How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Ultimate Engagement

Optimize Your Blog Posts

“Been there, read that,” said the boring, old blog post. More than ever, businesses are leveraging the power of blogging as a content marketing tool. However, not every brand is connecting with its audience as well as it could be. A challenging task in itself, blogging for engagement, is no simple feat. If you feel […]

Why Businesses in 2020 Should Still Invest in Blogging

person blogging on a site

Most businesses now have enough self-awareness to maintain an online presence. However, they often overlook business blogging, even if it is the most time-tested and effective strategy in generating awareness. Social media and video production may be more popular options, but SEO makes a strong case for getting your brand out there. In 2020, businesses […]

How Quora Can Help Your Google Website Ranking

Increase your Google website ranking using this community focused website

A 2019 study conducted by Similarweb ranked the world’s most widely used websites. Of the top five, two were search engines (three, if you count YouTube, which has become the second most popular search engine, after Google), one was social (Facebook), and one was reference (Wikipedia). Still, few are aware of how the question-and-answer website […]