Every business has its ups and downs. Gary’s job is to move it forward with niche marketing strategy. | Rise Grind Repeat 047


Do you work in a niche market? Do you have a niche marketing strategy? Gary Anderson is SEO and PPC marketing specialist for Air Services International, a nearly 75-year-old firm that provides products and support for Bell-brand helicopters and Rolls-Royce Model 250 engines. That’s a niche.

You’d think an established firm might be able to lock up a small market, but there’s competition everywhere. That’s why they chose Gary.

ASI may be 75, but staying at the top of their game means moving ahead, not just … hovering. They rely on Gary and his Fortune 500 digital marketing experience to push the stick forward.

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niche marketing strategy

| Rise Grind Repeat 047 |

00:19 On today’s episode of Rise Grind Repeat we talk to an old co-worker, Gary. We just catch up since the last time we spoke but also talk about how he’s using social media and Google to sell helicopter parts. Interesting. Let’s dive right in.

00:45 Pinnacle Nissan impurities son and Bill Ford and camelback Honda and stuff. Those are the ones that I handled then I handled some big ones down in Texas. But we we spent about two point to point one two point two million dollars a month. Wow. And that was just a piece of it really. All Yeah. They say that was just there was like they spent so much money on TV radio print newspapers or it was just a small it’s a small piece of it. And I remember one time we had a I think it was Pinnacle near Sun that the Titan. Yeah. They wanted to Dad a commercial and they wanted to put it on Facebook or YouTube to see how it would do. And I said What is it about. And do you have any particular audiences or whatever and they they the Internet manager I was on the phone with him and the general manager general manager didn’t know really anything about Internet marketing.

01:42 So as we’re going through I said well how much is the middle of the month. I said how much money you want to put behind this. He goes I don’t know five thousand dollars. All right I can do that. So I said it for four hundred forty five hundred dollars a year for seven five. So that it wouldn’t respect to the Internet guys like these are the audiences that we want to hit. We want people that are in the market for all the competitors like. Okay. I said if I come up with a couple other ones would that be OK with you. He goes Yeah sure. So I sat down and I’m like Who could I put this ad in front of this video in front of that would drive trucks. So I put it in. I did two extra audiences I did one of people that were sports fanatics and people that liked to camp over the video about it was it was a commercial for the type the Titan truck. OK. It was like a minute commercial I think. And the two that I picked killed. Now the other ones that they came up with they’re kind of like this you know. And the guy goes Wow that’s amazing. So I thought Who who would want to look at this truck. What type of audience would you want to look at this truck. Because I never thought about that and I go well and then I said you want to run it again. Joe man. Now we just wanted to see how it did its ads.

03:03 Joe five thousand dollars at it wow just just to see how to say how do we’re customer an audience is a thing then. Gotcha.

03:12 This was in 16. I think they might have been. I don’t remember. But yeah. So we did over there we did. We did Google we did Facebook because I had about it was only like four hundred and fifty thousand a month from the dealerships that I had at twenty six of them. So we did we just started doing Facebook they just started doing the lead ads what’s Facebook. And we did Google and then we did a little bing bing bing was kind of like still over here and still is I mean most conversation. FLATOW So it’s funny when I worked a geo digital is really funny that we would call up Google the 8 6 6 2 Google number to talk them and we got to the point where we said we got a column up it’s nine thirty in the morning because then we get somebody that spoke clear English then that you’d get somebody from India. And so I remember one time I had to call it being and they were so nice. They answer the phone right away. I told everybody that was work or they said you know I can see the Google because we used to work or on stuff like they have this big call center. Then you see Bing.

04:23 They have us all small call center they’re all just kind of sitting around waiting and all of a sudden the phone rings and somebody jumps up she goes down one really nice to you to take care of you and everything.

04:35 Then they come in and give us a presentation and they’re all given us stuff and really nice and all like us stuff we’re Google you never see Google. But then I went I went from there and I was considering whether or not I wanted to be in the business because at that time I think I’d been there for five years already since 2011. And it’s like my getting burned out on it do I want to do you know that feeling. Oh yeah.

04:59 And that’s why you’re doing this.

05:04 But I went to where did I go.

05:08 I I went to a company that well yeah I went to a company that was well my boss at Berkshire Hathaway my manager. He left after six months because he was starting his own agency. He had stuff he is doing on the side and it kept getting bigger and bigger and he did it himself. So I really I really liked him a lot. He knew him his brother ran something for business that they had they did Google ads and they spent their own money so they learned a lot about how to do things. So I really want to learn more from him.

05:37 He was an Excel freak and very analytical and we actually got to work with analytics where revenue we didn’t back then. Now they do but it’s different. I kind of start I went back there but that’s got for training and stuff. Gotcha. But they I wanted to work with him and he says Well I don’t have enough business for you. He says I’m not going to hire you on to work at home until I have enough business. And so then I went to work at a you might have heard of them they’re called was you Steve. Yes. Steve Wozniak Yeah I was doing the lead gen for them. I was on Google Facebook and it was tough was it. Facebook did really well we could get the cost per lead down to like 13 bucks and I could get them. It was like a faucet. I could turn it on turn off. I said we need you need to slow it down now we need to get more now.

06:38 They’re asking about thirty six hundred leads a month just on Facebook. We had all these other places that they’re are getting leads from. And then that’s why I kind of got into the CRM they had a CRM that would pull everything into it and then I would I could talk to all the salespeople and say Hey how’s this work and how’s that work. They said that the Google leads were better than the Facebook leads because they were targeted or that we weren’t going after an audience.

07:06 And so the cert search ads or you know search and display or yeah yeah search and display and you know it was going pretty good.

07:15 Then the then they started to kind of go away from doing it directly where they were trying to get like white lists white listed with private labels with different company or different schools because they did a software developer cybersecurity and data science. And they did it both on campus there and then there is like right across the street from the aquarium.

07:38 That’s where I went up to. And then they would do it online. And it’s like thirteen thousand dollars. They just recently I think lost their accreditation for here. So it’s it’s kind of like everything’s tumbling. It’s going away. And then my ex magic came back to me and says hey I might be able to hire you part time. Great. What that was I wanted to get out of there because they changed me from doing following the campaigns to just doing the CRM stuff. What do you like better. Well I like to do both of them together but they already hired somebody that they’d worked with before to do all the Google stuff. That they knew and family was family stuff. So I just said you know that’s fine. Then he offered. He said what’s come over and I thought he was going to do non automotive. And you found yourself back an automotive back and working at home the problem with working at home when you guys might have it here is that since you’re not on the clock you don’t know when to stop Yeah I think I’ve been feeling that for about a year Gina and I was really working too hard too much.

08:52 Pay was OK but not hourly. Oh that’s that’s tough.

08:56 I remember one time we had 15 dealerships that we wanted to go live and we had some software platforms that could do that. I remember one night I think as a Friday night I started working at 8:00 in the morning took maybe an hour or so off for lunch and I got done at two thirty two o’clock in the morning. I almost literally almost 24 hour day and my wife just I sit in the living room and I’d be having a beer or watching TV or whatever and then I’d be like oh crap I gotta go do this then I just walk into my office and do it and I’d be there for two or three hours. She goes You’re not sleep Mary Well I and I go No. So I had to go to him and said Yeah this isn’t working so now it’s interesting where I am now. I was trying to get out of the business.

09:40 ABC in general was really trying really hard.

09:43 Go well maybe I can do go back and InsideSales and I realized no I don’t want to be doing the inbound calls to where you hang up the phone and another one comes by as I’m not allowed to do that. So then I found this company you’ll get a kick out of this for half of what I would normally would make what I’m used to making up by the Deer Valley Airport. They’re a company that they have a location here in Phoenix and then I have one in Fargo North Dakota. What they do is they buy and sell planes or mainly helicopters and their components. So they’ll go and buy a whole bunch of helicopter components and engines stuff like that and they’ll tear him apart clean all the parts and then they’ll sell him. So I think they just made a purchase like 8 million dollars of a big batch of something tank in Australia.

10:39 It’s an interesting business.

10:40 It’s the vertical is like markets like that.

10:45 Yep and they want. I looked at some of their their campaigns that they had on Google because I’m technically the PPC FCO but the cool thing about work in there is they’re really laid back. My boss is up and in Fargo. I haven’t met him yet. You won’t I interviewed him. Yeah you interviewed me over the phone and. It’s interesting because the vertical is so specific. We have a specific audience and I like you guys are going to come and go buy some helicopter parts helicopters like the we just they just sold an engine the other day and they had to have a big long tractor trailer truck come to pick it up wow it’s for a jet it wasn’t for a while.

11:29 Do you get to see all the equipment. Oh yeah that’s cool.

11:33 The like I’m doing a program during a campaign right now to sell two helicopters to for help.

11:40 So are you. Is it Facebook and Google or what how.

11:44 Like so right now and what we’re doing right now is right now it’s Google and I said So what kind of budget you got to I know we can plug it. We can do a five hundred bucks a week two grand a month. Oh OK.

12:03 You can do so. How much is a typical order.

12:08 Oh well it depends. They can sell casters. They got parts selling you know what they are. There’s a part that’s like this big. There was fifteen thousand dollars for that part. They’re selling it for an engine an engine on those helicopters will go for four or five six hundred thousand dollars just the engine and then the full helicopters that we’ve got we’re selling I think they’re like seven eight hundred nine or ten thousand dollars at there. I mean they were one of us nineteen ninety two and the other is nineteen ninety five and they’re former police helicopters in Texas. They’re very recognizable. The ones that we have. So that’s what I do. And so it’s interesting because I don’t have anything else to do. I don’t have any other clients I don’t have any other verticals that I’m working on. That’s all I do. So right now we’re really because I said What do you think about our Web site. And I go honestly it’s just like one big blog. It’s really really long. The page is really long. Yeah. And the contents are very pretty weak. I actually ran it through Neil Patel’s site because they’re pretty they don’t have a whole lot of expenses as far as platforms and things like that like yes he rush and things like that. I’m I’m pushing that and they do the upside as in Drupal.

13:34 How do you like that.

13:36 Well hopefully they’re going to try to talk us into go into wordpress or something like that. But they one of the things that they do is they sell parts and they have the owners easily use a trip he went out and bought like in the early nine nineties. He went out and bought like 30 like thirty six domains and they’re all the names of the engines and helicopters like one of the engines is called a TI 53. Another helicopter is called a Huey. It’s a U h u h dash one so he’s got you h dash one dot com t fifty three dot com and he’s got all these dot coms in on and they’re all connected to the main site and he’s got two main sites he’s got one for us down here and then one for in South Dakota and that’s the one that I do because the place down here is more of the where the parts come in and the guys clean it and take it apart and I ca but the marketing is here and they’re all up the sales all up there and we have two other girls that just start same day I did in marketing ones doing e-mails the other ones doing Facebook but just post OK so no paid behind it.

14:49 OK so you guys are only doing Google right.

14:52 And the reason why and I told him I said when you think about Facebook I go for a helicopter and helicopter parts I don’t know if Facebook is can do really well I said we can spend a lot of money but I don’t know if it’s because it’s not keyword generated or do we know the exact type of audience that we can put it in front of we can try. But what about only as a retargeting tactic possibly but the retargeting coming to their Web site is very small gap so you need bridging and focus on the trap they build that audience so you actually have an idea like I did a thing on Neil Patel’s. He has a I think it’s a site review or some like that is put in the domain. I did one today in the month of September we had 400 453 visitors for the month.

15:44 Yeah. Can we do some remarketing go. Well we can but I need the list to be at least a thousand as well.

15:51 We’ll work on that. So our goal right now is and I’ve told and that’s pretty cool because they’re pretty open there. I said Is it okay if I kind of take and run with all this stuff like oh yeah it’s fine.

16:02 Because the the manager is very very busy doing other stuff because they go to trade shows are getting ready to go to one in Vancouver in Dubai and in the Philippines I think they go.

16:12 So they’re like helicopter specific trade shows that they’re going to aircraft helicopters specifically they’re looking for to buy parts and to sell parts.

16:21 It’s crazy. Yeah it’s it’s as it can be a struggle but then there’s times or kind of like what I do in the when I get in there in the morning I go in to look to see if there’s any search terms from the day before. That one doesn’t look like let me put it I you have maybe two or three and then I’m trying to think OK what else can we do then I really got to focus on the website I really got to focus on that a lot because it really needs a lot of work. So the one cool thing that we’re doing is the manager said he goes how about if I build like a sandbox website and we can create it the way that we want it like that. Yeah. He says he wants to on one WordPress and one and Drupal because we are Drupal 7 right now.

17:01 And he wants to put it maybe in Drew blade upgrade it but the other thing too is we’re looking to do e-commerce because of all the parts.

17:08 That’s what I was asking but they don’t buy them on. They won’t. You won’t be able to buy them on the Web site. You can only find your part and then I need to do an hour of queue for it.

17:19 Yeah but even if you have the functionality the data at least the shopping and so on someone even right at least it’s available and helps with that brand awareness.

17:29 Now the one thing that was really nice when I was at the virtual Hathaway’s they worked with a company called search force and search force was a platform that they would work with automotive and all the inventories for all the dealers are either usually from a company called through a dealer dot com or a company called SDK. Those are the main ones. So. So like a Purina son would have there are a puree of Pinnacle Nissan period for it. So the pure Fords that the commercial guys.

17:59 That’s yeah. He’s pretty wacky anyway. And so what they would do is search force you could set up campaigns offer their inventory so if something was in inventory you go in and you can set this thing up. So it’s going to look at the inventory twice a day and we’ll see oh we got some new cars in and it looked at year per year color make model trim kind of stuff and that’s how it set up the ad groups. Then look at the inventory and we’ll say oh we don’t have any of these the stock will pause that campaign and we got some of these that are brand new. It creates the campaign the campaign the ad groups the keywords and the ads and the displays you know just search but but you can run Facebook through through through their platform it’s kind of cool it’s it’s very upfront.

18:55 You really gotta make sure that you dot your eyes and you cross your T’s. And that’s what I was working with with my boss when I was working at home it was it was too much for me. But now it’s funny or just talking to my manager today about they sent out e-mails. They do really well. The e-mails are you know you’ll laugh and you hear our bounce rate average bounce rate on that site is in the low 80s and so there goes that good and I go No it’s not good enough. I said well you think about it. They look at the ad the ad and the keywords are going together well but then they don’t have enough content. But how much content can I have on a a gasket assembly or something like that. And how sexy and fun can you be with that. And I said well I wonder if we can do an ad that says for the airplane Earth for the helicopters I want to do I want to do this one really bad save for the helicopters How about we need to keep the lights on please buy one of our helicopters when we need to I need to send my kids to college please buy one I consider buying one of our helicopters. I’d love to try that but they like no the owner will let you do that.

20:08 So it’s kind of cool because now. And that’s kind of the thing that I liked about getting away from Nirvana because we were just Google ads. That was nothing else that you couldn’t learn anything else. They wouldn’t let you learn anything else. So now I can get more into the SVOD side which there’s not really any certifications for ASIO. So I got really getting into that really getting into to the Web site itself to where I want to create a page that’s content rich that I can point everything to like we’re talking about doing the inventory. I think we can create that. It’s called Dakota Air parts as the company. And so we had Dakota airports dot com I think with Drupal you can create store dot Dakota Air parts dot com. So I said what I want to do is I want to have that. And so if somebody goes to that web that page that has the inventory on it I want to have searches and they’re subtle either search by part number by description or by what they call standard number. And then it’ll kick into that. It’ll find it and then it’ll pop it up and say OK this is how many we got. Do you want to send in Navarro. Q And he goes yeah I’ll be great do it.

21:19 He’s been doing it for a long time.

21:21 I think guys are just now figuring this out. They said well that’s pretty much why we hired you guys. The sales person the series like all excited because he says now we’ve got the marketing team here to help us. That’s what we’re here for. So it’s it’s it’s a challenge. Some days I’m like the Hill trying to think of stuff to do because there he’s because he’s so busy like I’ve got a privacy policy in order to do you know Google’s got the new lead forms themselves. Yeah but you have to have a privacy policy on it in s direct to your privacy policy policy you url. We don’t have one. I said well I can’t. I told the old guys all about that I can’t do anything with it because it will make me ill ask me for that and I can’t send them someplace that it’s not.

22:10 Oh so we created one send it up to. See today’s Wednesday Monday talked about talked him about yesterday I said I need to look at this. OK. I talked him today even before we because we do it on the phone. Even before we even got to my part of the phone call he goes OK Gary let me answer your two questions first. No I don’t have the privacy policy done yet and this other thing I’m asking and that is I don’t have those done yet. OK. Now what are you doing today or what you got and everything. It’ll get there. Yeah I’ve told him I’ve given him. You know we should set a time for getting up and running at least on the pilot Web site by the first of the year. We can play around with it mess around and everything is OK. I’m good with that.

22:50 He’s very. Like I said they’re very laid back but they’re also like what do you think we need to do. And I’ve always wanted that even though I’m not a CEO rich experience I can learn a lot and stuff like that. That’s what I really want and telling the girls that I work with. They’re all like just out of college. And I said You guys need to learn FCO. I told them today learn also as much as you can learn e commerce as much as you can. I said no matter what happens those two could take you anywhere. Oh yeah. Anyway I said the other thing is if you ever wanted to learn s Salesforce administration she can pick a boatload of money just learning that because it geo digital they had twelve software programmers just for search.

23:42 Salesforce had 12 met there’s so much opportunity there I mean there’s all this stuff that we can do and hype and data there you really see I mean like you said you might be getting leads that are ten dollars here and forty dollars here.

23:56 I’d love to hear.

23:57 But if this is closing a lot higher than the actual cost per sale the real CBA is much lower CPI is tough to do with them because of the goals that we set because of the way the website set up. I have to set a goal that is a thank you page for these helicopters that they had to tell me you need to create this because I need to track that. Yeah. And even then it’s like I asked him the other day I said what are the salespeople so they think they’ve been successful goes he goes I don’t know what up they ask him I go I’d like to track that to see how this is going and the people that they’ve talked to either through us or through email but the email like the email bounce rates like in the 60s works or ours is in the 80s and so it’s it’s a challenge but they’re really the people they’re really nice they’re just fun to work with and they’re just like you know let’s try this let’s try this. They don’t spend a whole lot of money although the I think the owner’s got his own. He lives he owns a house in Happy Valley and one up in Fargo and he comes in. He spends more time here now because it getting colder over there. Yeah yeah. But he is. Yeah. They got for him to just say got a grant. Eight million dollars I want to buy this stuff. Yeah that’s long.

25:19 I mean you mad about that. Hey we spent two grand and made one point three million.

25:24 It’s like looking at at least 50000. I mean you know I mean once you can actually do it how much is that the actual art. I think that’s where I get more budget.

25:34 Well he the sale. We have one salesman here in an all the restaurant. Four or five of them up in Fargo. The guy down here told me that shipment that we got from Australia. That’s interesting two things that they got to do. They have to send people there to go Accountant and take pictures of it before they send it back. And then they have to know what they spray it with something so no bugs or spiders come back with it.

25:57 Yeah actually that’s how you think about that. Yeah.

26:01 But the salesman here was asking about how you guys been saying it goes and they just got it. Not too long ago. I don’t know if we got it yet but he says Yeah it’s almost we’re almost. We’ve almost broke even on it already. I’m like wow you guys just Scott and he just goes Yeah. He says our customers know us. So it’s almost like Do we really need to. That’s the other thing too is us as well we get probably about as far as new visitors to the new and unique users that come to the site.

26:34 It’s in the 85 to 90 percentile new users with all brand new it’s all new people.

26:40 And but they know a lot of people in the industry that will just call them up say Hey we got this we got this we got this and if they need something they’ll call in because they know we’ve got it. Yeah. So that’s kind of a challenge to figure out how we can find new people plus they’re putting ads on different sites as well on different other sites because they’re asking me about how I can you know what’s the track what’s the traffic for this site. What’s the traffic for this site on a monthly basis. Because they’re thinking about advertising with one of them and advertise. And I said Well I’ll see what I can find out. Do you have any tools. The one from Uber suggest. Yes. It works pretty good.

27:23 Well it works pretty good. They do an estimate but it’s free. And so you can put it in a domain and it’ll it’ll say these are their organic keywords this is kind of their estimate of traffic per month and all this kind of stuff.

27:35 So that’s what I used. Yeah. And the one one of the companies that we have is called parts logistics dot com. That’s more of the e commerce part. And he wanted me to see what that was for us and I came out with the other one was with the other one it had forty three thousand visitors a month we got ours and it was a one hundred seventy one hundred seventy one visitors.

28:05 So are you guys doing any sounds that are doing some type of display or are they using like a third party vendor outside of Google or are they just going to the websites direct websites direct D. Are you guys doing any third party vendors because there’s one that we’re we’re haven’t tested them but they have raised a lot of geo fencing.

28:27 But one of the capabilities they have is if you give them trade shows are coming up they can put a geo fence and essentially only go there during that trade show and talk to them for 30 days.

28:38 I might be worth. I mean I’ve tried I’ve tried that myself. Have you. Yeah I’ve been doing that and I’ve tried to like the last couple of weeks with not the trade shows but I’ve tried it with with competitors and I did one that was around every in the United States every Air Force Base I did it like a two mile radius around each one of them. It didn’t it didn’t really generate a lot of traffic for us. And that’s again that’s why this is a very big it’s a very tough vertical market. It’s not that as broad as a lot of people we’re used to you know like roads automotive but we we can we cover the world. And so I’ve tried a lot of different things and I’ll tell you this is why I need to do and they they’ll have to get approval on like the ads.

29:28 It’ll take a couple of days to get the approval. I said You just gotta tell me I got it all set up and ready to go. And you just told me Linda. Yeah. Let me turn these things on for fifteen dollars a day. But the CPC is her bike. Well when I was doing the display I just did it CPM. Gotcha. I was just doing it and it was costing me like not even a buck for a thousand or even ten is thousand and I was getting I think a four this month. I think I’ve got close to eight hundred thousand impressions or something like that and a lot of clicks to it. But it doesn’t really tell me where they’re clicking. Yeah. I can’t really see where they’re going but one of the tools I found is called if you’ve used to be first called Hot char love that’s kind of sexy kind of creepy to watch it especially in people’s mouths actually go and how they navigate. It’s actually kind of. That’s actually very creepy to know that that can be done. Oh yeah. Know we’re just using the free one for right now. But I said I found that like I wish I had those before.

30:37 So what do you do with the food bank I. Oh.

30:40 So yeah that was the other things I’ve done so I’ve always liked to volunteer. I’ve done it when I was in Florida. We did American cancer at a relay for life. And I volunteer golf tournaments out here I volunteer. This will be my sixth year six year at the Phoenix the Phoenix Open.

31:01 That’s the goal golf thing that you’ve reached out. Yeah yeah yeah. Volunteer. Yeah yeah.

31:07 Yeah I’ve done that on the skybox and 18th hole. Terrible location. Then I’ve done the L PGA. It’s called the bank of hope. It’s up but does it Ridge. I think it’s a little over the I think it’s a Marriott that was that was a blast because I was a standard bearer. The ones that carried the signs with the golfers on the course. I did that for three days just walking behind the lady golfers. Really nice. The women are really really nice. And then I do the Charles Schwab for seniors is their version of FedEx Cup and that’s actually a week from this weekend. So I do what’s called Shot link. You’d love this shot link is they want to they they’d kind of do it kind of old time as opposed to the way that it’s set up at the TPC for the waste management.

32:05 That’s all done with lasers and stuff like this. They got them all set all over the place for the they don’t have enough money to do that. And we’re at the Phoenix Country Club down of money to do that so they what we do is we have two people on the tee and we have two people in the fairway. So when these guys tee off to get they start taking off the two guys get on the tee. One guys the guys in the fairway walk out so the mill affair with flags when they just focus on the flag and lights OK. Two 280 yards one guy I’ll write it down put it into a computer then it goes into their you know their TV and Internet stuff like that. So that’s what I do on that one and that one’s fun to wear.

32:48 We’re on the tenth tee and I’m like from here to here from the golfers all the golfers that are going through that call. But it’s only 36 golfers because it’s the end of the year term in and then I also volunteer at a fundraiser for kids at the. This was my second year at talking stick resort and we were on the sixth hole for a hole in one contest. I had a blast doing that because I got to talk to everybody that came through and everybody usually had either some type of sports team that they liked or college team. And I could bust on all of them. Oh my God oh gee look at this. So the one guy I got talking to he was the president of the food bank. I didn’t know that. I think he had some college and I was kid him about that and we got talking and he said You know I I’m looking for board members for my for our food bank which is the largest in the East East Valley area. So he says I want to come out and check it out you know. And I told him what I did. So when they do a board of directors they look for certain skill sets. Mine was the marketing and the Google and stuff like that. So yeah we could really use you. So I got nominated to be on the board nominated voted on a couple of weeks ago. So I’m on that. So we’ve got a golf tournament coming up December 7th and it raises about 25 percent of their total yearly money.

34:14 Oh yeah. When I go it’s a little too much.

34:18 But we’re going to I’m gonna get them. I’m working to get them the Google Grants for nonprofits to run that. Now we’ll see if Facebook got something like that. So it’s kind of fun. That’s what I’m doing now. That’s what this stuff is and then I also am being on committees for its next February. It’s the American Cancer Society. Climb for climb to conquer cancer. There 5.5 miles going up the South Mountain. So I saw them and I said Yeah you know we got we got openings on committees and stuff like that. I’d love to do that. Did that a bunch and then a relay for life as well. So I just enjoy doing that. My wife just says yeah you just want the shirts the shirts that say stuff on it but yeah. So that’s that’s kind of the side thing that I’m doing to kind of keep me all keep me sane from overwhelmed.

35:10 Yeah well this I just gotta be careful with that I don’t try to overdo too much but it’ll be exciting. It’s it’ll be exciting with the food bank. I think that I really have to go there and physically watch them deliver the food. Unfortunately they only deliver at 2:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday like oh I’m working I can’t come out and say it. Oh we didn’t realize you’re still working because most everybody is retired. I’m on the board of directors. But yeah it’s it that’s fun. And helping them out with their website and stuff like that. It’s pretty cool.

35:44 So yeah that’s kind of what I do in life. It’s really cool.

35:50 That’s kind of wraps up now. Yeah.

35:52 So yeah I had to get it going on there. But yeah. No it was awesome. The kind of catch up on that. I love that. Seymour So really appreciate it.

36:01 Thanks for having me. I’m excited. I’ve seen what you guys are doing. Oh that’s kind of cool that’s kind of cool.

36:08 No there’s actually quite a bit that was said that can be picked up quite a bit.

36:13 Yeah. Now I appreciate you coming on and just sharing more of what you’re doing. Go. Thanks.

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