Engaging Email Campaign Services: How To Use Video To Drive Engagement

Email Campaign Services: How To Use Video To Drive Engagement

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Set aside email campaign services for awhile and let’s talk about Spam®.

The canned kind. What Hormel & Co. defines as “pork shoulder and ham.” Spam was getting bad press long before its name became connected with unsolicited email. Wikipedia’s history of the meat-in-a-can says soldiers during World War II (who probably saw as much Spam as your inbox ever will) referred to it as “ham that didn’t pass its physical,” “meatloaf without basic training,” and “Special Army Meat.” Spam, it’s fair to say, never got a lot of respect.

You know what Spam does get a lot of? Sales. Hormel says over the years it’s sold 8 billion of their blue and gold cans all around the world. So why does something that’s been the butt of jokes for more than 80 years sell so well?

Because lots of people really, really like Spam®. Since 1937, people have been picking up the cans and putting them in the basket. (In Hawaii, it’s even served at McDonald’s and Burger King. It’s sometimes called “the Hawaiian steak.”) Spam-buyers don’t worry about the reputation. They still want the product.

Dress it up or down your email campaign services shouldn't be spammy.

You’re probably way ahead of our analogy here, so we’ll just come out and say it: When it comes to email marketing campaigns for your business, don’t worry about the reputation, because there are people out there who want your product.

Now before we go any farther, let’s get this straight: When we talk about an email marketing campaign, we mean a good email marketing campaign services.

There's a lot of tips for email campaign services but these two are the most important.

2 Important Email Campaign Services Rules

  1. If you can’t ensure your email campaign is a good one, don’t do it.
  2. If you aren’t sure your email campaign is good, get help.

Because the scary difference between email marketing for your business and other kinds of digital marketing is that email runs the risk of not only being ineffective, but of doing real damage to your brand. Why? Because it’s intrusive. It’s not somebody running across your ad on Facebook, or seeing your link come up in a Google search. It’s not them coming to your site and looking around to see what you’re all about. It’s you getting up in their space; their inbox. And you have to respect that. You’re on their porch, ringing their doorbell, and you darn well better be polite.

So … only do good email campaign services. That’s out of the way.

And when you do good email campaign services, if offers some huge advantages:

  • It’s a personal touch. You are reaching out to someone who you want to help with what you have to offer.
  • You have more than just a few words to explain why someone should consider your business instead of your competitors’ — not a lot more, but more than, say, a FB ad.
  • The person on the other end of the message uses email primarily for conversations, and some of that rubs off on your email marketing: It can feel like a conversation, not a sales pitch.

It’s that conversational quality to email campaign services that makes our next recommendation so valuable. Not necessarily easy, but valuable, as in big-increases-to-your-bottom-line valuable. Ready?

Use video.

The reasons for mounting an email campaign around video are pretty easy to figure out:

  • Look in your inbox now. How many of the messages sitting in there are text-and-image marketing messages? How long are they going to survive?
  • Even when you do take the time to open one of them, do you feel connected to the business? Do you feel connected to a person at the business? Do you actually hear what they have to say? Do you even finish reading the message?

The fact is that people respond differently to online video than text. They don’t mind watching. They’re more likely to watch an entire message than read one. This might be because “about six in ten U.S. adults (63%) watch online video,” according to a study by Pew Research.

So imagine this: You did a search for an answer to a question, and found a business that did a good job of answering it for you. You shared your email address with them. Sometime in the next week you get an email from the president of the company saying, “We’re glad we were able to help answer your question. If there’s anything we can do for you in the future, please get in touch. Till then, here’s a video tip lots of our customers tell us really helped them out.”

Now this is important: Somewhere below the video frame in your message, always include an “unsubscribe” button. If they click that, OK, you’ve lost a contact for email campaign services.

But if they watch the video and don’t unsubscribe, you’ve gained a relationship. And you should start getting your next video ready.

Remember: The reason spam — and Spam® — have a bad reputation is only because some people don’t like what they find inside the container.

But if you ensure that what’s inside is tasty and gives them something they’re craving, they’re gonna want more.

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