5 Facebook Advertising Tips To Make Your Sales Soar

5 Facebook advertising tips that will help your business sales soar

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Facebook advertising takes more than just posting special promotions or captivating images of what you offer. To take your business to the next level, you need to learn how to advertise on Facebook properly. Want to see your sales soar? Stick with us and use our 5 Facebook advertising tips!

People spend countless hours scrolling through their social media news-feed, particularly on Facebook. This social networking site not only allows users to connect and communicate with others but also stay up to date with news and entertained with various content. 

With the rising number of active users on Facebook, promoting your products and services on this platform is an effective and cheap way to reach your target audience, find new leads, interact with your customers directly, and boost your sales.

1. Target your ads

Narrowing your target group for your content ensures that you are reaching your audience. You can easily customize your ads to address your business needs by determining and adjusting your targeting options by age, location, gender, interests, behavior, and more. 

2. Use the right format

Facebook offers a wide range of ad types, which allows you to choose one that best addresses your campaign objectives and business goals. From videos to images to links, you can explore different format options to determine the right one for your products and services. Now our Facebook advertising tips can’t tell you which format will work best for your business or product, so take some time to see what is offered and how others are using different formats.

For example, if you’re business is selling watches an ad carousel highlighting top-selling products might be right for you.

Facebook advertising tips: choose an ad format that works for your business.

3. Create video content

People are visual beings in general. In other words, everyone is more likely to interact with content that is visually appealing. To improve your chances of reaching your target audience, you may consider creating video content.

Since videos perform better than other content in terms of reach and engagement, using this type of content helps you promote your brand and product more effectively. Best of all, if produced and promoted well, your video can potentially go viral. Some video content your followers would most likely love to watch are engaging product commercials, testimonials, exclusive interviews, how-to’s, and vlogs. Check out our 2020 Sizzle Reel to see how we utilize video for advertising.

4. Write concise and captivating captions

When posting your Facebook ads, make sure to write brief yet powerful captions. Keep in mind that users don’t have the patience and time to go through lengthy texts online, so make sure to supplement your high-quality and attention-grabbing images or videos with captions that would make them stop scrolling and get encouraged to check out your products and services. Don’t forget to add an eye-catching CTA to motivate them to take action about what you offer.

5. Promote your event or discount

If you have an upcoming event or a webinar, or you are going to offer a sale, a discount, or a special offer, inform your followers and other interested audiences. Signing up to your email list or promoting what products you offer on Facebook, can establish a connection and potentially encourage users to attend your event or purchase from your store. 

To have an effective Facebook ad about your event or special offer, hire a digital marketing agency that understands your needs.

Facebook Advertising Tips Conclusion

With the many businesses that are on Facebook, it’s important to get ahead of the competition and set yourself apart from others. Make sure to create effective Facebook ads that grab the attention of your audience, convert leads, and improve your sales. 

Boost your online presence and promote your products and services on Facebook with help from our digital marketing company in Phoenix. Get in touch with us for a free consultation!

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