Debunking 4 Facebook Marketing Myths You Have Probably Heard

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The Facebook advertising platform is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools there is. It is the dream of every marketing professional in the world to have their marketing messages reach their target audience on the first try. With Facebook Ads, this is possible because of the targeted ads system that the social media giant uses. 

However, there are so many Facebook ad myths out there that make it hard to discern where fact starts and fiction begins. There are still many marketers who honest-to-goodness believe that Facebook ads cannot help a marketing campaign. Here are a few examples of how incorporating Facebook marketing into your marketing plan can go a long way.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Facebook is a social media platform that requires users to input personal information before they create an account. Aside from the personal information it collects, it will also track your online behavior and use that information to customize which ads you see. 

Facebook Marketing Myths: Debunked!

Facebook uses a highly reliable system, but here are a few myths that might confuse you into thinking otherwise!

facebook marketing

Myth #1 – Only Big Companies Can Afford Facebook Marketing

Many people have the perception that Facebook marketing is too expensive. One of the biggest problems with marketing is that many people are not willing to pay for it. Although it is said that the best form of advertising is word of mouth, you will find that using a paid marketing campaign will bring your marketing messages to your target audience members more effectively. 

It is not true that only big companies can afford to advertise using Facebook. The reality is that the costs for promoting your business on Facebook are quite minimal, and they will prove to be very effective.

Myth#2 – It Wonโ€™t Work for My Business

This is another myth about using Facebook advertising. Some people think that Facebook will not work for their business for whatever reason. However, keep in mind that each account on Facebook has a real person behind it. These people will have different needs and wants, and the algorithm on Facebook will help determine which ads are seen by each personal account. If you have a product or service that will bring value to people, you can count on Facebook to bring value to your business as well, as the platform will expose your products to people who might want to buy them.

facebook marketing

Myth#3 – I Need a Huge Following for It to Be Effective

The novelty of using Facebook for ads is that you can capitalize on the massive user base that this social media engine has. The irony is that many people think that they need a lot of followers to benefit from Facebook, but the truth is that the platform will bring your ads to your target audience. All you need to input are the specific demographics you want to target.


Facebook marketing is great for targeting ads and making sure your target audience sees them. If you have heard any of the myths mentioned above, or any other myth that did not make the list, forget about them! Your marketing plan will benefit greatly from the addition of using targeted ads on Facebook.

The key to making the most out of any type of advertisement is to do analytics research on each marketing tactic and see which works best for your brand. Whether you are an online marketer who is new to the field, or if you are a seasoned marketer that has years of experience under their belt, the analytics part of the job may still be tricky. This is why hiring the right people to do your research, OTT advertising, and other aspects of your marketing analytics for you is crucial. 

If you have no idea where to start in terms of OTT advertising basics and doing marketing analytics, you can always call EIC Agency to step in and help. We want to help you understand what makes your business tick so that you can take full advantage of it. If you need help with your Facebook advertising strategies, contact us today!

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