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The COVID pandemic hit Green Mountain Grills hard. Their top-quality wood pellet grills are the first choice of many competitive grillmasters, but competitions were on hold. When things finally started to open back up, “Shipping issues,” says Jason Baker of Green Mountain Grills. “Guess what — You’re not getting product!” Jason says it’s been very tough, but “You can’t be beat if you don’t give up.

When you’re in business, expect something crazy every day. If you work hard enough you’ll get through all those issues. You have to have the mantra that you’re just going to keep pushing forward, and get up and face the next day.”


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Jason Baker, Green Mountain Grills
Jason Baker, Green Mountain Grills

| Rise Grind Repeat 105 |


On today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, we talked to Jason in Green Mountain grills, we discussed how he took his grandpa’s invention and turn it into a national brand. Let’s dive right in.

Jason, thank you so much for joining on another episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, excited to have you here. Because you know what, what Green Mountain grills is all about his house we love I mean, just grilling smoking meat. It’s something that did with my dad growing up. And so it’s a great memory. So. But before we kind of get into that, I’d love to hear just kind of background on you. Who are you? What’s your background? How did you get to where you are today?


Oh, man, that’s a long story. That’s a lot where to start with it. Where to start? Oh, you know what, I’ll start in this in this room. always been a serial entrepreneur always love being a part of businesses. I get that from my father. My father has been a serial entrepreneur. My grandfather was a serial entrepreneur loved starting businesses and making people happy with a product. That was the most important thing, making somebody happy with the product. And when my father started tinkering around with this Pellet Grill thing. He started really doing some of the right things that needed to be done for people to get more excited about pellet growing. Yeah. And what was neat was, I remember 2008, he started screwing around 2009, he had his first product come out, I was doing solar stuff here in the valley doing some solar financing type situations, integrating panels into coverings, which was a blast, enjoyed the heck out of that. But he basically got to a point where he said, I want you to try this grill. I really think he would like this grill. I said, Yeah, no problem, I’ll test it out. I fell in love with it. absolutely fell in love with the grill. I said I could sell this, I could sell tons of these things. I love it, right, because he took something that was already there, and added a lot of really cool features to it. And that was kind of the kick to it is that we kept listening to our consumers kept innovating, and really drove a company from this idea to a brand and and having that brand now of Green Mountain grills. It’s been a blast, man. It’s been it’s been everything so so my life is now Green Mountain grills, right. This was become


that’s cool. I mean, you mentioned 2008, which really blows my mind because I feel like just smoking pellet burning that I feel like that just recently became a thing. I mean, I’m sure that it was always a thing. It’s just now kind of exploding in popularity. So it’s interesting to hear, you know, that got started 2008 The thing I love the most though, is the instead of just producing a product and forcing someone to like it, it’s you guys kind of put something out there and listened, innovated and really produced a product that was what consumers want. And I think that’s, that’s a huge piece of the business and really what differentiates most businesses, those that can really listen to their consumers and change, you know, their model their process, whatever it may be, you’re gonna make the consumer happy, and they’re gonna keep spending money with you. And ultimately, that’s, you know, that’s, that’s what every business wants.


That’s exactly right. And that’s, that’s what we’ve always tried to do, because we do recognize that as well. But the the fun part has been, I’ll back up a little bit. You know, this did start out as a product, but you learn real quick that the food is is the key, right? The food. So I wanted to learn everything when I first got in this business, I loved the product, and I was figuring out what we could do to make it better. I love marketing. So I love the branding. I love the packaging, I love all that good stuff, right that comes with it. I want the the eyeballs to see value in everything right? When you look at that grill, I wanted to I want you to feel it everywhere, you know, 200 pound unit, you’re gonna feel the weight, all that good stuff. But it’s the food at the end of the day. So early on, I started getting very immersed, I got to hang out with people like Moe case on and Harry Sue, and Darlene Smith and all these guys that that really knew barbecue early on, they were winning right there. They’re in these competitions winning, and I’m tasting this food. And I’m a kid in a candy shop, I love all of this great food, right? I’m trying all this stuff. So I learned very early on how much I I fell in love with all those guys, all those cooks, right, I wanted to learn everything I could from those people. And those people have also taught us a lot of what we can do with our grill over the last decade. And so that has also given us a really good foothold into things that maybe the backyard cooker might not necessarily know. But we’ve taught them hey, you can do this or you can change this on the grill. Perfect, perfect example is the heat shield. So we have a removable heat or a movable heat shield adjustable heat rod that goes inside of the grill and moves the heat shield. We’ve learned that even little changes in the wind speed, change the thermodynamics inside that grill. So the customer outside that grill can move that grill if they think it’s a little different left to right. Little things like this, blow your mind because it is all about the customer and how the experiences for them cooking that food.


It’s funny cuz you run into some people that are like that all for what how can we make this better? just all about what can you tell me? How can we innovate better, but then you have some some brands, some companies that are like, well, we hear you, but that we’re stuck in our own ways. I mean, do you think one way is better than the other? Or?


Gosh, it’s all about listening it really, I mean, I think that there are companies that have engineers that are they tell you the way it is? And and I see that in some product releases, right? Sometimes you see a product come I go, gosh, that looks beautiful. But does it work? Right? What doesn’t work? Right? Because, unfortunately, it had a lot of engineers working on it didn’t have real people testing it. Right? You didn’t get real life experience, real in depth, real life experience from a backyard cook from competition cookers, you didn’t understand what how people cooked on that machine. And so that that is going to give you a difficult time jumping into a market where quite frankly, there are a lot of companies already listening, right. And there are a lot of companies already innovating. You know, for us early on, you know, 2010 2011 we started with a remote control. Right, so we put a remote control RF on a grill. Yeah. And people want Why would you do that? That’s ridiculous. Well, but what about that those folks in South Dakota, or in Phoenix, Arizona, when it’s 110 degrees outside, they don’t want to go outside, or South Dakota in the wintertime when it’s minus 20. And they’re sitting there changing the temperature from remote control. And and everybody thought it was crazy. But I’ll tell you what, it took us up, right, we started to really grow from that people said, Oh my gosh, they’re innovative. We put a low pellet alarm. When the when the hopper gets low, it beeps at you. It’s annoying sound Oh, you got to fill up your hopper. Right? We were the first ones to do this stuff. And and then it was just a conversation of how do we get more range? Right? Well, how do we talk about what do we do next? Wi Fi? Absolutely perfect. servers? How do you do that? Boom, you know, you start talking about all these things. distance, distance distance, how do we inside the app? How do you control the thermostat to where customer says it’s things off? 10 degrees? Okay, let’s let’s figure that out. Let’s allow them to make those changes inside the app profiles. How do you get people to be able to say, because you know, when you cook a brisket, it’s a long process. And everybody has a little different idea of how to cook a brisket. Everybody you talked to 10 different BBQ pitmasters, they’re going to tell you little, just little little idiosyncrasies about what that is what that process is. But in the app, I could say, I want to cook this thing at 150. For six hours, I want you to jack up the temperature to 225. And then when it hits 160, we’re in that stall that 151 60 range, crank that thing up a little bit, let’s go Myron Mixon, let’s hit that thing up to maybe 350 400. And get this thing really cooking. And then finish it off. Tell me when it hits two or three, right, you can do all of that in the app, step by step and make those notes, being able to say, Hey, I bought this hunk of meat from Costco, and it’s a 15 pound flat, I know exactly how to cook. And next time, this is saved forever. I do it exactly that way. And that’s cool, right? Because all these folks are now taking meticulous notes on everything they cook, which is genius. But you can do it in the app, and it can save, and you can do it repeat every time for your friends and family.


I couldn’t agree more. And I love the video aspect more. So the reason I love videos, it’s such a great tool to educate. And I think education is so crucial. When it comes to consumers. I mean, really articulating the not so much the features, but how those features are going to benefit there live. You can you can communicate so much more in a shorter amount of time, which we’re not such short attention spans. It sounds like I mean, you’re very big on again, that education where so many brands are by now got a sale, we got a promo. Have you always been on the education side? And have you have you tried to go down the very direct response? And I mean, do you see a difference between?


Look, I think there are companies out there that I watched that. I’m impressed, I have to say, that direct relationship where you are selling direct to the consumer, it’s interesting to me, because you are that that you’re the one on one informative sell. And then you have companies that obviously go through the big box stores. I find that difficult because that’s the more difficult model for me. Because when you’re in that box store, you got a lot of turnover, you go in there, and you get a different answer from five different people. Right. So I don’t know if you’re getting good information. Whereas in our brick and mortars in the dealers, it’s all about education. We’re constantly we have sales reps throughout the country throughout the world. And we want to make sure that everybody’s preaching that same informative sell, right? And I never want to sell against a competitor. That’s that’s not who we are. We just want to run our own race and make sure that everybody knows this is what this grill does. These are all these features that as this is why it will benefit you. And by the way, we’ve got an incredible support staff behind this company. There’s going to help you if in case something goes wrong, and I think that’s the most important part of our company. I never talked about it, because it’s just it’s a trade secret, in my opinion, but but I will tell you, it’s a huge part of our business. And we want those folks behind the scenes. When you make a phone call to us, those people are going to know what’s wrong, what’s going on with that grill because they have one in their backyard, right? It’s not a tree, you’re not sitting there going, Oh, this customer has this issue. What do I do? And I read this, and I do this next. Oh, that’s not who we are. We want everybody you interface with, to know our grills. And to live live and breathe this this? This this lifestyle?

Yeah, I again, absolutely love that. Because I think so many people focus on how can we automate customer, customer support the phone, no one likes going through a phone tree and stuff like that. And I think so many businesses focus on customer acquisition, that I think, lose focus on lifetime, I have a customer and this little simple thing, instead of putting someone through a phone tree, and then you talk to three different people, they give you a different answer, having a cohesive message and all that, that that’s the difference between, I’m going to buy this once, and I’m going to buy this three times plus time my family, and it’s just so much opportunity left on a table that I don’t know whether it’s a pride or budget, or whatever it is, but I think that’s the way to go. And I think really long term, really, it’s going to drive the most growth because again, you’re appeasing, you’re there for the person, you’re almost like, a friend or a partner, rather than just a business trying to do business with someone

we try to be. And that’s the that is something that is always been instilled in my head is that profit is one thing for sure. But if you take care of people, and if you you do the right thing, profit will come. Right. It’ll be there. Yeah, always do the right thing. be genuine. be accepting, be customer service oriented. That’s who we are as a company. And it’s fun to see all those call outs. Right? That’s, that’s, that’s so fun for me when I’m reading some of those posts and say, Yeah, I had this issue with this grill, but GMG took care of me, they did a great job, that customer service, that customer support. Phenomenal. That warms my heart more than anything, right? Because things are gonna go wrong. But how do you deal with it? That’s the most important thing. And I and I see so many companies, again, that kind of come into this thing going, Okay, which hedge fund is gonna buy me next? Right? Right. So it’s all about what company can give me the best deal to take care of these people the fastest and, and move on. Right? Because that just kind of all these guys, they just flipped these things and move on flip these things and move on. Whereas for us, it’s brand, and we want to make sure we’re taking care of this family. And when we say GMG family, we really mean it, you’re a part of this family, we’re going to take care of you. I mean, there are people that call in with an eight year old grill, right? And they’ll say, you know, this, like miter just went out on this thing. Wow, that’s, that’s too bad. And we’re gonna send you an igniter. Right? You know, we do it. And that’s why that’s why the brand grows, because you are a part of a family. It’s not all about profit, who’s not all about flipping this thing into the next hedge fund. We’re here to help people. We’re here to build a brand, and continue to listen to people and hopefully keep creating better products, more innovative products.

What keeps you doing all this? Because going back to your obviously your focuses on on the people making them happy. But like you mentioned so many people there, their day of waking up is what can I do that’s going to get this thing sold for the most money quickest? I mean, what what gets you up every day doing that? I

mean, it’s all the people that work for a company. It’s everybody in our company, our company is full of amazing people with incredible families. It’s it’s the people in the warehouse, it’s the people packing the parts, it’s the people that are taking the phone calls, it’s the sales reps, you know, on that ground, talking about our product, all those people drive me, right? Because I know that if we keep our fire, that fire just keeps burning for them. And all their families are getting better. Everybody’s getting better, because we’re all burning that fire. And we’re all just going to keep moving forward. So for me, that’s what keeps me going.

Really cool. Doesn’t sound like there’s ever been a struggle hard time mistake ever done. But I mean, since 2008, I’m sure there’s something I mean, what have you faced that’s just been very difficult to face. And how did you overcome it? Because that, again, you mentioned it, it’s not so much when you get hit. It’s all about how you get up. And I think that’s really what what is the difference between a lot of a lot of people running businesses, a lot of companies.

Yeah, you know, I learned from a very young age that you can’t be beat. If you don’t give up. And we have been hit hard on many fronts. We’ve been hit with all kinds of stuff that I’m not going to go into. But it’s been very tough. Right there. There are some details in in what are some things that we’re dealing with right now, that are extremely difficult for all of us. But when you just have that mantra that you’re just gonna keep pushing forward. You’re not gonna let anything beat up. You just Get up in the face the next day. That’s the key to everything. But look there even now with shipping issues, right? I mean, my goodness, all the thing, you would think we just got out of the this this COVID thing. COVID, just kind of, at least is dipping, it’s going away a little bit. And we thought, okay, now we can start focusing on things. And then you get hit with another. Here’s another issue, guess what, you’re not getting product. Great. You know, so last year, it was the same thing. But it was because there was demand. Now it’s you have other obstacles that you’re dealing with this is this is real stuff that you’re constantly trying to decipher through and work through. And you just have to know. And you know, this is, when you’re in business, expect something crazy every day. just expect, right? But you know what, if you work hard enough, you’ll fix all those issues. You’ll get through anything, just work as hard as you possibly can. That’s the key to everything. I watched something, I saw a quote from Elon Musk the other day, and it just I loved it. He, it was basically like all those people that that said, I couldn’t do this, you know, this is what 100 hours a week will do. Right? I mean, he was putting in more than that probably, this is a guy who really changed everything, whether you believe in in whatever, look, this guy really did incredible things in a short period of time. And it’s because of hard work, he really worked his butt off. And I and I give a lot of respect to him. Because that’s a phenomenal person for people to, to follow, right to see that. Again, when you there are another two things that I learned from my grandfather. Two things you have control over in this world, you’ve got control over your work ethic, and your character. Everything else, you’re gonna have variables, right, there are variables all over the place, you know that right? So I try to live by that too. And it’s, it’s got to be in the right way. And I’ve enjoyed this period of my life more than any, right. And now that my kids are getting older, I get to spend a little bit more time with them in a different setting, right. Whereas as we were growing this thing, I didn’t really understand it, I didn’t see them grow up, but I was there for them just not as much as I want it to be. Now as this thing has grown a little bit more, I have taken a little bit a little bit more time and spent a little bit more time with my kids because I want them to understand there’s got to be a work life balance as well. Yeah, that’s where I might have said who I was a little is a little too much love too much work. Yeah. Let’s focus a little bit more on life until I’m trying to do that. Now.

A little bit more. A couple things that really love love that you said, I mean, the it’s funny, because you mentioned something, something’s gonna happen, go to expect it. No, just you’re gonna have to deal with something. And I feel like I had that kind of same mentality where it’s wake up, something’s gonna happen. But again, I know if I can’t get beat, that thing is not going to beat me. And I mean, some people will say it wasn’t that a negative mentality. And I’m not negative, it’s reality. But again, it’s having it’s, it’s looking forward to when that that I guess that punches thrown and figuring out how to deal with it. And I mean, a lot more stress, but it’s a lot more fun than sitting there. And, you know, doing things that you don’t think is really impacting the business and stuff like that. And so, it does get tough. But one thing that that you just mentioned that absolutely loved was really, you know, in the work life balance, and that’s really something I’m dealing with now how, like, early on, how did you do that, because that’s kind of how I equate it to is, you know, might not be there as much as I want to now, but if I put in the work now, 10 years down the road, whenever I can actually have conversations on vacations, I might be able to free up more time than if I wasn’t working, you know what I mean? And it’s known that put in the work now, because it’s, it’s gonna pay dividends in the future. How did you navigate that?

Yeah, my wife would probably say that I didn’t, right. Look, I’ve got 1613 tennis kids. And, and I, I don’t know if I was there enough at the beginning. But I did that, because I really do believe I didn’t believe at the time that if I put the work in, I could have some time to spend with them when it was when it was needed, right. I always felt, at least when I grew up. My difficult years, were kind of 12 to 17. But that was the time period where I felt like, gosh, I really, I would have loved to have a little bit more influence, right? Somebody that could spend more time with me. And so that’s what I’m trying to do. Now I’m trying to recognize, and the beautiful thing with your phone. When when you’re when your children have phones, it’s beautiful, because you can send messages instantly, right? And you can get the reaction. You can send a video that’s it’s inspiring. So the technology has given us the opportunity, I think to communicate with our kids better. If even if we’re not there. Yeah, right. You can always make sure that they know that you’re thinking about them. And that is so important to parenting. I’m not telling you. I know what I’m doing. I’m just saying. I believe my kids are all good kids. Because we are communicating. Yeah and early on. Wasn’t there as much, but I’m not sure if that was as imperative as it is right now.

Yeah. And that’s what I’m trying to balance is like, some people said, probably they’re more, but I’m like, Well, I got to pick and choose what’s going to be the most impactful to be their least impactful for not being there. Stuff like that. And I think to your point, it’s, it’s no, it’s letting them know that you’re there. Because it’s like, the same time, you could have a parent, that’s next time all the time, but on their phone not communicating and which one is better, you know, what I mean? What’s, what’s more of a positive impact? Not being there physically, but being there mentally, or being there physically, but not there mentally? And that’s, you know, I don’t want to get too deep. But do you ever, like regret not spending as much time, right? Like, how do you feel now about it? You

know, sometimes I do, because I missed a lot of moments, right? I mean, we built this business, in a, in a decade of period of time there where I can honestly say that seven or eight years there, I was not there, I wish I wish I were there more. But I’m, again, I focused more on the technology side, use that to my advantage to bridge a little bit more with my kids and love a little bit more and show them that I care deeply. And I want them to know that I’m there for them. So I’m probably I probably came a long way in the last two or three years to gain a little bit more attention from them, which has been, it’s been a beautiful thing. But I could tell just by you can, you’ll see just by just by their, their attitude around you. Things change. And they’ll, your their father, right, they’re gonna change, they’re gonna they’re gonna love you, as long as you love them, as long as you encourage them as long as you teach them. Right. And you show like you said, don’t be sitting there with the on your phone, when your kids trying to ask you a real life question. But I mean, I think that the other side of it, too, is when you give them real life tools. They, and then they apply them to their life. They go Dad was right. Look at this, this helped me get through this. Right. Right. So it’s, it’s a great thing. And business is a phenomenal thing. Being in business for yourself is a phenomenal thing. But it’s very difficult. It is a hard thing, because if you do it right, you’re gonna have to work really hard, you’re gonna have to sacrifice some things, you’re gonna have to miss some things. Yeah, that’s life.

Yep. No, I totally agree. And I mean, it’s, I’d be lying, if I mentioned that, you know, it doesn’t go through my head, you know, because it’s I grew up playing baseball, always at the field, or at the gym, six in the morning, some early mornings, late nights have always done that. But it’s I mean, ever since haven’t, you know, a little one starts to get in your head a little bit more. But you know, it’s a kind of on the same page as you is, work hard now that we can create more freedom, more opportunities to own your own day. So you can spend more time during those times whenever, you know, they almost need you more. It’s like, I mean, only there’s a time in their life when they need You more or less. But I think it’s more impactful prior and that those teen years and stuff like that.

Absolutely. I always had that dream of when the kids go to college or, or when they move away early on, to be there early on, right? spend some time with them, make sure they understand. That’s something that all of us, I think did do a little bit better job of is not being that, that helicopter. And I don’t mean that as a negative term, I just mean, you got to teach your kids that this world is a little rough. And you’re going to come across some very difficult things in this world, you’re going to come across people that want to basically destroy you and step on you and take your business away, be ready for that. Right? Be ready to just just know that not everybody’s perfect. It’s not it’s not all perfect out there. So I think that’s an important lesson to learn to teach anybody, right? Because we need more entrepreneurs, we need more people going out there and figuring out how to change whatever, right need that. And I think that if you if you don’t understand early on that you’re going to get knocked down, or you don’t understand how to get up. That’s a problem. We’re going to lose those entrepreneurs. Yeah, we need kids to get knocked down and understand how to get knocked down and get back up.

Yeah, I mean, you’ve been doing this for, you know, since 2008. Like you mentioned, you work with a lot of smaller businesses. How I mean, how do you think the world of the landscape of entrepreneurs is going I feel like there’s a lot more younger entrepreneurs, but also, in the last, you know, since 2008. Since that financial crisis, there hasn’t been a whole lot of craziness other than COVID which one would argue economics somehow got better after that, but what what is your feeling on the overall poll so just entrepreneurs small businesses business in general,

again, I think it goes back to some of these kids that I’m seeing are just their little little weak on on just being okay with failing you know, it’s okay to fail failures. You learn a lot more you hear all the outages, you learn a lot more in your failures than successes. So that scares me a little bit but I do have a lot of hope. There are a lot of great kids out there that are seeing that they want to be a part of this I just this entrepreneurial world is going to come about from experience and and that’s the biggest thing for me. I I I never like to downplay school, but for me Everything I’ve learned in this life has been from working. Yeah. And working has to be, you got to work the crappy jobs, you got to work, the tough jobs, you got to work those those 60 hour weeks, you got to work in order to figure out what it is you want to do. I remember, as a kid, I was sitting there, picking weeds for my next door neighbor. And I remember her looking down from a balcony and saying, Jason, keep doing that. Because you know what you’re going to figure out, that’s not what you want to do the rest of your life. So just keep doing it and think about what it is you want to do. And I always thought about that, right. But that has guided me that kind of work ethic. You’ve got to focus on working. So I think these kids as long as they’re working. And that’s where I see it. I see it in restaurants, restaurants is a place I always love to see young kids that are, hey, how can I help you? What can they do it? Right, right? Instead of somebody saying, hey, these are food? Oh, yeah, I forgot to get into the straw or whatever. When you see those kids, plug them say thank you so much, you’re doing a great job, pull them aside, and say, You got great things. Eddie, I remember this, I’ll give you another one. My brother, my brother, my kid, my middle kid. 12 years old plays baseball. Him and three of his teammates. I took them home, through the front door. And they were all coming in because all their moms were hanging out in my house. And I brought them in the door, pick them up for practice late at night. And the first three went in. And the last one held the door open for me. And he said you first Mr. Baker, and I looked at that kid, I said Get over here. I said that kind of attitude is going to get you in a lot of great places. And I started to tear up, because I know that’s going to get him to a lot of great place because he’s not being selfish. And he’s doing the right thing. He’s being genuine. Right. All those great things. And then I went to his parents who said, Good job. Great job.

Yeah, I need more of that. Because I think we need identifying and acknowledging you’re going to continue that type of behavior. Yeah, yeah. Those are your entrepreneurs. Yeah.

Those are your kids that are gonna, they’re gonna push the limits. They’re gonna, they’re gonna dream big, and they’re gonna do great things. Right?

Yep. Well, maybe we can get rid of eighth place trophies, and that’ll help get me started. I didn’t know they made 15th place. And there’s only 14 teams.

But I mean, you guys have always been ahead of the technology curve really listening to, you know, your customer base, and really thoughtful of how you guys move forward. A lot of you like to focus on the two year five year 10 year plan, which you all know, when COVID happened, that all can get erased in a matter of hours. What do you guys working on now that you got to try to accomplish maybe the next three to six months, not only as a business, but what are you trying to accomplish?

Yeah, as a bit as a business. We’re trying to change the industry. Right? We are we are trying to create something that nobody’s ever seen before. That’s always our focus, right? What can we do that everybody’s gonna go? Oh, my gosh, look at Green Mountain grills. They innovated again, right? We’re a small company, right? We try to get out there. But we don’t get out there as well as some of the larger players in our marketplace. But we like to be seen as those innovators as those people that do listen to their consumers and make good products. So that is going to be a next step. And you’re going to see some really cool stuff from us. I think in the next two or three years, down the road, they’re going to really focus on doing things completely different, right? Just thinking differently, taking, taking everything and going well, this is what we learned here. What can we do next, and we’re doing that and we’re having fun doing that. And then you’ll see more from us to come. We’re never going to stop innovating. But but for me personally, I want to enrich the souls of my employees, I want our employees to feel stronger about themselves, I want them to work harder on themselves, I want them to get better at being happier. Right? Because that’s that’s a piece of the puzzle to where I have not had an opportunity to put as much time as I wanted to in our employees. Right. And so that’s a fun part for me, I love being able to spend some time with with employees and know what’s going on and because all that affects everything, right? And and that is something that that I’m trying to do, personally with my own family with everybody around me with friends, trying to spend more time again, right with people. Because it’s been Go go go for so long that it’s time to kind of sit back and go, how do I give back a little bit? How do I help these folks grow? And I feel like I’ve been very blessed I’ve had a lot of great opportunities in my life to do a lot of great things and, and I’ve had fun. So so for me it is it’s time to start giving a little bit back. That’s awesome.

Well, once you build something to a certain point that kind of runs as a well oiled machine, you don’t have to put as much of your time to see that growth. So it’s it’s all the hardware it gets to that point where you can kind of Take some time off a little more personal time, but the key is just keep getting back up not getting defeated. To get to that point. It’s a lot, a lot of hustle a lot of early mornings, late nights, tough decisions and sacrifices. But once you get there, I mean, I’m nowhere near there. But I can only assume and conversations that I have that won’t you know, once you start getting there and get more of that personal freedom time that, you know, it’s, it’s all well worth the craziness of running a business.

That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. And I think, you know, all the whole ownership team is is with Green Mountain grills. We’re all so focused on the the growth side. And so focus on the innovation side, sometimes it has been that those times where you just go, gosh, we got to remember why we’re doing this, right, you got to look back a little bit and say, Has anyone been fishing lately? Has anyone done anything fun lately, and nobody’s done anything fun? Like, okay, we got to step back here, we’ve got to figure out how to delegate a little bit better. We’ve got to be more efficient, we’ve got to so we’re doing that. I think that’s happening, but at the same time, we’re also all very focused on what’s next, right? What are we gonna, what are we gonna release next? What’s going to be the next coolest thing? Everybody’s gonna go? Because you want that, that that keeps that fire going as well? Absolutely. That feedback from the consumer?

Absolutely no refund, to see what you guys are coming out with. I’m excited to see that. And I mean, you’ve been doing this, you know, quite a bit. Love, just love your mentality. love how you approach I mean, just the day to day, I mean, learn quite a bit, even just in our conversation for, you know, either someone who’s younger, anyone that’s just starting off as an entrepreneur or starting their own business, I guess what’s, what’s one big piece of advice you’d have for them,

have a team have a great team have don’t do by yourself, you got to have great people around you. You got to have everybody got talent, right? You’ve got to have the vision and you got to have somebody that can then they can execute, right? You’ve got to be able to make sure that you have all those pieces, you’ve got to have the great finance person, the bank person, right, you got to have the innovator and then you got to have the implementer. Right, you got to have somebody that can actually deliver, right. So I think anything I would tell anybody is don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you think you can do it all. That’s going to be very difficult for you. That that’s that’d be the key.

not going to get anything done nearly as good as you can and it’s stressful. It’s just it’s not nice, right? Not fun. Yeah, this has been great. Jason. You know, someone’s looking to get a new grill. Where can they

find you guys that the easiest thing is Green Mountain grill, calm and punch in your zip code, and you’ll find a local dealer near you. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Jason, thank you so much for your time, Dustin. Thank you, man. This is a blast.

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