let’s, let’s figure it out, what can we do? Like, let’s problem solve, like, you know, it’s it’s,


it’s it’s a fun ride, you know? And that’s the approach you have to take because I mean, and it comes down to mindset mindset and I appreciate, you know, you’re speaking on perspective because at that split moment, you could get upset, you could laugh at it and do nothing you could but it’s let’s figure out a problem solve and really the best businesses are built on problem solving what is what is a problem that a consumer has? What can I do for a product or service perspective that solves that problem? So the fact that even I mean, you mentioned early on your career, stuff like that, but to be able to immediately go down that that mind frame or that that thought process of how we’re just gonna figure this out? What’s done is done? can waste more time getting upset about it? I mean, have you always kind of had that? Or was it going back to gonna get in that kind of perspective, it’s, it’s just, it’s just your story, you know, like, you can choose how you want to be in those moments like that. And you can if you if you, there’s a couple ways you could take that, yes, I could have gotten really pissed at him and really mad upset and like, you know, like, that’s, that’s one way to do it. I could have like, gotten angry and like, been like, Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore. I got to know there’s a lot of ways I got taken it. But, like, story over everything, all the mistakes you make along the way, like, that’s just what your story is, and kind of connecting with people and learning. Like as a business owner, I think it’s important to kind of realize like, what, like, where you’re going in, like, what your WHY IS and the things that you want to accomplish. Your story is how you get there. And it’s every business and every person like my story, like going to Ghana, and when I was 10, and like, it’s different from your story. It’s different from Dre story, isn’t it was Andre or yours cut this out? Okay, yeah. I mean, it’s this, everybody’s story is different. It’s what separates you and me, and every business has a story to and figuring out like, that’s the piece I really love is working with businesses, because,


you know,


every business has a story, it’s


we all we all have, like things we’re trying to accomplish in our lives and figuring out like, how you can like what customer needs, you’re fulfilling, and, you know, what are your core values? What are you trying to accomplish? Like, you know, these are all things that like your consumers, and people want to know, you know, yep. Now, I love what you mentioned, because I truly think that how how you go about any situation from a feelings person that you get mad, happy, sad, no matter what I mean, everything It is literally your mind and how it is a choice on how you want to react to things. And I think that also transcends a lot of lot of things that happen after the fact. It’s, you know, you could have got pissed and yelled at them and all that now you burn a bridge. And now my I mean, I don’t know if you guys are still working together or not. But absolutely, he’s already I think he’s working for me, like this weekend, too. So that There you go. But I mean, you could have you could have, you know, got upset, burned a bridge and all that. And I think going back to you mentioning about storytelling, I think how you react to these stories, or situations help tell that story. For example, it’s like, I mean, I’ll say some of you like, Oh, that sounds dumb. Why would you even do that? What if it doesn’t work? I’m like, Well, if it doesn’t work, chances are I’m probably not going to die. And I’m going to tell the story. It’s a cool story. It’s gonna be a conversation starter. Now I build a relationship, like, it might suck at the timer moment going through it, whether it’s putting myself in a weird situation where it’s tough, too much, whatever it may be. But once you get through it, that’s a story to tell. And I think the more you can lean into the uncomfortable situations, the you know, how you react to things that are thrown at you in real time. I mean, it’s easy to hear bad news. I’ll go think and then react. And I think all those things help tell your story. And it sounds like you know, you’re taking things in a great mindset, which is going to ultimately help you tell your story that much better. Which through that you can help tell your client stories as well, because that’s to me, that’s what all this video all this content is. How can you tell a story that leads to a business action? Absolutely all one piece to that story is, you know, I made a lot of mistakes. When I was going through video production had to learn like there was in the beginning man, like I started from the bottom, like there on my camera and auto and there were times where I forget to hit the record button. 10 minutes in an interview, have to go back and ask all those questions again, yeah, you feel like an idiot. But we’ve all made mistakes. And you have to kind of remind yourself in those moments, like, the biggest piece for me was it kind of reminded me the first thing he did when he called me to let me know


was he called me He’s like, Hey, here’s what just happened. Like we crashed the drone. Client saw it, but I’ve already worked it out the client, they were laughing about it. It’s okay. He’s like, I wouldn’t watch the YouTube video. I think I know the parts that we need to like, he’s like, he’d already gone and looked at the parts that were fixed. Like we need to get to fix it. And like he was trying to like problem solve and figure out how we could like fix it together and was like, You only need to pay me for the day. And it’s that’s it


kinda reminded me like, that’s kind of how I was when I was starting out, you know, like, we’re all just hungry kids trying to make it and, you know, it’s it’s just forgiving and being willing to, like work together and move like past stuff like, like, it’s, it’s a drone like, it’s it’s a funny story for me to tell. But um, it’s like every business goes through stuff like that, you know, to me, so no, absolutely. And I mean, no one that you know you’re big on stories are starting to tell yours. Again, I think that the videos and stuff like that that are being produced, it’s telling some sort of story. I mean, it’s too many people are doing by this sale here. But darn telling their their true brand story, whether it’s the owner, the founder, the CEO is telling why they started the business or the team behind it on. This is my day to day, this is what but I think telling that story is huge. But I think a lot a lot of businesses always want to fall back on it. Well, we got low prices, and that’s not that good of a story. So how do you go about working with clients and stuff like that, knowing that, you know, the stories that we want to tell? That’s what’s gonna help you drive revenue or your desired outcome from this video? How do you go about that process to help? What is it you want to do? What story you want to tell? You know what I mean? Yeah, um, it’s every story is different. Um,


I’ll kind of answer it in this way. Like, because I see the Gary Vee issues. And I live by like, everything he says on Instagram. Why do you love Gary Vee so much? I do. Because, I mean, he just always cut through the noise cut, you know, through Bs, essentially. But I mean, it’s a very rah, rah, very motivational and anything he not I think he is the person that when I was, you know, well, I’ve worked on before got laid off from my last agency. And I was like, do I want to still work in the agency world or do my own thing, ever since middle school, I saw my dad do his own thing. And I’ve wanted to do it and stuff like that. And so I just started listening to him, maybe a month or two before that. And it was just hearing him, led me to make the decision to go down the path of what all this CIC stuff is. And so I’m appreciative of it, because he’s, he, he had the words and they got into my ear, that made me take the action to where I’m at in my life now, today, which very stressful, but very, very appreciative of it and stuff like that. And so hearing his stories, that on how he got through, everything led me to have the motivation to make the decision to start this in his story, I think is like the single biggest, like driving factor for like, I mean, it’s a lot of people feel the same way. You know, I look at all this stuff on Instagram, and I feel inspired. And, I mean, His story is like classic, like, immigrant comes to America, he helped his dad grows wine business, and he wants to buy the Jets and the entire, you know, the entire way that he’s document the entire journey, like every step of it, and not only that, but he’s like, you know, he’s genuine person, because he’s using his platform that he’s built to build other people up along the way. You know, and, and I think that’s why everybody loves him too, is because we can relate to that. Like, he talks about his struggles, the things he’s learned and what he had to overcome. And so So to answer your question, like really just figuring out like, what your story is, that’s the hardest part, like, what is actually your story? Like, yeah, you can sit here and a lot of his sales, like, you know, hey, I run a business, I want to sell some stuff, but really, like, you’re a human being, too, you know, and everybody’s made mistakes for all entrepreneurs. And there’s a lot of things that we learn along the way that I think if we just were comfortable sharing those stories, and


it’s, it’s always interesting to me, because I’ve worked with like, I’ve worked with dentists, man and baseball players and musicians and, and people in the home services industry, air conditioning guys, and I love all their stories just the same, because just hearing like, where they are point A and trying to get to point B and the things they learned across the way like if you can figure out really what your story is. And that’s the funnest part for me is like figuring out like how to help people tell their story. And there’s all there’s all sorts of different ways to do it. It doesn’t have to be video, it can be you know, I mean, everything Gary does, if you listen to what Gary does, and you implement what he does, like, you’re gonna win.


That’s just how it goes. But like, it’s just figuring out what your story is the medium medium, you want to tell it? And I think the most successful businesses and people on the planet are the best storytellers. Yeah, you know, it’s, it’s really just figuring out what your story is and how to tell. And there’s a lot of ways to do that, too. Yeah, no, I completely agree. Because I mean, it’s, it’s, everyone talks about a story as in. Well, I was going through a hard time and started this and so that is a story, but that’s not why you started I think getting into that why I think it’s so big. I can’t remember who I signed to recently. But they were talking about there’s this guy that owns a tire shop and it’s like, okay, cool, he sells tires. But the reason why I started it is and they’re all premium brand or premium tires, stuff like that, but his son was killed in a in an accident because of a faulty tire. And his mission is that he’s never gonna let any other person you know die from something like that.


And so his story is, you know, he saw these tires because he’s trying to prevent, you know, other families from really experiencing that that tragic moment that he had experience telling that story right there. As soon as as soon as they got that on, really I think it was video and I can’t what other mediums but as soon as they started telling that story more rather than we got a discount on on port, once he told that that really resonated and I think I can’t remember what their numbers were. But I mean, sales just absolutely exploded. But it’s stuff like that. I mean, most people can go on just the dentist or I’m just a tire shot. What story do I have? But it’s why do you wake up every morning? Why do you deal with the frustrations? The the all the not? So fun things that come with running a business? Like why do you do that every day. And then once you can get that out and crafted in a way that that you know resonates with whatever medium you’re pushing it out on whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, whatever it may be. But those little things getting, getting out from behind the brand humanizing the brand becoming vulnerable. All those things are what really lead to, you know, those things that all people invest in the content for drive sales. And in sometimes like, yeah, sales is like the end goal. But like, I promise you, when you go to Gary’s Instagram, like he doesn’t care if you buy stuff or not like he doesn’t buy sneakers, I own like three pairs of them. That doesn’t care if you buy sneakers, he just wants to help everybody else and build up people along the way. And kind of that’s his like North Star and what he’s doing, he wants to buy the Jets. And he wants to be super influential and remarkable. But it’s like that whole journey of like how he’s getting there. The first, the first interview I ever did, like sit down interview in high school when I also realize like, holy cow, like the power of connection, interview setting, I was sitting for an hour, and I was shooting a documentary for the Chandler Symphony Orchestra.


This was like when I was like, it’s junior in high school.


And I interviewed the Chandler symphony orchestra is it’s like small, I say small, it’s like a 50 to like 80%, orchestra and Chandler, they put on all these free concerts like eight or 10 times a year, and invite the entire community to come listen for free. All these orchestra musicians are volunteers and they go play music for free. And they’ll practice you know, two or three nights a week. And then they’ll perform on the Sundays. And I talked to the guy who helped started all his name is jack harem. And he was like, Man, this is gonna sound messed up. But like, he was like, older there was like, This man was like 97 or 95, or whatever. And he’s still like conducting an entire orchestra. And I got to sit down with him and ask him, because he started it. Like, I was shooting their 25th anniversary documentary. And he’d been doing that every single week for 25 years without getting paid for it. And I got to sit there and I asked him like, you know, what, like, I tried, it took me like an hour. I was sitting there for an hour in this man’s house. He’s like, Oh, come on over. Like I had to call him like, three times. Like, because you just didn’t really answer his phone. Like it was the weirdest like, I’m like, is this the right place? Like it’s a 10 minute answer the door and I walk in it’s all cluttered mess. And


it was cool, because it took me an hour to kind of dig deep like know, like, what is the real like, the real reason you do this every single day like yeah, like, you want this thing to grow when Yeah, there’s lots of answers, but really digging deep like know, like, why did you eat like 25 years is a long time to be doing it. It’s not getting paid. I mean, that’s me.


And I finally got it. And he said, there was one day early in, you know, when he started this orchestra, that, um, he was he was conducting a piece. And like a week later, somebody bumped into him at the grocery store and was like, hey, like, are you like the orchestra conductor is like some old dude. He’s like, yeah, and


he had said, This guy told him that like he had played a piece like his wife had passed away like a year earlier. And like, they listened to this piece together or something. And like, that was like the first time like he listened to it and like, really, like felt something Mm hmm. And so like right then in there like the orchestra orchestra conductor took an hour to get that answer out of him. But he’s like, that’s why I do it every day is like, if one person kind of like here’s here’s something I do or something like feel something in an entire auditorium or whatever, like that’s that one moment where you feel something like that. That’s what we’re all chasing, you know? Yep, I think everyone is I think that that I do something and impact someone’s life so much that it literally changed their life I think that’s what everyone wants and I think everyone at first sets out to do that when they started their business but I mean as you know, the learnings the the problems that come I mean it can wear you down and you can quickly forget why you started to do all this and I think really digging down and waking up every morning like why am I doing this? I mean I have it I have it on my phone and in the bathroom but as soon as soon as I wake up it’s the the why I get up because it’s a try. I try to get up early and stuff like that. I mean, it’s been long hours and stuff like that and sometimes it’s what am I doing I just want to hit the snooze button for about four hours but it’s like you know, once you remind yourself why it’s like oh, well. I’m not I’m not tired. It has that mission and I think getting that out that why is so powerful and I think so many businesses


I struggled to do that. I’m going to shout out one of my friends, Joey Bella said, Oh, PT, because I learned a lot from him. He’s the guy who connected Tyler Wagner and kind of like started a little bit of this I was doing some free work for his for his gym meditation practice, but um, he, I sat down with him once and figured out his way to like, he’s all about like, self improvement and motivating people. And he, yeah, he explained that his why, and I really try to embody this like every single day. His why was like, if he could change one person, like that same feeling, like jack said, like, yeah, in that interview setting, it took me an hour to get there, but I finally got it out of them. And like, changed the whole course of like, I’m like, Man, this is connection, like really learning and understanding, like why people do the things they do and what drives them and their story. Like, if you can just change or impact one person, like really, like, that’s my simplified why now is like, man, if I could just like work with one business or one person and help them realize like, what their stories in then tell it in, like, make a living doing that, like, that sounds like a pretty, pretty good way to live life, you know, just go around, like listening to people tell their stories, and like bringing it out of them a little bit. Like, it’s just changing one person starting with one person, like, if you change one person, then I mean, this is what Gary does, he changes one person. And now we can have a conversation talking about him on the podcast, and then somebody will listen to this and they’ll go live their life will be like, it’s all like, just starting with one person, if you could just impact or change one person every single day, like the you know, what’s the ripple effect? I mean, you change that one person. Now also in their whole perspective, they’re there, everything is different on a day to day, now they might go out and all sudden, they might change one person because of their transformation. And now through that you’ve impacted two people. And I think that’s interesting, because so many people I think, get stuck on need to change the world and change billions. And I think or just themselves. No, I think a lot of people get absorbed like this was this was, this was like for 10 years, man, I shared a room with a kid and I was so he went through a lot, man, I feel like I wish to like I’d like gotten to connect with him more like growing up like us. He’s like, coolest motherfucker on the planet. Like, and you can bleep that out. Like, but he is in like, I wish like for 10 years, I’d like taken the time to like really talk to more and like, learn more, but like I did a lot. Yeah, like, really, like, there was so much more that like, I wish I had been able to like, really understand about his journey and every like, because I really think he’s like one of the most remarkable human beings, the way he lives, his life and his energy and his positivity and everything. And like, everybody loves my brother, like he’s literally the coolest person on this planet. And just to think like, man, if he lives his life, every single day’s probably gone through a lot more stuff than we can really understand. You know, that’s, I don’t know how comfortable I feel sharing that on a podcast, but like, he lives his life and impacts and changes a lot of people. And,


you know, it’s like I said, everybody’s dealt a different deck of cards and different hand cards and nobody’s card like everybody’s cards are different. You know, it’s just what are you doing with your cards? And you know, like, how can you like if you can just take your cards and impact or change one person man like that’s what it’s all about. Now, you know? So what what kind of video Do you like shooting and there’s so many different kinds. You got documentary styles, you mentioned weddings, you got promo, you got a ton of stuff, it sounds like you mean, to me, it’s something you really love to, I mean, what I would assume as the documentary style, because it’s very getting within to come out. And so it’s like knowing how much you just love hearing people’s stories and all that love to hear what you know, what, what do you love shooting documentary stuff is really intriguing to me. But I also like to like, start something and then finish it and move on to something else.


That is a documentary. Like in, in I don’t know if like, like, that’s, there’s a lot of stories on this planet and a lot of really, really cool, impactful people and I want to hear all of them. And like every little thing excites me whether it’s like, I mean, I got a call today to help like


I started out doing when I was doing video production, like highlight videos to help some my high school buddies go play college soccer, and I helped a couple of them. I had a friend go play St. Louis University. I’m like, well all over like I help some kids go play college soccer through making highlight videos. And I enjoy doing it because it’s like,


it’s a lot of hours. And it’s like the pay Isn’t that great? It’s like a highlight video. And sometimes I’m like, way too busy to like really be doing like, like, I don’t know, it’s hard, like but like on the same token, it kind of gives me that perspective of like,


you know, there was a, there was a point in time where I had dreams and aspirations to play college soccer. Yeah. And to kind of help somebody through what I’m doing. Like, you know, if if I ever got to like DirectX feature films, I don’t know if I could do that. Because like, that’s a lesson lot of time to be attached to a big story. But you know, like, I still want to do highlight videos and all that stuff because I know the kind of impact that you can make through video and I think the world’s changing and you can do a lot more than I think we really understand right now and tell some really insane beautiful stories.


Do the medium of like cell phones and all of that, like, I think so much more can be done. It’s all exciting. And I want to do all of it. You know, now I mean time to change people’s lives. I mean, it’s, you know, the highlight stories, it’s the highlight reels and stuff like that. It’s, who knows, maybe you help someone that none of their families ever been in college, but the video that you produced is the one that got you know, that that person in the college and literally you just, you just impact an entire family tree by having, you know, someone come in, and something so small, you know, like, for a couple hours for me to be stressed out after land from Seattle, and I, like need to go work on this. And like, Man, it’s midnight, but I told this kid, I’d have to mom one day, so you send it to coaches, and I’m like, sitting there for five hours. It’s like, oh, like, it’s hard. And like, it’s everything we do is hard. Yeah. It’s just like figuring out like, what, what is your WHY? Like, where are you trying to go and


like, we all go through hard things every single day. But I promise you, like, if you look at your cards, like your cards are pretty good. You know, like, you just go through your life and know that like man, if just


just try every single day to tell a story to to impact somebody or do something different because you’ll you’ll help somebody else. But you also learn about a lot about yourself along the way to 100% I really think that, you know, some of my dad told me when I graduated, he had like 10 things that like words of wisdom and stuff like that. And one that really stuck out that’s always lived with me is no matter how bad you have it, there’s someone that has a way worse than what you have. And it’s like, after hearing that, I mean, it’s my wife gets annoyed sometimes, but I mean, I joke around where she’ll, she’ll get mad at something frustrated situation. I’m like, okay, we’re still here. We’re alive. Like, we’re kicking it. Like, there’s no reason to be mad. There’s someone like you’re complaining about that. There’s someone that’s having to walk two miles to go try and find water just so they can stay hydrated, not die, like we’re, we’re good. And I I’m a big proponent of perspective. Absolutely. And the other piece too, is because once you have it, like, you also have to learn to look at those things like 10. Like, I struggle with that for a long time as a as a high school kid, like going through life. Like, you know, like, um, it’s not, it’s not like worse, it’s different. Yeah, you know, I’m gonna put, you know, like, it’s, everybody on this planet has different. It’s their story, you know? And, you know, look at Gary Vee, right? Like, immigrant came to America, like, there’s a lot of really, really bad ass immigrants. And you can look at like, what, like where Gary is, and you say, like, oh, man, he’s got all this and somebody else doesn’t have this. And like, it’s, it’s not better or worse, like, it’s just different. Yep. You know, and


just just dealing with working with the hand of cards are dealt in, you know, just like I said, I keep going back to that. But that’s really how I look at life. Like, we’re all just dealt a different stack of cards, and it’s not worse or better. It’s just different. Yeah, run with what you got. Yeah, figure out how to make the best of what you have. Whether, again, whether it’s good or bad is all perspective. I mean, so someone else can say differently. But it’s whatever you have to work with, just figure out how to maximize it and continue to figure out how to grow. You know, when it comes to perspective, it’s a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs have different perspective on what video works, what what should I be doing? I mean, do you have any insight or any recommendations? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what types of videos I guess work best? Or is there one that works best? Or how do I identify what type of of I guess content to create, to help tell my story, um, I’m, I’ve really only focused on the story, and I read a piece of it, I don’t understand everything, like I’m 21 I still have a lot to learn and figure out, I understand the story piece. Um, that’s something that as I kind of continue to grow and build my business, like figuring out like, the best mediums and the best way to like, I can I can go sit down with somebody and like, have an hour long conversation and like, figure out, like, what their story is, and maybe give them some ideas on how to tell it and maybe videos not exactly the answer, you know, yeah.


If video is the answer, I have a skill set, and I can go do some stuff around it, but maybe, you know, really, I’m driven by story. And if in a video one day isn’t the best way to tell a story, then I’ll figure out what the next best way is. Yeah. And, um, there’s, there’s a million different people who can tell your story really badass, you guys do a really remarkable job. I’ve seen some of the work you guys appreciate.


But like, you know, like, it’s it’s just, there’s a million meet different mediums and ways to tell your story. And like I said, Everything Gary and his team are doing, you can you can put out a blog post every single week on your website. And it also doubles to help with SEO and lead conversions and all that when they go to your website and they want to learn about what you do and they know your story a little bit like it all helps and their own videos about yourself and what you do, what your company does, and the kinds of companies and clients you work with and what your mission is and your core values and what kind of employees work from you like these are all things that I think um, you know, our generation is kind of like looking


For when they when they scope out, you know what companies and businesses to associate and align themselves with. They want to find companies like everybody, if you look on Twitter. Yeah, and everybody hates Amazon, on Twitter. But Amazon also like, you know, it’s a whole different federal use ordering. Yeah. But like in I worked for a couple years, in the Home Services, the HV AC background with like air conditioning companies. And in the most successful ones really just learned and understood how to tell their story, whether it was through marketing pieces they were putting out, or building a really badass website, when people went and look for you, or they called you on the phone, like, your story is going to be the reason that people work your job or they don’t, you know.


And I think that, if you can figure out the best way to tell it will really resonate with people. Like that’s how you’re going to be successful. And I’m in it. Also, I want to go around that word successful too. Because it’s like, it depends like what your definition of success. Success is, you know, like, for me, I don’t know, if it’s making a million dollars or whatever, like, I don’t know what like what my definition of success success is. But like, if I can like impact some people, like in change, tell some cool stories and impact some people and help people realize what their stories are, and maybe change one person, they’ll change somebody else. And they’ll think highly of me. I don’t know, like, I think that’s all, like, you’ll find yourself in a pretty remarkable spot if you can learn how to tell your story. And, and I think that’s what Gary does. So well. Yeah. No, I 100% again, the success that’s all it’s all perspective, because it’s like everyone, well, not everyone, a lot of people tied to financials, but it’s a, you know, again, your day to day happiness is is dependent on perspective and everything. And to me, it’s like


I’m successful anything but you know, moving forward is all like gravy, I got a I got a car, I could drive I have you know, I have a family, I have a wife, I have a little kid now I have, you know, a little bit of extra money to put aside you know, for savings to help with all of that. So like, I don’t need millions, I don’t need them. Yeah, current around 95 to call it like I don’t need all these fancy things I have, I have what I need to live. And that’s what makes me happy. And anything above there is, is super successful. And I think people again, get caught up on I don’t have a million dollars in the bank, I’m not successful. And then that all of a sudden spills into why I’m not successful in this career. Like it’s the negativity starts to spill into your day to day your projects and everything like that. And again, just having a healthy mindset on what is successful everyone striving to be successful, but you don’t even know how to define it. So how are you going to get to something when you don’t even know how to define it? And what I would say to people who don’t have that answer is


you have to figure that out. First, you’ll run into a lot of walls and obstacles if you don’t know what you’re chasing, like what your definition of success is. But I think the easiest way to kind of understand it is like for me, I just made a vision board. But I think that like the word North Star, or I guess is two words. But like North Star, if you can figure out what your North Star is what you’re chasing, like I said mine is like is from a friend Joey Bellis. And he said he just wants to change an impact one person and have somebody else impacted. Like, you know, my, my Northstar would be to kind of be able to really fully contextualize the experience I had my brother growing up in my family, um, and understand how to, like, shares some of the things I’ve learned along the way, like if my, if I could like if I my definition, my definition of success would be like, building up.


I have I’ve thought a lot about my legacy. It’s weird to say that as a 21 year old kid, but like, if I had a legacy or like ever, like got to accomplish anything, I would want my legacy to be all the people I worked with along the way. And like the people I built up along the way and like that’s what drives me motivates me like this video stuff is it’s a cool skill set. And I’m learning a lot more about it. I’ve gotten to work with some really, really, really cool people. Like I said, baseball players musicians, like soccer team soccer team, like in, but I’m also just living my life, you know, and like enjoying things. And I love telling stories. And that’s like, but I’m driven every day by my Northstar. I have a vision board. And I like the idea of entrepreneurship. Like I have, like, on my vision board, there’s like things that like I want to accomplish and do. Like it’s really just like, What is your definition of success, find that figure that out. And once you do, everything else becomes a lot easier. You can handle phone calls about a crash drone a lot easier, because in the grand scheme of things, you think about your vision board, you’re like, you know what, like, I had to go through this system to learn how like, you know, there’s, we all go through different things. And I bet you somebody else out there has a lot worse of like a entrepreneurship story $2,000 drone crashing and it only cost $200 to fix it. Like you know, like I complain about that nearly get hurt a lot but like you know, it’s like it’s there’s a lot bigger things like I I don’t know if I could handle the stress and pressure having employees in like people and people’s livelihoods in like my hands and like I need to put money on the table for me but also like I have 10 people working for me like, that’s a lot of responsibility and things so like, you know, I don’t know if that’s really appealing to me. Like there’s a lot of

Figuring out but um, I’m stuck on the story piece, because I think there’s a lot that can you know, the No, I mean love it, you know, he mentioned Northstar, he has something to guide by I mean, it’s gonna be an ever changing path to get there things are gonna come up, but at least you kind of have something that you’re working towards the data. There’s a lot of people that again, I want to be successful, but it’s like, well, you don’t know how to define success, you’re not really going anywhere. You’re moving a lot, but not moving forward. So I mean, that that’s a huge step is just knowing that why that was tell the story. And then what does that long term goal, what is it you want to accomplish? And that that kind of helps dictate what your day to day moves? decisions, how you react to things all all line up? And it sounds like you’re well, on your way? What way ahead of most 21 year olds? That’s for sure. Thank you. So I mean, we’ve been talking a lot about you know, your story, you’re helping tell other people story weather. I mean, right now, it’s, it’s the video, it could be something different if people’s consumption changes. What are you working on right now? Or over the next six months? Again, everyone looks at what’s your 10 year goal? What are you doing over the next six months really help you grow professionally. And personally, if I


like, I just transitioned out of working a full time job because I


my phone was kind of blowing up with people that want to work with me. And I wish like, I really want to be able to figure out like if I’m booked on a Saturday, and somebody else wants to work on that Saturday with me on that Saturday, like, how can I like, I still want to I want I want to say yes to everything. I want to work with everybody. And I’m realizing like, that’s not the healthiest way to run a business. But I really, really want to work with everybody, and how can I like, um, I, I want to kind of like ride that and figure out like how I can like, I love the idea of like, growing up, I played club soccer, and I always wished I was like the team captain or whatever. Like, I felt like I was like one of the like, below guys in the team. But I’m like, man, if I had a shot to be team captain, like, how would I run things? Yeah, you know, like, What? How will? What kind of impact would it leave on the people around me that maybe weren’t as good, or maybe were in my shoes like,


and if if I had if I was fortunate enough to kind of build out something where I could do the things I love every day and tell stories and maybe run a business and lead a team or work with a team or whatever, like I just want to be a part of telling stories. And in the next six months, I think looks like for me figuring out, you know what, I mean? I’m early in my story. And in my journey, figuring out like what the next steps are, I really want to like, figure out like, I’m enjoying working with the one guy I’m working with right now and figuring out if I can continue to build out and scale video production here. I think it would be really, really cool to and I think there’s a lot of badass stories I can tell. Yeah.


I mean, continuing to work with some of my existing clients right now and just figuring out like just riding the wave. Yeah. Well, that’s awesome that you kind of made that transition away from the full time I mean, that’s that right there is gonna Gary it is and then it kind of lights that fire under you going well I don’t have anything How am I gonna pair it and eat I have to do something and it forces you into figuring it out. And I was really, really scared to to. And if anybody out there is like living like the full time life like I worked 60 to 80 hour weeks for like two years straight. And it’s all documented harvest. Like a calendar is crazy. I use harvest for time tracking so I can figure out how much time I’m working on this I can really like say yes to everything and figure out what my limit is and all that but like if anybody out there is like doing like the 60 to 80 hour week full time gig like the biggest like


I was scared to take the leap and do it um, and I was like man I have gigs lined up for like the next like three or four weeks but i don’t know if i anything after that. And like last week, I was sitting there like, oh man, what am I working on this week and my phone just like, I had people calling me and texting me and email me and it just kind of like, I don’t know, I feel like if you take that step and take that leap and kind of Believe in yourself and you’re the first one to do it.


Other people like the universal kind of reward you if you’re really like a good person, like just work hard, be a good person try to impact people and change people and I think the universal or deprecate and send good energy your way is hopefully I’m you know, just riding the wave.


No, I couldn’t agree more. Do you do stuff that it sounds like a lot a lot is like project based like one time video it’s done? Or do you have anything on the horizon? where it’s like, Hey, you know your your stories and told in one little preview or whatever? How can we do this on a monthly basis quarterly basis to try and insulate yourself on on, I have future revenue that I can count on and not always sweet. I sold eight projects. I do them. Oh, now I have to figure out how to get more because I have nothing you know, that would be great to kind of have a conversation with you after to figure out how I can begin to do that. Because that’s something I haven’t really ever like, thought through. Because I just like I said I enjoyed kind of riding the wave and saying yes to everything and No, I’ve never really stressed about that because I just believe like if I just work hard like it’ll all keep


Coming. So yeah, it’d be nice to have some stuff down the road. Like I’ve got shoots booked out, like all the way through like the end of August and stuff. So like a night, I’m like relaxing, but it would be great to have some of that like consistent stuff where I can like, start to kind of figure out and like, actually


build out something. Yeah, yeah. Now that’s exciting. I mean, I’m figuring it all out, man. I’m 121 year old kid, I’ll still take on $50 gigs here and there. If I believe that, like, it’s something that will help them yeah, you know, or even if it just like, fulfills some of the things that I enjoy doing. Yeah. You know, like, I enjoy connecting and telling stories. And


if the right person came along and had a $50 gig, and I was free for that Tuesday, from between two and three, and I can run out there and do it in between all the other shit I’m doing like, Oh, God, do it, man. Yeah. Now, I love it. I love the grind. I mean, Rise, Grind, Repeat you’re doing on the daily.


You know, this has been great. Love the hustle.


We’re definitely human contact. But uh, you know, you’re you’re learning a lot about yourself. You’re learning a lot on how to help others, you know, for either that business owner entrepreneur who just who just starting out, they go, you know, that is true. I don’t even know my why I don’t know how to define success. And all that is what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’d have for them. Um, I would love to have a phone call or conversation with you. Because I feel like I’m still fake. We’re all figuring that out. Yeah. And it’s, it’s man, my phone numbers. 420-369-1004. Like, it’s scary, you know, jumping out and doing your own thing.


And I think like, like I said, like, putting good energy out in the universe, like it will reward you. Yeah, no. I’m like, don’t be scared to take the leap. take the leap. I didn’t realize I was ready until I was past ready. Like everyone will ever be like, you know what, I think I’m ready


to get to be the end of this year, like, I’m like, chill, and I’m like, No, I had to turn down a lot of really big gigs because I was working a full time job. So I don’t know, it’s like, it’s just, you know, we’re all we’re all in the process of telling our story, figure our store. And that’s really just like, like, really sit down and think through that because I think that’s the first thing. Like, you’re gonna run into a lot of obstacles and mistakes


that I think could be avoided if you just know your why. And you will have the answers to them and like my Northstar everything I’m doing every single day. Um, is is driven by what like my Northstar? Yeah, and the mistakes I make along the way it’s all I hope it’s pointed me in that right direction, you know, and guide me in that right direction. Good good piece of advice if if you’re out there and doing it just for the money chances are that’s not your why I mean, it is nice that that comes in nice to have so yeah, yeah, but I mean it’s take a step back Why are you waking up every day taking the risk to put other people’s livelihoods in your hands put your your day to day risk and all that I mean, it’s a lot to run a business a lot of liability and all that Why are you getting up every day to do that and if you’re doing it just for money like there’s a lot that you’re gonna like there’s a lot of bullshit you’re gonna have to like get through like if it’s just for money you know? Yeah, like you need a bigger why


you just do yeah, no call has been great appreciate the time and I already get the phone number but if anyone wants to check out your work, wants you to help them tell you know their story their Why? How can people find you get a hold of you? Oh,

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