From Cop to Personal training with Butts N Donuts! | Rise Grind Repeat 041

In the 41st installment of Rise Grind Repeat, we chat with Mike McDonald also known as Butts N Donuts in the world of personal training, we talk about his journey as to why he quit being a cop in sunny San Diego to becoming on of Arizona’s top glute trainer.
So lets jump on in and see what Mike’s all about.

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00:00 Blowing in a breathalyzer on my way to become a cop.

00:23 Thanks for tuning in to the latest episode of rise grind repeat in today’s episode we talked to butts and donuts, who’s a personal trainer here in Scottsdale. Talk about his wild journey on how he became butts and donuts. Let’s hop right in.

00:44 I see you on

00:47 Instagram. A lot of my friends actually go to you and uh, yeah, I just didn’t follow in and I honestly wanted to have you on here for a while. And then when the whole, Chris, uh, um, mentioned us and you reached out, I was like, oh, sweet. Well even if we don’t work together, I would love to have you on [inaudible].

01:02 Yeah. That, oh, Chris is a great girl. She’s a awesome client. She’s referred a lot of people to Ashley. She knows a lot of people. She’s good at that. Yeah. She really, when I went to go buy a car a few months ago, she was, you know, giving me tips and tricks of, you know, how to, how to beat the dealer and find certain, I swear she just is, she’s good at that stuff. But I graduate in 2012 at ASU with a bachelor’s in Cornell doing criminal justice. And in the meantime, before then, I wanted to become a cop obviously. So I was applying for a bunch of jobs in certain states and everything here and there, so that way when I graduated, kind of just go on to the next thing instead of graduating and then realizing, shit, what the fuck should I do? Let’s find jobs now.

01:37 So I applied for San Diego Police Department and a bunch of other departments, but they were the ones that actually call me back for a bunch of stuff. And once I realized that I was accepted, the, the process of being a cop is, I mean, eight months long, you have your, your written exam, oral board, your psychological Xander polygraph exam. Uh, you know, everything up and down. They ask you every single question possible. Like everything you have to answer. But, so when I went out there, I was only a car for about a year and a half. Um, I was 22 and I graduated in May and May, June, July, August, September, October. The police academy started. It’s only like five months to do where I want to do, I guess. But I really couldn’t because I was going to become a cop. I had to get in shape and run miles. I never ran before. And you’re on an eight miles a day and boots, you know, it’s, it’s power military.

02:27 It’s not as hardcore as the military. You know, I’ll give them props for what they do. That’s, that’s intense. But it’s not simple. I was a cop, I didn’t work out as much when I was actually on the force. Just cause you’re working four tens. It is a nightmare man. I mean the more you do, the more you, right. That’s what I would say a lot of the o g cops, they want to like, you can take care of this, you know, you take care of the patient. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so I mean I used to work, um, graveyard shifts. So it was from s 9:00 PM until 7:00 AM and if you have paperwork to do after that, you’re doing paperwork after that for hours. So I used to get done around noon time. So 9:00 PM until 12:00 PM wow. So we’ll let that much time. Then I have to go home, pass out, wake up at like 5:00 PM get back into it again.

03:11 And it was rough as hell cause I just couldn’t work out. It wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be. And it was just, it was like watching the show cops. Like most of these cops, they don’t do shit. They’ll get us speeding tickets. I don’t, you’re doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. That’s just my personal opinion. You know, we were actually doing real stuff and a lot of cops that know me from there, there’s a lot of crime that happened, so I wasn’t like, people think San Diego, they think, oh it’s Nice beach here. No, you have to be there for a while before you get the good sections and stuff. We’re in southeast San Diego, you know, not really doing the good stuff. It was, you know, close to Tijuana and stuff like that. You know, Doug’s guns, drugs, gangs, money, all that stuff. First time I ever pulled a car over ever with my red and blues when I actually had my training officer with me with a felony meth arrest, first time I ever pulled the car over.

03:57 You know they get, you get so nervous you pull up to the street and he, you know the old school like just sit there and wait for Colorado, run a stop sign. You’ll happen all day every day. If you want to do that and send their first car, pull it over and you’re just shitting yourself the whole time so you have to listen to it. You have to listen to what everyone’s saying. If the run their license plate before it even got to the car, it’s very fast and it’s very anxious and pulled out. My partner pulls over the side and literally this was a felony metro. She had a whole cook in the back of her trunk. It was a female. She probably maybe 30 40 years old. I was like, you’re fucking kidding me. I have pictures of me holding up like a bunch of math and like all this wads of cash.

04:32 Great cop too. I’m like, this is just fucking around, whatever, you know, I’m not ignorant of what’s going on, but it was just a lot of Shit to handle a 22 and granted, none of my friends already graduated in four years. They’re still kind of in college or still in the college lifestyle after graduating. Yeah. So, and they’re still at the bar and they’re still having fun. And I’m sitting and going like, dude, I gotta go home and go to sleep. And like, this is all I got. Like it’s fun. But at the end of the day, it’s not really that fun. It’s more stressful and it’s not something I can sustain. And I’m all about sustainability and lasting long throughout life. I called up my manager and they loved me before I left and I was good at what I did. And I said, um, can I get to know, can I get a job back?

05:11 They’re like, what do you mean? I’m like, I’m driving back there. I’m literally driving back to Arizona now. I have everything in my car my entire life. I moved to San Diego a year and a half later. Packed it back up. I quit on Monday. I was back here on like a Tuesday. I was working at the bar again on Friday, so I just transitioned like that. It was like no stoppage. It didn’t have a place to stay. I literally was calling friends on the drive to Arizona being like, Hey, I’m moving back. Like where the fuck I stay? I’m just giving a couple of weeks to find a place, but I need something. I’m did that for awhile. And then, uh, the craziest thing is I came back here and then within, so I wanted to get another career. I want to go back to the bar and make some money to live, but I need to find something else I wanted to do.

05:50 And I’ve always been super infatuated with fitness and health and nutrition and all that good stuff. Um, it’s always been just one of those things in the back of my mind is just always been there. When I first moved back here, working back at the bar, I was actually never really bad car accident. I was actually hit by a drunk driver head on. So I used to, I used to live in Chandler and they stayed the one-on-one to channel from Chandler One oh one north and we’d get off at, I think it was either southern or or a, there’s a, there was a, uh, what’s the gym called? La Fitness or what’s the f what’s the place that La fitness bought out? Uh, do you know what’s called mountains? I know, um, whatever German is I wrote the home talking about, but I get off the highway literally it’s right off the exit and I just go to the gym right there. And usually I get done growing the one on one and go home. Right. But this day was different. It was weird. It was like I was the mentor for gonna Happen even though I didn’t want it to fucking happen. But one of my friends read, his girlfriend at the time was a, she worked at a tanning salon and she used to always message me if no one was there and I could just come in for free one day. I would go tanning every once in a while. Jim Tan laundry days.

07:01 Yeah. So I usually would pull up, go to the right and go home, done the one on one. But I actually turned left and I was driving down there and it was the guy that left a bar called spokes on southern, I don’t know if you know that place. It’s three on a Tempe. Yeah, spokes on southern. And it was three in the afternoon and it was Friday the 13th. Wow. Yes it was December 13th, 2013. Um, and I was just driving down the street, going to the tanning salon and then boom, Bam slams me head on. Didn’t, don’t remember anything, just woke up in the hospital and I broke my left hip. I had four broken ribs and a punctured right lung at torn left for him and tricep like I was fucked off, like done. I just don’t remember anything. And uh, that put me, I couldn’t walk on my left leg for about four and a half months. It was so they gave me an option to either in a wheelchair or I had to use an old man walker cause the doctors told me you can take these pills. I think it was just regular oxycotton or whatever it was, but it will hinder your progress, like your ability to get stronger, you know, will blunt a lot of that. And I said fuck that. I ain’t gonna use them anymore. I mean I can handle a lot of pain which like, oh

08:01 at what point did you like how did that lead into, all right, I want to start something on my own. Like at what, what day or what year, what, what, when did all this started and how did that transition?

08:12 Oh, I was actually studying for my, for my personal training certification through NAZA, m o Nash Academy of Sports Medicine. And it was a month before I started doing that. And then I got in the car accident and then already kind of started. I started a little bit. Yep. I start a little bit before that because I knew I wanted to do that and see what that kind of went. Yeah, no shit. So then I put that off for like a whole year. And your for certifications. If you don’t, if you don’t take the test and the timeframe and it expires, you have to rebuy everything. But if you take it and you fail, you can just buy makeup. So it was coming close to the end date where I was like, I don’t know what the fuck I want to do with my life. I’m pissed off. I hate everyone, like whatever.

08:46 And my friends like to just go off, take the fucking tests, who cares if you fail, at least you can pay 100 bucks, 10 a 700. So what in the first time I actually did fail, I filled in you. It was like 70, you have to pass. I got a 67, no studying, just basic, just basically understanding of stuff. But I’ve always researched, I’m a super big into research and just getting smarter and sorry and learning new things. But uh, after that I got my first. So the Independence Gym has, I’ve always been there since day one. I’ve just had different trainers I’ve worked under and then plus just myself now. So Lang fitness. Doug Lang was the first guy I started working for and it was a big time person at independence gym at the time in 2016. So he hired me, my work, my birthday, January 30th, 2016 we’ll have our first like start date.

09:29 He said, yeah, you have the job. And uh, I worked for him for about a year and a half. Um, and then when the arbitrator at the gym, Ryan from a thrive specialized training on, if you know him at all, he’s a pretty big time trainer too. Um, I transitioned because Ryan was getting, he already has like five trainers now with them, but it was just me and him. So he asked me, I know you worked for Doug, but would you be okay? Cause I was a little slow at the time, which mine, you know, hybrid in between both of us. We only make some money, do your thing. Um, so I did that and it was great. Um, it was a lot busy with him. And then eventually over time it started getting so slow and more busier. I just, you know, he kinda understood what was happening, what it was going on. So I finally transitioned. It was fully with Ryan at the time and I worked with him for a full year. And, uh, that was great. It was phenomenal. Got a lot of clients, lots of understanding of what to do.

10:15 And did you let you run with it as, and this is where you kind of got curious. So here’s how I knew people, this is how I onboard this.

10:22 Yeah. He was super cool with me doing my own thing, but, you know, still being under him and you know, he’s still the one paying me and all the same thing. So it’s like when I had to do taxes and stuff before I officially went on, I’m like, I work for myself, but I don’t like, what do you call that? And you know, they explained it how it was, but, uh, I worked for him for a full year and then he knew what was gonna happen. And once the year ended, which was, uh, December, January of this year coming up, uh, beginning of the year. So I officially one of my own and I’ve always wanted to be told, I’ve always been told to all my own like, dude, what the fuck you doing man? Like I know you’re doing great, but like you can do this on your own. And I knew I could.

10:55 I just, I was nervous. It’s nervous. It’s nerve wracking. Cause, cause before with Doug, you know, if I, if I didn’t have clients though, he’d get more on the door. And same goes for Ryan. Ryan wins, they’re fucking great at getting clients in the door. So I wasn’t worried about it. Cause if I dropped a real four or five clients, it’s four or five call right back in. And it was nice because when I, if I was going on my own, I would always think I have to do all that work. Like what if it fucks up? Like what am I doing? You know, it’s too much, too much bullshit to think about. Yeah. Too much of that. You don’t want to think that way. Um, but then I felt like traditional my own and uh, created butts and donuts.

11:26 So how, yeah, how did that come about? So

11:28 the name, believe it or not, it was in a word generator. I literally with, so I was sitting there so, so my name used to be dumbed hereto 31 by my Hashtag name because in college I you see it called Dom Toronto, Dominic, Toronto, vin diesel all, all the time when I was at the bar, cause I used to not have a beard all the time. Rice, shit, my face off, I would get it at least once a night. Every single night you can ask whoever is watching this from the bar, they will 100% agree with me. It was my nickname all through colleges, comic diesel or they say, Oh let’s say vin diesel or they’d just say Dom Toronto. And so that was my answer. I’m tag name cause I wasn’t, I didn’t have Instagram before I was a trainer. I got Instagram strictly just for, for business purposes.

12:10 It was more personal, a little bit of business, little bit personal. But now it’s fully business lies. But, uh, when I was going, before I was going on my own, I had the timeframe, I was like a few months before I’d get my LLC started, everything started so that when I was done with him, everything was set. It was good to go. And, uh, I’m sitting her going like, what the fuck should my name be? Like, what should this business name be? I want to train girls for glutes. I wanna I wanna you know, show them, you know, stuff like that. So I’m putting words in like a rhymer, you know, I want you to get cool. I wanted a cool name, so I don’t know what the fuck the rights. I’m just like, you know, glutes, gluteus maximus always like always in there to see what rhymes with it and look down the list and see what happens. [inaudible]

12:48 but, and then buts. And I looked down and I see donuts and I was like, Oh, butts and donuts done. But there’s a reason also why I have it too. It’s more so like for balance, right? So the the Ph or the, uh, but Emoji is more so for glutes and training more so fitness in general. It doesn’t have to be just clues, but that’s just mostly what I primarily focus on and the door with more for like a balanced diet. Right. Who can’t have a donut, you know, too many fucking people are like, you can’t have this, you can’t have that. It’s because people can’t control what they do. So learning to have more of a flexible diet or something you can kind of roll with a little bit and not be so strict and be told that you can’t eat this or you have a meal plan, you can’t eat past this meal plan.

13:27 Like that’s, it’s not sustainable. You’re going to eventually say, what do I want? What I don’t want to eat when I don’t want to eat chicken anymore? What the fuck am I supposed to eat? You know, if you, that’s why I tried to teach his girls certain things about how to do it on their own so they don’t have to be like, what the fuck should I do? You have to understand that it takes a while to learn all this stuff, but that’s really what it is. But to know this is more so just a a brand for you know, training and and just balance and life in general. I just want to push it out there and people, people will vibe to that. Good people will see that value and want to stay with that instead of seeing this superficial bullshit of stuff like that.

13:57 Right. They really do. And that’s the biggest thing is just stay true to the fuck you are like just be real. If you’re broke, say you’re fucking broke. Like I that huge post that did with the, with the me wearing all that stupid stuff I talked in there about entrepreneurship and like people saying I’m rich and I’m all in this and this but you’re not, why, who are you trying to prove shit to? You’re just, you’re just making, you’re just projecting your fucking insecurities on other people. And the people who would see that stuff and know it, like people like me that were really self aware. We see that shit, we eat you alive like internally. Like why are you doing that man? You know, it’s just like be fucking real. It’s what, it’s so hard. And the people that like it. Exactly. And I vibe to certain clients and certain clientele of like who I am.

14:37 Cause there’s many different trainers and everyone has different personalities, right? So it’s not everyone’s gonna work well with me. Right. And even my training style, they might like me personally, but then they’re like my hallway trained. They might not like me personally, but love the way I train. Let’s kind of find it. It makes it works both ways. And uh, it’s hard, especially in the Scottsdale area to find people that are like me, right? That aren’t as so like just superficial. And they’re, they’re real and they’re honest and they’re in, they have a lot of integrity and they’re just, they’re just really who they are because they don’t know who the fuck they are in the first place. How am I gonna find someone like me if they don’t know what that is, they don’t know how to find someone like me and they just five to who they are.

15:11 You know you are your environments, you are pure. And when you meet someone, you meet their experiences. Like when I meet you and I, you analyze, you have right from the get go. Cause that’s just how my brain thinks. I can tell you if you’re mad, sad, you know, you hate your life, you’re okay with it, you’re happy, you’re always, you’re pessimistic, you’re optimistic. I can just, so many things start firing when I talked to someone just right from the get go patterns man. But everyone’s just on autopilot going through life like this and they’re mad at everyone else for their fuck ups. You know, life is simple man.

15:43 It really is. And I think that would be a perfect place to kind of end on this. Life is simple. Figuring out who your audience is. Just be mindful of how they’re engaging. Produce more of what is working. Do less of what’s not. I mean it’s just

15:55 put his shit out. Yeah, it will come. Don’t worry about it. How many people I’ve read that say just keep doing it. Keep doing it. And that’s all it is, man. Just be consistent with, like I said, that’s everything. Consistency will never ever like it always prevails on it. It’ll eventually will come.

16:10 Love it. So love to give you the platform. Tell people where they can find you on Instagram, naming your company website.

16:16 Um, my Instagram tag is, uh, at butts and donuts, but it’s actually at butts underscore and underscore donuts. Just the space with an underscore. Um, website is just WWE dot butts and So it’s an so people I say all the time it’s not, and it’s n just cause it’s really a little different. You look it up. Uh, both Um, Facebook is Butson donuts. Youtube was butts and donuts. It’s pretty much [inaudible] oh, come up. Um, but yeah, that’s all the stuff I have right now. It’s a youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and uh, those are the three right webs website. But yeah, that’s what I have right now. So let’s, we can find me at, yeah, Youtube. Same thing. You just bought some donuts, it’ll pop up somewhere.

16:56 Awesome. I appreciate it. It was fun learning more about you and you’re going to kill it, man. Like, yeah, you’re going to kill it. You have a great personality. You just love helping people. It’s gonna be fun watching it. So, um,

17:05 very much rad. Thanks so much for tuning in to the very end. I love data a lot, and the data shows that only 10% of the people listening are actually subscribed. If you love the content that we’re producing and want to help us grow, please subscribe. Please.

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