4 Great Content Distribution Channels to Consider

content distribution channels

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Coming up with content distribution channels is an important part of your digital marketing strategy, but the ways you share it can make or break your readership. You might think that uploading your content on Facebook will reach your target audience, but what if they actually eschew it in favor of Reddit?

There’s no one size fits all approach to content distribution channels, because different audiences are on different platforms. That’s why it’s important to diversify your strategies for sharing your messages. Here are four content distribution services to consider for uploading your content:

Email marketing

Distributing your content through email can be tricky because there’s a chance you’ll end up in spam. But email marketing has brought many companies success because of the way they format their content and schedule its distribution. 

Weekly newsletters are a great way to give an overview of your business’s activities or new products. Apart from sharing updates about your business, it reminds your customers of your presence. Make sure your content is new and engaging, as this will give a reason for your readers to look forward to a newsletter every week. 

There are great programs to help you manage your email marketing, like MailChimp. It will give you useful information, like analytics and access to important tools, like scheduled emails and checking how often your readers actually open the email. 

content distribution channels


This social media platform can actually be instrumental in helping your business grow and gain traction, especially for B2B. Compared to content distribution channels like Twitter and Instagram are super-saturated with different industries, so it can be difficult to stand out; but on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to position your company as an expert in the field with the content you share. 

Writing content on LinkedIn is an effective way to instantly connect with other people in the field. You’ll also be able to communicate the objectives of your company clearly and grab the attention of your readers—you won’t be competing with GIFs or videos that auto-play, after all. 

Social Bookmarking

While it’s a lesser-known distribution channel, social bookmarking can help your content reach your audience. A popular example of social bookmarking is Reddit, where people share websites they find interesting or useful in specific communities. Many hobbyists and enthusiasts flock to Reddit for the latest news in their fields, so it’s a great way for your company to advertise its products or services. There’s also a level of trust in navigating links on the website, as these are posted by users because they had a good (or bad) experience with them. With that said, social bookmarking is definitely a distribution channel to look into. 

Q&A Platforms

One of the most organic ways to distribute content is by answering the questions of your readers! Most of the time, your business seeks to solve a problem or answer a certain question—and that’s the name of Quora’s game. Users usually resort to Quora in search of substantial answers to their questions, which search engines may not always be able to answer. Just like social bookmarking, these answers are usually supplied by people with tried-and-tested experiences, which creates an atmosphere of trust and credibility between users. 

Take a look at the questions that are submitted into the category closest to your business and see how you can help out your potential customers.

Final words on content distribution channels

Social media giants aren’t the only way to get your content out there. The Internet is far and wide, and each has its own corner for a specific audience. Be sure to explore these content distribution channels—you just might hit the jackpot on them. 

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