How this Landscaping company saw a 300% increase in conversions through omni channel marketing

AMS is a premier Phoenix lawn company. AMS customer list consists of 50% residential accounts with the remaining 50% consisting of Homeowner Associations and commercial accounts.

Client Background:

AMS is a premier Phoenix lawn company. AMS customer list consists of 50% residential accounts with the remaining 50% consisting of Homeowner Associations and commercial accounts. AMS is well versed in the needs of the consumer and can be very flexible when it comes to building an agreement that meets everyone’s needs. The customer service they provide is second to none. AMS is responsive to their clients’ concerns and deal with them immediately. Communication is one of the most important things in business and they pride themselves in learning more ways to better improve their business of landscaping.

The Problem:

AMS was only running paid search and seeing a good cost per conversion but they knew that there was so much opportunity in expanding channels. The worry was that display, YouTube, and Facebook were more brand awareness channels so the cost per conversion would increase if they expanded. They had tried omni channel marketing a few times but saw a cost per conversion of $100+ on Facebook. They have been running ads for 5+ years and couldn’t get the cost per conversion below $25

Pain Points 

  1. Only running 1 channel
  2. Anytime they expand, cost per conversion skyrockets.
  3. They saw competitors doing a lot on other channels and new they were missing opportunity
  4. Hit a ceiling in terms of bringing the cost per conversion down

The Solution:

AMS Landscaping produces quite a few videos on a monthly basis. Leveraging that along with our graphic design strength, we created an omni channel strategy using YouTube, Google display, Facebook, and search. We are big on retargeting so outlining a customer journey is something we made a priority. If someone engaged with the brand within 7 days, we leveraged more aggressive sales copy and spoke to getting a free estimate. As users went beyond the 7 days, we took the great content the client was producing and started serving that drove value meaning the ads were geared towards how to’s, tips, and tricks when it came to lawn maintenance. 

As someone engaged with the value add content, this put them back in that 7 day retargeting pool, which updated the messaging to more direct response. 

Proposed Solutions

  1. Create an omni channel strategy
  2. Be strategic in the retargeting strategy

The Results:

The results were amazing. By implementing omni channel marketing and focusing on what we are seeing to who based on how they engaged with the brand, we have seen cost per conversion decrease by 31%. We were also able to increase conversion volume by 3x within 2 months of launching our new strategy.

The best part, conversion rate from lead to customer increased by 15%.

Not only did we increase the total leads by 3x, which decreased the cost per lead but we converted more leads to customers. This greatly reduced customer acquisition cost, which is something AMS appreciated.

One effect that occurred, which we didn’t focus on but became a byproduct of our efforts is that old customers started reaching out more due to seeing the value add content. 

All being said, we brought down new customer acquisition cost while increasing repeat business and increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Their margins and profitability have improved greatly since launching the new strategy.

Headline Results

  1. Increased conversion volume by 3x
  2. Reduced cost per conversion by 31%
  3. Decreased customer acquisition cost
  4. Increased repeat business and lifetime value of the customer
omni channel marketing case study

About The Client

AMS Landscaping


Diminishing returns on ad spend and lack of ad channel diversity.

Services Provided

Advertising, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Google Display ads, Google PPC, Analytics & Reporting


Decreased cost per conversion by 31% and increased conversion volume by 300%.

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