Forget “Location, location, location.” Now it’s “Relation, relation, relation.” Dallas Andrew’s winning realtor marketing plan | Rise Grind Repeat 071


Being a realtor is hard; trying to get to know someone in a short amount of time and convince them to trust you in helping them make one of the most expensive purchases of their life.

Dallas Andrews learned some lessons from that, applied them as he created video content for his agency, and now he has a second career: helping other realtors produce a realtor marketing plan equipped with effective video content for social media.

Dallas says effective content for any business, like success in real estate, is about building trust: convincing the customer they can depend on you for what they need to hear, and that you’ll help make them smarter so they can make educated decisions. This realtor marketing plan will win you business.


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realtor marketing plan

| Rise Grind Repeat 071 |


Believe it or not, I had had a couple people reach out to me two separate people direct messaged me, Hey, we want to sell our house or, hey, we’re looking to buy but it’s just a matter of me putting myself out there and having the guts to do it. So yeah, my so I went up to the owner of aging associates AZ and I was like I got a listing. What do I do?


On today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, we talked to Dallas from Expose Media. He’s one of Arizona’s top real estate agents. He also helps realtors produce their own video content. dive right in. Dallas, thank you so much for joining in on an episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, I’m so excited for this. I mean, we connected a while back you connected us with, you know, one of our current clients and I love watching what you’re doing. But before we get too far into that I’d love just for the audience to kind of hear your background who you are and learn a little bit more about you So,


okay, Hello. My name is Dallas Andrews. I’m actually a real estate agent with a realtor marketing plan. And I’m the owner of a company called Expose Media we create content for business owners, entrepreneurs to brand themselves on social media. Really our niche market is professionals in the real estate industry, particular realtors, lenders, title company title reps, but a little bit about my background. I’ve always been in sales in some type of sales and marketing type background. My very first job was working in hospitality in a at a at a resort, you know, as a busboy and really had to learn how to please people you kind of have like, oh, learn customer service. So that was a great first job until I landed my very first sales job where it was a with a gym called LA Fitness. And I was the shyest person you could have ever met. I didn’t know how to start a conversation, but I got this sales job and I was like I want to have this job because I want to be someone who’s not shy. I hated being shy




I really wanted to be different so I knew I had to push myself and it was hard. And I struggled a lot I failed a lot. I so many times I was like I don’t want to do this I’m gonna quit but I just kept pushing through and then I got good at really just creating relationships with people and I got better at talking with people and so I started to enjoy this like people business and my business started to flourish in the fitness industry with LA Fitness and I end up jumping around different gyms yep LA Fitness, Pure Fitness wanted to Fitness Works to eventually co-owning my own gym in Surprise. Nice, I didn’t know that. Surprise Arizona, me and my business partner. We grew a gym up to almost 4000 members a little. A little neighborhood gym


is an actual like brick and mortar. It wasn’t


Yep, brick and mortar. We have full service fitness center, we have free weights, machine weights, cardio, group fitness classes, kids care, we’re open seven days a week, we had 50 employees. So it was a that was my passion. No, that’s




So my business partner, we have had a falling out key had he got in trouble with the law or whatever. So I ended up I was like, You know what, I’m gonna get out of this industry. I mean, I like working out I still work out today, but I don’t have to work in the industry. Yeah, I’m gonna try something else. So I got into title for a little bit you know, title and escrow with real estate,


all real estate, not like vehicle titles or anything.


It’s real estate title, like the escrow so I got I became a an assistant to a title rep, where we go out there and you try to get realtors to use to tell them to get them to use this title company. So that’s kind of what my job was. And coming from the the gym industry, you know, being in that sales marketing advertising people business. When I was working here in the title company, and working with so many realtors, I started realizing you know what, I’m on the wrong side of this coin. I shouldn’t be a title. Rep, I should be a real estate agent.


So what made you see that?


So meeting with different realtors and realizing what makes them what would make them successful in their own business, a lot of those traits I already knew. So I could literally talk to any real estate agent from my background in sales and marketing and say you should position yourself like this. And a lot of them would get it. Some of them wouldn’t really get it but I was like, You know what, why don’t I just do this for myself? Why don’t I become a real estate agent already. I kind of know like how you should position yourself out there, what the customer needs to hear to make them smarter, make more smarter, educated decisions. So I decided after three months of working in title, I flipped the script and I went and got my real estate license and I did the did it the nine day crash course. So they have all these


nine days?


Yeah. So you, you have all these different options, go at your own pace, I think you can hear a lot of the six months before you have to like redo it again. But they have an option where you can literally do like a nine day crash course. So that’s what I did. I was just going to gun through it. So I did the nine day crash course. And then what I realized is, I don’t have a because I quit my title job before I started.


So I have a job. But I thought ahead, let’s go Yeah,


I thought I would just I thought it was gonna be so easy, you know, slide right in through it. And then one of my friends as I was in real estate school says, Hey, and he owns a construction company. He said, you know, why don’t you come work with me. it’ll, it’ll be cash, dadadada. And I was like, You know what, I could use money this weekend. So I went to work with them. And I really enjoyed it because he did recessed lighting. And it was there’s a huge market for it here in the valley. They they put the lights of face down on your ceiling. But I tried it we knocked out it was a huge job. We knocked it out super quick. And I was like, Man, this was fun. Like, let me know when your next job


comes up. And


he’s like, actually, I got one next weekend. So one thing led to another. We he started booking so many jobs and we worked such so well as a team, that we were just knocking out these construction jobs for recessed lighting that I forgot all about real estate. And then eight months go by, okay, I did the school, I passed this, whoever the school is done, I just need to take the state test and national test. Gotcha. So I forgot. I was like, You know what, it’s been a month, I need to get in there and take my test or I’ll also want to do the school all over again. I didn’t want to do that. So


he was like, I


you don’t want to go to real estate school. Just keep working with me. Because you I need you.


Yeah. And I was like, No, I really want to do this. So


I was like, I wonder if I would pass right now if I just went and tested? I didn’t know. I didn’t know that’s that if I went to take the test, and I failed. They’ve given me a percentage of where I would land. Yeah. And that would be a great indication for me. Okay, how hard I got to study the next time because I’ll let you take it again. So I think up to five or six times. Okay. So I was like, I’m gonna It was a I looked at that day. It was a Friday. And I was like, oh, there’s one tomorrow, Saturday was down here in Chandler. And I was and I’m up in the northwest Valley. So I was like, I’ll make the drive. I’ll take the test. If I fail. I’ll know where I’m at. So I cram studied that Friday night, this as much as I could. My wife was, you know, you were doing flashcards and stuff. And so I wake up super nervous and go down there. Long story short, I took the test and I passed the state and the National first try. Crushed it. And I couldn’t believe it. I was like, wow, I did it. So I was like now I just so I went through the steps of getting licensed and now that I passed the test that I had to. So I picked a brokerage, AZ and Associates. That’s kind of where I met you. And it was kind of that’s what led me to become a realtor. And right out of the gate. My very first week. I think I landed two listings. Dang, just because I got on social media. I went Facebook Live. And I said Hey everyone, I’m a brand new real estate agent if you know anyone looking to sell or buy dadadada, yeah, reach out to me direct message me and you know, I just put I just kept putting myself out there on video. Believe it or not, I had had a couple people reach out to me to separate people direct messaged me, Hey, we want to sell our house or, hey, we’re looking to buy, but it’s just a matter of me putting myself out there and having the guts to do it. So yeah, my so I went up to the owner of AZ Associates and I was like I got a listing. What do I do? He’s like, yeah, congrats. And it’s, it’s with that brokerage too. They’re they’re very adamant about putting yourself out there being, you know, put yourself out there to the masses and attract your tribe in which I really loved and it was a good way to start me in the industry. So I was like, you know, I want to take this a little further. Now that I’m showing success. I got a couple escrows done now, throughout that year. I think that first year I did 11 transactions in my first year.


Yeah. What does the average realtor do?


I hear different numbers.


I want to say I’ve heard somebody say like,




somebody said 10. Somebody, I would say like four to six is what I hear most but I don’t think there really is a number that anybody knows that I’ve that I’ve been told, but I was just trying to honestly I didn’t know what number to shoot for. I was just trying to do my job as best I could. At the end of the year. I’m like wow, I got this many this is got to be good, right. And so then the next year, it was a little bit more and it’s just you just I would say now, because obviously what I’m doing now we’ll get more into is I’m kind of less and less in real estate. Just set up the time to do it, but I’m still staying consistent. With about 10 escrows a year, just from social media, but what so kind of what led once I my short success, in my first year of real estate, I realized, you know what, I want to have this online presence where people can see that, okay, they get to know me, like me, trust me on my social media channels. So what kind of having that in the back of my mind, I wanted to position myself as an authority in the marketplace, where I can go to give constant value. Yep, all the time. And I was like, how am I going to do this? Because, like, I’m a realtor, and I’m busy doing realtors stuff, how am I going to also do marketing stuff, and have the time to like, you know, think of the content and then produce it and all this other stuff and, and create it. So I was already doing it, but it was it was juggling. Yeah. So I was like, why don’t why isn’t? There has to be a company out there that can I can just hire, they can do this. For me. That’s real estate specific. And there wasn’t what I couldn’t find any out there. So I was like, You know what, I’m just going to continue doing it for myself. And then I started helping a couple friends. They weren’t in the real estate industry. What else we were doing? Yes, one was a landscaper. One. He’s a general contractor. He specializes in like bathroom remodels. Yeah. And there was a pool company too. So there were like different their, their business owners, but they’re in different industries. Yeah. But it all came down to like they needed the same thing. They want to put themselves out there consistently. So people can get to know who they are, like who they are, and trust who they are, so they can earn their business. So I started it was kind of like me doing it for them. And I really got in the routine of things. Where a friend of mine, the landscaper was Eli, you met Eli. He’s like, you know what this is? You’re really good at this. I think you have a business here. And I was like You think so? And I was like, I’ve been looking for a business that does this.




we I decided to become serious with it. I looked up different names, and what can I can what I can call this and I was like, What is it? I wanted a name that really ties into like what we’re doing for people. And really, the only word I can think of is exposure. We’re giving people exposure on social media. Yeah. So that the people can discover who they are like who they are, and trust who they are all through exposure. So I was like, you know, let’s see if Exposed Media is done. And it wasn’t. So I was like, okay, the name is Exposed Media. So I started doing it for these three guys. And then word kind of got out, I joined a few networking groups. And what’s cool about networking groups, have you ever been a part of one


A long time ago.


So usually with networking groups, you can only have one specific trade? Yep. in that group. So you only one realtor, one lender, one landscaper, and there isn’t. And what I’ve noticed in a lot of networking groups, there’s not a lot of people that do exactly what I do to help people with exposure on social media. So almost any group I can go into, there’s a need for me. And what’s nice about what I do is everybody in that group needs what I have,


and they realize it


Yeah. And so I started getting in a couple groups that Eli got me involved in, and it’s like, a lot of people were kind of like, What is it? What do you do? Or maybe they weren’t brought up with social media? Yeah, and a lot of their business that they’ve have at the time, which is built word of mouth or old, the old school generation with, so they didn’t really understand what I did, or the power of it once you start it. And then but slowly, but surely, they started like, you know, starting to trust me more. And then before you know it, like almost everybody in these groups was using me hiring me to help them with their exposure. Yeah. And now that they get it and they really see the value in it, it’s it’s a no brainer. Especially they’re all business owners and they get Okay, I get branding on social media. It’s not something I do for a couple weeks or a month or a year. It’s a lifestyle change for my business that has to be out there. That has to be happening consistently, all the time. So now that I kind of got this thing really figured out and I’ve pivoted a lot of have different content ideas, but really what we focused on is video. The one thing that a lot of people say I really want to do video, but they don’t have the courage. They have a lot of procrastination or just a lot of things holding them back. But they do see the value in it. But a lot of times they don’t get started. So what we decided to do is that’s going to be like our bread and butter is a little short, not long videos, just talking head videos, where you can position the person that is talking as subject A because at the end of the day expose media we want to help make entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, whatever we want to make you stand out as an authority figure in your industry. And how we do this is helping you create content, through video and other things. types of images and stuff that we kind of package and bundled together where it’s nice because a lot of the compliments we get is from my clients is I feel like like, every day I wake up and check my email, I have something to post. It’s not I don’t gotta like, think of it, it’s like, and it’s, and they like that. And there’s some, some one of our clients just wants everything like, packaged done, like, yeah, they don’t want to be like, frequent, they just want to get a one email and have it for the ones once


a month. Here’s the whole art week, whatever it may be.


But I would say that’s the .1111% of a person. Most people are like, I love the fact that I can just check my email that day and I have something to post


I don’t have to think about it.


They don’t have to think about it. It’s like it all comes in and chunks are comes in one at a time. It’s like download posts, where if you get it all at once, it’s okay, which one do I choose? What do I it’s more choices and people get so we we have


a month, a monthly content calendar where it shows. So like, well, I’ll use this example, if you signed up with us like a package you would get is it’d be for a whole month you would get some you get for image quotes. We do customer review images, where we actually take let’s say your your customer reviews from Yelp, Zillow, if you’re in the real estate industry, Google, Facebook reviews, basically, we take those reviews verbatim, we put them onto an image, we make it look fancy for social media. So it’s instead of those reviews just sitting in those platforms, yep, waiting for people to go find them, we actually take those reviews and put them in front of people. So and we brand it to you or it shows like your colors, your business logo, whatever. So and then video is another thing we have on the content calendar. So we have various of different pieces of content. And we have it month to month. So they know, okay, they know what I’m getting. It’s the same thing every month. But it’s it’s the same content but changed around every month. And what they really enjoy about is the videos, because it’s something they don’t get to think about. Yeah, whether they shoot the video or send it to us, or we meet them once a month and knock out four or five videos. Yeah. But though, where we really take a lot of the heavy lifting off is the editing all the time. Yeah, editing, we put the headline captions the captions at the bottom, and we format it to the different social media platforms. So a lot of the stuff because people, maybe they’re not tech savvy. Yep. What I’ve found is like our target market, it’s just individuals who maybe don’t have time they have money to afford to have it done for them. They just don’t have time to do it.


Gotcha. So you’ve moved out of just the real estate focus and more individuals that see the value just don’t have the time. Exactly. Pretty much everyone. I mean, it’s right. Everyone says, Oh, yeah, this, I want to do it, you start doing it, you film and I want to come to the editing, that’s what I just like, didn’t realize how much time this actually takes one just skill set and to the amount of time it actually takes. One thing that I get excited about even mentioning quite a bit is the power of authority and positioning yourself into authority has come up literally in the last couple episodes. And that’s I mean, that’s why I love content. And I think it’s huge, but I mean, why what what led you to find this that that position authority leads to, you know, opportunities coming your way? Well, I


think, you know, me growing up, I read a lot of self self help business books and entrepreneurial motivational books and a lot of the a lot of it’s the same common denominating things is the, you know, like in sales, they always say you got to be persistent persistence overcomes resistance, like just the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So constantly putting yourself out there. But I think a lot of it too was with me, what do I see out there on with advertisements on billboards or commercials, whatever on social media, is once you start understanding brand and brand recognition, and that doesn’t have to be just for a business brand recognition can be you as an individual, like your face your personality. Yeah. So when you put your face your personality out there and do it consistently over time, you’re gonna have people that start to like you and you start to become more familiar to them. And believe it or not, you know, humans gravitate to what they’re familiar with. So if they, I mean, if you’re looking at if you’re, if you take no other statistics on this, where they need to take a couple different brands or people and and they make a decision on what they want to go with what the one they’re most familiar with them feel more comfortable with. They’re gonna go with that decision. Yeah. And a lot of that has to do is within your brain. And I like to I like to think call this as planting seeds. Every time we put a piece of content out there, you’re planting a seed, right? I know Gary Vee if you follow Gary Vaynerchuk he’s like you got to put 100 hooks up there and I definitely believe in that. Because I used to be the person was that was opposite of that is I’m going to focus all my time and energy on this one piece of content or this video and I put all this time, energy and resources into one video, and maybe it doesn’t take off nine times out of 10. It won’t because it’s like my first one. Yeah, it won’t take off, then I get discouraged. And then I lose motivation. And then I just don’t want to do anything anymore. But if you have the mindset of putting out a lot of content and planting a lot of seeds, you’re going to, it’s eventually going to grow and harvest and you’ll be able to harvest it later. Yeah, just like Gary Vee says, You got to put out 100 hooks, think about like, when you were a kid used to fish? No, I actually just did this with my son. He’s gonna be five next month. Nice. But we went fishing, we had little bobber, right? We threw it out there. He’s like, What do I do? Well, when that thing that little bobber? Yep. When that thing starts moving, that means there’s a fish and you got to reel it in. So in the eyes of a business owner, when it comes to branding and marketing and positioning yourself on social media, think about you just got to put 100 of those bobbers out there. Yeah. And you throw them out there and you’re gonna have some that just, you know, the start bobbing and you reel them in? And I know that’s a horrible way. But yeah,


but if you have that, that kind of thought process in and mentality behind it is, maybe this bobber that you threw out a month ago, especially on YouTube a year ago, is in bobbing right now. But let’s say you’re later now that sucker is bobbing? Yeah, because it’s an old piece of content and different platforms have different? How do I say it the where the content expires? Yeah, I know YouTube will just go forever. Yeah. But like you have your time your your timeline your life on your content on different platforms, but put out 100 hooks out there put or bobbers or a lot of deposits, and just continue to do that. And you’ll start to see that you’re the world inside your business is gonna start changing.


Well, I mean, it just comes down to if you have that one bobber out there that the one fish has found that one bobber if you got that one out there and you just keep throwing the bob’s out there, eventually you’re gonna find whatever bait whatever, but whatever that setup is that caught that fish, and then you can replicate it. I think I love everything you’re saying, I think the biggest thing that, you know, typically here is that balance of going all in on one video and then or, you know, doing multiple and usually is this one’s gonna look really good over the top, but to do more production value has to come down. How do you help clients with that? Because it’s, you know, that they have something in their mind, where do they want this commercial? It’s super over the top. But we I mean, you and I both know that, you know, coming down in production value, but having 10 bob’s out there bobbers out there is going to lead to more more opportunities for them. So I mean, how what does that conversation look like? Or how do you help potential clients? You know, go down that path?


Yeah, that’s a great question. With so I come right out of the gate saying, hey, look, these This isn’t a huge production, we’re, we’re gonna have all the lights set up. I’m literally just gonna bring it if I’m filming you, I’m bringing a camera, you’re gonna be mic’d up or if you’re having someone you’re doing an interview with you’re both gonna be mic’d up, it’s gonna be talking head style of video. Yeah, maybe some B roll, we can get creative with it. But it’s not you’re not going to be in a studio. Because at the end of the day, I try to get it so that they understand like, it’s simple, is, the more simple we can keep it the more relaxed and just easygoing they’re gonna feel where they know I got to go to a studio, I have all these like lights and cameras on me. No, it’s just one camera. And really, we’re gonna try to keep this where it’s low budget enough to where we have, we’re set up for the long game, we’re set up to do a lot of different touches, not just one video, because I’m trying to get them under the idea and mindset that, hey, we need to do a video a week, you need to putting at least a video out a week. So if you look at our content calendar, I’ll send it to you. So you so you have it, if you look at our content calendar, I have it’s where they’re scheduled to get they have a video going out once a week, all the other pieces of content I always tell them is kind of fluff is to get it’s so that they’re there. They have some type of branding going until their next video arrives. But all that stuff is essential to because it’s it’s still deposits you’re putting out there. But nothing is more powerful than video. Because it’s through video, people can get to know you like you trust you immediately through an image that I mean, you’re looking at an image with a headshot on it. Yeah, it’s not the same. It’s not the same. I mean, I mean, here’s here’s a cool statistic for video and when I tell them this, why they should do video. And it’s like a no brainer form. Because if somebody if you if you have a message through video, your audience is going to retain 95% of what you said through video. Now if they read that same information on a flyer they’re only going to retain 10%.


Wow, really? I didn’t know that.


Yeah. So when I tell my clients this, they’re like, well, it’s a no brainer, like because obviously at the end of day, we’re just trying to get a message out and we want our audience to remember what we said because they get they have their own lives to deal with though they get life happens in their life. So we don’t want them to not remember what we said. Uh, yeah. And the best way to get them to remember is through video. So why not do more video? But yeah, there’s a lot of statistics I can I can go over. That video is just so powerful. So that’s why we’re okay, this is the end all be all on our monthly calendar, you got to make sure videos happen and then all this other stuff will just kind of fit into place. But to kind of answer your question, do you really get them in that mindset where we’re not doing a superbowl commercial? Yeah, we’re just doing little short videos to deliver little values of nuggets out there to your audience. Because I, when I would, then when I tell him about, it’s about putting a lot of deposits out there, and not just one hope in being hoping it works. But as you put more and more out there, you’re out there so much. I mean, all my clients say this is once they’ve been working with me for a month, two months, three months, they’re like, everyone, everyone I reach it or run into or whatever out there in the world. They’re saying, Man, I’m killing it, they see me everywhere. That’s good. That’s what you want. And now, think of it like this, especially in the real estate industry. When there’s so much competition, there’s like 88,000, licensed realtors in Arizona. Also, everybody knows, like five or six real estate agents. So I’m going to use this industry as an example. So let’s just say you, you’re a realtor, and you have a friend that’s getting ready to sell a house. But he knows five or six other realtors, you want to be on his constant. You want to be on the back of his mind as much as you can you want to you want to be out there so often that he just can’t forget about you. When he thinks a real estate, he all he can do is think of you because he’s keep seeing your stuff out there. That’s how you want to that’s how you want to position yourself in any industry that you’re in. Absolutely. So the landscaper that I help the pool company I help whatever it is, whoever I’m helping, they’re out there so often that the their, their audience, their their customers, their future potential customers, they continue to see them. So they’re like, they’re the obvious choice. Yeah. And the reason why that is, like I said earlier, because you’re familiar with them. They they’ve gotten used to seeing their brand their face. No. It’s just crazy with the likes we hike every Friday. We were on a random hike. And some guys are Eli, right? Really, the landscape is like because they recognize them. I’m not to that level yet. But because he’s in so yeah, he’s got an awesome YouTube channel. And oh, it’s huge. And that’s the thing is just, we want to be a resource to help people like get to that level. Because it’s hard on your own. There’s people that can do it. And they’re, they’re awesome at it. But some people, you know, they weren’t brought up with understanding cameras and how to talk in front of a camera. And I would say the biggest thing, if you’re going to start video, everyone’s always nervous. They’re always uncomfortable, because they’re not, it’s just you’re not used to it. And just like with anything you do, you’re not going to know how to ride a bike or do anything when you first try and you’re probably going to stumble in and look not so decent. But I would say when you’re my recommendation on video is if you can come out of the gate, just not caring what you look like not caring exactly what you say or how you sound Yep. And just start rolling with it. Over time, as you put in the reps and you practice make you perfect, you’re gonna start noticing you’re getting better and better and better.


Absolutely. I mean, couldn’t agree more. I mean, first started this. I mean, I got together on Dre and I got together and it literally took me a half a day just to say my name and the name of the company. Like, as soon as that like camera head Go, like I started just sweating. I mean, it’s hard. It’s very hard. But I mean, looks. I mean, you guys do a great job of behind the scenes. And you guys are there a ton to help alleviate that. So let’s say I get over that I’m ready to go. What do I talk about now? Do you guys help with that? In terms of what content they should be talking about? Or is it you got to come up with it? Once you’re you’re good on what videos you want to do. We’ll just shoot them, edit them and give them back to you or what? What does that look like? Yeah, that’s a great


question. I actually was just answering this question with someone we were shooting before I came here. And they’re like, how do you how are you able to give like pointers on any industry that you help and I was like, well, we actually boiled it down to a recipe where any video you create, it needs to fulfill these three things, you need a hook, you need to have a hook, you need to tell a story and you need to have an offer or a call to action. So depending on their industry, because when we shoot videos, they really like it when we’re there because we can say I would probably angle it this way or I probably come out approach it more this way to hook someone. But when we’re not there shooting videos, they don’t have that support. They’re just doing it on their own. But hook story offer you want to hook someone so like I’m working. I just got done shooting with a professional who deals with reverse mortgages and yeah, it’s a little different because it’s mainly for individuals that are 62 years of age and older. It’s not a product that’s sexy there’s out there a lot. Yeah. But he’s so he was we were trying to be creative on how do we deliver a video to really hook the people that would most be interested in this product? So the hook would be, are you 62 years of age or older? Are you tired of paying your mortgage payments, and you want to live in your house without any mortgage payments? I have a program that you might be interested in. Yeah, that’s a great hook. And then you lead into the story by saying, you tell a story.


Sorry. Yeah, you tell a story.


By you know, using someone as an example, just be very vague, as you know, John Doe, here, he, you know, he’s 62. And this is what he struggled with. And this is, you know, what he was having issues with, or this was his pain. And this is how we’re able to resolve it. And you tell that story. And you make it, a lot of people love hearing stories they ever yeah, they’re able to paint a better picture in their mind when they hear a story. And it sounds more real and authentic to them. And then when you tell the story, and Okay, they that you hook them, now they understand what it is that you’re talking about, because you know, they heard the story. And then your offer or your call to action be like if you’re interested in this or you know, someone that can benefit from this


reach out to us.


So, with all the videos we create, we have some type of hook story. And then we offer but also, the layer we put on top of all that is it has to be delivering value. You don’t create videos, it’s salesy, like you need to you as if you’re looking for a realtor use me. Yeah. You need to get create videos that your audience and customers want to hear, like what’s going to make them smarter, more educated to make those, you know, buying decisions better.


And you typically do that with the storytelling part of that recipe, because it’s, you got the hug problem, we might have a solution, you got their attention now, is this where the value gets brought into the overall equation is during that that time?


Exactly. So like for, for instance, for a video, like myself, I’ll do a video about Exposed Media is, you know, are you a real estate agent? Are you struggling to put content out there consistently. And to remain consistent out there over time, we have a solution for you Expose Media actually has a package program that where we come to you and shoot videos, if you like, by the end of the day, we make it super simple, because we do all the heavy lifting for you, we create the content for you, using your branding your headshots, images, and we position you will help position you as an authority figure in the real estate industry. So more people see you, they get to know you like you trust you as the third neighborhood realtor. And so what when you go into getting go into more depth, for value to look to deliver that value is okay, why do I need to do video? Why do I need to be consistent? So these are the things that I would do little sub videos on, like, you know why consistency is key? Why video, like we talked about the percentage that they remember, the message and just all these things, they’re just so much content, that if you get creative, and everybody has a ton of content around them, it’s just a matter of delivering and putting on video or, or creating the content that positions them as the authority figure.


I mean, so many people have so much more value of knowledge and wisdom than they even realize it’s just a matter of, let’s get it out of you into a form that people consume. And I agree, I think videos, the the best way to do that and highlight to show it to clients and stuff is I mean, how many, especially when it comes to taxes How many times have you got a text and you know, you think they’re upset, they’re actually happy you can lose the the voice in that text. So what you’re trying to communicate or convey might be received completely different. And so now you just lost everything, then to your point the the photo, it’s it does good, you can build a relationship. But once people can hear the voice and how you talk and all that, I mean, something as simple as an accent, you have the same accent and boom, you just have that relationship with them. And now it makes them more familiar, ultimately allowing them to want to reach out I mean, I I love the recipe that that you do. And so I mean, do you have have them come up with a script before you go in? Or what what is all that I try to


get them to do that and but a lot of times it doesn’t happen. It’s hard. And that’s okay. Because just like today, we just came up with some things on the spot. Mm hmm. A lot of it is just me asking questions in a really gets the creative juices in their own mind working like oh, yeah, we could do a video on that. But it’s just if you don’t have a script when I show up, that’s fine. We can we’ll help get it out of you. Like you said, it’s already in there. Yeah, it’s just a matter of getting it out. I mean, Eli, we do this all the time, where we’re like, oh, that would be a great video. No, no, who would just be talking, but we’re all professionals and what we do, yep, we all have knowledge that we think is like dumb knowledge. But to the average person who’s not in our world that can be like Wow, I didn’t know that. Oh, like for instance in real estate like I made a video about this and I know that video today still gets me first time homebuyers. It’s a quick little one minute video that talks about, Hey, did you know in the state of Arizona, if you’re buying a home, you don’t pay for the real estate agent that’s representing you. They’re actually compensated through the proceeds of the sale of the home on the seller side. So a lot of first time homebuyers. If they’ve never gone through the process before they don’t know that. Wow, am I so my real estate agents free to me?


Yeah, in a sense, yeah.


In their eyes, it’s free. And there’s no money out there.


There’s so many times I run into first time homebuyers that are like, Ah, that 3% I was actually you’re saving it for a realtor that now like, yeah, we’re good to go. Because we were we were like six grand off from starting the home buying process. Yeah. Going to get pre-qualified because we thought I want we want to have all our money there. Yep. So now they’re like, so this three grand is just, it’s we just keep it. Yeah, but they don’t because they don’t there’s nowhere that tells you like, Oh, your 3% is paid for by the seller. There’s


no way I mean, the whole process. I mean, it’s tough. I mean, there’s so many different moving parts, different papers needed. I mean, so why


I brought that up was because when I tell other realtors when we do videos, like Yeah, do a video just I try to get all of them to do at least one video


that says that.


Yeah, it’s almost like it’s almost a necessity. Yeah. And they’re like, everybody knows that. Why would I want to do that? I was like, believe it or not, they don’t majority don’t. So that’s just a good example of we feel like it’s a dumb thing in our world. Because we’re in our world. Yes, someone from the outside of that industry outside of our world would be like, Wow, I didn’t know that. Yeah. So think of those little nuggets you’re like, that might be seems so small to you, because you’re around it every day that someone outside of your industry is like, that’s great information. Yeah,


I think that’s the biggest thing. I mean, outside of get in front of a camera and actually talk and that’s the biggest people that are the biggest thing I think people struggle with, and it’s not so much struggling, they don’t buy into it, they don’t realize it. And that’s like an example. It’s like talk about marketing. I mean, to me, it’s like, wait, you didn’t know that you messaged different way, prospecting versus, like, to me, that’s no duh. But like, most people, you don’t know that. And that’s the thing showing that gives the information that creates that aha moment that then leads them to reach out. And it’s, I mean, so many people, especially the ones that are really good at what they do have the blinders on to majority of the prospects that would want to work with you don’t know 99% of what’s in your head, and to you, it doesn’t look sexy, but if someone’s trying to make a big purchase, or whatever that may be that that thing that you think isn’t sexy is actually sexy to them, and the information they need to get them to say, Alright, I want to move forward with this purchase. And with you. There’s just so much benefit to it.


Yeah, I 100% agree. And it just got to put your just like consistency, like, don’t be worried about the quality. Mm hmm. That’s the main thing I would say is, quality will come. Yeah, consistency is, is the thing you need to be focused on right now. at any stage, it doesn’t matter. You’ve been doing it for 10 years, or you just started yesterday. Yeah, everybody, the consistency is where everybody wants to be, the quality comes, you’re not gonna have quality in the very beginning. If you do it, you’re you’re gonna pay for it. It’ll come as just a matter of just starting getting one foot in front of the other. Just like when you when you hiked or you you jogged down a road, right? You put one foot in front, the other after, like an hour, two hours, you look back, you’re like, Whoa, I walked that whole way up. And it’s the same thing and anything you start, you just gotta, you know, stay consistent with it. When you look back. Like, I look back to some of the videos I’ve done. And I was like, I could barely say my name, like you were saying, I can barely talk on video, and I wasn’t even looking at the camera one time.


But it’s just,


it’s just practice, you know, practice is gonna make you perfect. And look at Eli, he’s awesome on video. Now, he wasn’t always that way. But he does multiple videos a week. And he’s no, it’s that’s another thing too. What’s great about video is when you watch your videos, you kind of critique yourself. Yeah, we’re our own biggest critic, or I’m gonna, I’m gonna lean a certain way, my next time I do a video or I’m gonna, I’m gonna make myself sound different, or whatever the case may be, but you’re not going to have the all that data on yourself until you actually put the videos out there.


Exactly. So you gotta put yourself out there. No, and I love it. Because it’s, I mean, what you’re talking about Eli’s doing more and since we connected and got that Dropbox link, I mean, we’ve been folding a lot more of that content in and literally mean saw like a 30% reduction in cost per conversion because there’s more touch points and it’s not all selling and all that I mean, even the stuff that you’re doing, we’re using it on YouTube and Facebook ads and it’s it’s having a huge impact on the efficiencies that are campaign. And that kind of leads me into you did those were using them for the ad side? I mean, what are all the different ways in which someone out I get my video? What recommendations are you giving people on how they can distribute it? I know you mentioned social media a lot. I can think of a few other channels. This could be distributed through but I mean, what are you seeing? What are your clients? How are they distributing the videos? Or what does that look like?


So with the content we’re creating than the videos we’re creating, they just put it on their social media, they post it on their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. And we help them with hashtags, especially for Instagram, because it’s technically your SEO for Instagram. But that’s a lot of they’ll put it on there, and then they’ll be focused on Okay, what’s next? Yeah, what’s the next video, but if they want to go more into depth, like really getting that in front of more eyeballs that aren’t already following them? That’s where I suggest like something what you do. I know, that’s kind of how we came into contact as I was looking for a great resource that there were they’re experts at Facebook. Targeting and retargeting Facebook targeting I wouldn’t say is, I feel like anybody can do it. But where the where you really have to have an expert is all that data, well targeting it right for one, but all the data you get, and then reading the data. It’s like another language. Yeah, but retargeting is where, where the magic happens. Because you know, targeting everyone, anyone can plug different variables in there. Yeah. But when you get all that data back, if you don’t know how to read it, you don’t know what’s going on? Yeah, you’re you honestly, you’re wasting your money. So like companies like what you guys do. That’s why, if you go to my website right now, it will show different packages on there. And I know mean, you need to get together because I want to really fine tune that where if they, let’s just say like someone like Eli, he’s been doing the branding the brand recognition for a long time. Now he wants to take it to the next level where he wants to put some ad spend behind some of that content. A company like yours where they specialize and targeting and retargeting would be a great was what I would recommend them doing if they want to take it a step further. Yeah, but let’s just but even when you’re doing that, you still have to have that consistent deposits of your branding. I would say that would be definitely a level maybe they don’t start with. Yeah, but it’s definitely something to keep on the back of your mind. Like, hey, there’s eventually I’m gonna be here.


Yeah. So I think I mean, to your point, the pay distribution is a huge avenue. And it for people to kind of tiptoe into it. I think you hit the nail on the head. The retargeting side is, I think, where there’s more value, because it costs more to try and acquire a new customer reach of someone for the first time. But it’s like, I go to your website, and I leave all this new content that you’re pumping out every week, you just throw that into the ads, and me as I’m on Facebook, it’s like, sponsored posts, and it’s one video and then a couple days later is another video and it’s another video. It’s like, hey, this guy is everywhere. I see him everywhere. And then you’re not taking a ton of budget to breach new people prospecting. I mean, unless you have 10,000 people visiting your website a day or whatever it may be, but I had someone on and then he’s huge on the credibility gap. And I think that’s where, what you’re doing. There’s huge value. And it’s, I heard from a friend about you, I’m gonna go check you out now that I leave all this and I’m seeing all this, this different content being retargeted. Exactly. And now it’s instead of I mean, I’m sure most people can, can relate to where it’s like, Alright, I went and saw Nike saw a pair of Nike shoes, I leave. And that’s the only pair of shoes I see. It’s like, that’s one piece of it, but there’s so much more value and now show other shoes and show that like that’s where people are going to build that that familiar, familiarity stop one second. Yeah,


yeah, they become more


familiar with you. And that’s where it’s gonna come in. But if you have the one video or one graphic, or whatever, it just gets stale. And so I mean, you’re, you’re setting people up for such a prime opportunity to really re-engage with people who left their site that didn’t convert to get them to come back and build that relationship. And I mean, even outside the pay, I mean, you’re doing a lot from SEO, if you were to build pages around it like webpages, or a blog, and even email distribution, I think, and I,


and that’s one thing I communicate very clearly to my clients is on the tip of the iceberg, like this is like just as just a start, like welcome to this world. There’s so much you can do outside of this. But this is the most cost effective. Like this is the beginner stages. And that’s the thing, too, is where I position myself is I’m putting myself out there as a resource to help entrepreneurs, whether they’re new or been in the business for years to really start having a presence on social media if they haven’t already. So in one of my business networking groups, there’s a gentleman that he’s an older gentleman who he wasn’t brought up with social media. It was almost like he was he didn’t have any knowledge of it. He still today that barely logs in, but we help him with his social media content. We actually have a service where we post for him so it’s an add on that we do. Yeah. So he has a testimonial video we’re actually going to be putting out there where he says yeah, I get I’m getting business from my Instagram, my Facebook. I don’t even log in.


That’s gonna be a good one.


Yeah. And that’s the thing. He’s just because before he wasn’t putting himself out there at all zero. Yeah. So now that he actually has a presence out Let’s just say someone says, Hey, reach out to so and so he does this. And when most people, either you’re going to Google him or look up on Facebook, exactly, I think more of the younger generations are gonna look them up on Instagram and Facebook, if they see that they actually like you were saying they, they have credibility on there, that’s already there. Like, okay, this is I’m going to do this. I’m going to, I’m going to call the guy now. I’m going to direct message him right there since Facebook, what’s one thing that’s great about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, is their their own CRM, like where they’re finding you? And then they’ll say, Wow, this guy does look pretty legit. They can message you right there. Now, if they’re googling you, and you find your website, which by the way websites, I just feel like they’re an online business card. That’s all it is. There’s no a lot of websites don’t have direct messaging. Nobody, nobody’s gonna call. I mean, people do that. But if there’s a way to not call make it easier, like texting or direct messaging, people love that. Oh, yeah. They don’t want to call you. So until they put direct messaging on websites, like right now the Instagram, Facebook, that’s why I get so many DMS and private messages from people who are discovering me because it’s an easy little approach, they send a message. Yeah, they don’t got to call me and like, is there feel there, they have some fears and doubts with themselves. And like, I’m going to call this person unless they’re super interested. And it was like a hot referral, and they’re gonna call. But if it’s not like that hot, you want to have some type of way where you can get them to text you and to message you. And that’s why I love the social media platforms, because it’s already set up for that.


Absolutely. No, and I totally agree. And before we kind of get into what the future looks like, for you kind of want to I saw something recently this last week, you got an award right?


the Top 100…


Now what was it?


So out of the state of Arizona, which there’s about, I think, I don’t know, 80,000 licensed realtors, they did a list of the Top 100 real estate agents on social media. And I came in number five.


Nice, that’s, that’s awesome. And what where I’m going with that is that’s a huge testament to what you’re doing now. I mean, you’re you’re still in the real estate, you’re still, you know, helping helping clients either buy or sell homes, but you’re also running Exposed Media and something that you said before this was to kind of come down on the amount of like activities, like the things that you’re quote, unquote supposed to do in order to sell or your listings. But I mean, you know, you just got this, you’re doing a lot on social media to where it’s like, by with the content you’re posting, it allows you to free up some of your time. So you don’t need to be doing all the emails and dials and all that type of stuff, because it creates the inbound opportunity. I mean, would you say that? Because of all the content you’re producing. That’s what kind of sets you up to where you can do that this year?


Yeah, especially? That’s a great question, especially in real in the real estate industry. And I can say this, because I’m in the industry is a realtors, they’ll, they’ll they’ll sell a home or help someone buy a home and then they’re off to the next sale. Okay, what’s, where’s the next where’s the next piece of money coming from? Or what’s the next deal? Where I think realtors, and this can tie into any business by the way, but I’m gonna talk about real estate industry right now is 88% of clients out there, whether you bought or sold would love to use the previous real estate agent that helped them, but only 11% actually do. And the reason why that is is because the follow up isn’t there is because we’re always off to the next deal the next deal, but where it allows me for what I do is I stay consistently in front of the people because that’s the thing was if, if you bought or sold and I was your realtor, I try to friend you on social media. And I want to know, I want to know like when your birthday happens or when your anniversary, send you a gift. So I’m always like trying to connect with you on social media. But since I do that, in they constantly see my stuff out there. If they decide, okay, they I help someone buy but let’s say a few years later, they want to sell but they’re seeing me out there a lot. It’s helping my my repeat business and my real my repeat customers and referrals really, really positions me out there of where I’m getting, though at that business versus losing that market share to another realtor, because I’m so consistent putting it out there. So to answer your question on that is Yeah, it is it’s I have so much momentum, because I’ve been doing this for a few years now as a realtor that I have so much content out there. And I continue to put content I’m not stopping. Yeah. And even though I’m not doing the the tedious stuff, like calling leads of people that I don’t even know and they don’t know me, like why would I want to call them? They don’t want to hear from me. Yeah, why not grow my business from people who already know me like me? Trust me. You do that by positioning yourself a certain way on social media, where it’s inviting those people? It’s like, oh, Dallas Yeah. Oh, he’s not out of real estate. He still does real estate. All right. Let’s use him. Yeah, cuz people forget and like I said, when everybody knows five realtors, yep, there. Maybe they forgot that you are relative. I have lost deals, by the way too close friends that they’re like, dude, honestly, I forgot that. I didn’t think about it, but it was just It’s rare, but maybe they weren’t on actually one of them wasn’t even on social media. And it was my fault too, because I, you should be touching your past clients at least seven times a year, like you don’t


give me like, Hey, how


are you doing? That was my fault. And that one fell through the cracks. But I try to at least send everybody a Christmas card like bare minimum, if I have your birthday on file, I try to send you you know, a gift card something on your birthday anniversaries. I look for every excuse to try to give you a call.


Yep. No, I love it. And I mean to the people that say, I don’t have the time to do this. It’s like, well, let’s, let’s take a step back. I mean, all the time you’re spending trying to reconnect, whether it’s calling or emailing, if you could stop doing that and produce more of these videos, and automatically, you’re gonna stay top of mind to all those people anyway. So it’s like, written reality, it doesn’t take a whole lot more time. It’s just shifting where you’re focusing your time. And and I think posting on social media on a consistent basis is going to yield a lot more than Alright, here’s my 20 people, I got a dial today because their birthday is this month, like, it’s just,


here’s a here’s another example I want to talk about is like a pool, maintenance and servicing company. They weren’t on social media the way they should be. And they weren’t one of my networking groups. And I want to use this example, because it’s perfect. So there’s like, well, what we could what could we do on social on our Instagram or Facebook, I was like, do before and afters, take a picture of a pool that’s nasty. And take a picture of it after you guys did your work, and just do stuff like that? Or if you do, they do a lot of remodels to do a big one do where the pools like before you start and do an after picture. So all he did was he put together about four or five, he sent us about four or five before and afters, different pools and stuff. We created the content where it was a cool looking image with his branding and his colors, whatever. You put it on his Instagram or Facebook, or maybe both. I think he did both. But he the next time I met him a month later. He’s like, dude, I got seven new accounts




and they said they saw these and just because they saw like the work we do. And it was a direct testament of what we do. It was our social proofing. Yeah, that I earned their business. And


then did you ask him like, hey, why it’s been so many months since we last talked? Why aren’t you doing this on a monthly basis? So


does it know it’s like he does all the time. Now he gets it gets the value behind it is because people got to see what you’re doing. Just as a realtor, obviously, I don’t really have before and afters unless I’m flipping homes. But I have other stuff I can use. I can do you know, property posts, you know, like under contract just listed and, and, you know, let the world know and let your followers know like you’re busy. You got stuff going on? Because that’s the worst feeling is like they’re like, well, I want to use him but it doesn’t look like he’s sold a lot of houses lately. Yeah, yeah. So you’re gonna be fresh in the market. And that’s why a lot of people don’t want to use their Aunt May maybe sold a house two years ago, they want to use a realtor that’s a heavy producer. That’s that knows the market that so if something does go sideways, they’re confident in being able to handle it. Yep. And position yourself as that realtor or as that individual in your industry. That looks like you do a lot of work. Because and nothing’s going to stop you and people want to be people success brings people to you. Like if they see that you’re successful, they want to be a part of that. And yeah, you just become become a celebrity in your own industry. And people they want to get to know you.


Number five out of 80,000 people that’s a celebrity status there for sure. Yeah. No, it’s been great. I mean, I couldn’t agree with you more on on pretty much every every piece of topic. I mean, you’re doing a lot between real estate and running Exposed Media to better juggling. I mean, I’ve seen that you guys are hiring. I mean, a lot. What does the next six months look like for you individually? and What? Are you going to continue to try and split your time? Are you going to be trying to focus more on Exposed? Or what is your future look like? So


Exposed Media is growing vastly? It’s one of the things that I am trying to automate as much as I can. We just partnered with a company called Design Pickle. So we actually a lot of our designers are coming straight from Design Pickle now, which is nice, because they already have systems and processes already put in place and they’ve been awesome to work with. There’s a few other companies that help us create the content we’re creating. But we brought them all, you know, we all come together to make expose media run efficiently. Yep. And that’s the thing is I’m I’m creating this to where we do run efficiently. If we get a large amount of business just you dropped on us, I want to be ready for it. Yep, like so we just we had a title company. They have about five individuals that just we got five all sudden five accounts. So we’re making content for five different people and that all got dropped on us at the same time as a mortgage branch, of seven people on the same day. So we were ready for it. And that was one of my biggest fears is what if we get all this business we’re not ready for it. Yeah, how’s our turnaround times gonna be how we wanting to be ready for. So our net my next thing looking into the future is what if we get a 50 person injection to our business? Because what I’m noticing is as more and more people start to realize what we are and what we do they want to use us. Yeah, it’s just snowball. I don’t really have I’m not really marketing myself, because I really haven’t had to do a lot of it is just they see the content out there. They see it out there. And they’re like, Hey, who did this for you? Oh, Dallas or Exposed Media, and then they just reach out to us. So I’m trying to like play catch up on the the customers that are cut, they’re lining up for me. Yeah, to like, I haven’t got to the position where I was like, wow, I really like I don’t have anything going on. I need to like, make business happen. Yeah, it’s just it’s starting to, that’s, that’s the thing, I’m fulfilling such a big need, that there’s a lot of people out there that need this need fill and they’re just lining up, but I do I would like to, you know, spread wider go into multiple states, even nationwide. I mean, what we do, is anybody can benefit from Mm hmm. And I’m surprised I haven’t found another company that does exactly what we do. For as cheap as we do it. So it’s uh, yeah, we’re definitely the future looks bright. You know, well, you know, Eli, Eli, you had him on your show one time? Oh, yeah. We’ve been friends for a long time. And he’s a part of this business entrepreneur group that I’m trying to become a member of. And I’m trying too, that’s a entrepreneurs organization. Yeah. And you have to have the right mindset. You have to be coachable. But what’s really holding me back is, I got to show that I have a business that makes a certain income. And we’re close, we’re, I have a, I know for sure. Next year, I’ll check every box requirement to become into be able to get into this coaching program for business owners and why I’m so like, that’s like, my goal to be in there. Because I know if I can get in there and surround myself with those types of people, it’s gonna be easier for me to grow Exposed Media. Oh, yeah. Because they’re gonna be able to tell me exactly Okay, well, you shouldn’t be doing this. You should be doing this. This is a great, tweak this. And that’s really what I need. Because I have all these things like a lot of stuff that I’m putting money out here, money out here, I’m bringing in help here and help here. And it’s, it’s your business owner. So like, you just you just, we can get distracted off of our path very easily. Yeah. And we’re, we’re distracted by the shiny object all the time. But yeah, I would say in the future, we’re definitely where we’re going. We’re gonna scale. I’m making it like a priority to as far as me staying in real estate. I’ll probably keep my license active for all my close family and friends. But it’s not like I’m out there like trying to like, yeah, chase down people to use me. Yeah, I never really positioned myself that way. There’s usually. And that’s another thing too, with me being in real estate. I’ve always worked with people who want to work with me. I never went door knocking or cold call people. Like I don’t want to work with people who don’t already know me like me, trust me. I position myself in a way where people come to me, because they see me out there. Yep. And it’s and honestly, those transactions are so easy to work with. Because I haven’t had to deal with anybody I didn’t like,


absolutely. No, that’s awesome. And I appreciate your time. And before kind of close out. I mean, it’s between, you know, the real estate and expos I mean, I think for right now, majority of the audience is, you know, small business owners, entrepreneurs. And I think the big thing is sticking out is really the need to produce content. I mean, definitely reoccurring thing. But for anyone that’s that’s contemplating or, you know, should I start if I am about to start? And what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’d have? for anyone that’s that’s contemplating. And


really, think about it for video?


Yeah, talking about it. So honestly, you just got to start, don’t be worried about, you know, trying to buy an expensive camera or expensive microphone, literally, your cell phone, and all the iPhones or whatever phone you have, is capable enough to do a great video. And then they have awesome mics on there as well. Just create the video content from your phone. And don’t be worried about like doing the fancy edits or anything and just just put yourself out there. Even if you put a video out there and you have all your mess ups on there still and just post it. It’s showing the authentic side of you. Yep. And if you’re able to do that and put in on a consistent level, it’s going to show it’s going to show who you are and people are going to gravitate to who you are. You never want to put posture or position yourself as an image on social media and then they go to meet you’re like, this isn’t the person you know, you don’t have catfish, anyone. But also to is think about your audience. Think about who exactly you’re talking to because I think the biggest mistake a lot of people come out of the gate with is they make it too salesy. Like it’s all about me, me, me you need to use me or are they made there, it’s always in a position where it comes off as a salesy video and people don’t want to hear that they don’t want to listen to that. So if you You can really think about ways of putting value out there to educate whoever it is that you want to watch that, like for me five, five things to do five things not to do when you’re trying to buy a home. Yeah. Now, if someone is maybe going to buy a home, they’re like, well, I want to hear what these five things are. Because I don’t want to I don’t want to come across to me running into one of these. Yes. So I but I put that out there as value. They’re like, wow, I want to watch this video. It’s just five things I gotta listen to. But like, think of like little ideas like that little nuggets of value, where you’re giving information, rather than you need to use me as a realtor. And here’s the reason why. Reason me as a business owner, Here’s the reason why. give out give, give, give, give, the more you give, the more you’re actually going to get.


I couldn’t agree more. And no this has been great. I mean, every Like I said, I can’t say it enough. Every everything you mentioned, I mean, just where your mind frame is at and how people should be producing content and and go about it. I mean, our minds are definitely in line. And yeah, I appreciate the time. And if someone wants to reach out to you and wants to work with you, whether it’s on the real estate side, or even getting content created, I mean, how can they reach out to you


on Facebook or Instagram is where a lot of people have been reaching out to us. If you search Exposed Media on Facebook, you can just private message us on there or Instagram. Exposed media was already taken, which is crazy. It wasn’t taken because I can’t get when I search it, it doesn’t pop up hot. So under Instagram, it’s at Expd _Media. But if you type in exposing media, we pop shows up. Yeah. So that’s a great way to reach us through the DM direct messaging there. Or you can go to our website, if you want to. And we have a little bit about each of the pieces of content. If you go to That kind of shows a little bit has our prices on there, too. And those prices are just kind of like vague. Most people that are interested, they’ll meet with me one to one. Yeah. And you can call the number to me just say it out. Yeah, 602-300-1762. If you call that number, it’s my direct line, that most people just want to either meet with me over zoom for an hour or 20 minutes, whatever they need. Or if they’re local, they can meet in person, but we tailor fit programs for each person based on what they need and what they want. So the website is just kind of a guide to show based on packages. But I would say at the end of the day, just have a one to one with me. So that way there you get a better understanding of what you need to be doing and what it is exactly that we can do for you. Yeah. And then we’ll tie it all together. Because at the end of the day, we just want to help you


I love it. Dallas, thank you so much for your time. I can’t wait to see the growth as you continue on your journey. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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