Beating weekly sales expectations with 30% of the budget: This Cannabis Cartridge company’s winning Google Ads strategy

Select is a cannabis brand with best in class concentrate cartridges and and extensive dispensary distribution.
google ads strategy

Client Background:

Select Cannabis is a brand with best in class concentrate cartridges. Their products are carried in over 600 dispensaries in the United States. The story of Select started with a cough, which led to a thought, which led to a better cartridge. Since day one our focus has been on product safety, and we’ve risen above because of our commitment to setting standards around pesticide, hardware and oil testing.

The Problem:

Select was looking to leverage advertising to increase purchases of their product in a compliant and sustainable way. In order to drive traffic to their dispensary partner’s online stores to purchase they needed a distribution strategy that could be trackable and geo targeted. They were currently selling between 7-10 cartridges per week through the first dispensary partner we worked with. 

Pain Points

  1. Creating compliant Google ads strategy and creatives
  2. Tracking and attribution of geo fenced campaigns
  3. Rarely selling more than 10 cartridges per week at pilot dispensary location

The Solution:

We saw the opportunity to leverage a robust Google ads strategy. Google PPC and display advertising could be used to target people with specific apps like Leafly and Weed Maps. We also saw the opportunity to target contextually relevant publishers such as High Times. We paired these targeting parameters with specific geo targeted areas their dispensary partners served in order to find and qualify prospective customers. 

Using different copy and contextually relevant ad creatives was also a priority in terms of our strategy.   

Our solutions:

  1. Diversified Google advertising strategy
  2. A/B Test advertising copy
  3. A/B Test advertising creatives

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The Results:

By targeting those people mentioned above along with hyper-focusing on those who are into vape pens or concentrates, we more than doubled the weekly sales through their pilot dispensary partner, Moonflower. 

After two weeks of optimizations and updating creative we were able to grow weekly sales by 4.4x. We also beat the sales goal by 2x while only spending 1/3 of the budget. Within 5 weeks of the test we were averaging 50+ units sold per week compared to under 10 units sold per week prior to marketing.

Furthermore, Select was able to grow their retargeting audiences and build first party data as well as selling more cartridges 

Headline Results:

  1. 4.4x ROI in 14 days
  2. 5x current sales volume in less than 6 weeks
google ads strategy
google ads strategy

About The Client

Select Cannabis


Wants to drive more sales through compliant digital advertising.

Services Provided

Advertising, Google Ads, PPC ads, Display Ads, Reporting & analytics


Within 5 weeks of the test we were averaging 50+ units sold per week compared to under 10 units sold per week prior to marketing.

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