4 Tips to Create Captivating Corporate Blog Posts

Corporate Blog Posts

Many corporations struggle with putting out high-quality, engaging content, and for a good reason. Given the nature of both your business and your audience, it’s much more challenging to put out a steady stream of content that’s easily digestible compared to lifestyle, food, or fashion brands. With corporate, you’ll have to think bigger and more […]

4 Content Creation Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Business – Our Guide

Content Creation Tips

The content you share with your target audience conveys a message. When created properly, it has the power to attract , establish a connection with your market, educate , and persuade new customers to choose your brand over that of your competitors. Anyone can create content but effective content creation requires these four tips and tricks […]

7 Reasons You Need to Produce Podcasts for Your Brand

Podcasts for Your Brand

In the initial years of business, you may have had a steady flow of growth and prospects. Over time, however, you may face a period of dips that will affect your output. If you are looking for ways to improve your content marketing strategy, inject something new to it by producing podcasts. Podcasts are filled […]

Top 5 Hacks to Run a Successful Business Blog – Our Guide

wordpress blog

Your blog can be a marketing tool that can promote your brand, products, and services and grow your business effectively. To increase the chances of your blog getting recognized and successful, you have to come up with strategies, consider your content, distribution, and frequency, and ensure that they work together. Learn more about how to […]

4 Reasons Podcasts Are Extremely Popular in 2020

microphone for podcast recording

Video may have killed the radio star, there’s a new contender on the block that just might dethrone the mega-popular medium. Enter podcasts, a genre that is certainly enjoying its popularity this year. Even though it actually predates the Internet, as it was created back in the ‘80s and initially called ‘audio blogging’, it experienced […]

5 To-Dos for Creating a Successful Business Podcast – Our Guide

microphone in podcast recording studio

Podcasts have grown in popularity in the last few years, but they’re still relatively uncommon for business owners. Most people associate podcasts with internet personalities and celebrities, but the truth is that this type of media can be put to great use in business. When used to its full potential, a podcast for business can […]

5 Amazing Video Content Ideas For Businesses That Want A ROI

Video Content Ideas For Businesses

Finding video content ideas for businesses can be difficult. While the internet may be full of ideas, few of these ideas are appropriate or feasible for businesses when it comes to getting a return on investment or ROI. Yes, videos are an investment even if you aren’t hiring a company like EIC Agency to produce […]

How Should You Be Marketing Your YouTube Channel Outside of YouTube?

Marketing your YouTube channel outside of YouTube

Let’s start with something basic that goes against something you think you already know: When you post on social media, it isn’t all about you. Marketing your YouTube channel outside of YouTube means rethinking how you post content on social media. OK, just to be clear. What you do with your personal social media accounts […]

YouTube Marketing Strategy: How To Leverage Great Video

Need a YouTube marketing strategy?

YouTube is a monster. It storms through the internet landscape, spewing a never-ending, infinitely varied stream of content and crushing its competitors like Godzilla through Tokyo. (Go ahead, click it. You know you want to.) YouTube isn’t just the alpha video platform; it’s the only one you should even bother thinking about as part of […]