How we turned a stale creative into a high performing video ad campaign overnight

Living Trusts USA is a program that educates families on how to protect themselves from attorney fees, court costs & delays by creating a revocable living trust.
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Client Background:

Living Trusts USA is a program that educates families on how to protect themselves from attorney fees, court costs & delays by creating a revocable living trust. They wanted to use a video campaign to drive more sales.

The actress, Gia, is the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the Startup Entrepreneur and began using social media in 1995 to jump-start her social life! Using only social media, she was able to turn the trust and credibility she earned with her clients into millions of dollars’ worth of property sales. As former Marketing & Research Director at CB Richard Ellis, her marketing background is long proven.

When Gia first recognized that Facebook could be used to promote business and establish brand loyalty with customers, people ridiculed her. Today Gia has the last laugh: Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have come to use Facebook for branding and video ad campaigns.

Gia has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to maximize their Facebook marketing and has collected over 4,000+ testimonials & endorsements. She has created a collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to promoting within the network. Her mission is to empower over one million entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed!

The Problem:

Gia was in need for a professional studio set-up and video advertising agency to create a talking head creative for web delivery.

Pain Points:

  1. No ad creative
  2. No video creative on website
  3. Needs ads / videos

The Solution

As a video advertising agency, we provided a professional studio package that included a full lighting set up, fully operated cyclorama, camera operator, studio assistant, 2 camera set up and a teleprompter to create the talking head creative her webpage was lacking. We also felt the need to provide next day video editing delivery, so that she can start creating ads or implement onto her webpage.

Action items we completed to solve pain points and complete scope of work

  1. Create Talking Head Video ad campaign creative
  2. Provide Talking Head Ad Delivery with closed captions
  3. Provide Talking Head Website Delivery  with closed captions

The Results

We provided clean talking head creatives that can be used in a variety of different ways within 24 hours. Prior to the newly created video, they generated 10 leads in 14 days. After launching the newly created video, they saw 74 leads come in over the next 14 days……all with the same amount of budget. Needless to say, the client was happy with 7x the leads with the same budget. With the help of a video advertising agency you can turn a low performing video into a high performing video ad campaign.

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About The Client

Living Trusts USA


Needed an advertising creative and video for their webinar landing page explaining the program and offering.

Services Provided

Video production


Video successfully drove 7x more leads than previous advertising creative thanks to enhanced video production.

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