How to get over writer’s block? Janine Hernandez has some ideas | Rise Grind Repeat 037

In the 37th installment of Rise Grind Repeat, we talk to Janine Hernandez an author, entrepreneur who is doing it all including answering the question on entrepreneur’s minds: How to get over writer’s block.

We see what she is currently doing to combat writer’s block as she writes her third book. We take a deep dive into her business of JJ’s and Son’s Tea Co. and many more about her current journey!

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00:21 Thanks for tuning in to the latest episode of Rise Ground Repeat. In today’s episode we’ve talked to Janine, I met her through our good friends over a finding Arizona and she’s in the process of publishing her third book, starting her own publishing company and just recently started her own tea company. We’ll see what she’s up to and dive right in.

00:50 The reason why I asked if you can come in is just that Instagram post of a, yeah, the writer’s block and I mean just anyone that’s writing a story or anyone that’s just writing a book in general I think is a huge step. But you mentioned you’re on your third one and so it’s like just everything you’re doing and it’s it. It’s awesome. And so really just want to hear more of what you’re doing. You mentioned that you know, you have a corporate job, you’re investing in yourself on other things and so you’ve had podcasts and her mind just really want to hear what all are you doing, what your, you’d got the corporate job, what is your, what is your goal in the next five, 10 years? And just tell a little bit more about you.

01:29 I do have the corporate job. I’ve been there three years. I’ve, I’m an HR manager and I love it cause I love people and connecting with people and if there’s a problem I get to fix it. So I love that part, but it’s not my passion in life. So on the side, I am an author and a speaker and then I also own a, a tea company as well. Oh really? Yeah. And so, and I’m a mom so I’m pretty busy. I’m like always doing something cool. Yeah, my plate is really full. And um, so yeah, I’m working on my third book and I was just really frustrated when I did that post on, um, writer’s block because I was really stuck. It, I got to a point where I was like, what am I doing? Why are you ready? You know, when you got all that self doubt, where are you even writing this?

02:20 Nobody’s going to like it. You start to really, really get in your own head. And I couldn’t, I couldn’t write for like four or five days, so I was going through, but, um, I would say the next three to five years I’m, I plan to leave corporate America and do this full time. So right now I’m just in a transition of like getting rid of all the old and starting new and changing and actually implementing like the, the lessons or I guess creating new habits that people have been trying to show me for the past five years. And it has, I’m like, man, I gotta do that now. I’m like, okay, I need to do the, if I want to be successful. So I’m just in a change.

03:01 Yeah. It’s funny you mentioned that because it’s a, a one word that I used to hate so much as the word process and it’s like a, I don’t know, it’s not a fun word and I think that’s why, but it’s like, even as we’re, like I mentioned where I mean a year old and there’s been a lot of learning process, but it’s becoming apparent that without it it’s tough to, to grow and really, um, just put things in motion to help you to the next step. Um, so yeah, the, the learning, it’s definitely there. What are, what are your books

03:28 about? So my first book is, um, called through my eyes and it’s poetry and short stories. It’s poetry that I started writing since I was nine, till about 26. So that I talk about everything, Love, breakup, family, just everything. My second book is a children’s book. It’s called feathers in the sky. And it’s a story about a little girl that sees feathers everywhere she goes and they mean something different. So it teaches kids about their intuition and following like their gut feeling. So it’s more of a motivational book for kids. And then my third book, um, I’m still working on it and it’s a motivational, like I would say, self-help motivation slash business book for adults. Yeah. So I’m really excited about it.

04:18 That’s awesome. I mean, the kids and then the adult side, I mean a little bit of everything. So what made you want to write it? Have you always loved riding?

04:26 I’ve always known I was going to be a writer when I was little. I used to tell my parents I’m going to be a published writer and I’m going to own my, my own publishing company. I would always tell them that. And as I got older, I was like, this is, I just kept telling them this is what I’m going to do. So they started to help me like research and, but we didn’t know what we were doing. This was like back 15, 20 years. Um, and then as I got older I just found mentors and people that were already doing it. And that’s kind of how I got started. I, I also sometimes I call publishing companies, big publishing companies. I just ask questions like, yeah, I like as if I’m shopping around, you know, and I just ask questions and that’s how I learn. Um, but I always knew I didn’t want to go through a traditional publishing company because you’re then in a contract and they, they pretty much control everything that you do. So I never wanted that. I always wanted to do it myself. And so that’s what I’m trying, I’m working on creating. Yeah,

05:23 I love it. I mean just the, the today’s world, it, it takes, I mean they’re basically a middleman essentially is their, they have the audience, they can get you out to the audience. I mean the same thing with music, the music industry, you have labels and it’s like, I feel like they, they just take so much from the person that’s creating. And so that is a big downfall you would say. Sorry. Are you trying to do anything to kind of differentiate yourself from other publishers or are you still wanting to become like a publisher or is it self published is what you’re wanting to do? So

05:54 right now I’m self publishing myself, but I do a of, I do coaching for other officers because there’s a lot of people that don’t know how to publish books. I helped them or kind of guide them in the right direction. I do want to, I do have a publishing company. It’s just, it’s a process. Like, you know, I, when I look at some fee, you know, famous entrepreneurs, it takes them years. It could be 30 years before they’re really successful. So I’m like really at the beginning part stages still. Um, I’ve only been in business for years, so it’s a work in progress.

06:30 It’s not done overnight. It’s funny. There’s no, there’s no such thing as an overnight success

06:33 and everything changes. I feel like everything changes every year just with social media, with marketing, with average, like there’s so many, it’s just advancing so quickly so you have to be on top of your game at all times, you know? So, but, but yeah, I want to continue publishing myself, but then helping others publish their, yeah.

06:53 Bucks. So are you going to try and create a different type of model than what the traditional, I guess publisher would be?

07:00 I think for me it’s to teach entrepreneurs how to publish their book and that’s what, that’s where I’m transitioning to now is I’m starting to create workshops and we’ll eventually have online webinars on how to do that. Um, it’s a niche that isn’t like some people are like writing books, but not a lot of people are into that.

07:21 No, I, I mean, yeah, I think that’s a huge feat to be able to sit down and get all your thoughts on to paper and be able to write something. I think that’s huge. And even then like has it led to any other opportunities outside of, I mean, just selling the book, but I mean do you ever use it, cause I have a couple buddies that have written a book and it’s, it’s used to kind of help network themselves. Do you use it in that kind of way at all?

07:41 Um, yeah. There. I mean, there have been times where I’ve just donated the book because it helps, it’s like a marketing material. It is a marketing material, honestly. So yeah, I have or I’ve donated to organizations or schools. Um, and I would say for me, last year I was on a news channel three that was huge. Yeah, that was huge. Um, and honestly it was just me reaching out, just reaching out to all the news anchors and saying this is what I’m doing. And then one of them said, yes, come on. And I’m like, okay.

08:11 Oh, just sitting around waiting for the opportunity when I ain’t got it

08:13 looking for it. Yeah. So that was super dope. But yeah, I do use it as my, like that’s how I market myself.

08:21 I slept a differentiator. I mean that’s, yeah. That’s cool. So what is it like to get the whole process started? Cause it’s like, I mean, I, I mean I wanna get into the public speaking as well, but all there’s, there’s a lot of different tools that can help you differentiate yourself. And that’s kind of why we got the podcast gone. But getting a book going as something that, I mean it would be cool to eventually start. Um, there’s a lot of building that comes before that, but we’d love to eventually get down there. And so what, what, what is the process like to start,

08:48 to start? I would say having a plan, like just outline what it is that you want to even talk about or write about. Uh, that’s the best advice I can give. Um, if you know that you want to write about, I don’t know, podcasting, let’s say, um, create your outline, what kind of chapters would you have and within those chapters, you know, uh, find three like Kinda like mind mapping, find three things that you’re going to talk about within those chapters that makes it so much easier when you’re writing. Um, also a tip that I do is sometimes when I have long drives, I use the voice memo on my phone. And so I just like when I get into those deep thoughts where I don’t have physically time to sit down and type, I will do a voice memo and I’ll save it for later.

09:34 Um, so just little things like that, that’s kind of how you get started. And honestly it’s just writing. Just, yeah, for me, I set a goal cause without a goal, I, I get, I procrastinate. I’m a very big procrastinator. So for me, I set a goal, I tell myself about 1,500 words a day. And I know it sounds like a lot, but when you’re driving a half hour and you’re just in your thoughts and you’re doing a voice memo, it’s really, really easy to come up with 1500 words, you know, a date and then, um, copyright, I mean you have to get it copyrighted. There’s a lot that goes into that.

10:09 Well, is there, is there some, like is there an agency or someone that you go out for that? Cause it’s like, I, I feel like I can get ideas onto paper, but to actually make it readable in a good, concise manner and all that, is that,

10:22 yeah, I do the best that I can. Um, but no, you always need an editor. They’re just someone that is a proficient English grammar. And that’s not me. So my job is to just write the book and then I have somebody go in and tell me, okay, this, this needs to be fixed. Or maybe you should move this. But yeah, definitely hire an editor to help you with that before you send it to copyright. And then after that, it’s just like logistics, like, you know, the um, bar coding and you know, front cover of the book, getting it printed, ebooks and all of that stuff. Audios sold.

10:57 How do you, so whenever you do the voice memo, do you, do you go back, just listen and then read, type it out.

11:01 So on the iPhone, if you do, if you do it through notes, if you go into a new note and you click on the little microphone, it’ll type it for you. So it does a little, a lot of errors honestly. So you have to go in and you really have to like proofread it afterwards. But yeah, you just talk in it, right? It types it

11:21 sweet. Uh, there’s, there’s something that we use called Timmy and I won’t look into it. It’s a, so basically the same thing. It can take the voice and then transcribe it, but super awesome in terms of uh, uh, accuracy. So, and it’s only like, I want to say it’s like 10 cents a minute or something like that. So I dunno how, I mean I know that apple, any time I do, it’s hit or miss. It’s sometimes it’s like, wow, you did it so well. And then it’s like the next time it’s like, wow, that’s,

11:48 I agree. I’ve also heard some authors use fiver. Like they, they get people on there that can transcribe. I haven’t done that yet. Maybe one day. I don’t know. I’ll try it.

11:59 So how is his, you mentioned speaking, is it, is that any different than going about getting a book into market and where I’m going with that is how you just kind of organize your thoughts and everything like that? Cause that that is more so of what I want to try and do more. It’s a big goals to do more speaking, going out talk more just digital marketing, podcasting or whatever it is. But I like more of just showing up and just talking. But it can get tough. I mean, if you’re, I mean, just keeping your thoughts organized. Um,

12:28 it is, it is. I guess you do need, I mean, it depends on the speaker too. For me, I need a process, so like I need a beginner, a middle and an end. That’s just how my mind works. Um, and I, I need to be prepared. Like I can’t just show up somewhere and just talk. I need to like, I like to use visuals too. So sometimes I have either a PowerPoint, I show a video and I, or I’ll have a photo and then I talk about it. But I guess it depends on what kind of speaker you are. Um, yeah. So I’ve done speaking on, I like different, like Zen topics, like happiness, joy, love, gratitude, things like that. But like I said, I’m shifting. So now I’m gonna be doing pretty much book publishing one-on-one. Like I just want to teach people how to do that.

13:14 Gotcha. So when it, yeah, whenever you mentioned next three years you’re trying to, you want to leave corporate America and do this, is that what this is? Is is basically just, I mean, yeah, how to, how to publish a book. It’s helping get it started. Um, do you help people with the actual idea or is it more once you have the idea laying out the blueprint?

13:33 Yeah, I can, I mean I’m helping someone right now that has the idea. They don’t, they needed help with like their titles and their chapters and all of that stuff and just kind of brainstorming. So I kind of walked them through it, but at the end of the day they write it. Yeah. I don’t know. I was born like, I knew I was going to be an author. I just, I’ve always known this, you know when you’re young too and you’re just like, I want to be a firefighter. And then your whole life you go and you do other things. You’re a football player, you’re this, you’re that. And then when you finally grow up, you’re like, I want to be a firefighter. That’s Kinda how it was for me. I just knew and I did everything else that I wasn’t passionate about until I finally woke up one day and I was like, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I was good. Yeah.

14:19 So what is your timeline on leaving corporate America? What are you doing to, to make it happen?

14:24 I would say for me realistically I would say a year and a half to two years. And that’s just me being realistic. And what I’m doing right now is I have a speaking coach who’s helping me. I also have a book publishing. He’s a book publisher and a speaker. So he helps me with both. Um, I have a mentor that helps me both a career wise and professionally. And then I also have a financial advisor who’s helping me as well, just managed my finances personally and with my business. Um, cause what I was doing before is, oh, I want to leave corporate. America would always talk about it, but I didn’t have a plan. And once I sat down and I finally told myself, okay, I need x, Y and z money to even leave corporate America, I need to have this much saved and then this is how much I need to be making each month, so how many products do I need to sell? So it was like a lot of, yes, it was a lot of like mathematic equations and like really just, yeah, just sitting down and like creating a plan. And so I created a plan and I’m like, okay, I should be debt free by march of next year. So by then I should be able to start really planning, you know, what it is that I’m going to do and not tack on more debt.

15:40 Good debt though. I mean it’s, it’s reinvesting, it’s not, it’s not debt to buy things is dead to reinvest, which will then provide your ROI down the road. What’s been the hardest struggle trying to get all this going? I mean that’s that it sounds like a lot to get a book pile. I mean that’s, there’s a lot lot to do. So I guess what’s been the hardest thing to try and do it for other people?

15:59 I guess it’s, I moved differently, I guess you can say. Like I wake up every single day, even though I got to work every day, I will go home and work more and I’ll be up in the middle of the night and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it done. And some people don’t necessarily do that or don’t have the drive and so they expect the same results, you know what I mean? They’ll see, oh you’re, you’re, you’re doing x, Y and Z and you look like you’re successful. So they think that it’s just easy, but it’s not, it’s like a lot of hard work. Do you know what I mean? And I tell people, I’m like, I, you have to go out there yourself and sell yourself and you have to go out there and find in a reviews and find, you know, like for me, like when I was on the news, I had to contact maybe 50 news anchors.

16:44 Like I was just messaging everybody. Honestly, it was like one o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. So I was on Instagram [inaudible] DME one after the other and then just following them, following all of their accounts, a tagging them on my stuff. And then I finally, out of like 50 I had one person. So it’s just having that drive of like you’re going to be having sleepless nights and you have to really put yourself out there. I’m an introvert, I don’t, I like to be by myself. So yeah. But I know that I have to put myself out there and so that’s, I think that’s the hardest part is that some people don’t have that drive and they expected to be, to have the same.

17:26 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Deal. I mean see it all the time. I mean it’s essentially a time when people are just starting out and its like, to your point it’s Oh wow, it looks like you’re growing and all that. And it’s like yeah we are. But you don’t see the waking up at four to eight in the morning. You know the, the five hours that have already been put in by the time you’re already getting, like by the time you’re get into work and it’s, it’s tough. It’s tough because he, oh I wanted, I wanted, I want to. But it’s like, Eh, you say you do but you’re not putting in the work to, to, you know, your actions aren’t, aren’t doing what?

17:58 Yes. The behind the scenes stuff. Yeah. Like, and actually when you responded to my, my post, I think it was like five o’clock in the morning. Yeah. And I was like this guy, he’s an entrepreneur. You know why? Because I wake up at four just to get my day started, just to get my routine and just get going. And, and a lot of people will sleep in and

18:20 well, I mean once a day gets gone and it’s just, there’s so many distractions and it’s like you can have four solid hours of no texts, no emails, no nothing coming in cause everyone’s still asleep. And so like that’s that one. When I started getting up at four and then yeah, come in here and like five or whatever. But that’s when we really started, you know, getting more done and seeing the growth quicker because you just have more time to focus on stuff. And it’s, I just don’t listen to a podcast recently where it’s, it’s, I mean they talk big on find the three things that like are going to get you to the next level. And those are the things that you do early in the morning, just get them done and things you hate doing. And it’s amazing how much more you can get done whenever you just get up a couple of extra hours early and then you don’t have all the noise and everything coming in. How, how have you gotten past the being an introvert? Cause that’s, I mean that with all of this, I mean camera people are saying produced more content, produced more content, produced more content. But it’s tough if you’re not wanting to, you know what I mean? Get in front of the cameras and stuff. So are there any things that you do other than, I mean, just knowing that it’s just what has to be done.

19:26 I just know that it’s what has to be done. But then I, I take a lot of alone time for myself and, and waking up early to I, that’s when I have time for me. Like I go to the gym and I meditate and I like I read and that’s like my solid two hours of just me time and that I need that every day in order for me to be like operating at 100% throughout the day. And then at night, like when I, if I don’t have a networking event or anything else that I’m doing, then I’m at home. But I’m like happy [inaudible] I am. But I do push myself. Like I would say five years ago you wouldn’t catch me at any networking events. But now I’ve just learned that I just have to go out there and I have to talk to people and I have to spa, you know, and I have to do all that stuff. So I just, I know that I need to do it.

20:14 Yeah. How do you approach the networking events like that? I mean, just when you’re there, that’s something. Trying to get out more and do more of, but I don’t know, I always feel like I’m interrupting. I know that’s the whole point is walk up and just talk. But I dunno, I just feel like I don’t want to seem like I’m cell. Like I dunno, I’ve only been in a few, but it’s just, it’s tough for me to walk up and just say, Hey, I’m blah, blah, blah. Like how do you go about it? Do you have a good icebreaker? The is

20:40 no, but I year right when you go off you’re just like, oh, I’m going to interrupt this. [inaudible] Hey, I’m Jeanine. And then I don’t tell them what I’m doing. I ask them how, what they’re doing, like, what is it that you do? And then I let them talk about them and then they eventually ask what it is that I’m doing. So, um, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think just because,

21:05 I mean we’re B2B, so it’s like, I mean I feel like some people that it’s, if it’s B to c t like two people selling the consumers, they’re not trying to sell each other. They’re there where it’s like, I only work with businesses. I feel like it’s like, oh well you’re just here to try. You know what I mean? Like I dunno I, and that’s why we got the podcast. I don’t like to go out and sell. Like, I like to just, I don’t know, show value and then let it come. And so that’s,

21:29 well, I never saw it. Lee, I want to go to networking events. I never really sell. I just kind of share with them what it is that I’m doing. I don’t even try. I try not to give my business card. I usually say, are you on Linkedin or Instagram? And then when people follow me on Instagram, then they’re like, oh, like, you know, let’s go back. And then that builds like a whole other, you know, another followup meeting. But that’s Kinda how I do it.

21:52 Yeah, that’s, yeah. You bring up a good point. D, what are your thoughts on just business cards in general? I feel like linkedin and Instagram is the new business card. Like why

21:59 Graham is my business. Like you just go on there and it just speaks for itself. You know what I mean? Yeah. You can’t misplace it. It’s, but I do ask for people’s business cards because I want either their email contact information or whatever by, I usually have business cards with me, but I usually try to tell them to go to Instagram.

22:18 Cool. You mentioned that a, it’s tough to, you know, stay on top of marketing trends a, it, everything’s changing constantly. What are you doing from a marketing perspective? Uh,

22:29 good question. It’s, that’s not my area of expertise at all. Um, luckily I have, my best friend is really good at that and so I’m always learning from her and I just like, not that I try and copy, but I just duplicate it and I’m asking her like, what should I do? And so she gives me like all of them, her new updates or whatever it is that she’s doing, which is really awesome. Sometimes I tried to do it myself and then I’m like, I can’t do it. Can you just do it and I’ll pay you, but it’s not my area of expertise. And I know that at some point I have to outsource it because it’s, it doesn’t help me focus on my one thing, which is books.

23:07 Well, I mean it sounds like you get to bring in help whenever you’ve identified something that you might not be strong at. I mean a financial coach and mentor all that I can get invest in yourself. Um, yeah cause I asked him, I mean you mentioned it might be two years before you made that transition. So what is it that you’re marketing right now? I mean,

23:25 so right now it’s a little tough because I have the two businesses while I have, um, the book publishing and MIT. And so with the t it’s just constantly on Instagram and Facebook, you know, posting updates on, you know, the tea or people drinking it or testimonials. And I do a lot of my marketing through, so people are always inviting me to do podcasts. And so that’s a great way to get myself out there. And then, yeah, in a couple of years. Yeah. And a couple of years I really, I have some good ideas, but, um, it’s, it would be too much to add to my plate right now, but I definitely want to add, definitely want to, and I, I’ve thought about, um, having it like a once a week, like maybe either on a Wednesday or Thursday type of deal where people just know Wednesdays it’s Jeanine’s podcast day and they’re going to tune in. And so, um, yeah, I have a bunch of ideas. I just need to get it.

24:23 How do, how does the whole, uh, process work whenever you’re in the car talking, like coming up with a book, is it literally everything you say is, are the words, or do you ever stumble? Do you ever like, Dang, I wish I wouldn’t have said that. And where I’m kinda going with that is like if you’re already talking into something like you can kind of make that like the behind the scenes podcast of the creation of the book or something like that and you’re not taking additional time to produce it. You’re just kinda documenting the creation of your book and you can kind of use that as an advertisement tool for the book itself.

24:54 Good idea. I do stumble. I there, I get stuck sometimes or I’m just like, Ooh, what was I gonna say? So I don’t know. I or I can always edit it, but that’s actually a good idea. Yeah.

25:05 I, I think that it’s good to have the stumbles that this and all that because one, you can use it to push the book, but two, you could use it to push the publishing service and be like, hey look, I’m doing for myself and I, I struggle like it’s not, you’re not alone and you can use to help break the barrier down and have people be like, okay, yeah, you are like, and like, you know what I mean? You are like me and want to reach out. And so you’re kind of, you’re kind of giving the behind the scenes, you can use it to help push the book but also pushed the publishing as well and you’re not taking any, any extra time to produce it. And it’s, people love POV. So you will love the just behind the scenes and stuff like that. And it’s, it’s, I think, I think it would, it would do well and if anything it is at least gives you practice on doing it. If you don’t like [inaudible] I should test it out. I think you should it. Yeah. I mean if you’re already recording it’s like do it. Yeah. So does it just translate, does able just translate the, the voice to text or does it actually,

26:00 yeah, a voice to attacks, but I know, um,

26:04 voice memo and the note at the same time.

26:07 I don’t know. I’d have to do some research. I know some people use, um, zoom for podcast.

26:15 Yeah, we’ll do that with people that are outside of, of Phoenix. Um, haven’t done as many just because this is just better. Just having someone here and yeah, the quality is a little bit better that, and we’re just trying to really focus on Arizona. But uh, um, yeah, it’s just there there’s a lot of tools that you could do or you could use that like if you’re already doing something, especially if we’re standing out loud, just record it. Like you don’t need to take extra time to do it and like get something. We’re finding a lot and helping people out with a lot with um, or just tossing around the ideas, workshops, stuff they already doing it. Fair to if they’re talking thrown a lapel and then uh, record it and then it’s, there’s your whole [inaudible]

26:56 I’ve seen people do that where they have like a live seminar and then they created it into a webinar. I know. How’d you do that? That’s pretty cool.

27:04 Yeah. You’re, you’re, you’re not asking. Yeah. You’re just being, yeah, you’re being super efficient. Yeah. That’s what it is. You’re being efficient with the content. Cause then even then, once it’s done, then you can cut it up in a bunch of different things and then use it. Like if, if throughout the whole thing, the whole thing’s about Facebook marketing, but you say one really good thing on how to do video production, you can take that out. Now you have a video production piece and you didn’t even speak about it. And there’s, there’s a lot of that you can do creative wise dissecting stuff that already producing and if you’re, if you’re already doing the workshops, I think that yeah, there’s tons of opportunity. How often do you do them?

27:41 Uh, well I have one next month. Um, August is going to be women only. Uh, but it just depends on what I get booked for. So not right now I haven’t been doing much cause I’m trying to rebrand everything and change everything. So I haven’t really put myself out there to get booked.

27:59 I want to touch on the rebranding, but on the workshop stuff. So are you running your own or are you being asked to be part of quite a few.

28:07 Sometimes I get asked to, but right now I want to focus on me creating my own and me moving forward on my own. Yeah,

28:15 the rebrand. Now I want to get on onto that. What is, what is that process been like in, to preface, we went to just a little name change very early on, like before even even really, I mean, before this was even a thing and that was difficult in and of itself, just changing emails, changing the look and feel. And so how has that whole process been?

28:35 Um, I think for me it was, uh, I knew that I had to do it like three years ago and I chose not to because I was lazy honestly. And it though more as time passes by, it just kept bugging me. And the more that I would talk to different mentors, or sometimes I like to meet with successful business owners and just ask them questions and all of them told me the same thing that I need to focus on one thing. And I was focusing on too many different things. And My, the way that I was branded was not a reflection of what I was trying to do. And so I finally, it just took, I guess me telling myself, you just have to do this. And I really became clear on the one thing that I was trying to do, which was book publishing or teaching aspiring authors how to publish. And then I just did, I had to rechange my whole website, the name, the emails, closing old emails. It’s new business cards, new marketing material. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. And I’m still, I have one website I still need to create another, create the myself too. So that’s like another thing. It’s like, it just takes a lot of time. So that’s why I say I’m, I’m in the process of rebranding because then I have to also shift my Instagram and how I do everything on Instagram has to be different. So progress process,

29:59 like have the realization that you needed to change it. Was it through the interviewing people? It sounds like that was what got you from thought to I need to do it. What at what point, what was the thing that made you say, you know, I think I need to rebrand

30:13 once you hear it so often from so many successful people, if you don’t listen, you’re stupid. Right. And I’m like, she need to be, don’t do this. You’re going to continue in the same like cycle be treading water and treading water and treading water and not getting results. So that’s kind of how it happened for me. I went and I met, I’ve met with so many successful people, but one of them in particular, he was like, Janine, you just need to focus on one thing. And he’s like, you were too. That’s what he said. You wear too many hats. He’s like, you can’t be the master. Oh No. What did he say? You can’t be the Jack of all trades and the master of none. And I was like, Dang. And I was like, you’re right. It did. And so I think just hearing that over and over and over, you have to eventually be coachable and listen.

31:00 Yeah, it was it. So I mean did you have the feeling or was there something that someone said that made you think you needed to rebrand? Um, cause I said it sounds like you had the, the thought before you even started talking to successful businesses or business owners. So what was the thought or the feeling that Kinda you had before? Before we even started talking to the business owners?

31:23 Um, I was about to, like I said, I have my tea company and I love my tea company. However, my ma, when I wake up in the morning, my thing is books. Like that’s just what I’m passionate about by like light up. And when I talk about it, and that’s what he told me, he’s like, Janine, when you wake up in the morning, what is the one thing that you just can’t think of anything else? And I was like, books. He’s like, okay, so why are you over here focusing on this? And he’s like, and why is your Instagram reflecting this and why? He just kind of like broke it down for me. And I was like, oh. So I think it was just having somebody sit with me and just, yeah, maybe because I had heard it so often that I was just like, whatever, you know, you just kind of make mistakes as you go. But I think once he broke it down for me and he was like, let’s sit and talk about this. And he’s like, why? You know, why and why? And I’m like, I don’t know. So then I was like, let’s change this. Let’s, let’s create something different. So,

32:25 so did you guys sit down and literally everything you said was the why and where I’m going with that as I’ve seen a couple of times recently where I don’t know if they sat down with someone here in Phoenix, but basically they went through that thing and that’s to figure out their brand identity. And it’s like when you wake up, what is your favorite thing? Why? And then the answer, why, why, why, why, why, why, why is that Kinda the process that you took to,

32:46 yeah. And then also having my speaker and author, coach, he helped me as well. Um, he pretty much did a session with me for like two hours where I just talked about myself, my life, what I’m into, like my passion. And He created a business plan for me and he’s like, these are the top three areas that of interest for you. When it was cool to have somebody from the outside do it, you know? And then he helped me really pinpoint like that one thing. And then once I figured that out, which I always knew it was always books, you know, it’s just crazy. I’m like, I always knew that once I figured that out then it was easier. It was like, okay, now I have to take action cause I have all of the resources and all the information in front of me. If I don’t do something different I’m going to continue to have the same results and I’ll still be at corporate America. So

33:38 you want the same thing and expecting different results?

33:40 Yes. Yeah.

33:42 Just say that perspective. Um, the t thing, how did that start?

33:46 I love tea. That’s just it. I love it. I drink it every day. I’ve always been obsessed with tea and I always wanted to have a, I’ve always pictured people drinking tea while they read their book on the couch with like, you know, their blanket. Yeah. Like it’s an experience kind of thing. So, um, I started my tea company actually in 2017 but I didn’t launch it til may of this year. And each of my t represents something different. And like I mentioned before, love, joy, gratitude, empathy, manifestation, things like that. Um, so it’s very soothing, calming and just something that you can drink while you read your book.

34:30 So did you come up with like, and I don’t know if it’s a recipe or or, or web, so is it your own line or are you distributing?

34:38 I’m distributing. So I found, uh, I have a distributor and then I, they helped me find different companies. I tea tastes the tea tasted and then pinpointed which one I wanted to go with. And then it’s super cool cause I don’t have, well I don’t have the manpower either to do it at my home, but they do everything. The distributor, they package, they deliver everything. I just have to sell. Yeah, it’s going pretty good. And, but like I said, I’m, my main focus right now is the books. So it’s a little difficult to manage both.

35:12 Oh, you want in the teeth? Can you think down or are you gonna

35:16 I’m torn. I’m really torn because it’s my brand and it’s my philosophy behind it and the philosophy behind it is a cup of joy. It’s just when you drink it, you just feel joy and you’re happy. And I’ve thought of selling it, but I can’t see myself doing that. So I’ve kind of just a minute.

35:37 Is it,

35:39 I know you just launched it, so, uh, I mean, is it profitable? I mean, is it something that maybe you could outsource a few things to then fuel sales, which then fund everything else? I definitely think I would need an investor at some point. I can see this t being huge. Honestly, it’s just, I don’t have the band power to make it a household name, you know what I mean? So I’m like teeter tottering right now between do I go full force with this and kind of put this on the back burner. Do I do both at the same time and not get results? Or do I make this very successful and then just make this successful in a couple of years once I have, you know, employees and I can actually hire people. It’s a lot

36:26 for the tee. Do you have, I mean, a full functioning website, e-commerce, everything. Yup. How’s the price? Is it pretty comparable to like,

36:34 yeah. And, but they’re more for like boutiques, for Boutiques, spas, things like that. I wouldn’t sell it in a supermarket. It’s very brand.

36:43 Yeah, no, that’s awesome. I, the wheels are turning because I mean, they’re just e-commerce. I mean, that’s, that’s tap, that’s, it’s fun. Um, because you can look at ROI and like, um, it’s not like where this, where it’s not a transaction that happens online. So it’s tough to see. We invested this much, made this a whatever it may be, but, um, I mean, if you’re open to it, maybe we could help with a, just a little branded video. But, um, and I dunno if you have anything to invest into, but like Google shopping ads were basically taken the keywords, what type of tea, anything like that. But when someone types in that t have you show up, number one, it’d be a picture, an image of the product show the pricing. And it’s, it’s, I mean it’s ecommerce marketing, but it’d be cool if, uh, I mean it sounds like everything’s already there.

37:33 Logistically you don’t have to do much. And if you can do a sweet video that talks about you and how like basically branded video, why, why should someone buy the t, introduce yourself, why it means something to you, explaining the different lines and all that. And if it’s something that, that just a quick video, get a campaign up and running. And if it’s something that can provide ROI, all of a sudden you just crank it up and then you have your, you don’t need funding. Like you can invest 100 bucks. And I did the a hundred dollars if you see, you know, a two x ROI, cool, let’s maybe throw 200 and let’s make four. And then you can kind of organically grow it. And I say organic because just you’re not using funding. Yeah, yeah. Cause I mean w what you could do is literally if there, if it’s a certain type of tea or if there’s a competitive or a competitor t out there, what you can do is take people that are searching for it, then hit them on youtube with this branded video.

38:24 Take the people that watch all the video and then hit them with the shopping ads. And really they do a search. So you show number one now they’ve been exposed to your brand literally to sense to, uh, to, to have someone watch a full video. It’s insane. Like youtube is so cheap. It’s crazy. I’m like, you know those ads you can skip in five seconds if someone skips that, you’re not charging anything. The only time you’re charged is someone watches 30 seconds or more of the video. And even then it’s like two or 3 cents. And so I think if everything’s all set up, they’re like it. I think that we can help you make a sweet video, get a campaign set up. I mean, you can test the waters and who knows if it, if it, if it produces something then it can be a revenue driver to help with, uh, um, you know, the publishing and even then it’s like if you can grow a big enough, it might be the thing that can help you leave corporate and three to six months.

39:15 Yeah. And then, and then even for us, I mean it would help, I mean if it would help us document it or something like that and just, yeah, I mean it again, it, we could do a podcast on it, the whole strategy and we have a whole different segment that is just nothing but strategy and like, essentially that’s what we do is here’s the, here’s the proposed strategy, how we would do it and get more into the tactical side of things rather than high level. But I think if it’s already set up the sites there, I think you’re hitting on something that could be huge because it’s, yeah, especially it’s e-commerce because you’re not, you’re not packaging everything up. You’re not shipping it. It’s all done 40. I’m sure the margins aren’t as good, but it’s not as time intensive. So I would love what would love to see the website. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s look at it. What does it, do they build the site for you?

40:07 No, I did that. Really? What do you build on? I use wix right now. Yes. Um, let’s see.

40:20 [inaudible] [inaudible]

40:20 have you been pushing it much at all?

40:23 I was, but now that I’m in transition, I am writing my book. I had to stop everything else I was doing.

40:39 Hey, you built this? Yup. Awesome job.

40:41 Thank you. Finding Arizona [inaudible] did they have a subscription package or model? No, I’m working on that. Like a monthly, yeah.

40:58 Okay.

40:58 It’s that recurring revenue and then you don’t have to wait on them to purchase.

41:02 Yeah, and actually the distributor, the distributor has, I need to contact them. We had talked about it quite a few times where they would, where they would just create it and then ship. Yeah. So

41:15 does that, I mean that, that’s where the bread and butter is. Cause I mean, getting the one time purchases, that’s great, but then you gotta rely on them coming back. And I mean most of the time it might be a couple times a year or whatever it may be, but if you get an on the monthly subscription, it’s, we all know how quickly we don’t cancel those. So it’s, it’s, yeah, it’d good recurring revenue. But yeah, I mean if you’re open to it, I think, uh, I mean we could, we can help do something, um, from a content production standpoint and then even help your launch campaign if it’s something that,

41:44 yeah, I definitely am interested in learning more because I don’t know,

41:49 that’s like not my area of expertise,

41:53 supreme shopping ads now where I meaning tap on the image and then, uh, uh, the product comes up. I mean there, there’s a lot we could do to leverage the one or two branded videos and then just target people that watched the whole thing and it’s like, hey, you had a chance to skip it. Obviously you didn’t, you’re interested. Now it’s how do we get that sale? Yeah, I mean, yeah, if you enter that time we could set up another, another time to chat and then we could talk through the whole logistics, what it would look like and everything like that. Yeah, I would love that. I would be awesome. Awesome. I, I mean as we kinda wrap up, I don’t want to take too much of your time, but from a marketing perspective, what is, I guess, what’s the, anything that’s been holding you back or something that’s just top of mind? Any anything from a marketing standpoint? It’s not knowing honestly and that it moves so quickly. Is this just everything in general or is it like, is it, I mean tactical, like what hashtags to use or is it just,

42:53 I know, I mean I’ve, I’m learning as I go, but I think it is just everything in general. It’s just not where I thrive. And so I know that I need to hire someone to do it. It’s like accounting. Like I hate accounting,

43:09 you know what I mean? And it’s like, oh I have to learn how to do that as an entrepreneur. Yeah you do. Because

43:15 you can’t afford to hire someone at the beginning. So for me with marketing, that’s like the number one thing is that I just don’t know. But I think if I put myself out there and really try to understand it more, I might have better results.

43:28 Well if you invest more time, you’re getting to learn it and, but do you want to invest your time into that and all that? It’s all that stuff. Yeah. What would be, I mean what, what would help, cause I mean this is something that, would it be something like a workshop? Like what you did with finding Arizona? Would it, cause that’s what I’m trying to figure out is like what you just said is the comment, like where do I, I don’t, it changes so much. I don’t know where to start. And so I’m trying to figure out what if there either a one sheeter or a workshop, something that can be done to kind of help, I guess grasp more of it.

44:00 I think, um, definitely a workshop or maybe reoccurring ones like every quarter where it’s like new updates and kind of, you know, for

44:10 people like me, they don’t know what’s going on most of the time.

44:13 Yeah. Because if I do, like for example, if I go to a class in January, by the time march comes something new, you know, or it might be different or I might’ve forgotten already. So maybe like quarterly check.

44:27 I mean that, that, yeah, that’s what we’ve been kind of tossing around and that, that’s pretty much the whole of why we started all of this was the tactical part. And just trying to get information out there and, and just help people, the knowledge, cause it’s, it’s funny you mentioned the, I mean you would a paid for, um, the finding Arizona, the podcast thing. And it’s like a lot of this other we talk about, we could probably package up and sell it, but it’s, I don’t know, to me it’s, it’s why not give it away because the people that are gonna take it, run with it and when it come to you, probably wouldn’t come to you anyways. But the my mind is at least we’re giving people the keys to try it. And if you try it and figure out that, hey, this isn’t my forte, this let, this isn’t what I want to do, then then you come to us. And so really just trying to figure out how to give more of our content out. I mean either for free, um, that would be, I even free workshops

45:16 or maybe even free workshops or at the end, like you give them most of it for free, but if they want x, Y, and Z, they need to upgrade to a paid package. You know, that’s kind of how I see it with a lot of like speakers or you know, they’ll do like a free event. But then at the end, um, I’ll give you an example. Like I didn’t know, there’s one thing in particular that I do that I need to do that I don’t know how to do. And it’s, um, I have, I’ve been on a bunch of podcasts and I want to start showing them on my Instagram with like a sound wave thing. I don’t know how to do that. And so I like reached out, I was like, I’m like, how do I do this? And he’s like, you need a specific thing or there’s like apps and uh, I would have paid him for that because I didn’t know, you know, like if he, if he would’ve been like, well I charge Sharino for half hour consultation, I would’ve been like, okay, well how much, because I don’t know this information and I’m very serious about my success and my business.

46:13 But some people do look for free. I mean,

46:17 yeah. Oh a lot of people look for it. But I mean EOA you pay for most of the time, but no, you had the wheels turning because even then it’s like, I don’t know, I it to me, if you can prolong the getting paid part, it just brings that value much more like space on where I’m going with it is like it’d be cool to do a free workshop and even then say, hey, if you have more questions, I’ll set up some time to come on a podcast and not still not even charged, get on a podcast and then we, we chop it up or whatever. But then we get content that can go back out there. And then even then as we talk strategy, then it’s like all right, well now you actually understand what we could do and all that. I mean it can almost be used for lead generation type. I W I’d love to pick your brain a bit more on that end cause that’s, that’s something we’d love to do is put something on whether, I mean an event, something just get out there, get the first one done. But eventually we’d love to yeah. Quarterly. Um, we’ll shoot for once a year, but I think after we do it once, I think it’s just me.

47:10 Yeah. Once you build, like you have a process and like your content, like it’ll be easy, you know. Yeah. No it’s true. It’s just creating the process and then once you do that it’ll be so easy when you do your,

47:23 just replicate it. Yeah. You just create a model around it then. Yeah. Cause it’s, I said it’s something we want to do more, get out there and just pass knowledge on and uh, yeah, we’d love to pick your brain on how to do that. I think the logistics part is, is where I think a needed a ton of help on. Yeah. It’s more like just event marketing, the logistics side of it. Yeah. Awesome. Well, I mean, do you have any, any questions for me at this point?

47:49 I don’t think I have any, but I definitely, like I said, I like even the sound wave thing, I’m like, I don’t know how to do this. Somebody helped me. So I definitely, I have a lot to pick your brain.

47:59 Yeah. Well that, I mean that, yeah, we’ve done a few of those and concerned over how to use on how to do that or even help you with it. Um, but what I would love to do is, yeah, once, once he had gone to the navy, see if we can set up some more time and, and uh, if it’s something that you’d want to move forward with is see what we can do to help you drive sales on the t thing. And uh, yeah, I think it would make for a good case study for us once I can map it out. If you get it up and gone start seeing sales and everything, it’d be cool for us to talk about. And then for you, I mean obviously it put money in your pocket. So that would be,

48:28 I definitely also with transitioning with my books, I definitely want to create something that the same model that you said, but with the books, not selling them but selling my coaching plans or selling my webinars and so creating a video and then you know all of that stuff.

48:44 Yeah. Cause I think, I mean we’d love to hear your process on the creating the books. I think there’s a lot that you could do just documenting the process that you could use and leverage to just bring more value to the consulting side of things. It gives, I mean kind of what we use this for too is is to help make the sales process more efficient because it’s like how many times you’re going to sit down and explain what you do, what you do, what you do when you can just be like, Hey, consume it on your own time, here’s an episode, Blah, Blah Blah. That gives an inside look at how so then it allows people to consume them on their own time and there’s only, there’s only so much time in the day. And if you, I mean if you’re meeting eight hours a day, explaining what you do and there’s something to document it and then you can hand it out and then position as I, you know, time is precious.

49:26 I want you to consume on your own and I want you to have more than just an hour. Like I can’t show you all the value you can bring within an hour. So here’s 20 episodes of Dah, Dah, Dah. And so whenever the phone does ring, then all of a sudden it’s not, hey, what do you do? It’s, I love what you said over here, Dah, Dah, Dah. I’m stuck on it. I need help with that. So all of a sudden you’re just, you’re freeing up your time, not having to explain yourself over and over. And then it’s a cool, I mean like, like you said, it’s cool to give out a book and say you’ve done it. It’s cold to just here’s my podcast as well and it’s just a whole nother content piece that let’s talk about it. Cause I think you’re already doing things that all you’d have to do is just maybe throw in a Mike and you got it. Like I think you’re already doing a lot that you don’t need to take extra time to produce something. I think you can get a podcast going a lot sooner than you.

50:11 Uh, seriously. Sometimes I’m like cooking dinner and I’m doing, you know, I’m doing the voice memo for my book and my son’s like, what are you doing? I’m like, writing my book, you know, and I’m like cooking at the same time. I’m like, but just multitasking. Just

50:27 throw something

50:28 in that just records it. And it’s like, if it’s not good, you can delete it. But if you can, if you do it continually, there’s a lot that you can do to cut it up and tell a story. And I think that’s where it’s at. You can tell a story of the evolution of your knowledge, your, the, the, the making of the book. And I think there’s a lot that you can do. I mean, you mentioned your, your uh, Ken and they’re talking, there’s, I mean, you could do a whole mommy vlog on, on the Mommy Mommy entrepreneurial blog. I mean, that, that, that could be a piece of, and all you do is take the bites of whenever your, your, um, kid comes in and starts talking and then yeah, go from there. I mean there’s, there’s a lot that you can do that I think you’re, you’re already doing a lot. I think it’s just a matter of taking a step back and thinking of how you can put something into record a document it, and then it’s figuring out the process. And now that it’s here, how do we get out to the world and then we can sit down and I’d love to chat about that.

51:18 Sweet. I love it. Well, I appreciate the time and uh, I would love for everyone to be able to see how they can find you. So all your handles, everything, what it, all the websites, how can people find you? The best way to find me is Instagram, and it’s Janine, j, a n, I n, e Hernandez with a z at the end underscore, and then my website is those are my two easiest ways to find me. Yeah,

51:46 I appreciate your time.

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