Marketing Automation

Eliminate Tedious Marketing Tasks Once & For All

Save time, money, and headaches by using automation tools that improve. your process and boost your profits.

Make Your Life Easier - And Your Business Better

Automation is the secret weapon behind the world’s biggest brands and a non-negotiable in the modern world. Traditional automation such as email newsletters is an obvious place to start, but our team takes it a step further. We help our clients to apply thoughtful automation to tasks involving calendars, text messages, form fills, sales outreach, and pipeline management.

Our process involves auditing your sales and customer service processes and identifying areas of opportunity for automation. This helps our clients stay organized, operate lean, and have peace of mind that they can count on tasks to be automated properly. Using “The Nucleus” (our own CRM technology) or another system such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Zapier and more, our automation staff can give you and your team hours of productivity back through marketing automation.

Our Process

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Discovery Conversation

Who does the campaign need to reach? What is the marketing budget? Conversion goals? How will we define success?

Customer Experience Engineering

We ensure that your marketing tech stack is configured correctly and is integrated with your other systems. We aim to help you provide a seamless digital marketing experience for your prospects and customers.

Create Campaign Design

We design campaigns specific to the use case of each client we work with. Whether you need to schedule appointments, create workflows for sales teams, chat bots, newsletters, or text automation, we can help.

Copywriting & Lead Scoring

Whether it's email or text, great copywriting is what keeps an audience engaged. We aim to help our clients enhance their messaging and reporting to track their most engaged audience.

Campaign Launch

Once approved campaigns are launched, performance is tracked and reported in real time.

Monthly Check In

Although our clients can check their marketing automation performance at any time, our clients also meet with their dedicated account manager each month to check in on performance, offer ideas, and ask questions so that we are always aligned.

Marketing Automation Packages Include:

Solutions We Offer

We help our clients automate, manage and update repetitious client communication tasks. Common marketing automations include sending emails and sending text messages to clients and prospects.

Yes! We specialize in helping our clients to properly configure a CRM. Automating correspondence with clients and prospects is critical. We can help tailor your automation, setup and database to your business.

Yes! Our job is to help our clients to craft the most engaging communications that deliver results. From abandoned cart emails to monthly newsletters, we help our clients recoop and retain revenue through robust automated communications.