What’s The Big Deal With OTT Advertising?

What's the deal with OTT advertising? All questions are answered here.

What Is OTT Advertising?

What Is OTT Advertising? Find out here!

OTT advertising, or over-the-top advertising, is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses streaming platforms to promote a product or service. Most streaming platforms utilize programmatic technology to display ads which target customers using artificial intelligence. Customers can be targeted through their preferences and demographics. OTT advertising is expected to be an upcoming industry, as it is beneficial to both the customer and business.

What Is The OTT Advertising Market?

What is the OTT Advertising Market? Find out more here!

The age of digitization has further been accelerated by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people now turn to the digital world for connections. As a result, media content consumption has risen significantly. 
Computers, smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets, all of which are connected to streaming services can only contribute to the growth of OTT advertising. Consumption is also likely rooted in the popularity of entertainment platforms, which also reflects the undeniably changing landscape of the social world. Video content is driving various industries, especially considering the shortening of the average consumer’s attention span and need for instant gratification. 
We highly suggest that businesses across industries increase OTT advertising, as the rise of streaming services grows. OTT advertising is changing the already evolving landscape of marketing. 

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What are some reasons to use OTT Advertising? We have two big reasons here!

Reasons To Use OTT Advertising

Better targeting capabilities

As opposed to traditional TV advertising campaigns, OTT allows advertisers to track consumer use and behavior in more ways than one. As a result, businesses can harness detailed data and characteristics, enabling them to design personalized ads that resonate with specific audiences. 
Other metrics can also be utilized to further data gathering, including IP targeting and website retargeting, both of which allow advertisers to utilize cross-channel campaigns for better results. Thanks to detailed historical data, building new campaigns can be done more effectively.

Reach more people

OTT allows businesses to reach more audiences, which is crucial due to the increasing number of viewers now refusing to subscribe to traditional TV services. More and more people now opt for OTT services, making it a significant time for changes. OTT advertising empowers brands to reach wider and more relevant markets and can be done in more cost-effective ways. 
OTT also allows advertisers to place calls-to-action (CTA) within the ads, thereby strengthening the messages conveyed. Bear in mind the viewers likely stream from multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. They can immediately pause and take action based on the ads, leading to better responses and retention.

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Work With The Best OTT Marketing Agency

The pandemic will likely be further accelerating the use of digital devices and platforms throughout the world, making digital marketing media an omnipresent feature of our daily lives. As a result, business owners and marketing experts should keep up with changes in the newest digital landscapes to ensure survival, and that includes the ability to learn new advertising techniques and keep up with consumer behavioral changes. Yet, with the rise of OTT advertising, business owners are finding themselves standing at the intersection of information overload with a bad map. For most business owners, these issues can make it difficult to even get started on the planning phase of a marketing project.

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