How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency? Avoid These 5 Red Flags

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

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Wondering how to choose a digital marketing agency? If you’re searching for a digital marketing agency to handle your campaigns, you wouldn’t want to end up with a mediocre agency that would produce substandard outputs. Search results are responsible for 51 percent of website traffic, so it is vital to entrust your organic growth to a skilled agency. Don’t fall for the hype—here are red flags to watch for when evaluating an agency before signing with them.

Their Marketing Collateral Is Inconsistent

Some agencies run campaigns the way the industry did two decades ago—they separate teams by specialty. While keeping people in homogenous teams will be somewhat effective, this practice makes it difficult for marketing collateral to have a consistent voice. Often, the teams even have different visions, making their materials look and sound markedly different. Modern agencies have more interaction among specialists—the content writers work with PPC copywriters, who also consult the SEO and analytics teams. Asking an agency about how their team completes projects will give you an idea of how much collaboration goes on between teams with different roles.

Your Concerns Don’t Seem to Be a Priority

One way to answer the question “How to choose a digital marketing agency” is to spend time preparing for the consultation. When you have an initial consultation with an agency, the discussions should be about your business needs. If they only talk about their services and do not listen to your concerns, you should choose another company. If the marketers you’re hiring don’t know the issues you are facing, how could they know which services to offer? Go for an agency that will offer you a strategy that responds to your needs. 

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

You Aren’t Talking about Budgets

Since digital marketing does not rely on traditional campaign cycles, it is an ongoing effort. For instance, launching a social media marketing campaign doesn’t mean you’re “finished” with marketing yourself through social media. So, you need to team up with people you can hire long-term. If your prospective digital marketing agency doesn’t bring up budgets in discussions, or if they brush off questions about the prices of services, you should find another company.

They Don’t Attempt to Create Rapport

Agencies that build relationships with their clients make working with them more manageable. When you get to know the people on your marketing campaign, you can avoid misalignments and miscommunication. Agreeing to a few test assignments and getting a feel for how the team will coordinate with you could help you judge your chemistry fairly.

They Focus on Outputs Instead of Outcomes

Some digital marketing companies don’t care about business goals—they are only after reaching content goals. It’s good if a company meets weekly blog quotas and updates social media pages. However, these efforts need to tie with the company’s larger business goal. An effective agency is after consistent improvement. It does not rely solely on tried-and-tested content marketing strategies. Instead, it looks for ways to deliver more value through customizing the techniques to help their clients reach their goals faster.


We hope you are not still wondering, “How to choose a digital marketing agency” after reading this. Putting your company in the wrong hands can break your online brand. Don’t fall for slick copywriting and promises—discern whether the company you’re considering is worth hiring. If you see any of these five red flags, you should find someone else!

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