How do you measure success? Aaron Suzuki, Founder of Co-manity Coworking Gilbert Arizona, may change your yardstick. | Rise Grind Repeat 048


Many of us define ourselves by our business. Others create a business after a good, long look in the mirror.

Aaron Suzuki is one of those. He founded Co-manity coworking Gilbert Arizona, “to have as much community impact as possible.” Co-manity’s creed is, “Without community, there is no humanity.” Aaron says, in an age in which everyone is connected online — including for business — we can forget the importance of being connected inside our own communities.

“Our goal is to build a coworking space filled with individuals who aren’t just driven to help themselves succeed, but also to strive to help others succeed as well.” That is just what co-manity coworking Gilbert Arizona has done!

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| Rise Grind Repeat 048 |


I’m going there any day of the week to go support them because I know every penny they make is going to come you know over that amount as income back in the community and that person just guaranteed themselves making hundred thousand dollars probably for the rest of their life.


On today’s episode of Rise, Grind, Repeat we talked to Aaron from community talk about how he’s using his coworking space to really give back to the small business community and how we can use that story to continually grow his coworking spot.


Let’s dive right in.


So what’s your background. How how did you get into the coworking space.


So I I started with. Well I actually graduate with an advertising degree and.


Yeah. So I wanted to be a copywriter and I moved to Florida.


And I ended up. It was hard to get a job so I end up getting on with it was like a holding company and they had a bunch of different like tech companies and stuff. So I got into the affiliate marketing world like lead generation stuff. So I’ve been I’d been doing that for the last since like 2011 and a few years ago we were up in Michigan for seven months and I was working out of a coworking space it’s called the factory is really cool really cool place. So when I when I came back here I was like man you find coworking space you know but. But this was so this was a couple of years ago that it really started blow up now. But really it was like cahoots was downtown Phoenix and then like everything else was downtown Phoenix which cahoots is awesome I would love to work out there every day but I didn’t want to drive and our guys are out in the Chandler.


OK. So.


So then I was like Oh maybe you know I’ll try to start my own and then I always want to start a non-profit as well. And I was like oh this might be a cool concept. You know we’ll start the coworking space and then you know anything we make we could put into you know I was thinking about supporting like local nonprofits and trying to raise you know trying to raise money for them. But then it kind of I started thinking I was like then.


I mean not that the money doesn’t do any good going in nonprofit because it does. But once that money is there it’s gone right.


So I thought Man how cool would be if we could take what we make and put it into local small businesses that support nonprofits or you know local organizations or even just give back to community in some way or another because then that kind of never ends right. So like you make a two three thousand dollar investment in this small business and you know if that small guest is able to grow if they if they continue to succeed then the community succeeds. Yeah. And then that continues to to be put forward. And then that would be kind of the caveat.


So any small business we help whatever money we put into them we’d ask at some point when they’re doing well and they’re comfortable that they would do the same for another local small business and they would have to be a local small business that gives back community.


And how do you guys define that giving back to the community. There are certain things that they need to things.


So everything still we haven’t we haven’t any money yet. So we’re like right about operational expense right now. So hopefully hopefully this year we’ve just gotten a new space about four months ago. So I’m hoping this year we can really start to take off a little bit. We got most of our offices rented out. We just need add some hope and seating members and maybe a few dedicated desk people but basically all I’m looking to do is clear like two grand a month and I’m not taking a salary I’m not looking to pay. I’m hoping we don’t have to pay receptionists or any kind of takes care of itself. Right now I just want to clear two thousand dollars a month. I want to pick two businesses and put like a thousand dollars a month into marketing advertising for them for like three months and just kind of get their feet wet because I think that’s like one of the biggest problem biggest things that small businesses face is a they don’t have a lot of funding resources so hard for them to say hey I mean put a thousand dollars.


And I mean you know I really they should probably spending a lot more than a thousand dollars. But I mean you know even to just take a thousand dollars and say hey I’m going to put it towards advertising and they don’t know what they’re going to get out of it or it’s hard you know. So a lot of companies don’t do it. So yeah I just we could give them three months they could kind of see how it’s working. They could see what they like what they don’t like. They could ramp up they could even ramp down I guess if they want to but at least it kind of gets them going on it and hopefully it helps them continue to grow.


And then yeah as far as what it is you know what’s considered giving back.


I don’t know. We haven’t decided yet. Still kind of you know trying to figure out exactly how it’s going to work. But at the end of day it’s just someone that’s local that cares about community someone that wants to make a difference you know.


So I mean if they’re doing that then it’s part of the marketing would you guys be helping them with.


I mean we basically giving them money. So like we’d probably be connecting so I’m trying to connect with like you know marketing agencies you know. Yeah. You know people like you guys who hopefully you know and obviously like that’s a whole thing too it’s like I don’t want anything to be given away like you know I’m I’m not just going to give this money away you know these companies like there are people that are already giving back they’re already doing good. And then our hopes is that they’ll whatever we put into them they’re they’re putting forward too. And so you know like that to any marketing companies that are on board I want them to make money you know but like give it. Give us a good rate. Give us a good deal and do a good job you know.


So no that’s cool so I mean you started out in marketing let’s say your degree is in and then copywriting is you mentioned doing lead gen stuff like that. What all aspects of marketing have you kind of.


You know that was the thing and so with the lead generation stuff most of it was I kind of just act as a broker so I kind of find the outlets and then just you know utilize them. So for the most part I was just working with like SVOD clients people that were driving certain certain types customers their Web site and then I find them with links or products that they could put on there and make make revenue on it. So I wasn’t actually doing any of the marketing or anything. I just kind of finding the outlets in a connector. I mean so.


So I mean I’m obviously familiar with you know with everything I can do most.


I don’t know if I could do it great. But anyhow I know I know my way around so I’m not sure.


And so you guys are a non-profit c 3.


So that was one of the things I want to work on for this coming year to is. So I need to kind of I want to try to get somewhat of like maybe a board of directors or even just like a leadership group or something they can work out ad space for free utilizing space but they would kind of be in charge of helping the office grow and then and then yeah at some point I would like to transition into like bona fide five a one see three right now.


We’re not.


But what does it take to become. So if I don’t do very well I don’t know.


Everyone says like different things someone said there is like of I don’t know like a three year wait period to become a five once a three now. So many things I went through. I don’t think it’s that difficult. I mean you have to come up with some bylaws you have trap of bylaws have submit those to the you know to the IRS you have to have a board of directors so it has to be a minimum of three people you can be one of them but they recommend that you’re not. So like there’s all these different things that you can do to help you get approved more easily.


But yeah I mean basically you just gotta set up some bylaws you’ve got to file the paperwork and then you’ve got to wait to get approved. Yes.


Yeah. Once he hit that I mean Google has a sweet little program called Google Grants and if you have a 5 and C three they’ll actually give you up to ten thousand dollars a month to run Google ads search ads and stuff like that.


So I mean it’s it’s a sweet little deal that not too many people go under and that’s all I just ask if you guys are if I’ve one see through that no way.


The other thing you know I mean I got a sit down really like hash it out with with a CPA or something because I know it might not make sense for us to as well you know I mean I’m looking again I’m looking at you know maybe twenty four thousand a year that I may put. I mean we could do more I think there’s definitely room to do more. But at that point I got the ideas. Once we hit that two grand then it’s going to kind of be on like the community to vote and say hey you know hey we made four grand this month. Yeah you know what are we gonna do with that extra two thousand dollars we want to give it back to the community members and lower their their rates. Do we want to get a nicer printer or do we want to get nicer chairs you know do you want. I don’t know whatever.


Put into the office get better better equipment for the office or do we want to pick up two more nonprofit I mean small businesses and put that money towards or maybe yeah maybe we put it towards a nonprofit or something. So I don’t know. We haven’t still still kinda figuring.


Yeah I mean it’s always me figuring out and that’s kind of the fun part of running a business. It’s never figured out. I mean it’s always you’re always kind of learning. There was a line on your Web site that really liked and it was community creates humanity or without without without community there is no humanity.


Yeah. I mean what. Yeah. So that was I don’t know I just.


So that was one of the things that kind of got me like fastening with the coworking concept as well. And especially now to it. You know I’m I try to stay out of politics I try to stay out of you know a lot of this other stuff. I just feel like yeah like our sense of community is just has just been gone right. Like people pay attention to what they see on the news what they see on Facebook to what they see and I don’t think a lot of it’s real like you know you look around like I look at some my neighbors I look at people like some like you like you know Alison some of the people I meet. There’s a lot of good people out there. You know I just I feel like as connected as we are we’re so disconnected you know and and yeah you see I think back to like you know stories of when like my dad told me like when he was a kid or like you my grandma or whatever right. I mean yeah people just and you still see it you know like sometimes there’ll be a hardship or something the community rallies around people. Yeah but a lot of times people don’t know when there’s hardships because people don’t let people know.


You know like neighbors stay in their homes like I mean it took us five years to really get to know a lot of our neighbors around our our community and it just yeah.


People there’s a lot of things that come with being connected.


You know that you know it is it’s a hassle same thing with family right. Like family is pain in the butt sometimes. But when you need them they’re great you know so. So yeah that was just the thing it’s just you know people it’s nice to be left alone when you don’t need anything.


But then when you hit hard times are you or you know you’re struggling.


It’s nice to have that community to fall back on. And yeah. I mean that’s what makes us people right that that’s what makes us humans is that compassion that you know that drive to help people and to help each other strive. And I think a lot of that’s been lost in the shuffle lately even you know even the whole business you know like people I think a lot of people feel like they need to be ruthless to run a business. And it’s not the case. You know you see companies that that do that do well because they treat their customers right because they treat their their employees right because they’re good human beings. So so yeah that was that was kind of where that came from that the idea was hey you know we kind of foster this community inside the office and then hopefully we can grow that outside the office and that go.


That speaks to everything getting involved with local politics with schools with with your neighborhood you know knowing your neighbors being trying to lend a hand just everything.


So it’s yeah I mean the more connected you are the there’s just so many more opportunities that could happen for everyone inches to your point when the beauty about it is when things go bad it’s watching.


I mean I I I grew up playing baseball and that’s where it’s kind of having that that sense of team that that the teammates around whenever you’re having a bad game bad whatever it is having that and not so much compassion but just someone they’re just saying hey it’s not in the world you’re gonna do you’re gonna get through it you’re gonna. And then whenever you do it just feels that much better just having that that the accountability that the other people that that help. And I agree with you. I was listening to be quite a bit and he mentioned something where a lot of people focus on who is the old CEO from Apple not Tim Cook but I’m bad I know your teachers by a base let me just tell you that Steve Jobs Steve Jobs he just treated everyone really bad and there’s just a ton of people that are trying to replicate that and think that’s what what it takes to build a big company. But it’s it’s the opposite. I mean if you can show empathy and show that you care I mean it goes a long way and it just goes to mean that we say it all the time that community over competition.


I think too many people focus on that our competition we can’t work with them. But having that sense of knowing that there is abundance rather than scarcity I goes a very long way in building yourself building community and that’s just where that line that I mentioned that got me excited cause that’s what we’re all about community.


That’s I mean community is everything without community. You have nothing. I mean that’s that’s.


Yeah that was that was like a lot of you know that’s why I like the coworking concept so much to be said you have so many different kinds of people in there you know.


And yeah like you know I’m not asking people to give their service away for free but you know you have a web developer and then someone’s having trouble with their Web site. You know it’s so easy. A lot of times it’s an easy fix all on me. You know let me help you out with that and just save that guy probably five hundred dollars in in-home I.T. I.T. you know help or whatever and then yeah.


I mean it goes both ways you know there’s everybody has something that they could offer to the community. It’s just it’s just good when you have you know all those heads together and and you can you know you can really really make a difference in a lot of different things and then you are translating it out into the community. I thought about that too and well that’s the biggest thing too as you look at like Rick wasted resources right. And like in the in the first little space we are in and it was like twelve hundred square or fourteen hundred square feet and we had a small conference room and then we had like a little break room right.


And so and then we had like our little closet with our printer and everything. Right. And then there was probably like another five or six offices that were around the same size if not smaller upstairs in that in that building. And I was like Dude every one of those places are paying two hundred dollars for internet. They’re paying you know they bought a printer so you know whatever. Some of them bought industrial printers on but like you know business printers everybody bought refrigerator everybody bought water you know a thing or microwave everyone bought conference room with chairs like monitor how many people use conference rooms you know they meet you know maybe once a week once once every two weeks or whatever but you kind of have to have it you know you even have a little reception area most of them too and it’s like all that wasted resource room just like kind of pull together have one big office you know bigger and then yeah.


So I don’t know there was a shared economy. I mean it.


And it saves everyone money you’re only paying for one internet plan you know instead of 10. Like so I don’t know.


And it’s the same thing like that I think of that like it could it could work the same in like brick and mortar stores too right.


You know with restaurants or bars or whatever and it’s like you know there’s so many things that all these people they kind of have to buy and maybe they’re only using them. Yeah you know once a week or something.


Geez man why don’t you guys just pull in some money you guys have a shared resource and cost you a fraction of a thing. But but nobody knows that because no one’s really talking about this stuff now it’s connected. No one you know I know a lot of small business owners do know each other but yeah I don’t know how much it really goes into like collaborating on that on that level and you know maybe at some point we could. That’s one of the things I wanted to kind of with you know the thing is like almost build this network of small businesses like who’s giving back who needs help maybe at some point we have some bigger businesses that say hey we want to contribute as well. You know we were a small business at one time. Hey I want to put in a thousand dollars a month and sponsor a small business.


You know if we could come up with some kind of package say hey look this is what thousand dollars a month gets you know each business that you eat that you do and you know this likelihood that they might grow. I don’t know something about it but yeah just get that that in. And again like you said it’s it’s good overall right. Like I mean those big businesses if the small business are doing well and now they all have more money to spend at the big businesses. So like it all it all comes around and I think that’s what a lot of people forget to everyone wants to look at the national level. They want to look at the stock market they want to look at all this stuff what’s going on in your community and like when community is making money then you don’t get anything worry about. Who cares what the stock market’s at you know who cares what that entails selling their shares for whatever like it doesn’t matter you know.


So yeah nuts. We had someone on on a podcast awhile back and they’re all about trading excess capacity and it’s it’s amazing most businesses have 20 20 to 25 percent excess capacity where it’s just like what happens if businesses started trading that where you have a marketing agency that needs accounting help you have an account that needs marketing help. Like if they’re just sitting around 20 percent of the time and aren’t at full capacity what what does the world look like if they were just to trade that access cap that fly is really annoying.


There is a trade that that access capacity and it’s I think that’s going to be a whole different iteration of just I guess economics.


I mean it’s it’s to your point there’s a lot that doesn’t go wasted and what does the world and community look like whenever people are not giving it away but if they’re just sitting around or have a little extra time trading it with others that need it and I think creating some type of network or whatever it may be I think there’s going to be huge opportunities there and I think it’ll do the world good. Yeah.


No absolutely. That was another so another thing we’ve been trying to get really involved in it’s called Conscious Capitalism. You heard of them. So they have a chapter here in Arizona. Yeah that’s the Arizona chapter there. They’re really trying to grow there’s a national. Like it’s a national thing. But it’s a yes basically it’s a kind of a movement now. It’s like the purpose over profit type thing. And and now they actually have you know research or you know studies that show like there’s a lot of business that adopt these principles and they’re thriving. So it’s not just like Hey we’re gonna give all this money away or we’re gonna do all these things and you know out of the kind of heart you run a good business and you do stuff like that like you are reward people want to be a part of that.


You know they want to see a company that’s making a difference that was doing the right things. So yeah I’ve been trying to get really involved with them really cool really cool chapter they they’ve been around for a while they’ve really kind of tried to reorganize and structure now they’re starting to put on some. Some like monthly events and everything so. So that’s pretty cool. And yeah is it’s like you said it’s like this new way of like economics and I’ve always thought that too it’s like you know even access like you talk about access and I I probably go a little overboard sometimes but you know start to like I always think of you know like what’s your your number. Right. Like what. What how what amount of money would you need to have you know basically a perfect life you know.


And and you know everyone’s number might be a little bit different but it’s like once you hit that number like what if you were to take all that money and put it into something else you know enough for yourself.


What if it was to go into. Yeah. You know you’re sponsoring local businesses or you know one of the things I would really like to do at some point is like maybe fun like a true incubator you know like for like restaurants or retail shops or something you know if you’re going to the Churchill in downtown Phoenix. Some like that you know where it’s you know hey you got this plot of land you got this facility it’s all paid for. And then what you do is you take like applications right for different business concepts and you know if they if they you know you pick you know each concept to go in the spot and then it’s like a six month trial period or something. Right. And then you know if they’re if they’re just flopping and they’re failing and I mean you charge them right so you do something like you do a percentage of like their their revenue or you know profit or whatever.


Up to like a reasonable rent you know. And then yeah after like six months if they’re just like so far in the whole you’re like listen man and you know this isn’t gonna work. Then you got to move on. You cut it short. You know maybe you extend it up to a year. You know maybe it’s longer. I don’t know. But then yeah at the end of their tenure there then you know then you obviously connected with business coaches or whatever to and then they find a new facility they move out in their own place and then they got that first year under their belt and they didn’t have to mortgage their life savings or anything and then yeah you’re able to foster these new business concepts like you know what happens if they become a franchise or they go global or whatever like they started in your city you know like how cool would that be.


And yeah like what would it cost to fund something like that. You know what if the community were invest in something like that and you basically gave them a dividend at the end of the year for whatever you made on it. You know I’m so and yeah it’s it’s helping small business owners grow. You know it’s helping your economy grow. So I don’t know I thought that would be really cool. But yeah it’s just it’s like there’s so many people out there that make so much money that they don’t need. And. And you know that’s I never made like a ton of money but I’ve probably made more money than I ever thought I would and that was kind of the whole thing behind the community concept to is just like got the point where it was just like you know one’s enough enough you know. And and again I’m you know I’m not talking like millions of dollars or anything it’s just I was someone that never really thought you’d ever have money to someone that you know we and you know when I first started the business we paid off all our bills.


You know we paid off everything first we lived off of my wife’s income for a year and and because I never knew how long it would last.


You know it’s kind of a fickle industry and lasted nine years. So you know first probably two or three we were like squirrels and just like hoarding the nuts away you know and then it got the point where we don’t have any bills and so now it’s like well we need to live in like we got a house overhead we got you know we got a car and everything else is kind of access so you know hopefully it doesn’t come to that but you know if I needed to go work an overnight job pretty and only go deliver for U.P.S. or construction or whatever like I could do then we’d still be doing just fine you know. So so yeah. So you know hopefully that was kind of thing too as you know maybe we could kind of get some people on this movement that kind of look at their lives and say Dude I got everything I need you know maybe everything else I could put in to help and other people you know and they’re still going to live a really really good life.


Yeah you’re going to be a lot happier than not giving back and just chasing the dollars and dollars and that’s it’s. I mean you understand your why and that’s I think what a lot of people struggle with that they think the why is to have as much money as possible and not just the giving back and everything like that. It creates more of fulfillment than the next check the next big check. The next big bonus whatever it is but it sounds like you have your y nailed down and now you’re your sights on it for sure. So what makes you guys a bit different. I mean is it the location that’s out there. How are you different than other coworking spots.


So it’s not I mean not really anything you know I mean we’re probably well I probably. The thing is we’re probably smaller the house company spaces. So it’s a lot more tight knit community. I guess you know I mean that is kind of the cool thing I mean everybody knows everyone in there. So it’s not like I know some of these bigger coworking spaces there’s always new faces in there.


Our facilities like thirty three hundred square feet. We got six private offices a large conference rooms a classroom style and a small meeting room. So we probably only have like maybe twelve hundred square feet of like open seating space. So you know there is a new face in there I always tell you only if you never met that person you need to meet to meet.


Like yeah. Number one are they supposed to be in here too. We’ve got to keep everybody stuff safe to you know so.


So yeah I kind of forces you to to know who’s in there who’s not in there.


Yeah. I mean everyone. Everyone’s cool everyone’s laid back.


I think we did a pretty good job of you know it’s a nice facility it’s not immaculate. It’s not you know it’s not makeshift.


But yeah I mean everyone in there is is everyone.


They’re not you know they don’t need something that’s top of the line. They just need a place to sit down and work and you know they don’t want to be sitting at home alone all day long. I think you know all of our community members do care about each other so it’s not just like Oh yeah. So yeah I mean everybody not you know again it’s not like oh hey we know everybody’s business but like you know I want people to know what’s going on in you know some of the co-workers lives.


I mean you know there’s sometimes some people might need a little help with something or maybe you support something.


So yeah just try to stay involved and you know just try to foster that community so hopefully I feel we hopefully probably do a little bit better job enforcing community maybe not necessarily because we’re better at it it just kind of forced to you know but then yeah then mainly that was just the differences. You know anyone any money that we make. You know it’s going to take a good cause for the most part. So and then and then yeah. I mean it it’s their space right. So like I mean I want feedback from all the members Hey what you know if there’s something we could be doing better with the meeting room or you know there’s different decor that they think would make people more enticing. Yeah whatever the case is we do have a podcast when we haven’t finished yet. That’s the one thing we haven’t finished. But yeah and then you know our prices are probably lower than anybody else’s. So that probably separates us a little there.


There are another. Like what’s the next closest spot to you guys.


So there’s a there’s a coworking space called Thrive.


It’s it’s a women’s only though so they kind of. So yeah they’re kind of you know it’s a different obviously different market. Yeah.


But then I think the next closest one is probably oh there’s a new one that opened up its its HQ workspace. That’s cool thing too is lot you know most of the coworking space and they’re all great people. And Jamie owns HQ co HQ workspace that just opened up a few months ago and I think she she has she I think she cares a lot more to creative.


So like photographers videographers you know stuff like that. They got a really cool cool space and Jamie’s she’s a cool lady. I think they probably have. I think they have more offices than us and then they also have. They have like a childcare room too I think where people can bring their kids so that’s pretty cool. But then outside of outside of that then you got to go down to Galveston and Williams filled and that’s easy spaces and there there are quite a bit bigger. I think they got like two stories or something. And then after that you probably got to go all the way to Chandler for four were Kuti and they’re enormous. So but but yeah we’re we’re basically right down downtown Gilbert. So I mean it’s a good location. You know it’s easy. We walk down grab grab some food you know for lunch it’s it’s easy. Two three minute walk. You know I’m nice get out of the office so. So it’s a good location. Yeah it’s probably got it.


I think you guys why is the biggest differentiator is what you’re doing with the extra money that comes in whatever it may be just the whole giving back to the community I doubt that there are too many other coworking spots that are in that same mentality or doing the same thing. I feel most are probably for profit and as much profit I think the biggest differentiator is how much you guys are trying to give back to the community while creating a space for the community to come work at. I think that that in and of itself is a huge story. I mean you guys can pay off.


Yeah I hope so. It actually you know I was thinking we’d probably get a little bit better response but again two I think probably haven’t made a full blown effort to really put it.


Like I said when we started we were in a little tiny space.


And so I’m actually you know most of the people that are in there still now are probably from the original space so it’s actually probably 10 to I guess a miracle that we got that many people in there so I guess I guess it is it has been a big reason. But yeah now we got a decent facility so I’m hoping we’ll get a few more people in there and really you know I I’m hoping we’ll be able to hit our goal you know here in the next few months hopefully and then and then that way we have something to show for it.


Have you guys given back to the community in some sense whether it be financial or just hear you you guys are doing something great you can work here for free. So I really think that that that giving back to small but giving the small business opportunity would go a long way and I think I mean as you mentioned you’re kind of still defining it and what that is. I think as you come up with that and can articulate what it is the businesses that you’re helping how you’re helping and all that that would probably resonate really well.


Yeah. That’s the other you know I probably. That’s kind of I need more help you know like because you know it’s not makes you. But I did a lot of the stuff and you know I paint in the office on my own and save money I made a lot of the desktops you know I I did the desktop stained lacquer down and everything because it was cheaper than buying the ones and.


You know I I contract out like the carpet and everything and you know facilitate all that stuff and then like as far as like the soundproofing stuff too I bought a bunch of I got a bunch of rolls like sound block rolls off of off of Craigslist so I got to run that through everything. Yeah just I mean you know just putting the office together was I mean we got in in June it probably took me about three months to get it totally squared away.


So you know probably yeah we’d probably been squared away since maybe September mid-September. So yeah I need it put. That’s one of the things I need to work on for our Web site.


We have done.


Like there’s a couple of times when some of the community members went and helped. I think it was live love. We painted a facility in Chandler help paint it and then I also helped with American Legion.


So we did a remodel for them. That was that was a huge project that was really cool. I’m very involved with. It’s


called One small snap one so one small step it’s the closed cabin. Right now we’re trying to help them raise money for there.


They have a little thrift shop. They just moved locations but they kept their thrift shop open a little tiny place called the Friends boutique. So I think it was going to cost about eight grand for their rent for the year so we’ve got about I think like thirty two hundred we’ve raised for them so far so I need to get on that kind of that kind of fell by the wayside a little bit. What else have we done. We usually try to stay involved with Icahn so I’ll try to get you know they usually we’ll do like some kind of corn hole tournament or you know some kind of event to raise money I try to get all our members out to those things I’ll usually even buy a few a few extra spots and stuff too. And just give him out to our members so. So yeah we try to try to get involved and get a lot already.


I mean that’s that’s that’s a ton.


You guys are done and I’m somehow documenting that whether it’s Hey come on in let’s talk about it on them on your own podcast on the podcast a rumor having someone walk around the phone or whatever your budget is and you can hire a courier to come out and actually document the whole thing. But I think get it getting document and some of that stuff and higher you’re helping and giving back and once once you can’t.


Yeah I mean you put on the Web site like I want to have a page like you know manicures or something and like to show like everything all the different things we’ve done to give back to the community.


I just have it and it’s it’s hard though to like I don’t know it’s. And at first I did a lot of these things but it’s like man like you know kind of doesn’t that defeat the purpose of like doing good. What’s going on saying oh look at what I did. You know. Yeah. So it is kind of like fine line because I don’t want to like you know beat my chest or like say oh you know the same token you’re right. You know like I’ve kind of gotten that point it’s like do people need a. They need to see like what we’re doing.


You know I mean that’s the kind of the goal stuff. Hopefully other companies will kind of adopt the same principles that we can I know you know I’m in a position where I don’t have to take a salary for it and hopefully we never have to pay someone to to maintain the space. And I know you know that’s the whole point of running a business is make money I don’t expect anyone to do it for free.


But you know if you can like you should you know.


And if you can’t you know again to like like you said I think a lot of people might set their sights a little bit too high like oh I need to make five hundred thousand a year.


I need it. You know and you don’t have to make that much money.


You know it. I don’t know. I grew up we always had enough you know and we were never broke.


But that’s it’s funny I always had that conversation with people it’s like when my mom was always that person that she always plays a lottery if she wants to win all this money you know and all it was like even like you my dad was like two years from retirement she’s like when that money you know your dad could retire and then he doesn’t have to go to work.


I’m like I’m like you know act like if the life we’ve had was like So I mean not that she did but it’s like you know like what would you do with all that when you never had money like that. What do you do how do you know that that life is better than what we have now.


Like I don’t know like who I am today was how I grew up. I mean my mom.


We were never I don’t think we’re ever broke. My mom made it out like we were because she’d never want to spend any money but we give her sweat about it.


She was pretty frugal I guess to say the least but I always thought we were broken we’re kids. You know she was she was hoarding it all but not all she paid it off our house. Like super quick and stuff so like every penny we had so. So I guess we technically didn’t have any money but she was paying stuff off. But. But yeah. Like you know we didn’t. There was a lot of times when we couldn’t get the stuff we wanted. And it is like. And I mean that’s who I am today right. Like it’s like some of those struggles make you who you are today.


So you know when was that saying smooth waters don’t make skilled sailors or something you know.


So I was like I don’t know. I like the way I was grown. I grew up. You know I hope my I can raise my kids the same way. And I think you know some people might look at and say oh you know they want more money or they think it’s easier if they had money. No I don’t. I don’t think so. I think you know people who you know blue collar or you know have had to work for a living.


I think they do have an advantage on you know some of those people that are making millions of dollars or whatever the case is. You know like there’s their season they’re drone that you know. And then you know that there’s a lot of things that you know they probably hold a little more dear to their hearts than someone that’s you know going to vacation in the yard or something. You know so I’m I like you know we drove cross-country we camped we did. You know I love those vacations and I want to do the same thing so yeah. I mean people don’t need to make that much money to be happy and I think that’s maybe kind of the perception that I think a lot of people see nowadays as they see the car dash ends or you know even you know what is it the shark tank or you know any of those things.


Exactly. I mean it’s it’s all perspective. I mean it’s it’s you can sit there and compare yourself cons. I mean every time that you level up if you’re if you’re doing it to try and just beat that person isn’t me someone else there and just you’re continually chasing your tail for happiness when it’s just like literally you could be happy if you just realize what you have.


Well that was I’m sorry to cut you off but it made me think of. So that was one of the other things too and I kind of drove me to get into a lot of this stuff too as I don’t think people realize how little money people make.


You know like everyone. Even so when I went to college you know I guess like for me the goal was like you know six figure income you know white picket fence like all that stuff you know I started I was doing some research you know how. Like what percentage of the population makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year. It’s very small. It’s like less than 10 percent. You know you go household income so combined incomes household incomes and it’s like 19 percent of the average household income is like sixty two thousand.


Yeah that’s a household not an individual’s life you know.


Yeah. So it’s yeah it’s ridiculous. You know like so people again like it’s funny because all these people are going well maybe not ever. Like I said you know I go I feel like a lot of people you want to make that six figure salary right. Everyone talks about that six years on which by the way doesn’t even go as far as it did 20 years ago you know. So but that’s the goal right now it’s like what if you were to go to tell people say hey 90 percent of you are going to fail in reaching that goal.


Why am I going to college why am I doing you know all this stuff that I’m doing and you know people are are working I mean even yen in business right. People screw people over because they want to get ahead in life and it’s like you got an 80 percent failure rate. And I’m like What are you doing. You know. So yeah. Like you know that was the whole thing too it’s like. And even on the flip side you take the people that are making over a hundred thousand dollars right. They’re like Oh man we’re we’re working we’re paycheck to paycheck we’re barely making it we’re you know we don’t have any money.


Yeah. You do compared to all these people you know. So it’s like Yeah I’ve talked I’ve talked to some people you know that make you know close to 200000 or something and even like the 1 percent to like you know what it takes to make to be in the top 1 percent of the population.


It’s only like four hundred and twenty four and thirty thousand dollars so you have all these people 100 grand all these people are like I need to make a million it’s like literally to do that. I mean that’s a point five percent. Like what. What are you doing. That is so ninety nine point five that kind of goes back to that thing too.


Like I saying you know it’s just like you know people don’t realize that you know they don’t need that much.


They don’t need that much. I mean yeah one hundred thousand dollars isn’t what it used to be or even you know seventy thousand dollars but you know you’re making 70 grand. Like should be a live a happy life and pretty much of anything you want. You know if you if you manage your money right. So yeah.


So yeah. I mean you know kind of probably sounds bad but I think if people would kind of lower their expectations a little bit and just say hey you know sort of saying like I want to make a million dollars if they said I want to make 70 grand I think that hey it’s not that hard then you know that’s what I always thought too it’s kind of a crazy concept but I was like you know because non-profits are kind of crap.


I mean not like a true nonprofit but what nonprofits it’s just a just a way to launder money basically. Right. Like I mean you could pay. You could pay yourself whatever you want as long as hours keeping up often. Right. That’s overhead. So as like well I can’t. Why can’t we do that as like you know as an entrepreneur as a you know if you want to open up a bar.


What if you went to the community and you said hey listen I’m no open up this local sports bar and I can guarantee you that I’m only going to make a hundred thousand dollars a year and everything I make over that hundred thousand is you know directly back in the community radio ether.


I mean assuming their food wasn’t garbage but you know if they have a decent product if they have a cool place like I’m going there any day of the week to go support them because I know every penny they make is going to come you know over that amount is going to come back in the community and that person just guaranteed themselves making hundred thousand dollars probably for the rest of their life. Exactly. But the problem is is when that person is making five hundred thousand they’re in the think hood pool like. Putting 400 grand in there that it’s like Yeah but you forget the whole reason you’re making this money is because the promise you made the community probably should go back on it. Yeah but we’ll see. I don’t know if that would work but be kind of cool concept stuff.


Gotcha. Yeah. I mean I just have to earn some of what you’re saying I think there’s there’s a couple things that we get help with and we’d love to kind and chat more about it and see what that looks like but yeah one would be just helping your guys the story out there.


I said it’s you got your Why. Yours and what you’re trying to do with the coworking space is I think huge and I think would resonate really well with the community and everyone around and so can help just get that story out there whether it’s it.


I mean there’s a lot they’ve already said that I mean wouldn’t even need any production where we could just cut it up into a couple clips and use that to put on the Web site and just kind of the why of what you’re trying to do. But also if you I mean I don’t know what your budget looks like or anything like that but if you had some type of advertising budget run some of the videos or run search ads for people that are looking for ad coworking spots and just kind of show off the spot a little bit maybe interview some of people that are there and just what do they like about it.


Water basically just getting you out there you’re wide coworking space what it looks like and why someone would want to go there but on the other end as as you get more people that are renting the space and you get more of that surplus I want to get back to the community would love to figure out and see what that would look like to help some of the companies that you want to give back to you because it’s I mean that’s a big reason why we started the podcast as well as from outside of the SVOD perspective it’s just it’s tough to start a small business I mean there’s a lot that goes into it and there’s a lot on the marketing. I mean that’s the marketing side that helps get your word out there and who you are and what differentiates yourself and it’s kind of only brought it up as maybe some the smaller businesses that can afford our services or just don’t have the budget whatever it may be.


Some of these tips or or whatever we’re talking about like I mean we’ve talked about how to start a Facebook account.


Google Ads account how to set things up. I mean the powers of video out bunch of how tos that if you execute on them could help you get to a point where maybe you have more of a marketing budget. But I mean as mentioned just huge on giving back to the community and the small business asset are aspect of things and so we’d love to see what we can do to maybe help on on both sides.


Yeah. Media singing maybe we could do is maybe we’ll have to sit down and maybe we can maybe just come up with like a package like say like hey what you know what could you what could we do like three months you know maybe that’s maybe that’s the thing say like a thousand dollars a month.


Like what could you guys do and then maybe maybe that’s something we could do is maybe kind of promote that out to you know to the small business community and say hey look you know we’re giving away this three month package you know all this stuff is included. You know you get you get this consultation whatever all these services for the next three months and you know we’re looking for small businesses that are you know giving back community they’re making a difference in some some way or another and then maybe that’ll help us get a list of small businesses do that maybe we could start to try to kind of foster relationship with or something but. And so yeah I you know I was thinking about this too. I’m talking about you know we haven’t spent any money you really you know in marketing or anything but I was like well maybe that’s what we do. Maybe right now instead of sort of waiting till we’re actually making the money maybe that’s my my spend right now is a thousand dollars a month and we’ll find another small business that we can put we can put that into maybe we could start that in like maybe February or so.


Yeah. And then I said just kind of documenting that on the hiring go on about choosing my business that you’re gonna help y you you’re going to help them out and then kind of documenting the journey around it. I think that that would go a long way and just help tie in the without community don’t have humanity and I think the Y is all there I think it’s tough because you don’t want to beat your chest. I mean like you mentioned but the same time it’s it helps tie in the Y that’s on the Web site and what you’re really trying to do and just even if it if even if you have someone if you have anyone else helping you out maybe they could be the one explaining what kind of takes. Yeah it takes you out of it.


I mean it’s tough because it’s I mean you’re not you’re not doing all this to try and get the spotlight but not so much the spotlight but showing it helps show what you’re trying to do. Which one could feel it exponentially. It’s tough. It’s tough.


So I mean what are some of there’s a lot of advantages that we talked about on coloring spots. Are there any disadvantages at all in terms of people bothering each other too much.


I mean is there anything that you guys have seen you know like I said most of our most of the people that come in there have been super laid back. They kind of had to be you know that place was under construction like three months you know. So I feel like I got to do something for all of them. I keep me in I need to have like just like a big lunch or something for everybody. But but yeah I mean yeah no it does you obviously. You know it’s the same thing like when you work for a company right you’re going to an office you always have that guy or you know that that person and you know but I mean that’s that’s the cool thing and you know we need a I haven’t posted out but you know we have kind of like a a list of you know like you know what makes a good co-worker and I mean at the end of day everyone just gotta remember that people are going there to be productive they’re going in there to work you know and they’re going in there to have someone you know if they need support on anything or be able to kind of kick some ideas around.


But yeah you know there definitely there’s times when it probably is less productive than it probably could be if you were sitting at home alone doing work. But for the most part I think I think it’s all it’s always more productive. You know I mean at least for me you know. And again it kind of just depends on the person. Some people don’t don’t like environments like that you know. But. But yeah I mean you know we’ve never had a problem. You know there’ll be times when you know everyone kind of take a break and start talking sports or you know something going on and kind of get off off subject and you know kind of small talk turns into you know 15 20 minute break or something. But it’s kind of few and far between now so. And and yeah like you know again that’s something we probably need to address a lot more as people start coming in.


Everyone’s been laid back. So it’s you don’t think anyone really gets their feelings hurt or something. You know you get something done someone’s bothering you. You just let him know. Okay I got to get this done. You know I can already you know even if someone’s on the phone because we have the phone booth but you know you know I don’t care. I honestly don’t care if someone’s someone’s talking as long as they’re being super loud or even sometimes if it’s that bad I’ll throw in some headphones or something. But yeah if someone’s bother you just let no man. Hey Amy can you hop in the phone booth. You know you’re a little loud like it’s not that big a deal you know but. But yeah it’s just getting everyone to understand that and not you know not get bothered or not get upset or fillings hurt or something like I said we haven’t had a problem this point. Like I said everyone’s thing everyone’s pretty comfortable each other they you know like it’s a small community. As we start getting new people in though I think we ought to continue to keep that kind of that culture that you know those relationships and and yeah I mean I don’t I.


You’re talking to the wrong person inside. You know I’m I’m 1 percent sold on the coworking coworking aspect.


I don’t see too many disadvantages of it. It’s just for me it’s just nice see it out of the house just be around other people you know I’m not a person that does well in isolation. So you know if you are then it’s probably not right for you if you’re not then it’s probably a really good thing you know. And just nice to have that human interaction. It’s nice to have someone to kick some concepts off of you know I mean I I’ve had people would be like Hey can you take a look at this like you know what are you thinking. It’s like oh yeah it looks good you know. Now we to have a guy he he designed swimming pools.


So he used to say hit me up every now and then. What do you think you think this Lucy Show me. And you know it’s it’s hard though because you know I’m not I’m not a pool designer so I look at both I’m like Oh they both look great. No but so you know sometimes it probably probably doesn’t really help a whole lot but it’s nice to have you know I mean sometimes that’s all you need is just that like yeah looks good you know that yeah just that kind of moral support or you know that Pat on the back that says Yeah that looks good. You


know so. So yeah. I don’t know. I think it’s great. I love it.


You mentioned that you have a sheet that shows the qualities of a good co-worker. I think there’s a lot of people especially I mean I’ve worked at advertising agencies and it’s all open for concern. How about one person. Yeah I always come by for coffee and other stuff for 10 15 minutes or whatever it may be but I would love to have something to show them. Look you’re not doing this. What are some of those top qualities.


You know I need a. We had like a few of us had like kicked it around we had like written some things down awhile back. We never really actually put anything on paper I’d need to get because I need to get I’m going to have like a chore list to basically. So like the office is you know always being taken care of. I have some people on like. It’s like you know lower rates like the the inaugural rates. So they’re definitely gonna have to pitch in a little more. Everyone who’s paying full price I guess. It’s their choice but. But yeah I mean it. Yeah. Just you know that’s the biggest thing is just you know you got to be respectful you know. No. No egos you can’t you know you can’t get your feelings hurt. You know sometimes people gotta get something done and it’s nothing against you. I mean you got to speak up sometimes you know because that’s that’s the thing that kind of kind of drives people crazy right. It’s like you know happen one time it’s not a big deal happened the second time and kind of you know it starts build up build up build up and then you know.


So yeah I mean you know just keep keep the communication open.


If there is something that someone is doing that is annoying you you know like mean respectful about it you know just let them know or you know maybe let someone else know and they can you can let them know or you know talk to me. You know I kind of I try to kind of facilitate everything in there. But yeah I mean at the end of day it’s kind of goes back to like grade school right. You know you treat others as you would want to be treated. I mean you could get into. Yeah. You know you don’t you know don’t talk loudly in open area. You know if you know if you’re if you’re going to use the phone booth like eliminate you know 15 minutes or something you know so you’re not taking that you know hogging the phone booths. You know just.


Just common you know common sense types. So you common courtesy. That’s what I was looking for. So so yeah just you know just a list a lot of them are probably you know redundant or like you know should go without being said but you probably it’s nice to put them down on paper as well you know. But um but I think yeah that’s the biggest thing is it’s just you know it is you kind of get to treat everyone like your family you know and and you gotta respect them and the addicts you know they got internal respect you and and yeah there’s obviously there’s gonna be times when people might kind of get at each other’s throats a little bit but you know it’s gonna happen and you can’t take it personal and you know it’s just about getting past it and and keeping that culture of community intact so makes sense.


So yeah we kind of kind of wrap up we’d love to get your thoughts on the whole we work thing. I mean it’s a huge coming out the world. I mean they’re making a huge property over there in Tempe dash.


What are your thoughts on ennui work in general. I mean it seems like you try to go too big too quick.


Yes. So I don’t know.


It’s like a like there’s thoughts on a lot of different things you know the whole model. You know just even the space in general. I’m always going to be mom and pop type type person. You know so I’m kind of like conspiracy type thing too right.


So like when when they I saw they had they’d purchased meet up dot com and when I first started when I first started looking into it like doing some research on coworking space and stuff someone had sent me a link to sign up for like a newsletter from we work.


I didn’t know who they were. I just thought it was like a an advocate for like coworking or something. They had all these different articles on like how to get coworking space start all this stuff writers like education based I thought and like someone reached out to me they’re like oh hey like I see you’re trying to start a coworking space and I’m like that’s kind of cool I thought they were just huge advocates and then and then you get to know you know like OK we were like yeah they’re global you know they are huge they’re enormous. And then and then so they have like you could take like a a course like how to open a space and you get to talk like all these these space owners that have you know like started coworking spaces and it’s like this community they charter is like it wasn’t too bad it was like 300 bucks like to join and then it’s like ninety nine bucks a month or something.


But I you know a lot of stuff I kind of already research anyway. Oh we’ll see how things go. And then and then they they bought meetup icon and so then I was like know I was like I I bet you with these guys are doing is they’re probably start like getting all these people to start these coworking spaces and therefore you can go in and buy all these places out. You know at some point I don’t know if that. That’s probably not the case because their places are the places that they were helping get started so tiny but I know you never know you know but.


But yeah I don’t know it’s just I’m kind of more of you know like golden mean type person.


So you know you got your access and you got your deficient out. We might be kind of treading a line on deficient you know how small the offices. But yeah it’s just funny to me like they you know all the a lot of the coworking spaces they talk about community right.


Like it’s kind of hard to foster a community in a twenty five thousand square foot workspace. You know like you’re not going to know all the people in there you know you’re not going. So. So at the end the day know those places they’re selling real estate you know they’re selling they’re selling a product they’re not know they’re not. They’re not fostering community.


They might you know they might have free beer or you know like monthly monthly happy hours or whatever but yeah. It’s just not the same. You know and then and there so you know they’re so big and I mean also Well that’s the thing to write like you see all the stuff they’re going through now. They got so many bigger problems right now that than worrying about you know what any of their tenants or you know members or are trying to trying to get done so. So yeah I don’t know I I’m I’m big on on the smaller spaces. You know honestly cahoots to me is probably the ideal coworking space if there ever was one you know they they do a really good job. The owner cares genuinely and you know they have their their foundation. They’re all about you know entrepreneurialism community just everything you know.


So collaboration. And that was one of the things I think we put on our side it’s you know those words are strewn frequently on any coworking space site. You go to and. Most times just not the case right. Like most coworking space I’ve gone into. They show you around and they say go ahead and work your free day. And then I expect you to pay a membership you know and I can imagine we were probably isn’t twice as bad as that I’ve never been in a workplace. But yeah I don’t know I’m kind of a.. We work on kind of more seems like the thrives the you know HQ workspace cahoots. You know there’s a lot of a lot of good small spaces there. And that’s the thing too. You know I think you’re probably gonna see a lot of these bigger spaces maybe fall a little bit more by the wayside because people that work from home right.


They I mean they don’t want to drive an hour to go into work you know. So I mean you have you build it. Twenty five thousand square foot facility like. I mean that’s got a service you know pretty large service area.


Yeah. Thirty mile. Yeah. So build them every form.


So you know you see a lot of these smaller spaces popping up there.


You know they’re more neighborhood spaces you know most the people that are there and they come in your space there they’re local they you know they’re probably dealing with the same problems that you’re dealing with as far as you know issues with the city or you know taxes or whatever the case is so. So yeah I mean it it’s hard to foster a community when you know half your community lives in Phoenix and the community lives in Tempe and you know. So I don’t know.


I know and I think that’s that’s the way it’s going to go I think it’s just too big to really be that type of industry. I mean it’s just they’re trying to serve too much and getting into. I mean getting onto the stock market or anything like that.


I think I think we’re the right model is is kind of what you’re doing where it’s a little bit smaller more community focused more. Yeah just serving the community because it’s the audience you’re trying to go for the audience that would come to you guys is not wanting to travel an hour away to go to the big swanky colony spots and we we did a podcast the one in L.A. and it was just the stuff that was in there was insane.


I mean it it. Yeah yeah It’s insane what’s in there but yeah it’s pretty extravagant.


Yeah I know there are cool spaces.


But yeah I mean I think they foster more to you know they’re looking for like corporate accounts you know like they make a lot of money with like the big corporations that are renting out you know 10 15 offices or you know big you know 2000 square foot space and their workspace space and you know I don’t know I I would like to. I mean that’s the cool thing like a lot of that some of the people that come into the space they it’s not like they own their own business you know they’re working for someone else they’re working remotely for them but I know you get to know them and it’s not you know it’s not like Oh they work for Wells Fargo and that’s a Wells Fargo employee or whatever and they kind of keep their own.


So yeah I don’t know I just I like it more small. I like it more. You know it’s easier to build a community with a smaller space.


So I agree. Cool. Well I mean after everything you’ve been talking about so make sure you know. QUESTION Do you have any questions for me on the marketing side and anything like that now bank call. Well I’m excited that I mean I have some ideas on what Chyna could maybe package together and a type of roadmap to I mean to help you or help other businesses out but. Yeah. Appreciate the time. Yeah. You having me. Yeah I mean for anyone that would be listening I guess where can they find you and find.


So we’re.


So it’s four five nine North Gilbert Road Suite 110 where we’re basically right downtown Gilbert we’re just north of the canal right behind it’s a Dutch prose so. So yeah yeah that’s it’s crazy I don’t know how that’s another thing you’re going to get me going but those those people are lined up like crazy to go to Dutch Rose I don’t get it. And I always say to them there’s so many local coffee shops go to local coffee shops. I honestly I’m not a coffee connoisseur but I don’t understand how debt froze that much better than everyone else.


Then literally shut one down in downtown Phoenix because it blocked too much traffic forcing it to move.


No there’s always cars like. I mean they’re in a line down the street and they have the people taking their orders like in 10 cars deep and it’s just like I don’t know.


My theory is that they’re putting some kind of drug in there something that’s making these people need big dead or something.


I’ve I’ve tried it. It just isn’t that good to me. So I’d rather go to you know kind being or showed Oh no no no. Yeah. Local coffee shops. They feel like they could taste the caring in there.


So do you have any social media accounts for it. And I guess what is the the website that people can go to to to visit. Yeah it’s just it’s Ko dash manatee SEO dash I’m and I.T. why dot com. We have a Facebook page we have an Instagram account. I don’t keep a lot of code dash.


Yeah. Or. And you know the I mean yes just type it and you know it’ll come up for Facebook. But yeah I mean mainly it’s just our Web site.


I’m I’m bad with social media I’m more of a you know in direct you know in person type thing. I try. I tried out for while I was like making posts everyday and you know. So yeah. So that’s another thing maybe we could find someone that likes it own it and they guess makes some post four times three times a day or a week or something.


But yet you know I post events on our Facebook page and there’s there’s obviously a link on our Web site to go to Facebook. So it’ll have our events and stuff at some point I need to get the events on on on our Web site too. But right now the biggest we’re trying to start it’s a coffee chat. It’s for the conscious capitalism. And it’s basically just a monthly meeting. People come in they’re interested in you know what kind of capitalism was all about there’s it’s like a 20 or nineteen point like bullet point like audit basically that you can kind of look at and say hey you know in my falling all these principles and practices to make me a conscious capitalist and then and then yeah. Each month we sit down we’ll talk about events that’s going on with a chapter. New things are that are going to be coming up and and also kind of just sit and talk about you know like hey you know like this bullet point is is bull.


I tried it. There’s no way you gonna make any money doing this and you know so you kind of you know it is some of those things you read and you think Oh well how are you and we’ll do this.


But you know there’s a lot of different people that have on these things and yet it’s just all about kind of look at it from different perspectives and kind of helping each other and guide each other through the process of becoming a conscious capitalist business. So yeah just chill just hang out meet new people learn a little bit about the chapter and it’s free. There’s there’s no charge. That’s cool you that the second Friday of every month at command and he said Go I am.


I’m have to check that out this week. I still have the whole concept call. I appreciate it Don. Thank you Father. I look forward to see what we can do. All right. Thank you for.

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