How this National Homebuilder was able to reduce CPA from $308 to $84

Publicly traded homebuilder with properties across the United States.
Phoenix advertising agency

Client Background:

The client is a national home builder that is located in 15 states. Due to confidentiality we cannot disclose this builder, however they are a publicly traded company. They are headquartered in Phoenix Arizona and one of the top 5 home builders in America. From start to finish, they create a seamless and inspired home building experience for their home buyers because they understand that your home is the most important home we can build.

They approach each home with a discerning eye, ensuring we select locations and amenities that fit for their homebuyers’ lifestyles. They want their homes to be a place where buyers create a lifetime of lasting memories. With more than 100 years of experience building a lifetime of memories for their homebuyers, you can rest assured we’ll build the right home for you.

The Problem:

  • In October of 2019, we were tasked with finding ways to reduce CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • We helped get a testing plan in place that was lead with conversion rate optimization in mind
  • The team worked together in creating a cross channel strategy while implementing dynamic ad creation based on the community and type of homes the prospect was looking at
  • Over the course of 12 month, we were able to reduce the cost per conversion by over 60% and more than double the conversion volume…..with 14% less budget

Pain Points

  1. Cost per lead was higher than they liked
  2. The leads that came in weren’t qualified
  3. In terms of channels, they didn’t know where they should allocate budget

The Solution

  • Over the course of the year, our goal was to focus on conversion rate optimization and drive more conversions with less money
  • Audience segmentation and personalized messaging was how we were going to do it
  • We integrated Salesforce and their sales process into Google/Facebook and used their CRM segmentation
  • We were able to identify what our client’s audience was interested in, which allowed us to produce more personalize creative
  • Another big piece of the success has been ongoing testing of Google’s ad units
  • More on testing, we created a testing plan that tested various tactics across the regions, which allowed us to find success quicker
  • The success has been great while having less budget to work with

Action items we completed to solve pain points and complete scope of work:

  1. Segment audiences to create more personalized messaging
  2. Integrate into our client’s CRM to identify the hot prospects and use that list to run paid ads to
  3. Test, test, and test more when it comes to the audiences we were targeting, what we said to that audience, and what content we landed them on…..all this was A/B tested

The Results

  • Conversions have improved by 241% over the 10 months engagement and went from 447 per month up to 1,526
National homebuilder reduce CPC
  • Reduce CPA by 72% over the 10 months engagement and went from $308 cost per conversion down to $84
National homebuilder reduce CPC

About The Client

National Homebuilder


Struggling to create an omni channel ad strategy that decreased cost per lead while simultaneously generating higher quality leads.

Services Provided

Advertising, Google ads, Google PPC, Facebook ads, Programmatic ads, Analytics & reporting,


Increased conversions by 241% while decreasing CPC by 72%.

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