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Any business that wants to get more reach and interaction online must create more content. Content drives engagement with your target audience. The more people engage with your brand, the more they’ll learn about you. The more they get to know you, the more chances they’ll convert into actual customers or followers. Which is why knowing which media content distribution to use is important.

You may have been familiar with this marketing strategy. It is still right and true, but did you know that every day, around 4.4 million blog articles are posted online? It means no matter how many posts you create, without the right strategy, it would be impossible for you to be seen or discovered by a new audience. 

One way to address this is by media content distribution. 

What is media content distribution?

Media Content Distribution: What is it and how to add it to your social strategy.

Media content distribution is the way to promote your content on to different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. A smart distributor will often take one piece of content and reuse it in different media formats like video, photos, or info graphs.

Creative agencies use what is called the COPE method: Create Once, Publish Everywhere. 

This method increases the likelihood that the content will reach a larger target audience by tapping into various platforms and mediums. It may occur in different domains and across different brands too.

3 Types of Media Content Distribution Missing In Your Strategy

Promotional Outreach:

It is the organic way of promoting your content. For more people to see your blog post, you need more reliable domains or individuals to mention or post back-links to your blog. One way of doing this is nicely asking people to share or promote your content. They can share your blog link on their Facebook pages or mention it on their Twitter posts. Another way to do it is by buying back-links. Some online publications offer this service where you pay a certain amount for them to re-post your content.

Co-Marketing Project

From the term co-marketing, this is one type of content distribution where you work with another brand in both producing and distributing the content. In this relationship, both brands promote the content and share the results of the promotion. It is also designed to deliver better results with lesser work since two different brands work together.
Brands involved do not necessarily need to create new content for this type of distribution. They can be creative in repurposing existing content and tweaking them to meet their current goals and needs. 
Before entering a co-marketing project, however, each brand should be specific and clear with its target and expectations.  

Repurposing Your Content

Another way of distributing your content online is by repurposing it to become another piece of content. Not all your target market loves to read blog posts or watch videos. You can take the existing information you have and create new content based on it.
For example, you can create an info graph or a short educational video out of your existing blog post and share it on your other platforms.
If you have a podcast episode, like Rise Grind Repeat, to promote, you can create a blog post or a graphic post about it and share it on your other platforms. This way, you get to promote your brand and the same message while targeting a new set of audience.


The online world is currently overflowing with content that even the top-most brands have the risk of not getting any engagement or interaction from their followers. Properly distributing your content online can prevent your post from getting lost in the black internet hole. To make it more effective, research and determine the proper channels and medium that would work for you.

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