Everyone makes mistakes. Devin Butler of Arizona Entrepreneurs wants you to learn from his.| Rise Grind Repeat 079


Devin Butler knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He just didn’t know in what. A few business ideas, he admits, “did not pan out,” but that gave him another: Since no one knows more about learning from ideas that didn’t make it than other entrepreneurs, help them learn from each other. That was the start of Arizona Entrepreneurs, “a community for like-minded people to connect, learn, and grow.”

The Arizona Entrepreneurs network began in October and is spreading — slowly, the way it’s supposed to, Devin says. He wants a culture for Arizona Entrepreneurs in which everyone is there for the right reasons: to grow their business and meet like-minded people; not “What can I get?”


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Arizona Entrepreneurs Devin Butler talks about entrepreneurship in Arizona
Devin Butler of Arizona Entrepreneurs joins us for another episode of Rise Grind Repeat.

| Rise Grind Repeat 079 |


So I was planning this trade show for Mother’s Day, we had like 30 vendors sign up and pay. And then the same thing, COVID happened. And so we had to, like I postponed it a couple months. And then it was it came to the point where is like, I might as well just refund everybody’s money, because no one will be able to have this. So it was just a lot of, you know, just trying a bunch of different things. And that’s what kind of led into Arizona Entrepreneurs because like I said, that was in March. So I was as we were transitioning from a business and I had the Instagram page going and started to get some traction. And then that’s when I kind of had that paradigm shift and realized that I could turn this into like this was a feasible business.


Today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, we talked to Devin from AZ Entrepreneurs, talking about how he’s creating a community of like minded people right here in the valley so we can learn and grow together. Let’s dive right in. Devin, thank you so much for joining us on another episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, I’m excited for this. Because, you know, we’re all about Arizona Entrepreneurs. And you are too. So before we kind of get into what you’re doing now, I’d love to hear more about who you are, what your path to entrepreneurship is look like and, and just kind of get to know you a little bit more. So


definitely. So I appreciate you having me on this podcast, I’m super appreciative of being able to kind of share my story, my message, and hopefully it could help someone else. So as far as my story, you know, I grew up in Michigan, I moved here to Arizona about a year and a half ago. And really I didn’t, I didn’t start to develop that entrepreneur minds mindset until about a sophomore year college. So football was my passion growing up, like football is all I really cared about going through high school, and then I played college football. And it wasn’t until my sophomore year I had a knee injury. And you know, it was the first time that I kind of came to reality had to think that, you know, football might not last forever. So it was the first time that I actually started to think about my professional life. And I read the book. I know so many entrepreneurs have the same story. But I read the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And that book completely changed my life. It just changed the way that I thought about one day to day life, but really the Financial Intelligence and it really just taught me a lot of things and opened my eyes to some things. So after that, I just started doing a lot of self personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts, and I really realized that entrepreneurship was like something I was truly passionate on. And the route I wanted to take. So moved here, like I said about a year and a half ago, and started several different businesses, which we could dive more into several different businesses, and not the majority of them did not pan out by any means. So you know, it was just, you know, hustling, trying to make something work. And, and I and I’m glad that I went through those trials and tribulations and failed some businesses because it really taught me a lot. He’s one of those experiences. But right now what I’m doing is Arizona Entrepreneurs. So I started the Instagram page in March of 2020. And then I, I launched the membership, there’s an entrepreneurs membership, which is what the business is on October 1. So really like three months into this thing. But yeah, no super exciting stuff. I truly feel like I found my passion. And it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world to be able to impact entrepreneurs in you know, throughout my my journey and going through those failures. It’s very fulfilling to be able to help entrepreneurs throughout their journey. And yeah, so I’m excited to dive more deep into and share more with you.


Yeah, that’s awesome. So did football bring you out here? Did you play at ASU?


Or no, so I graduated college in Michigan. So I played football in Michigan and I moved here. It’s funny because I literally moved here like a week after I graduated college, I was just so ready to get out of the cold weather. And just and as far as opportunities and what people are doing out here. I feel like there’s so many people out here making big moves. So like, in Michigan, you might feel like the top dog, when you come out here. It’s like, man, I gotta level up. So I really like being around people who are just hungry and people who are making big moves, because it forces you to want to love love.


It’s interesting. So what made you choose Arizona over something like New York or California where I mean, just ton of tech happening? headquarters and whatnot?


Honestly, that’s a great question. I get asked that question quite often. And honestly, there’s no like, perfect reason. So I came here to visit one of my good friends. Like a couple months before I was graduating college. And I just really loved the culture out here. I loved what Arizona had to offer the weather. It was obviously a no brainer being from Michigan. So I called one of my buddies up who I was talking about moving with. I was like, dude, I’ll sign the lease right now. Go ahead, just sign the lease. So we just figured we move here for a year. If we don’t like it, we can move back to Michigan. So we’re still here going on two years. That’s cool.


Yeah, no, I’m an Arizona native. And I’m here to man, everyone’s leaving New York and California. Moving here. And I’m just big on the trend that Arizona is near the top top state for sure.


Now, that’s awesome. So I mean, going back to started a couple different businesses and had some fails had some wins. What were some of those businesses and what was it like to kind of get them up and going and as as maybe the first one failed and you’ll learn what were some of those learnings to then translate into the next business opening?


For sure. So the first one that we started right when we moved here was about videography company, okay. And so my business partner and I, we really had no background in video. So funny how we chose to start that type of business. But we just thought videography was a really cool way to express art. And we knew people who were making good money doing it. So we knew there was an opportunity there. And we figured we kind of just learn along the way. Yeah. So we like we didn’t have a portfolio. So we were doing a bunch of free videos for companies out here. And they were they were decent. They’re decent videos not good by any means. And so after a while, we’re like three months into the business, we have some free clients, like people we did videos for. And then we’re like, trying to go out and sell our services. And one, we weren’t confident selling them. Because we didn’t really feel that confident in the videos we were making. So it was, I don’t know, we just really didn’t have much of a background, it probably would have been smart at that time to bring on a videographer someone who’s that’s their profession. But instead, we were kind of just trying to do it all ourselves. And it took us forever, like we didn’t make any money doing it. Like we’re trying to get all these clients. And so we kind of just decided to pivot and try something different. But like I said, it was a great learning experience. We learned all about file for LLCs marketing, doing a bunch of different stuff. And we can make a decent video, like I said, Yeah, so that helps with businesses today. But so then after that, my friend and I my business partner, we met through a home improvement company, we’re doing events, marketing for that home improvement company. So we started a lead gen company for the home improvement industry. And like our main source of generating these leads was going to events and trade shows. That’s like how we knew how to generate leads. So we essentially partnered up with like three to four companies out here in Arizona Home Improvement companies. And then we go to these events, trade shows, write a bunch of leads. And then you know, we had a either commission or flat rate setup with these different companies. And that one worked decent, like we actually started to bring in some income, it wasn’t profit. But we brought in some income. Exactly. We learned so we we had our first win there. And then what happened was like COVID happened. And our strategy was events marketing. So we could have really pivoted and turned online. But you know, at the time, it wasn’t neither of our passions, we just really knew how we knew that strategy as far as generating leads. So and then another company, I started throughout that, throughout that time was, you know, we were going to events and trade shows, I was like might as well run the trade. Like I love it. Yeah. So. So I like was planning this trade show for Mother’s Day, we had like 30 vendors sign up and pay and then the same thing, COVID happened. And so we had to like I postponed it a couple months. And then it was it came to the point where it’s like, I might as well just refund everybody’s money, because no one will be able to have this. So it was just a lot of you know, just trying a bunch of different things. And that’s what kind of led in there is on entrepreneurs because like I said, that was in March. So it was as we were transitioning from a business and I had the Instagram page going in and started to get some traction. And then that’s when I kind of had that paradigm shift and realized that I could turn this into like this was a feasible business. Yeah.


Yeah. Cuz I mean, it sounds like the timing is you had a couple businesses that start to get to get going. And then COVID exactly in the time that you mentioned, you started the page in March correlates when COVID hit for sure. And so was that pretty much the the transition when kind of some of these other opportunities kind of close down? And I’d love to hear more about what Arizona Entrepreneurs is. And maybe I’ll ask my follow up question there. So how did that kind of lead into and what is entrepreneur Arizona Entrepreneurs?


Yeah, so it led into it because like I said, we were in that transition phase between businesses. And so I had the the Instagram page, and after a while, like, after a couple months, it started to get some traction, because it’s a very niche niche audience as far as entrepreneurs out here in Arizona, so people started reaching out, you know, they want to connect with like minded people, they want to grow their business. So I started to realize there were so many people that were in my shoes, like when I was first trying to start these businesses that we had, we had no guidance, we had like no resources, we were just going into everything blind trying to figure it out. And in addition to that, we were new here. So we had no connections, we didn’t know anybody. So I realized that people truly crave valuable connections, and they and they want to grow their business. So I started to realize that this was like a realistic business model. And so essentially what it is to answer your question is we started a membership community. So what it is right now is we offer like weekly Mac masterminds, we offer accountability partners, a members only group chat, the vault, which is like course modules where we’re collaborating with different entrepreneurs to compile course, modules, video content, and we’re offering things in ultimately, like, I’m not trying to position my self as expert within this company. Yeah, what I’m doing is I’m collaborating with entrepreneurs who have achieved that success to bring them on to teach the community. And then I’m really just facilitating the connections and bringing everybody together. So, you know, that’s really our whole goal is just to continue to bring on people to pour into this community to teach everybody, you know, strategies and things that work for their success in business. And then, you know, just bringing people together to connect with like minded people, because I feel like that’s so important with an entrepreneurship because like, me and my buddy, when we started those businesses, we had no positive reinforcement. It was just between us to like bouncing these ideas off each other. But if you have a community of people, that’s when you know, ideas start coming up. meeting people and it just, you know, helps you make that path clear. So,


yeah, no, I love that because that’s what my question was gonna be it sounds like you were, you know, you had the the entrepreneur mindset you are hustling trying to create different businesses and and it that what Arizona entrepreneurs is it’s exactly what I envisioned. It’s a group of like minded people, it’s a community that kind of how give direction? And did you kind of accidentally create this because you were trying to find that direction as you’re trying to create all these other things. And so it sounds like very much so. And one thing that’s cool that I love, what you’re mentioning is that, you know, you’re acknowledging that you’re early on into your, you know, as an entrepreneur, that you’re not trying to build this around, that you’re the expert or anything, it’s, it’s bringing in experts in what they’re an expert in, and then from that, leveraging each other’s knowledge richer, that’s 100%. That’s


awesome. So I mean, how has it been trying to trying to grow this because I love what you’re doing, because I think community is such a huge word right now. I think getting other people’s perspective is huge, which that’s essentially what you’re doing within the group, I think just learning from each other expedites the knowledge that one can have, and it can grow their business quicker, rather than trying to take 10 years to learn how to build or how to get now see how what is it business checking account look like? So I mean, what what, what are some things that you’ve learned as you’ve been building this platform?


Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s been a huge learning experience for me, but I feel like, you know, it took some while it took a while, like I said, to get that traction, and to get that credibility, because at first when we got like, 10 followers, and like, no posts, and we’re trying to hit up all these big time entrepreneurs, they, they’re ghosting us, you know, so it definitely took a while to like, try to build up the account in in, like I’ve been referring to Instagram was kind of our main strategy in the platform we use. So it was really just, you know, working on providing valuable content and building that account, and then reaching out to bigger entrepreneurs to continue to try to get them to collaborate and pour into our community. But, you know, it’s just been a huge learning experience. You know, I I’m learning like the we host master classes as well, I don’t know if I mentioned that. But I’m learning from each and every one of these master classes that we’re hosting and these masterminds that we’re having, and, and talking about our businesses, the challenges we’re going through, like, I’m a student, as well as trying to facilitate this whole thing. So, you know, that’s one thing I’m just trying to continue to do is to continue to learn because the more that I learn is, the more that I’m going to be able to also contribute into teach a community. So yeah, I’m very, I’m learning a ton to answer your question. It’s hard to you know, pinpoint it to one thing, but I’m learning a ton. As far as entrepreneurship and business goes,


What’s been the biggest epiphany or learning that has come from either building it or networking with others in the group that you’ve created? Like, what’s been the biggest aha moment? That kind of leading you further down your path to entrepreneurship?


Well, I guess one kind of aha moment is that I really didn’t like so when we were going through these things. When we were struggling business, we had no guidance, we had no mentors, we were just kind of alone on that journey. I mean, now that I look back at it, it makes sense. But I really didn’t know so many people went through that I kind of just thought we were alone on that journey. And that’s how a lot of entrepreneurs feel they feel alone while they’re going through their journey. So, you know, it was an epiphany for me, when after a while a lot of people started reaching out, and they’re like, Look, we’re in the same position you are, we’re trying to connect and build connection. So I guess that was essentially an aha moment. Because I, I there was the first time that I realized that there’s so many other people that that crave these things, they crave valuable connections and resources. So


that’s cool. So how have things been going? Where are you guys at now? What is the overall structure or business model look like? I mean, it sounds like it’s a monthly fee. Yeah. What What does this look like? How’s growth been? And what can one expect if they were to join the members?


Sure. So essentially, how we went about the launch is we had a networking event that we put together for the, for the, for the launch of Arizona Entrepreneurs on October 1. So we had about 93 people that registered and then 47 that showed up. And so throughout that we we use different breakout rooms and allow people to network and meet other people. And then also, we we had the offer at the end and shared what we were offering this membership community for so we had, and this was something that like, I didn’t know, if 50 people were gonna join right off the top, or if it was gonna be like two people. So I really didn’t know what what kind of response I was gonna get from everybody. And so we have that first networking event. And then one person signs up. And I was like, hey, like, I thought it was gonna be a lot of people. So one person signs up, then the next day, another person signs up. And then the next day, another person signs up. And then since then we’re at about 12 members right now. So I didn’t know if it was going to be like I said, 50 people off the launch or if it was going to be more of a trickle effect. So it’s taken some time to build it. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Because really, one thing that’s important to me is cultivating a culture where everybody’s there for the right reasons they’re there to to grow in their business and to meet like minded people to level up I don’t I’m what I’m trying to avoid is creating a culture where it’s all about what can I get, take, take take like I don’t want people to just be there to sell their services because that’s not at all What I’m trying to build So, you know, it’s taken a little bit of time, but you know, I’m realized, like, at first I was kind of like, shoot man, like only one person signed up? Now I’m really realizing like each one of those are when and the fact that now 12 people know about it, it’s gonna continue continue to grow as more people hear about it. And we continue to provide value to those people that are in the group. And I and I kind of understood that because there’s very few early adopters. Yeah, so having, you know, having that core group of people that were on it from the, from the very beginning, that’s what’s gonna continue to, to build that traction. So, you know, I feel like, you know, we’re, we’re slowly growing, and we’re gonna continue to build this thing up. Um, what was your other question?


Um, I think you pretty much answered everything. Really, I guess one of the questions that I still have a question on is, if I were to sign up right now, what is like the first month look


like or what? Okay, so as far as what the membership consists of, so right now we have weekly masterminds, we’re still playing with that, whether they’re gonna be white, bi weekly, or weekly. But they’re masterminds to where we hop on a call, it’s all virtual right now Zoom in, we’re planning some in person events down the road, but just make sure we’re getting compliance and everything we’re being hesitant on that. So right now, it’s weekly mastermind. So you we hopped on a Zoom call, talk about our challenges within business areas that we can help each other grow, you know, our wins for the week. And really just were, like I said, cultivating an environment where we can help each other bounce ideas off each other and help each other level up in our businesses. We have monthly master classes. And that’s what I was referring to where we’re bringing on entrepreneurs and people who have achieved that success to come on. And to teach our community on different subjects. Our first one, we brought on Paulie long, and he taught on mindset in personal branding. So he taught different tactics about maintaining the right mindset throughout entrepreneurship and personal branding tactics to growing your personal brand. We have an accountability partner feature where we pair people up like that, yeah, they can request an accountability partner, we pair him up and give them some guidelines to, to grow that relationship and be held accountable throughout their journey, the vault, which is our course module, so we’re continuing to bring on different entrepreneurs to create video content course modules that can help entrepreneurs in different areas of their business, and then the members group chat. And that’s just where we’re, you know, communicating amongst amongst each other, anything that comes up any ideas, really just whatever, just being able to communicate with people who are, you know, in our circle with like minded people, so that’s cool. Yeah,


that’s cool. I think the one thing that really sticks out is the accountability that on some recent episodes, there’s been people that have gotten business coaches and whatnot, really to help with that accountability piece, I didn’t realize how big the accountability really is. I’m just a bit I mean, I grew up playing baseball, and is a big proponent of, you know, something to be done, you just go do it. I don’t need someone to hold me accountable to do it. I kind of hold myself accountable. But I mean, why do you think accountability is such such a big thing? One, it’s super powerful, but two it’s something that I think a lot of people are looking for? So did you did you notice that or is that just kind of happened naturally within the courses,


I feel like, it’s kind of a combination of things. So I feel like throughout entrepreneurship, you you’re really the only one holding yourself accountable. If you’re, if you’re working a typical job, typically, you have someone who’s telling you the things you needed to do, and you’re held accountable that way. So it’s very important, like when you’re you’re starting your own business, and you’re an entrepreneur, that you you have that accountability in support. So that’s why in my first business, in my first couple of businesses, I had a business partner. So we held each other accountable. Like, dude, we got to do this today, we got to do this. But when you’re kind of going at things alone, and even if you have a business partner, it’s still very important to have that external accountability and people who are making sure you’re getting the things done that you promised, you’re going to get done. Because it’s very easy. You know, when you’re the only person hold yourself accountable, it’s a lot easier to slack on some things and not get things that you promised to get done. So


yeah, I couldn’t agree. And it’s not even just finding someone that’s an accountability partner and someone that has like, that’s like minded that I mean, you kind of have to have that synergy. But I think having that checks and balances keeps you in touch and kind of keeps on that path. Because it is very easy to give something two hundred percent for 10 days and after a while you kind of burnout and it’s kind of a You’re going too hard come down and just kind of have that outside perspective. I think the the perspective and kind of just the thoughts I think help get keep people on that that path. And I think that’s why what you’re creating is so, so powerful, because I think they’re one entrepreneurship. It’s actually on that entrepreneurs that we had recently where there’s been a decline for the longest time in new business creation here in America and recently with the pandemic, it’s exploded. And so I think entrepreneurship is only getting more popular. I mean, people like Gary Vee and all that I mean, he helped push in it but I think the the barrier to entry is just so much lower now than what it used to be but knowing that there’s a lot of people that are seeking experience and all that and that’s really what what your platform is really doing.


For sure. Yeah, no, I feel like it’s super important because I keep referring back to this but like when when me and my buddy started, we we didn’t have any support or any anything to help us throughout that journey in In what I’m trying to build is what I wish that I had at the time, like, because if I was able to connect with like minded people, people who are already in entrepreneurship and doing that stuff, and then also get resources, learn from entrepreneurs and big name, people who have already done it, like, I feel like that would completely cut the learning curve down. So I know this is something that is going to be very valuable to people. And as we continue to build it and bring on big time, people, I know this is something that so many people need. So that’s why I’m so passionate about, about bringing it to reality and making it the best it can be. Yeah,


no, I love everything about that. And the first person that you had on the mastermind group teaching mindset, I think that’s such a powerful thing. I think mindset is almost everything. I mean, it’s what helps you get up in the morning and get you through the day. You know, you mentioned you had a couple failures. I mean, what some people call failures, but I think they’re a great learning opportunities that holds true what you have today. But keeping in line with the mindset, I mean, how did you keep a strong mindset to push onto the next business? And even if it didn’t work out the way you expected it to then move on? I mean, what was that process? Like? How did you stay strong minded to keep creating?


Yeah, and I feel like, what it comes down to is I just have a very, very strong belief in myself. So when I in this like, applies to like, my entire life, when I said I was going to play college football, like, whenever, whenever I say, I’m going to do something, like, regardless what other people think, like internally, it’s very important me to bring that to fruition. So I feel like, you know, in this a lot of entrepreneurs faces when they’re going about their journey, and they have this big vision for what their what their business can be. It’s hard to want articulate that vision and get other people to see that. But like when it when there’s nothing tangible, when it’s all an idea, like, a lot of people are like my big goal. So you know, one thing that, you know, even when I couldn’t get other people to see my vision, like I’m very, I feel like I have a very strong belief system. And when I when I truly believe in a vision and something that I’m trying to pursue, it’s just a matter of time before I make it happen. And like I said, like I, I went through all those failures. So in, I don’t really consider them failures, because I learned from each one. But you know, even though that exact thing that I wasn’t doing, even though the videography company wasn’t a thing that that brought me to that success in the lead generation company wasn’t that thing that the vehicle that brought me to success. I knew ultimately, it was just a matter of narrowing that down and finding what it is that I’m passionate about. And then you know that that’s what’s going to do it. So it’s, yeah, no, it’s very tough, tough going through those things. I mean, there was a lot of moments of doubt, I’m not just trying to act like, we’re all perfect. And in my mind, I knew exactly where I was going. But I feel like it’s very important to have a strong belief system and to truly believe in the vision and the things that you’re pursuing other because if you don’t believe in it, nobody’s gonna believe is not up to you. So


absolutely. I think you hit the nail on the head, and it comes down to perspective, it’s something happen, you can either look at at it as man, I failed and get discouraged. Or it’s like, Oh, sweet, it just wasn’t meant to be. But there’s something that I learned a noun just that much closer to what I want to be. And I think it all just comes down to how you really look at each situation. And I think, you know, going into like minded people, it’s it’s easy to get discouraged. And I think having that accountability helps. Hey, no, you’re fine. You’re gonna learn something, it helps with that positivity to prevent that beating yourself up, I think is the big piece.


I agree.


Yeah. So talk been talking a lot about just you know, how you’ve been been, you know, building this really one thing that I liked that you said, is the social media trying to reach people you don’t have, you know, tons of posts yet and everything like that. I think a lot of people try and focus on the one post that’s going to do it. Have you seen that that has been one post that helped you guys do it? Or has it been just consistent posting, that’s kind of helped build that credibility, or that social proof,


I would say yes to both things almost. Because it’s 100%, consistency and continuing to put out things out there. And one thing that really worked for us was like collaborating with different entrepreneurs, we do those entrepreneur highlights, so that that builds credibility when we have you know, entrepreneurs and different people that are highlighted on our page that makes people feel more comfortable, and that the content they’re consuming, knowing that they see different faces. So that’s what I was gonna say, as far as that one post, I wouldn’t say it’s one post, but the posts that seemed to you know, perform the best are when there are faces on or whether it be somebody else’s faces when I put my face on there, say a little bit about my story. So I guess that’s one tip I feel like people in this is all people because when I’m consuming content the same way people want to see you know, authenticity in a real face and who’s behind the entire thing. So at first, I was just trying to make it look all like corporate, like this legit business. And I realized, like, I got to have fun with this, put my face out there and really, like show who I am, otherwise people aren’t gonna, you know, people aren’t gonna vibe with that. So, yeah, so I feel like it’s, you know, important to put your face out there. But also, it’s a long game. So consistency is the most important thing constantly putting out content out there. So


did you actually see a difference in engagement and reach and all that when you were trying to be super perfect and corporate and, all that compared to show the behind the scenes, I mean, did you actually see a difference?


100% like, there’s there’s a few posts where I like put put my face on there and talk a little bit about my story, things like that. And those posts by far always outperform any other like quotes or things I put out there like that. So yeah,


that’s awesome. Because it’s, it’s everyone’s trying to strive for that perfection. But I think it’s the kind of the what really works is not being perfect, and really being vulnerable and just showing, showing your day to day. And I think that people resonate with that, because it’s no, no one, no one’s living a perfect life, and everyone’s misleading each other by showing, just perfection. And I, I love that, that you’re actually seeing a noticeable difference in the data. So when it comes to, you know, mentioning stories and humanizing the brand, what are some some stories that you’ve heard from other entrepreneurs that have been going through? You know, what you’ve created? I know, it’s early on, but any any good success stories?


Um, so I mean, yeah, so like, as far as the membership goes, yeah. So like, there there’s been so we’ve had through to two masterminds. A third one will be on this coming one. So tomorrow, and in after the second mastermind, we talked about our wins for the week, or at the beginning of the mastermind, we talked about our wins for the week, things that went well. And like two people from the group already said that someone else from the group recommended a person like connecting them with another person. So like, one of them had an in person meeting, it was a real estate connection, and they they might be doing business together. Um, the other the other one had, someone they got connected with that was a marketing person that completely helped change their business with their online presence. So just like, that is so fulfilling to me, because I like I said, I’m just kind of trying to facilitate this thing and put people together, but now that people are helping each other through our challenges helping connect each other and bring people together, like, that’s one of the most fulfilling things. So it might be a small win. But you know, being three weeks into business, and already seeing people helping each other out and things that might change their business like that. That means the world to me. Yeah,


no, that’s awesome. So how, what are you guys doing now? I mean, you’re obviously getting some traction, you’re getting some paid membership members, that’s huge kudos to you. How are you guys leveraging these good stories and what you guys are doing to grow the brand? Like what do you guys working on next? And that’s the biggest thing that a lot a lot of business owners really look look towards, they have a great product, but how are they growing the brand? For sure.


And I mean, there’s a few things that we’re that we’re working on. And I’m still trying to learn all this and soak this in myself and figure out the best strategies, what works. So you know, right now, we’re doing a lot with what one as far as the membership goes, we’re continuing to try to build that out, build the system around that, and bring on people who can just pour into this community, because, you know, if we have Robert Kiyosaki teaching on one of our mastermind, it’s gonna be a lot more valuable. So it’s really about finding those collaboration pieces and people who can contribute to the community. But in addition to that, as far as growing it, you know, it’s just about finding different strategies and things that work. So where, you know, just launched a Facebook group that we’re trying to get some traction on that, because I feel like that could be a great way to provide value to people and show them more about the membership. You know, we’re talking about doing some free, free monthly or bi weekly. And as far as the, you know, the timeframes as far as doing these events, we’re still creating the structure and figuring that all out. So we’re doing some more free events, because like I said, that first one that we had for the launch, that’s when we we got some traction, and people join the membership. So some more free things that we can, you know, offer because we feel like that’s gonna help people to see what we’re offering in and bring them into the membership, continuing to put out content and like, we were just talking about continuing to build more of a face and a personal touch around that content. You know, trying to get some testimonial stories, and just there’s so many different areas that we’re trying to figure out, you know, one, what’s the best area to go and kind of go double down on that. So we I mean, we tried Facebook ads, like we were trying everything, there’s no perfect plan we have, we’re just trying to see what works and then going on,


how are you guys going about that? Because I think again, that’s what a lot of people business owners suffer with is like, Alright, I got these 3000 things like Could you do you guys prioritizing that? Because I mean, we struggle every business struggle is so I always loved getting others inside and how they are prioritizing what they think is gonna push the business the quickest because that’s ultimately what everyone wants are what are the activities I can do that’s going to excel growth the quickest and so how do you guys go about that?


Yeah, as far as prioritizing one way is you know, trial and error so figuring out how What does work but like you said, You can’t just have your focus on all these things because you’re gonna delude yourself. So one thing is trial and error, but also we’re doing we’re kind of focusing on our free community. So whether that be the free Facebook group, the free events that we put on because we feel like if we’re, if we’re offering something for free, allowing people to kind of see what we have going on, there’s an entrepreneurs gravitate more towards towards it because they want more they want to see more what we what we have to offer. So that’s the big thing is working on that developing that free community and you know, really just Instagram. That’s where we’re like thriving. That’s where we have the most engagement and people engaging with our stuff. So we feel like we’re continuing to try to come up with strategies and things that work with Instagram reach, reaching out dming people. But you know, we’re like I said, we’re not perfect. We’re figuring this all out on the go. So we’re trying to figure out what the best strategy is for our business and what we need to be implementing right now. But to answer your question, we are kind of just figuring it out a couple weeks old.


I mean, are you guys focusing more on trying to grow the membership or you guys putting any focus on trying to get more experts to kind of come in, because I think you can have tons of opportunity because if you bring in great experts, people that are going to give knowledge that people want that’s gonna attract the people sure you with your guys’s video editing background, I mean, granted, maybe not doing Hollywood videos. But you could do something, you have a platform of people that are wanting to get knowledge, if you reach out and just say, Hey, I got what I’m trying to build a community where people are wanting knowledge. I mean, it could be lead generation for you. But you guys could do somewhere you record the video and you guys do a little bit of post production make it look cool, so that you’re giving someone a piece of content that would incentivize them to say yes, so it’s like, you guys just hanging on to the skills you guys have learned in the past put them on a platform they can then get leads and only that you’re giving them free content, you’re gonna get more people saying yes, and as you build out your portfolio, we got mindset, we got financials, we got digital marketing, we got all these different types of things as you build that up, get more yeses there, I’m assuming more people would come in and be willing to pay a little bit higher price because you’re getting higher talented executor, T. So I mean, are you guys focusing more on on your outreach and everything trying to grow the membership, were you guys doing anything on the


I mean, we’re kind of in between when both legs so we we have built a little team. So it’s, it’s, you know, as far as getting on talent, and bringing on leading experts to teach this community, so we’re continuing to collaborate with people and try to try to get people to teach our community, but also in the same time, we’re working on building that membership, because they kind of it kind of plays hand in hand. Because as we continue to grow this community, it’s gonna be more valuable to the, to the leading experts to come teach us. So I mean, you know, we’re doing both at once, and we’re probably going to continue to do that way. But I think that’s a great point, like, you know, offering some sort of value, whether that’s creating some video content, but just doing whatever we can to get on, you know, those big name entrepreneurs, because they’re gonna attract more people, like you said,


next to your point. And they’re gonna be like, well, how big is the audience? I got other people that want, you know, 30,000 that I can get in front of, and stuff like that. And that that’s what i think i Cool. Well, I mean, everyone today knows that I need more content. Everyone’s always wanting more content. So if that’s the value add, it’s like, yeah, it’s not big now. But we’ll always have your content that people can see and reach out to you. But if that’s the thing that gets someone to say yes, is like as you’re doing this, we’ll record it and give you some clips that you can use in your own marketing that might entice someone that is a bigger name to actually say yes, but no, that’s awesome. I think you guys are doing all the right things and hitting both audiences. I think you do need both in order to to really grow this. Definitely. So what are the big plans that you guys have kind of right now? What are in the works? What are your guys’s goals the next six months? Are you looking to make this more national? Are you looking to get more vertical specific? Are you looking to? What does that look like for you guys?


Yeah, so right now, I mean, we’re really working on one, like I said, creating that system around the membership. And like you said, we’re going to be able to charge more once we bring on bigger people to speak in and continue to provide more value within the membership. So that’s one big thing we’re emphasizing on within the next six months is make just doubling down on the membership, making sure we can provide the most value. But we have plans to make different tiers in different packages have like a high level VIP package. And we have a lot of different ideas as far as the packages we want to create, because we feel like there is different levels to where, as far as things you might want from the membership. Maybe I just want the mastermind, but maybe I want to meet in person with Robert Kiyosaki. Yeah, so I mean, yeah, so I feel like that’s super important is creating the system around that that membership. Also, in addition to that, in person events, I mean, I like Zoom is scalable, and it’s an easy way to you know, to kind of facilitate these things, but I feel me personally, I feel like most people they prefer in person they want to meet people face to face. So, and I know it’s kind of difficult right now, but we’re working around things. And we’re planning an event for November an in person event, but we really want to start to get into some of those bigger in person events, if if we’re allowed to some like seminars, conventions, things along those lines. And yeah, I mean, there’s literally so many ideas because even the the, you know, running trade shows and things along that line. Yeah, I might do that under Arizona entrepreneurs because it’s you know, entrepreneurs here in Arizona where they could have a booth and then host their trade show. I don’t know if that’s exactly in the six months, but that’s a down the road plan I want to implement but ultimately we’re really trying to position ourselves as the entrepreneur hub here in Arizona, we want people to regardless, you know what stage they’re at in business, we if they live in Arizona, they want they want to be a part of Arizona entrepreneurs because that’s where you’re connecting with people, that’s where you’re bringing your business to the next level. So as far as the different things we’re implementing, you know, we have different ideas and plans for that. But, you know, we just want to, like I said, position ourselves that way. So we’re able to impact and change lives at scale here in Arizona.


No, that’s awesome. I mean, it’s like Arizona newars could be a holding company, that could be so many different things under it. I mean, between the in person events, the virtual events, the mentoring, the the accountability, I mean, you could almost turn it into so many different little businesses, and literally cater to what people’s needs are. As you guys, as you guys are learning more, I mean, you guys are sitting on tons of data that you can learn what the pulse is of Arizona entrepreneurs and really, really bring a ton of value. Yeah, it’s awesome. I mean, is there? Is there anything that we kind of left out? I mean, that you were really one wanting to share? I mean, when it when it outside of that when it comes to I mean, there’s an entrepreneurs, what are you saying in Arizona at the business level?


Yeah, I mean, I just feel like it’s kind of there’s entrepreneurs all across the board. I mean, there’s a very big time entrepreneurs here in Arizona, like, I feel like this is definitely a hub. And there’s a lot of people here, starting businesses, but there’s also people who are just starting off, and they have no guidance. So with Arizona entrepreneurs, we want to be able to appeal to either end of the spectrum, because even if you’re doing 10 million a year, maybe you’re not leveraging social media, you might meet someone in that mastermind that can help you with a different area of business. Now you’re doing 15. Like there’s, regardless what stage you’re at, there’s always something you’re leaving on the table. So we want to be able to cater to the to the this entire spectrum of entrepreneurs. But right now, it’s more to the startup to the person who’s like in business, but trying to scale down. So like as like, as I was kind of discussing before, we have to, you know, continue to add different tiers and things that apply to different people regardless what stage they’re at. But I mean, I just see entrepreneur I like, I just feel like everybody’s an entrepreneur here in Arizona, it almost feels that way. Like so many people I talked to are are trying to start a business and like you said, like, since COVID happened, like the entrepreneurship and people starting businesses just going up. So I feel like a lot of that’s going on here in Arizona, and people want to be their own boss live life on their own terms, like so many people have that dream. So ultimately, we just want to be able to help people bring that to reality.


Love it. And I mean, is there is there anything else that I want to want to share, tell the world anything that we didn’t touch on in the within the business or you guys’s goals at all.


I mean, as far as within the business. I mean, just goals, like, like I said, we just really want to position ourselves as the entrepreneur hub, we want to have, like, as far as our five year goals, I think is like 20,000 members within there’s an entrepreneurs membership. And that’s not going to be just like, that’s not going to be the only layer of the business that you said maybe Arizona entrepreneurs is the holding company. But you know, within the membership area, as far as people who are within our community, we want at least 20,000 people and that might seem like a lofty goal. But I bet there’s millions of entrepreneurs here in Arizona, like this is truly a club of people trying to make it happen. So, you know, we just want to, I already touched on this before, but we really want to make an impact at a major scale. And, and I guess one thing to touch on is I feel like and I won’t name job per se anything. But I feel like there’s so many organizations and entrepreneur organizations already that exist today. And I went to a lot of different events when we first moved here, but it definitely feels like outdated and old school. And it almost feels like the whole intention of these are like, you know, what can I get? Like, my name is Devin, this is my business. So who sent in business my way like and I want to create a different vibe to where it’s like, you know, we’re all here for each other’s benefit. And we’re all here to help each other grow in business. Like I’m not just here for me, I also want to help you with your business, I might know someone, I might be able to connect you with someone. So you know, really the culture we’re trying to cultivate is, you know, having each other helping each other throughout our journeys, because it’s going to be reciprocated, you’re going to get it back to you. So yeah, man, it’s uh, that’s really the goal is just creating that culture where we’re all leveling up together and achieving our goals.


No, that’s cool, because I think I couldn’t agree more. I think you hit the nail on the head where I mean, it sounds like it’s a it’s a networking group, but it’s a v2, like, everything that’s out there is version one, it’s alright, let’s get people from other industries, let’s refer business and it’s just more of a hackling refer business rather than how can we help each other build a business? Like it’s not always just lead generation, it could be, you know, I need help with my accounting, I need help with HR, whatever that may be. And it’s more learning from each other’s either mistakes or history or wisdom, whatever that may be. And like I said, I think it’s it’s almost the new version of a networking group. And I think it’s it’s a much better version because to your point, it’s no I’ve been to quite a few networking groups and they’re just outdated. It’s all how you know anyone’s looking for a home or you know, anyone? Yeah, that’s all it is. It’s just passing cards back and forth. And no one truly, I mean, doesn’t seem like people truly care about actually helping someone else’s business growth just here’s more leads.


Yeah, and I feel like that’s a big thing with networking is well there’s there’s a right and wrong way to go about networking. Obviously, what we’re talking about is kind of the wrong way, just a you know, a guess on how they are, but like what we’re trying to create We’re actually building genuine relationships where you and I are actually good friends and I’m trying to help your business and, and bring you to the next level. And that’s going to be passed back to me. So like, yeah, that’s really important to us is just making sure that, you know, the people who are involved with us know, our intentions and what we’re about. And in that the whole intention is to grow alongside of each other. Yeah.


Awesome. No, this has been great. And really the the last piece I would have is, you know, you’ve helped start a couple different businesses, you’re helping other startups, entrepreneurs in Arizona start I mean, what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’d have for someone that is just starting out? The, you know, I had that epiphany, I want to start my own business. I want to be my own boss, what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’d have for them?


Um, yeah, I mean, one is to just jump because I feel like so many people that have, they have these analysis paralysis, essentially. And I had that first one, I was starting off where I’m like, I want to start this business. What do I do this, like, there’s just so much knowledge out there, especially, you know, with our did with the digital right now. So I feel like it’s very important to, you know, to just go after it and figure it out as it goes. And that’s kind of what I did with Arizona entrepreneurs. My mentor told me, he’s like, just you got to draw a line in the sand. And after that day, you got to launch in because at first I was just like, had the Instagram page. I was like, I don’t know, I don’t think people would pay for this. And then he said that I was like, Alright, October 1, it was about two months out. I was like October 1, I’m launching regardless. Yeah. And you know, the time came about two days before I’m scrambling and whatnot. But I made a promise to myself, I was putting it out there like October 1 is when we’re launching and I had that event filling up like 93 people, I didn’t know if I was ready for this. And I was like, man, but if I wouldn’t have just jumped in and just went for it. It would i would have, you know, to wait too long, just trying to figure it out and perfect it and everything. So I feel like it’s important to not just constantly, you know, have analysis paralysis, thinking about things is just to go after and see what happens figure it out along the way. And you know, so I feel like that’s very important. And also just, you know, having that belief system and believing in yourself while you’re doing it. Because, like I said before, if you don’t believe in it, nobody else is going to so you have to have a strong belief in your vision and where you’re going what you’re trying to pursue.


Yep, I couldn’t agree more. I love the analysis paralysis happens way too much. So much opportunity is left on the table because of it. And so you know, I love everything that you’d mentioned. I love what you’re doing. I love the you’re helping Arizona entrepreneurs. And so those out there that you’re not Arizona entrepreneur, I mean, look, Devin up Devin, how can they find you?


Yeah, so like I said, we’re most active on Instagram. So our Instagram handle is just Arizona Entrepreneurs, Arizona Entrepreneurs. And then our website is www.arizonaentrepreneurs.com you know, I’m on LinkedIn Devin Butler. I’m on Instagram. I think it’s Devin Ray Butler but yeah, you know, connect with us, wherever shoot us a DM connect with us. We’re always looking to to continue to learn about people’s businesses and see however we can help whether that’s with the membership or maybe there’s, you know, another way we can help so we’re, you know all about helping small businesses reach their goals. Awesome,


Devin, really appreciate it.


Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you.

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