Online business + CRM = A match made in heaven. How a CRM implementation plan drove thousands in trackable revenue.

State Forty Eight is a clothing brand that was born out of a shared passion and appreciation for the great state of Arizona.
Phoenix Marketing Agency case study

Client Background:

State Forty Eight is a clothing brand that was born out of a shared passion and appreciation for the great state of Arizona.

More than just an apparel line, State Forty Eight represents a lifestyle, a sense of community and is an expression of pride. From sports fans and outdoor explorers to the more fashion-forward, the homegrown brand offers gear for all that’s both stylish and comfortable. Above all else, State Forty Eight is about redefining the status-quo and inspiring others to rise up and stand for something they believe in. We aim to serve State Forty Eight and other clients alike, to help them better recognize their lifetime value of a customer.

The Problem:

Our client, State Forty Eight, was not previously aware of their lifetime value of a customer. This made decision-making difficult when it came to marketing, considering they didn’t know what was a profitable acquisition cost.

Pain Points

  1. Need for insight into customer lifetime value
  2. Need for insight into how much to spend to acquire a customer
  3. Need for CRM implementation plan

The Solution

Our recommendation was to create a CRM implementation plan using ZoHo. By connecting ZoHo to Woocommerce, we were able to build a database to track and attribute every purchase made on their site as well as proactively communicate with customers throughout their lifecycle. 

With the data being funneled into ZoHo, we built reports that looked at the average lifetime value of a customer.

Solutions to pain points:

  1. Track database more effectively with advanced reporting
  2. Attribute customer purchasing to channel to determine CAAC

The Results

Once our CRM implementation plan was complete, we could see the true lifetime value of a customer. This opened our eyes to what customer acquisition costs were profitable. In more times than not, marketing campaigns were a bit more profitable than realized.

With the data visualized, marketing campaigns received more budget and ran longer, resulting in a 210% year-over-year growth since implementing the CRM system.

Headline results of the impact that the solution had on the business

  1. 7x revenue growth
  2. Data driven marketing strategy tied to CAAC and CLTV
  3. Increased visibility into channel attribution 
CRM implementation plan

Prior to implementing our CRM system, SFE was hitting roughly $13k per month in revenue. After CRM, we grew them to consistently hit about $40k per month. Since COVID hit, they are around $100k per month in revenue. Over the course of the last year, we grew their monthly revenue by about 7x through our advertising strategies.

About The Client

State Forty Eight


Trouble tracking customer lifetime value, client communications and customer acquisition cost.

Services Provided

Marketing automation, CRM, Reporting & analytics


Revenue grew by 7x thanks to insights driven and technology implemented.

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