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SKILLS: Creating strategy around effective digital communication that leads shoppers to buyers

DUTIES: Being the glue that holds the team together and making sure everyone is growing as individuals while having fun helping our clients grow.

Hey, I’m Dustin Trout. Over the last 8 years I’ve worked a various marketing agencies growing my knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. Anything new that no one wanted to touch, I volunteered to tackle it, which is where I grew my knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. My experience ranges from creating strategy to placing ads, to measuring performance of our campaigns.

By saying yes to everything, I have been able to grow my knowledge extensively when it comes to digital marketing and what it takes to help a company grow. I’ve been able to get first hand experience pulling levers and pushing buttons to see how one side effects the other and if we spend money here, it leads to sales over here and tieing all the data together to show results.

After having the opportunity to learn more and grow in these agencies, I noticed that there was a disconnect as to what we were recommending and what was really needed to help a client grow. It usually came down to what’s going to make more money for the agency rather than helping the client grow. I got tired of this and that’s when EIC was created. It was a way for me to take my experience and apply it how I wanted to rather than being forced to recommend ideas and strategies that just help the agency’s bottom line.

I’m excited for the growth of our company and even more excited to help businesses grow through digital communication.


POSITION: Digital Content Creator

SKILLS: Adobe Premiere Pro guru, Adobe After Effects puppet, Podcast Listener and Producer, Eagle Eye Photographer and Capturer of Live Events

DUTIES: Create digital content consumed by the masses, whether its audio or video. Video with audio, audio with no video, video with no audio

My love for video production and the visual arts gives us an array of fresh and creative ways to pump out content. Having worked on big projects for Legend3D my attention to detail has since quadrupled. 

After leaving such a big company my interests shifted into the question of, how can I help my community? How can I help small businesses stay in business? 

With my skill set I think I can help small business grow digitally and visually here in the valley.


POSITION: Marketer

SKILLS: Learn everything to help in any way possible

DUTIES: Learn, Produce, Optimize

Young kid striving to learn as much as I can in this huge world with so much more left to see. I create the most out of every opportunity I get and love helping people get to the next level.

Moved to Arizona after growing up in Reno, Nevada. Lived in the “Biggest Little City” for over 18 years learning the ins and outs to this fun thing we all call life. I started learning marketing from one of the best (This guy you might know named Dustin) and was instantly hooked because of all the potential I saw in it. Now I’m happy doing what I do everyday and love being apart of a team helping everyone achieve their goals, especially in business.

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