3’s Co Coffee talks coffee shop marketing strategy | Rise Grind Repeat 010

In Todays podcast we talk with Alfie Baca from 3’s Co Coffee about coffee shop marketing. Start by speaking about some of their beginning marketing efforts and what the results were from those.

We also bring up topics or ideas about how we have seen businesses bring in more customers by simply giving them value or a reason to come and visit your location. They will do coffee shop marketing efforts such as “VIP” benefits, Sales, Coupons, and Creating rewards is a great way to keep bringing people back. Giving people the sense of thinking they are getting something for free or cheaper then retail is key to making them happy and to keep coming back for the “deals”. This is the value of coffee shop marketing!

We also speak with Alfie about how Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram paid media can all benefit his business greatly if utilized the right way.

coffee shop marketing

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