The Journey from page 1,000 to page 1. SEO services for small business and its impact

Sip is a locally owned coffee shop, tap house, cocktail bar and restaurant with two Arizona locations.

Client Background:

Sip Coffee & Beer is a locally owned coffee shop, tap house, cocktail bar, and restaurant. Sip was created in 2014 with locally sourced and handmade items from all over Arizona.
Sip was opened to bring a sense of community to the valley, offering a place where people can work, grab lunch with friends, meet new people, order items on the run, and even participate in local events like salsa night or yoga under the stars. It’s a place where artists are invited to display their work, musicians can showcase their talents, and charities can promote their
Every town loses a sense of self and community with all of this growth and saturation of chains. Sip wanted to create a space to bring that back, and we wanted to help them optimize their SEO, so that they could bring that back.


Our client, Sip Coffee & Beer, noticed that their competitor showed up
ahead of them on Google search results for their desired keywords.
They also noticed that they showed up on page 10 or higher for their
targeted keywords. Sip needed SEO services for small business.


They were a prime candidate for our SEO package. We helped produce weekly blog content that was SEO optimized and easy for readers to digest.
We also provided ongoing, on-page optimization where we looked at title tags, meta descriptions, content, keyword density and more. Our insights allowed for us to make data-driven decisions that led to real, trackable results.

The Results:

Within 6 months, we were able to increase the rank of our targeted
keywords by 1,561 positions across our prioritized keywords.

For most of our targeted keywords, this meant going from page 10
on Google to page 1-2.
With better ranking, organic traffic increased along with foot traffic
and sales.

SEO services for small business

The above graph showcases the increase keywords ranked in the top 50 of Google search results from the beginning of the campaign in February.

On page top 50 keyword ranks grew from 35 keywords to almost 100 over the course of 6 months.

About The Client

Sip Coffee & Beer


Sip Coffee & Beer was not appearing on the first page of google organically for search terms relevant to their business.

Services Provided

SEO, Analytics & Reporting


Top 50 keyword ranks grew from 35 keywords to almost 100 in the first 6 months of the campaign.

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