How this Cannabis brand 3x’d their monthly revenue using EIC as their Cannabis Advertising Agency

Moonflower is a cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California.
Moonflower Advertising Case Study

Client Background:

Moonflower Delivery is a cannabis delivery business in Marin County, California. Moonflower offers a convenient solution to its customers by selling and delivering a wide range of cannabis products. Their business works as a 3 step process: 

  1. Create online account and upload ID for 21+ verification
  2. Add products to cart and place order online. You can call/text in orders too.
  3. Sit back, relax, and get your cannabis delivered directly to you!

The Problem:

Moonflower was running $3,000 per month in Google Advertising, however, their ads were performing poorly and in many cases being blocked by Google. They were bidding on broad terms and showing up for rolling papers, tobacco vape pens, “how to pass a drug test”, and more. They were not sure if paid advertising was a viable form of lead generation for their business due to its ineffectiveness. They needed a Cannabis advertising agency proficient in what it takes to create compliant advertising.

Pain Points

  1. No clear ROI on advertising efforts
  2. Non compliant advertisements 
  3. Difficulty retargeting and tracking attribution of advertising efforts

The Solution:

Through keyword optimization and launching google display ads, we were able to target a better audience. We got clever with the display advertising and targeted people who have Cannabis apps on their phone such as Weedmaps, Leafly and more. We targeted users visiting competitor sites and viewing cannabis-related content. We also refined the PPC efforts to focus on more intent based, and specific keywords that would truly lead to purchase decisions.

We also began to retarget interested prospects with A/B tested creative to drive conversions for only the most interested audience members. 

Due to our knowledge as a cannabis advertising agency we were able to pull from our previous successes to create something compliant.

Action items we completed to solve pain points and complete scope of work: 

  1. Began running display advertising
  2. Refined Retargeting approach
  3. A/B tested creative and messaging

The Results:

Over time, we were able to 3x their monthly revenue from $65k up to $191k without increasing the overall budget. 

Using sophisticated reporting we were able to derive attribution to specific ad sets, retargeting channels and geographical areas. This reporting allowed us to continue to double down on the efforts that continued to drive more success. 

  1. Tripled monthly revenue
  2. Increased average order size
  3. Increased order frequency for most engaged audience

Cannabis advertising agency

The above graph details Moonflower’s monthly revenue increase over the course of November 2019-September 2020.

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