Alecia Grant made her site “a tool used to inspire and empower people to embrace their talents.” | Rise Grind Repeat 086


A post on Alecia Grant’s homepage, VivaKolor, is titled, “Putting what you want out in the universe.” And that’s what Alecia’s been doing for six years. She started as a blogger specializing in nails. Because she made good use of hashtags she was contacted by a brand to promote their products. More visibility, and lots more hashtags, brought more brands and more deals.

Alecia evolved from nail blogger to fashion and lifestyle influencer, and VivaKolor went from hobby to career. She says, “Whatever we think about the most, believe in the strongest, expect on the deepest levels, or imagine the most vividly shall be our experience.”


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| Rise Grind Repeat 086 |


The first inner struggle was just me. There’s been times when I just feel like I’m not good enough or this is not good enough or this is not working. And that’s when I have my support team that you know, consistently cheer me on. And then when with all the changes with Instagram and the algorithm, you’re like, Oh my god, I’m back to square one. All those struggles. They just made me better because I realized that I have to work harder. And now I’m plugging into YouTube.


On today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat we talked to Alicia from VivaKolor. She’s micro influencer discusses how to navigate getting more brand deals. Let’s dive right in. Well, Alicia, thank you so much for joining us on another episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat, I’m, I’m excited for this. Because you know, what you do, or what I’ve seen on the website is what a lot of people want to do. And it seems like you do a lot of traveling and document that travel and and interested to see how you kind of maybe monetize it as well. But you know, before I kind of get too deep into that, I would love to hear just from you. Who are you? What’s your past? And what is it that you do?


So I’m really shy. And currently I’m a blogger influencer. I started roughly, maybe six years ago, as I remember, it started as a hobby. Initially, I was doing nails, I was a nail blogger. And I went back to school, and it became too much to try to create content with my nails at least five days a week. So I kind of transition into fashion, because that’s also my passion. Because that was much easier. And now I am just doing my fashion.


No, no, that’s awesome. I like it. Because I mean, we’re huge on just content and creating content, there’s so much positive that can come from it so many opportunities that can bring individuals and businesses, what got you into creating content? What got you into starting blogs? And I mean, you were definitely an early adopter. So how did you see the value in creating content? And what that could do?


No, actually, I did it. Um, I was I have a past, I have a background in education as a teacher slash school counselor. And it was I think, the last day of school in June, a company reached out to me. And you want to know the name of the company? Yes. Okay, Volition Beauty. They reached out to me for beauty and skincare to send me some products. And I’ve never done that before. And I said, Okay, this might be a good idea. I didn’t trust them at first, because they reached out to me and my dm on Instagram. And five years ago, that was very, like, very weird to reach out to someone in messenger. So I decided to take a risk. And I started to promote products on my page. And then that’s how it transformed into me reaching out to companies. And I just started to get noticed by other brands. And I just started to consistently continue to work, my blog. And my passion is


awesome. And with that, I mean, how did that first interaction happen? How did they find you? Is it because of the blogs that you’re doing? They’re getting picked up organically, and people were finding him on Google when they were searching for nail tips or whatever it may be? or How did they end up finding you?


Well, I was already posting beauty and skincare and fashion products, and I would use hashtags. So I guess whatever hashtags I was using, they found me on the Instagram popular page. And that’s how they started to reach out to me because I didn’t know of them. And they were a new company also.


So we both were emerging. And I thought it was really a cool idea to work with them. And they work with me and we just grow together. And that’s really cool. And since that first one, I mean, it was probably really cool to get some free product. And I’m sure that the wheels started turning on Hey, how can I get more product? and whatnot? I mean, what is the evolution of that? I mean, what kinds of products have you received and has it has it since turned into rather than product actual money or finances from there?


Yes. So at first I was taking a lot of free products when I just started out and then I think started to get too many products. At times, I was not I was stopped taking a lot of products from companies unless I was getting paid. So eventually, you know, I started to go to a lot of networking events. And that’s how I started to build my brand, I started to reach out to companies, I was flown into a lot of events that taught me how to skillfully send out emails to contact brands and PR agents so that I would get paid. And so a lot of the collaborations I do are paid, because that’s the whole point, it’s important to get paid eventually. So I don’t really take a lot of products anymore, unless I’m working with a company, you know, and they offer me the product plus payment, because I can get a little bit too much to have a lot of products in your house. Yeah, no, definitely, I


could see that, it’s definitely a good problem to have. And as you get that, I mean, obviously the the value that you’re bringing increases, and then you can turn that value into instead of a monetary value to where you’re actually getting paid for it. And that’s, I think that’s everyone’s dream. I mean, as a personal blogger is, I mean, all that type of stuff. I think that’s, that’s what a lot of people aspire to do is just do what they love, create content around it, get paid or get free product. And so, I mean, those people are businesses that are really trying to increase, you know, their visibility and what they’re trying to do through their content. I mean, what’s one biggest piece of advice you’d have for them as, as someone who’s trying to create content for themselves?


For the companies or for a blogger?


Yeah, I mean, whether it’s, it’s, so I guess, to backup, I mean, a lot of a lot of companies and how we position it as is being thought leaders and giving your expertise or advice, and then that’ll get found, and that can turn into a client. And that’s really how the monetization comes. But I guess anyone that’s trying to get their their blog up, I mean, what are what are some tips that you have for for them as they’re kind of waiting and trying to figure it out?


Okay, the first thing is to keep consistency, you know, create organic content, but have a schedule. For example, I do my photo shoots every Sunday, or every Tuesday, I send out emails to companies and Wednesdays, I edit my YouTube videos, which I just started my YouTube page. So you need a consistent schedule, so that it’s a reminder that this is what I’m doing. And it shows that you’re serious. Another Another thing I would say, is to not give up. Because there will be days when you’re going to feel frustrated, you’re not going to get an emails, email responses back from company, and you’re going to feel like giving up. So I would tell anyone, just keep sending out emails, if you send 1000 emails, and you get back one, that’s awesome. You know, so just keep putting out the work. And stay positive and surround yourself with people who are like minded and doing the same thing that you’re doing.


Yeah, I mean, especially when it comes to sales. It’s tough, and it’s super easy to get defeated. And and really, I mean, that’s a huge mental part of things. And that’s really where a lot of businesses struggle to, to really see tons of growth is it’s it’s easy to get a bunch of no’s and not not move forward. And I mean, you kind of mentioned surround yourself with like minded people. I mean, how did you kind of get through that? I mean, did you have a network of people to help? or How did you kind of get through, you know, 1000 no’e in a row and to continue to keep pushing forward.


Right, I signed up, Dustin, I signed up with a PR company called the PR Net. And this happened maybe two years ago, in December when I felt like I needed to push my blog to another level, and the PR Net they they host a lot of networking events where maybe 100 people come together. And we all talk when network isn’t really a room full of brands, I’m probably the only blogger in the room, which is great. But I had to reach out to that company. So that every month I had a network of people who are motivated. Yeah, so I feel like people should reach out to like a networking strategist or company just to keep you grounded or have a support team.


No, I love that it’s actually come up quite a bit on quite a few recent podcasts, whether it’s it’s networking surrounding yourself with like minded people, having a mentor or a coach, someone to help you keep you accountable because it’s I mean, as mentioned, if you’re by yourself, it’s easy to get down and kind of push things off but if you have some form of that accountability or or whatever it may be that kind of there to lift you up and get you over that that hump and once you get over it, it feels so much, you know, the reward feels really good. And just keeps you going.


Yeah, it felt really good. When I signed on I just lifetime. I didn’t even know that they were lifetime until maybe like three events that I’m gonna be a part of this company forever. Really, really inspiring people in a room.


That that’s awesome. How I mean, what else is the PR side of things done for you, because we don’t dive too much into PR and what our agency does, but I mean, it’s, it’s a huge piece of the marketing. So outside of creating the networking groups, what else has the PR company helped you with?


Well, the PR companies, they help you with the email contacts for brands, which is a plus, they help you come together, like I said, to just have that support team. And they also help with generating the information that you might need, for example, throughout the whole quarantine, and I haven’t been back to an event since February, because of the whole COVID is the owner, Lisa, she consistently stands out the Zoom meetings. So we’re still, we’re still being informed. And we know what’s going on in the PR and the with the PR and the brands, she does a lot of digital marketing, for example. Sometimes I would go to events, and there’s a panel of speakers from different companies who you want to talk to, you know, and they’re giving you information about what’s going on with marketing with experiential marketing and everything that you need to know.


That’s really cool. And one thing that you mentioned is just the the influencer side of things. And I think that’s a huge growing trend. I mean, it is a huge growing trend. And more and more people want to be influencers. And I think brands are seeing the benefit of having kind of that organic push of their brand, rather than it being an ad that comes from someone that other people might follow. How is that kind of industry evolved as you were kind of an early person in that the whole industry?


Well, five years ago, the brands made me look at your website, or blog and now it’s just Instagram. I mean, I still love having a website, I think it’s important to have a website because Instagram is always changing. And you don’t know when it’s Instagram is just not anymore. So I think a website is a great backup plan. But I see a lot of influencers, you know, micro influencers like myself, they get brand deals that like 1000 followers, I think it’s becoming easier, even though the algorithm is making things a little bit more challenging. But I think with the algorithm being more challenging on Instagram for influencers, it pushes you to work harder. But in my opinion, I do think it’s a lot easier for influencers to try to dive into the influence in marketing and yes, grow. Yeah, I


know, one thing that comes up, that’s a struggle for a lot of brands is just the, you know, the fake followers, the fake engagement and all that type of stuff. I mean, if someone asks how you navigate that, or why you’re different than other influencers kind of in your space, is what are your comment kind of your thoughts in regards to that?


Yeah, there is a lot of fake organic growth. And it does bother me this company might choose to work with someone who has bought followers, instead of working with me was over here busting her butt. And that does make me feel bad sometimes, you know. But what I would say to companies is, I would show the different platforms that I’m on, I would show my website. And I would I would delve into many different I would delve into many different things that I’m a part of, I would show the content that I’m creating. And I will talk about ways that I can support the brand. You know, yes. tell myself basically,


yeah, no, that’s huge. And it sounds like you kind of use data to really help show that is how many this is this is where I’m mad This is how many people are following. I mean going into the fake followers. I think people get so hung up on that because it’s a vanity metric and the learners why someone wants to use an influencer is because they’re going to push that brand and sales will come in. But if it’s all fake followers and non real engagement, they’re not going to have any sales. That being said, Are there any pieces of advice that you’d have for a brand as they’re trying to identify what type of influencer to go after what’s really looked forward to, to decide whether I should go this influencer or that because to me, I’d rather I’d rather, you know, connect with someone that has 200 followers, but all 200 of those people are active and ready to buy. But then someone has 10,000 followers, they only get three, four likes on each of their posts, and no one buys because I know that the ROI from what I’m investing is going to be that much greater. Do you have any piece of advice on how brands could navigate or what questions they should ask influencers? When when deciding on who to who to move forward with?


Yeah, I think like you said before, the brand should ask for data and analytics, the metrics to see if this is this is gonna work for their company, and also to look at the content that is being created. You know, it’s not easy to create content to try and to look at when the influences are creating content. Is it consistent? Or is it over time, just those pieces of information. And basically, just look at the analytics. I mean, the numbers don’t lie.


I love hearing that I’m a huge analytics and data nerd. And that’s, that’s all we try and do is just ROI focused and really shown the value of your making this much based off of what you invested. So I mean, how much has analytics played a role in, in your growth? And how have you kind of educated yourself on on growing your knowledge base when it comes to what to look at what to present to show that, hey, these numbers mean that I can bring you value? Has that played a big role in kind of your growth?


Yes, I realized that I’ve been showing case studies, whenever I reach out to a company that email, I always talk about how I can support the brand. And then for example, if I’m trying to work with American Eagle, and if I’m trying to work, yeah, if I’m trying to work with American Eagle, and I’ve worked with Levi’s jeans before, I can show American Eagle, the analytics and a case study based on people find the jeans, because I promoted it on the website. And so again, with the numbers, you have to be able to show case studies that show the brand that okay, I promoted this product. And this is what happened based on a promotion, 10 people bought the product. And I think if you if you’re not able to show that, then it becomes zero value for you. So that’s very important to build a relationship with your audience. So that you are promoting something for a company and the audience is able to believe in you and want to trust in you, you know, so that they can say, Okay, let me try this product. And,


ya know, like you said, the numbers on the data don’t lie. And, I mean, how has it been since he started presenting these case studies? I mean, was that once he started sending those, and do you send them like on the first email. So I mean, that’s something that we’re currently working on is building out our case studies. And because as you mentioned, it’s, it’s one thing to say I can do all this, I have all these followers, it’s all theoretical. But once you can put here was a pain point that someone had, this is what we did. And here’s what the numbers were, and how we drove some some value and some business for that brand. You know, typically you get a lot more buy in and you get a lot more responses, you get a lot more people that are willing to take a conversation with you. So what point did you start incorporating these case studies? And how much has it impacted the business since you started incorporating them?


Well, I started incorporating once I started going to my PR events. That’s why it’s good to go to those events, you know, before pre COVID. Yeah, I realized how important it was to show numbers because anybody can say that they can do this or that. But number is really add value to your brand. And I would I always ask the company. If this is something that you’re interested in, can I send over my media kit? Or can I send you some data? I never send it initially first because I don’t want to bombard them. Because they don’t they don’t know me. You know, and I try not to ask for things in the first email. I try to build a relationship because you’re talking to a stranger. They don’t know me and I don’t know them. So I like to build relationships with people first. And then from the relationships then, you know, I tried to work with the brand.


Yep. Now I can’t agree more. I mean, you’re absolutely doing it. Correct. I mean, it’s been just helping people run ads and seeing what people are running. It’s All too often it’s don’t even introduce yourself as a brand, it’s always got a sale or buy this. And it’s like, well, you haven’t even, you know, introduce yourself and who you are and what value you bring. And so now that that’s, that’s huge, as you’ve been kind of growing your brand and kind of I mean, it looks like you’re doing a little bit more travel beauty, you’re kind of expanding on what you’re blogging about. I mean, through this evolution, what was one of the biggest struggles that you’ve kind of faced? And how did you overcome it?


Oh, man, the biggest inner struggle was just me this many times when I just feel like I’m not good enough, or this is not good enough, or this is not working. And that’s when I have my support team that, you know, consistently cheer me on. And then when, with all the changes with Instagram, and the algorithm, you’re like, Oh, my God, I practice where you’re one of those struggles, they just made me better, because I realized that I have to work harder. And now I’m plugging into YouTube. So I have to make sure that I plug into all of the platforms that I’m comfortable with. And for that growth, because you’re not just going to grow on Instagram, I mean, maybe a one to 1%. But it’s going to be very hard right now. So you want to plug into a variety of platforms. So that’s just my main major struggle when the algorithm changes, or if it’s mentally in my head, or you know, those things, personal struggles?


And were you always on multiple platforms, or I mean, it sounds like there was an algorithm update, and you definitely felt the impact of your overall reach and whatnot. Were you always on multiple platforms at that time? Or was it kind of, oh, wow, this, I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. And that’s what kind of sparked the the evolution of the different platforms that you’re kind of creating content for?


Well, I was always on YouTube, but I never used it. I use this sporadically. But now I’m doing it consistently, because I realize, again, with me building my Instagram consistency equals results. So I mean, I’m on TikTok, you know, Facebook? So I always had different past work, but now I’m just utilizing them better. And because I have more time with, you know, why not use it?


Absolutely. That’s, that’s maybe one of the few positives that have come out. And this is, everyone’s had a little bit extra time. And can all those things that I said, I didn’t have time for you, you now have time for and so time is always good. And it sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of testing. I love the YouTube side of things. I mean, I’m, I’m a huge proponent of YouTube. It’s, it’s the second largest search engine in the world. And I mean, there’s so many people searching on it. I mean, how, how have you grown on YouTube? I mean, what have the results been? Or is this kind of early on and in, you know, getting more consistent on the platform.


It’s still early on and becoming more consistent on the platform. But I do realize what are you new to the platform, you have to make sure that your content is a value, you have to be solving a problem. Because if you’re not solving a problem, you’re not going to reach people who are searching for something on YouTube. So that I already knows I probably create my content, right how tools or telling people you know, giving valuable information that helps someone. So I’m gonna do that in the beginning. And then eventually, when my audience decides to start to trust me, and then I can try to


try different options. And then what type of content are you doing on YouTube? I mean, is it in line with what you’re blogging? Or you did? Is it two separate things? Or are you amplifying your blogs by, you know, maybe recording something around what that blog is? Or how you incorporating YouTube into everything else? Or is it kind of a standalone thing?


Well, my YouTube is about fashion, beauty, DIY’s, and hacks and travel. I’m very big on hats.


Everyone is love. I love DIY. I love doing things with my hands. So I thought to myself, YouTube, that’s the best place to do these things. So, I try to do videos and all of those components and just put them on the platform and I’m just gonna go based on the data data again, whatever I see people like the most. I start to do more of that and anything that you’re seeing early on in the little tidbits or aha moments that you’ve had so far,


I noticed that a lot of people like my travel and I’m like, ouch, because It’s hard to safely travel. So just you know, hopefully wishing. And I’m just going to be consistent and do the work. I’m not going to look at the numbers, I’m just going to post at least three times a week. I’m aiming for. And I’ll see where it goes with YouTube. Now, I love it,


I think, yeah, consistency is the key there. And I think you’re gonna find some really awesome results on on YouTube. Like I said, it’s, it’s, it’s just big. I mean, there’s so many people searching and, and I think to your point, if you’re bringing great content, you’re helping solve a problem, I think you’ll get found. And as you start getting more more views, more subscribers, you’ll be able to kind of evolve and do different things. And from there, just continue to build kind of like, put it sounds like you’ve done on on Instagram.


Right? Yeah. It’s really fun. You know, just have fun with it, do what you love, but have fun with it.


That I mean, that’s the key to everything. If you’re not not having fun doing it, you’re probably doing the wrong thing or going about it the wrong way, or whatever it may be. And so it’s awesome to hear. I mean, you’ve mentioned passionate fun, I mean, multiple times already. And it’s, it’s ultimately that’s, that’s what everyone needs to be doing is figure out what you love doing on a daily basis, and then figure out you know, how you could keep doing that to monetize your time and effort and ultimately can make money doing something you love. And that’s, that is true happiness right there.


Right, absolutely.


So how is Tiktok ban, I think it’s a you know, very controversial. I mean, they’re about to get banned from the US. It’s now I think they’re back and, I mean, it’s, it’s insane. I mean, I’m seeing a lot of people, I mean, a couple videos, and then you got 50,000 views Plus, I mean, how is how is that playing out for you?


And it’s easy to go viral on TikTok. Um, it’s very silly, in mature, but it’s fine. It kept a lot of people going throughout quarantine. And I think that’s what a lot of people join TikTok like myself. Um, you know, it’s it’s fun you can grow on TikTok. It’s easy to grow actually on TikTok, but I’m gonna be here to stay.


What do you think it is? Or not? I mean, what are what are your thoughts? Is it is it something that people should maybe be investing more time into? Or do you think it’s more of gonna come and go?


I think he’s gonna come and go. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a long term investment, like Instagram, or Facebook or YouTube. I think you be on YouTube.


I couldn’t agree more. I think there’s so much so much opportunity on YouTube, there’s and from that, I mean, just the people that watch it, there’s so much that you can do to reengage with them after the fact and, and whatnot. But I mean, it’s, I love it. I mean, we’re all about testing and trying to, you know, not do too much and be too aggressive. But always be testing and seeing if there is opportunity, and other other channels, platforms, I mean, what you’re saying, and so it’s, it’s awesome to hear that you’re doing all those things. And it sounds like you’re working on quite a bit between YouTube and tick tock other channels. And it sounds like you’re doing, you know, more types of categories in terms of content that you’re producing. I mean, what are what are some of your, you know, short term goals for the next three to six months? And what are the biggest things that you’re working on and, and what does that look like?


Okay, so for the next three to six months, I’m, I want to grow my YouTube to 1000 subscribers. So that’s a short term goal for me right now from three to six months, 1000 subscribers, and it’s tough. I


mean, with you know, Coronavirus that just happened. It’s all these long term goals, it’s you, you’re on the path to try and accomplish them and something can happen and everything changes in the matter of a couple days or even a week.


right because I had a goal to invest in property, you know, somewhere else. And that all changed because at Coronavirus, I had to try to revamp everything so everything change. Now, I’m just not sure I’m on long term goals. But I know my short term goals is 1000 subscribers on YouTube. And just to develop more relationship with my audience, you know, sometimes I just hate saying the word followers or that because we’re all the same. We’re all the same. I don’t like to call out anyone, my followers or this and that. It’s very odd to me. Yeah, no, I


I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I think Facebook has it perfect. We’re I mean, everyone are friends. I think that’s the best way the best way to put it.


You know why? I’m gonna start saying that


There you go. Um, I mean, it’s you’ve mentioned a couple big brands. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve worked with Levi’s, and American Apparel and all that. I mean, is there are there any big brands or what’s what would be the most exciting thing to work on for you in terms of collaboration?


Well, I work with Citibank over the summer. And I was ecstatic. Because I posted a picture. I was riding a Citibike, and I posted a picture. And city bike commented on my picture. And I took a chance I emailed them. And that’s how I got to work with Citibike and help first on a partnership. And I loved it. That was my biggest collaboration was city buy, because I don’t know if you know, city bike is a bike share program that’s all over New York City. You know, you can rent a bike for 30 minutes just to get through your get to where you need to go in the city. So it was huge for me and I was excited.


That’s awesome. Is it? Is it the one where you basically have an app? And once you get by you can scan it? Okay.


Yeah. Amazing. Yeah, I found it amazing how? Because I just posted that picture. And I tag Citibike, and they responded and commented on my picture, and I reached out to them. And that’s how it happened. And, you know, it just seems so simple. But sometimes it can be a little challenging, but it’s just it’s, you know, what I realized? I realized that sometimes things are easier than what we think we make it hard by overthinking and thinking too much. It’s actually not that hard.


No, I mean, whenever you look, in hindsight and going through it, I mean, it’s it. I agree. I mean, I do it to myself all the time. It’s like, once he once I have a big win or accomplishment, I look back and go man 98% of the struggle was just me, overthinking and doing it, which are you going to do is that they engage simply ask or I mean, it’s amazing how much we get in our own heads. I mean, imposter syndrome, just just overthinking process. And sometimes it’s just as simple as just asking or a simple question.




And how do you kind of overcome some of those, you know, overthinking and whatnot, does it go back to the the PR virtual events and the group,


meditation going to the gym, and a lot of reading? Yeah, I’m getting reading a lot now, on my laptop, because I need to actually display sometimes just put your phone down and not go on social media is a nice way to try to bring yourself back, you know, a lot of reading. Now,


I love it. And as we kind of kind of wrap up here, I mean, in terms of, you know, a lot of people are wanting to do what you’re doing. And that’s, you know, getting paid or getting free stuff, to simply just, you know, write about content and share other brands and whatnot. And for those that that are just now getting into it that might thing gets oversaturated and whatnot. I mean, what’s, what are some what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’d have for someone that is just now getting into it and trying to navigate becoming either an influencer or blogger?


Okay. I also want to go back to that question, Dustin about, I have another goal that I forgot to mention. And I think I would say that this is a short term goal, I’m also going to be writing an e-book, but I haven’t decided on the topic that I want to discuss yet. I’m gonna pitch it to my friends. And see I’m gonna do a poll with the audience and see what need is, and then I’ll write the e-book based on that. And that is awesome.


Yeah, to answer your question, I would tell anyone go for it. And you know, be very bold, because you can be very consistent, but if you’re shy, you might not. You might not be able to work with what you have. People might not be able to see your true talent, because your shyness might hide it a little. And I’m not saying that because you’re shy, you can’t be seen. But when you’re on social media, and there’s so many people doing the things that you would like to do, you have to stand out a bit. You know, and I would say try to create content that is unusual. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. That’s what I would tell someone just be you and do whatever you want to do. Don’t feel that you have to fit in to social norms of what you see. Because you never know, you might create those norms and you just stand out. So that’s what I would tell people just be you. Be consistent, be persistent, and have fun. You know, have fun doing the things that you love, because life is short.


I love it. Because I think too many people get stuck in the well, should I do it about this? Or that? I mean, what’s what’s making more money with doing this? And at the end of the day, like we kind of discussed, it’s what makes you happy, that’s what’s gonna be the easiest, that’s easiest to create content around. And then I just did want to confirm on on, you know, the shyness, is that shyness, and just getting in front of a camera or creating content? Or is that trying to reach out and create these relationships? Or a little bit of both?


Yeah, it’s a little bit of both, you know, if you need help with, in front of a camera, I would say to, like, join a group or get help somewhere. But if you want to grow on social media, these things you have to try to, you have to do these things. Get in front of a camera, you know, create more content. It’s a step outside the box. Yep.


I couldn’t agree more I stand I gotta step outside the box. In order to do that. You just gotta be uncomfortable, or you gotta be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Right? Exactly. Probably. not comfortable.


Exactly. So listen, I mean, this has been great. Is there anything that maybe we didn’t didn’t touch on, or any last parting words before, kind of let you get back to your day.


I was very nervous about people being sad with the holidays, and everything on my social media audience. So right now, I’m creating a lot of content based on the holidays, because I like to try to drive my audience into like, a happy mode. Because I know I know, a lot of I had a personal relationship with a lot of people on my page, and I know a lot of them, you know, had losses. So I tried to create a lot of content to put them in a better mode, you know, so hopefully, things get better and to see people happy


Yep, thing things will get better and the happiness will be in abundance and I love what you’re trying to do and spreading that happiness and you know, for those people that are listening that you know, need a little bit more happiness in their life. I would suggest that that they go follow you and and how can they find you between YouTube and Instagram and even tik tok?


Yes, on every social media handle on VivaKolor, my website is


Awesome. Well, I really appreciate the time. And I look forward to kind of seeing you get into that 1000 subscriber mark on on YouTube and be watching you as you continue to grow and create content.


Thank you so much for this, my first podcast.


I love it. Well, thank you so much, and we’ll chat soon.


Thank you.

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